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Bruce eager to sign Willock on permanent Newcastle deal

Joe Willock has made such an impression on Steve Bruce that Newcastle will try and sign the on-loan midfielder on a permanent basis this summer.

The England under-21 international has played a vital role in steering the Geordies away from the relegation zone in recent weeks scoring three times in nine appearances, including late interventions against Sp*rs and West Ham.

Having grown up at Arsenal, it remains to be seen whether Willock wants to spread his wings full-time or if he’d rather take a second shot at life at the Emirates. Either way, he now knows for sure that he has at least one suitor waiting in the wings.

Speaking about Willock ahead of his side’s clash with Liverpool, Bruce said: “I believe he is enjoying it here, he wants to be in the team, but he has scored three goals and the last two, particularly the last one were vitally important.

“You could see by his elation that he was delighted for the team. He’s a young lad and I’d love to keep him here and we will have some big conversations with Arsenal [about keeping him].

Given he’s basically helped save his job, it’s little wonder that Bruce is so enamoured with Willock.

“He’s the modern day player, young, athletic and quick,” he added. “He’s only 21 years old and he’s got a big, big future.

“There are lots of conversations to be had. I think he has thoroughly enjoyed it here and certainly the adulation he received last week after scoring the winner. He has scored three big goals for us since he’s been here. Why wouldn’t I want to sign him?

“He gives us a bit of pace, he’s athletic and he can score a goal. He’s got real pace, he’s arguably as quick as anyone we have got at the club.

“We will have to have a conversation with Arsenal first. It’s a bit disrespectful of me to talk about him because he is still their player, but certainly, the move has helped him and it has helped us. If there is something that can be done [to sign him] I would love to do it.”

The Telegraph claim that Arsenal’s asking price would be in the region of £20 million. In a summer when we need cash for a rebuild, it would be hard to turn down that amount of cash were Mike Ashley willing to cough up.

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Johnny 4 Hats

I feel like with Eddie and Reiss on their way to the exit, it’d be a shame to lose a third member of our golden crop.

I say, unless Newcastle have a spare £25m, we let him fight for his place at Arsenal. If he’s a guaranteed premier league starter then he’s easily good enough to deputise for us.

A bit tired man

Golden what?


That’s crop. C.R.O.P

Bleeding gums murphy

I would snap their hand off for £20 million.

Johnny 4 Hats

I would snap Mike Ashley’s hand off.

There doesn’t need to be a transfer.

A Different George

Oh, I think there’s too many Newcastle supporters ahead of you for that.


Well said.

He’s not good enough for Arsenal. So tired of this club persisting with mediocrities.


Yeah, god forbid a hard-working, athletic 21 year old with a knack to find space between the lines and an eye for goal, that needs a little work on his touch and positioning is the finished product. Sure if the right offer comes in (20-25M quid) take it, but he’s exactly the type of character we need at this club, he bleeds red and white. If your German friend had half the drive of Joe Willock he’s still be one of the best players in the world.

A Different George

Yeah, I’m not sure the comparison to Ozil is helpful; let’s judge this on its own merits and compare him to actual possibilities. Willock made a lot of appearances for Arteta, and it’s clear he could be a fine squad player. Not at all clear that he could be more. I would much rather start Odegaard, if we can get him, or Smith Rowe otherwise, in the role Joe would have to play for us.


We’d struggle to put a team out without them.


I think we’ll be doing well to get that – not saying we won’t, but I don’t see him going for more in the current market.

Johnny 4 Hats

This is just it. Why sell a promising youngster who has now broken into a premier league team when the market is this dire?

Two years ago Willock is worth £25-£30m after a pretty impressive loan spell. Now we’d be lucky to get £15m. So let’s keep hold.


Yes, I’d keep him given the choice. I think the problem is that we need to raise money for a summer re-build. Although there are quite a few players we’d all like to sell, comprehensive lists appear in posts on this site regularly, I don’t think we’ll manage to do it. If so, genuinely “saleable” assets like Willock become more important, albeit at a discount as you say. Hopefully, I’m wrong and we’ll either sell a couple of others for unexpectedly high fees – or old Stan will loan the club the money for some big signings as a (totally… Read more »


I’d keep him if I had any confidence we’d know how to use him.


You’re expecting apology signings? I’m more worried about him not signing anyone as a sign to show us fans that without a super league income we don’t have money for any meaningful signings. Especially if we don’t win Europa League and qualify for CL…


Summer rebuild? If we don’t qualify for Europe our rebuild will be replacing high earners with homegrown.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Willock is good for the cold weather Stoke game. We made that choice so we must keep him.


“who has now broken into a premier league team” He’s hardly broken in, he came on with 10 minutes left to score last week and Newcastle are barley a PL team…

Timorous Me

He started seven straight for Newcastle, then has been on the bench for the last three (though in the two of those in which he’s come in, he’s scored).

Bleeding gums murphy

So he started 7 straight and then got dropped

Bleeding gums murphy

I’m not sure he’s actually broken in to a premiership team yet. His two goals have come from coming on as sub in last ten minutes.


Basically he performs more in 10 minutes as sub than our entire collection of midfielders in the club.

Man Manny

Saka is 19, Rowe is 20.
Willock and Reiss may come good later.
I say sell them and put a buy back clause.


Maybe we could give him one more season on loan. Get him to play 25+ games then make a decision from there.


He’ll be a better midfielder than Elneny and Xhaka, keep him sell those 2.


Xhaka is a tactical manager’s dream. He lacks in pace but makes up for it by having better positioning. He is the best in terms of tactical fouls for Arsenal. His lack of pace is exposed by not having quality next to him. You switch off the VCR where the invincible season is playing and see we are no longer the same club who had Patrick, Gilberto, Edu, Toure available we are a mediocre club now with no replacement for Xhaka on board. Till we get a “suitable” replacement on board, don’t even whisper your thoughts otherwise Kroenke will sell… Read more »


I read an article about Willock on a Newcastle blog the other day (it popped up, no idea why!) and they really do love him. But, unless a takeover is completed, they don’t seem to expect to have any cash at all to spend. The blog seemed to think a repeat loan would be their preference. Heres to a takeover and a cool 30 mil for us!


Sorta like Ceballos then?


My Geordie mate loves him, he brings pace, running, and an eye for goal from midfield they were devoid of. Given the current moral positioning of our club he’d be smart to move to Newcastle and rid himself of this embarrassment.


Yes , I’m sure morality will have a huge part to play in football from now on.


Can’t argue much with that…

El Mintero

Ashley is just a big of a cnt as Kroenke. Willock deserves a better team to move to.


“he brings pace, running, and an eye for goal from midfield they were devoid of” Same attributes that were used for none other than Aaron Ramsey. All players divided the opinion but none like Ramsey. He was lucky Wenger was around and kept his faith in him while others were labeling him a failure. Since he left he has been painted as a legend. Same would happen to Joe Willock unfortunately. He has the drive and ability to dribble but not enough minutes to polish the skills. We wasted the Europa League campaign where we didn’t give enough chance to… Read more »


has he got any pace though?


I’m with Bruce on this one…too slow


Emmmm….didn’t Bruce talk positively about his pace ?


Yes, I thought Fuzz was being comical so I joined in, just not very well

Me from Here

Not the pace of a winger but faster than many MF. Remember Arteta used him to close games on the right wing last season.



“He gives us a bit of pace, he’s athletic and he can score a goal. He’s got real pace, he’s arguably as quick as anyone we have got at the club.”


He’s got all kinds of pace.
“a bit of pace” and “real pace”

On the right path?

Now we know why Newcastle are shit


Have him.

He’s not good enough for The Arsenal.


Keep him and ged rid of elneny and dani


I really like Joe Willock I was annoyed at idiocy of giving a 32yr old Willian a 3yr deal this summer, but my main gripe was about blocking the path of both Willock + Nelson Would either of those lads have produced any worse than what we’ve seen with Willian? At least Willock + Nelson are both players on the way up, rather than a player who’s due to start regressing We’d be smart to renew Willock’s deal and loan him out, rather than selling him for £20 million We can then reevaluate in 12 months time, he’s a player… Read more »


Already better than Ceballos and offers way more going forward than Elneny. Keep him!


Can’t we send Willian along to Newcastle, buy 1 get 1 free. Not with Arteta methinks.

Heavenly Chapecoense

“Competitive football consistently” with Arteta?

Public Elneny

Another season on loan perhaps He’ll learn more starting regularly at Newcastle than sporadic minutes here, especially if we have no european football. Still seems to be a bit lightweight and willowy, quite easy to bully off the ball. Another year to grow into his body and he could be a totally different player At this point in time I’m still not sure if he’s good enough for us, but should have a better idea after a full season on loan. And if it doesn’t look like he is, his age/nationality/pl experience will mean he won’t lose much value, if… Read more »


Hoping we can get a little more than £20mill really, but we also need to be careful with our quota or British/trained before x age players., as I expect AMN, Willock, possible chambers and Bellerin may all be off

Alex Manninger

Think it will depend alot on how many other midfileders we sell/don’t buy this sommer. There are big maybes around Guendouzi, Torrera, AMN, Elneny, Ceballos and Odegaard.

We should only sell Willock, if the price is right and not sure if Newcastle has that kind of money.


I feel wilock will come good as he progress, so we should keep him after all he’s already what elneny won’t be


I’ve always thought that Willock is the type who’ll do well at a Newcastle but not at Arsenal, not saying he’s a bad player, he’s got many qualities, but he’s simply not technical enough to function in one of our midfield slots unless we change the whole way we play around him. I say let them have him if they offer a decent price, it’d be good for all parties


That sweet sweet 20 million will finance a real attacking midfielder with key passes in him. He has little to offer in terms of final ball, and even Odegaard has not been the chance creation machine we need. Buendia or Rodrigo De Paul will be my ideal AM signings. Buendia is proven in England and hence low risk and settlement period.

Bossman Bill

Buendia looks like Messi because he plays in the championship. So yes, ideal – ideal if you mean and ideal signing for when we’re in the championship in 2022/23


Good lad


I like Joe Willock and am glad he has done well at Newcastle. But the thing is this; if we didn’t have Joe and we bid £20 million would I think (a) that’s a good use of our limited resources or (b) we could get better value elsewhere? Answer (b) for me.


Interesting, I’m inclined to agree with you. If we could get money by selling a sub could then be invested in an upgrade in the starting 11 (a right back?), then that clearly seems like a good choice.
On the other hand, he is homegrown, and capable of shipping in with a few goals from central midfield, which our other players in his position aren’t.


We have to keep Joe next season. We should not take Dani after his loan ends, Mo is not the future and that leaves our midfield very light on options. Joe and AMN have shown they can do it in the prem, they are home grown and are as good if not better than all but Partey so why get rid. We have too much we need to spend money on to get a new midfield as well.

Me from Here

For me, selling Willock will be a huge mistake. I can agree to loan for another year, but he’s a player with huge potential. He’s like Ramsey and Wijnaldum. Sold MF that can create and score goals. We sorely lack that after Ramsey left. I remember watching Wijnaldum at 2014 world cup and I was surprised he went to Newcastle and all the big clubs slept on him then. It’s down to finances but sell wisely. I’ll agree to sell AMN, Reiss, and Eddie. Pls don’t sell Willock.


I would sell him with a first refusal clause, right now we need the money more than we need a young CM with potential. If we lose Willock and are able to retain Odegaard I would count that as a very good piece of business.


Agree with the both of you – wouldn’t feel right seeing Willock go, but I understand that the team has other immediate needs. didn’t we get a contracts guy precisely for this sort of thing?


Spot on, I always wanted Wijnaldum, even when he was at Newcastle. We should have got him.
How he is still underrated I’ve got no idea. There was even talk of selling him. But he was an ever-present for the last three seasons and scored some of the most important goals in their League and Champions League wins.

A Different George

If everyone in the entire world thinks you are underrated, doesn’t that mean you aren’t? There is no talk of selling him–but it’s very likely he will leave, because he has refused to sign again with Liverpool.


I agree that we shouldn’t panic into selling Willock this summer, and a new contract and loan would be better

Disagree on Nelson though, I think he’s a massive talent, who could easily become another Gnabry situation, where we’re kicking ourselves in 2-3 years time

Players mature at different rates, Nelson was considered by many to have a similar level of talent to Sancho

matt keeler

Goal scoring midfielder.
Keep. Will be worth £40 million like Iwobi by the end of next season


And how many goals has this well oiled machine scored for Arsenal? 🤣


29: 11 for the senior team, 10 for the U23s, 8 for the u18.


It would be sad to see joe leave.Atleast we’ll still have Joe M


Nketiah, Nelson, Mavrapanos, Torreira, Guendouzi, Maitland-Niles, Bellerin—all no brainers; sell them for the highest possible price and thank them all for their service to the club.

Willock is a harder case…20m probably is an easy yes, but if the offers are in the 10-15m range, it’s hard to consider keeping him and letting his talent (and market value) grow, maybe sending him back to Newcastle on a season long loan would be the best move…

Public Elneny

I think Mavropanos and Willock should be sent on loan again. We won’t lose out on that much in transfer fees, but both still have potential to improve significantly I feel

Maitland-Niles I’d be happy to take back as starting RB only IF he’s got the CM thing out of his system. Wet Brom fans seem to think his skillset is wasted in the middle based on what I’ve read on their fan forums, and I have to agree

The others I agree with yeah


Yea, agree about AMN. He does not seem like a fit in central midfield. Just think he’s stuck on that position for himself long term though. Your point about holding onto Mavrapanos as well is a good one. His stock seems to be on the rise, doesn’t it… Another year on loan in Germany and we could see a dramatic increase in value for him.

Monty Sop

The Newcastle bench must be comfier than the Arsenal bench.


Padded and heated?


I’d like him to return to The Emirates as he is a young talent but we need to raise funds this summer and other options to do so will probably be limited (despite having several players we’d like to sell) so he could well leave.


I’d be looking to keep him. Goal scoring from midfield has been a problem for us. Let’s be honest Willock could easily do the job Ceballos does and he is more dynamic and he’s English too. Genuine goalscoring midfielders are hard to come by but Joe has a knack of getting goals. Also not sure why people keep saying he has no pace. Certainly more than Dani, Mo or Xhaka.

Hulahoops Baptista

Depending on what’s happened to the market with the collapse of a potential super league, noises being made by traditionally rich clubs, and a post covid landscape. 20 million could be either too cheap or a great bit of business. Will be interesting to see if football’s bubble shows any sign of deflating this summer.


No way!
Am I the only one worried that our midfielders are not contributing goals?
Since Willock joined Newcastle, he has scored more goals than Ceballos, El Neny, Partey and Xhaka combined!! And that’s not a fluke. He was our highest scoring central midfielder last year as well.
I’ll keep him and let him develop some more.


Sell him £20 million is very helpful and could go to have a stable center midfielder beside partey


1.We haven’t managed the careers of some/most of these guys very well at all. 2.We have got to stop hanging on the players too long. 3.We need money. Eddie – One year left. It’s time. You would think we could push for £20m. Willock – Thanks to this loan can push for £20m. Anything less I’d rather loan him for a full season. AMN – I think he’ll end up going for around £15m. We won’t get more than what Wolves offered last year. Nelson – What the actual fuck. Talk about letting a players value depreciate… I’d send him… Read more »


To early to evaluate his ceiling. Give him more time on a loan and see what he has to offer.


If he can replicate his Newcastle form for us, he’ll be worth a lot more than £20m. Keep him.


Give him a new 4/5 deal and send him out on loan again next season. Given his relative success at Newcastle, we’ll be able to charge a loan fee and get his salary 100% covered, so there’s nothing for us to lose. He’s 21, a baby in terms of a CM’s development, and at this stage we don’t know how high his ceiling is. If he smashes in 10 league goals next season, at his age and being English, he will easily be worth £35m+. If he struggles, he will still probably be worth £15-20m.


I say we keep Joe. When we ship out the non-performers in the summer, we need to rebuild & he is a homegrown talent.


Loan him with a contract extension or

Sell him with a buy back clause or

Sell him with a nice commission clause if the sale exceeds a certain value or

Keep him and use him as a squad player in place of el neny. The only two midfielders above is Partey and xhaka. Xhaka won’t get the credit his technical security brings and leadership bit his vital. Whoever replaces xhaka has to be at bissouma level at the minimum.

All the above look good to me.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I think there’s a capable player in there waiting to come out. I’d keep him unless the money was needed to be ready for a top player, who’s ready to come straight in and make a difference

Gordon Phillips

Have you seen the size of the protest? Was Jack Wilshere there?

David C

100 million pounds and he’s yours!!!

I would keep Willock and let Ceballos go back to Madrid. Willock helps with the homegrown talent quota as well.

Frank Emerson

Bit of a risk for us and Newcastle at 20m. I would be looking for either a sell on clause, or a buy back clause. Think a 20m deal would suit both clubs. Think he’s probably worth a bit more.


And he scores again!

Johan Djourou

Willock has the incredibly rare knack of timing his runs into the box superbly and score (from midfield). Whilst the rest of his game is ‘raw’, especially his passing and physical strength. I think there’s a good chance he will ‘fill out’ over the next 2 years and become less easy to brush off the ball. Joe’s in-game ‘know-how’ will improve through experience. Let’s keep him for another year and see how he gets on, either loan or back at Arsenal (if he will be playing sufficient games)

The Far Post

Am late to this party, having come to it from another post, but I love the way Willock plays. He seemed to have lost his way trying to break into Arteta’s setup. Now he’s contributing and scoring with Newcastle, albeit mainly as a sub now that the senior players are back. Scored late to salvage a draw in the Liverpool match mentioned in the article too.

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