Arsenal take on Everton at the Emirates this evening, looking for 3 points to put some gloss on what has been a difficult week for the club.

Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Leno, Chambers, Holding, Mari, Xhaka, Ceballos, Partey, Saka, Smith Rowe, Pepe, Nketiah

Subs: Ryan, Bellerin, Cedric, Gabriel, Elneny, Odegaard, Willian, Nelson, Martinelli

Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Godffrey, Holgate, Digne, Allan, Gomes, Sigurdsson, Calvert-Lewin, Rodriguez, Richarlison

Subs: Olsen, Mina, Nkounkou, Delph, Davies, Broadhead, Iwobi, Bernard, King

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Strong side but would have preferred Martinelli upfront.

Hope Eddie can prove me wrong.

Bleeding gums murphy

Eddie Jeffers up front.


Got to put some £££ into Eddie’s legs


Think martinelli will give us more from the bench


Yes, exactly, he can cheer and shout and pass the water bottles.

Baichung Bhutia

If we do well today, this might be the same team starts by against Villarreal


Can someone remind why we bought Cedric?


Because he was :
EPL ready
Kia’s client
Better than cafu

Pick your favourite


He’s not even cheap. He’s free.


Willian essas free and expensive….




Was hoping martinelli starts up top, but oh well. COYG!!!


#COYG make the protestors and the fans proud!!!!!!!!!!


One and the same. Come on you gunners!

SB Still

Only 10 starting? We are getting used to playing a man down.

David C

I thought I was going crazy! haha. ESR is on as a number 10 according to BBC.

SB Still

Arsenal: Leno, Chambers, Holding, Mari, Xhaka, Ceballos, Partey, Saka, Pepe, Nketiah + ESR


At least it’s better than seeing the word Willian.


I know Leno isn’t great but I wouldn’t classify him as totally useless.


Forget my comment. I didn’t realise the mistake


Toxic Martin alert !

Mikels Arteta




Also Kroenke out!


It’s been a long day but are we only playing 10?

Reality check

Nice, that should raise Eddie’s transfer value..


Balogun not even on bench. Unless he played with u23? Don’t know but they must have made him some rock solid promises for next year! Like ‘between me and you, Eddie and laca are away next season so that’s your spot. And auba not any younger. So, sign da ting Balo!

Non-flying Dutchman

Everton aren’t the strongest team right now…but I was hoping we’d at least field 11 players lol


ESR as well (missing a player)


Blogs, someone’s missing in the starting lineup. Only 10 players.


And where’s Balogun, not even on the bench.

Gareth C Murray

As weak an Arsenal side as I’ve seen for some time.

Gareth C Murray

Especially as we appear tp be startimg with 10 men

Charlie the American

We should consider starting 11 players just to be safe.


Not trying to be a d!ck, but I feel like Eddie has received a lot of opportunities compared to some other younger players, and not really produced. Or am I wrong?


I mean, he scored in the last game?


Totally agree, and we saw he can’t do much beside a tap in here and there. Reminds me of Iwobi, meek in front of goal. I’d rather see Balogun get 2-3 games at least, this makes no sense, why did he sign the contract??

Give youth a chance

Eddie’s England u21 record shows there’s talent there. I feel he would benefit from a season on loan playing week after week. Perhaps that’s the plan for next season


He’s soon to be 22 and has been on multiple loans already. He’s not transferring his u21 stats to senior level it seems. Time to give Balogun or Gabi a go.


And where’s Balogun, not even on the bench.

There’s not unlimited subs allowed, we can only name nine.


Pff it’s often i be to negative on here, but i have this midfield will get mashed up and then they have some proper firepower upfront.
Were gonna need to show up, be aggressive, active, direct and efficient. Here’s to all and especially ceballos to have a good one.

Once a gunner

Y benching Martineli?

Gunnar Eli

Just don’t concede a free kick around the box… Gylfi will not miss…


Stop hating and support Eddie. He needs this game to go his way as much as we do. Lets go!!

Vaibhav Pandey

This is a weakish lineup, Everton full strength, should be a good game

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Forgot we were playing, gonna have to miss this one.

Come On Arsenal!


Okay Stan


Can’t remember when we had such slow players on RB/LB. Chambers can deliver there though, while granit can go suck a melon.


Lemon/wemon, kripke joke. Bit will get the same response from the crowd here I guess.

Give youth a chance

Seeing that fan protest outside the ground makes me happy



Well, with Auba and Lacazette out, I’m fine with keeping Martinelli save on the bench. We must have him up and running against Villareal.


Cmon Eddie prove me wrong. Lots of things going down at the Emirates. Let’s get a win for these fans who feel betrayed. COYG


Let’s bury Everton. Kroenke out!


Missed opportunity to show some faith in Balogun. Safety first, as usual.
No Martinelli…….typical.


Super League is just a distraction from new champions league changes!
The timing of announcement and retraction without any major pushback just doesn’t add up otherwise! We should be made about that rather than super league!


My last comment is redundant now.
Still” waiting for approval”

First time, Everton have had their preferred XI all fit to start in months😕.

Let’s show them it makes no difference😊.


When will Partey stop screwing up simple passes


He missed one pass, mate. he has been our man of the match so far.


What match are you watching.


He missed 6 passes in the first half “mate”. Just cause yiu close your eyes doesn’t mean they aren’t missed.


Nor to forget your MOTM gave away 2 free kicks outside the box within 5 minutes of each other


Shit refereeing by this Prick


Totally agree – how the hell was Partey’s a yellow card whereas a blatant tug back on Saka warranted absolutely nothing. Why do we always get the decisions against us?


I’d like to see Saka and Pepe switch wings for a while. I know everyone wants to see Martinelli come on, but with Xhaka at left back, we lose a lot of width with a right-footed player on the wing. Tough one.


Eddie looks like he’s running out of batteries… From minute 1.

(Yes we all know he can score tap ins blah blah)

I can sort of understand leaving Martinelli for EL, but surely Balogun is better than this?


If you thought the ESL would kill the game you should hear about this thing they call “VAR”.

SB Still

It always bothers me when one of ours is able to see across the opponents backline and still be offside. We would have had a penalty there.

SB Still

We are trailing against facing a tapied opposition performance. Can’t watch this, keep it safe football by us till the end.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

People talk about the ESL having the potential of ruining football. VAR did that a while ago. I didn’t even jump up and get excited when we got the penalty. You learn to not give a shit until they e finished drawing the freakin pathetic lines.

Bleeding gums murphy

Leno 😂😂 average keeper.


Typical Arsenal. Pathetic. Fucking pathetic.

SB Still

Arteta likes to play safe football

Billy bob

Must be depressing doing the live blog when we play pants and/or so stupid mistakes – I know it is depressing reading it but I can bail out, poor blogs has to endure it all


Worst arsenal side in the prem era.

MA – you are going to get sacked.

These players are fucking useless.

A shamble.

Gonna get worse before it gets better I’m afraid.