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Joe Montemurro reacts to 2-0 victory over Brighton

Arsenal were 2-0 winners over Brighton at Meadow Park on Sunday thanks to goals in each half from Jordan Nobbs. Joe Montemurro spoke to the press post match, the first three questions are from Arseblog News, the others are from other journalists.

On the plan to create overloads on the right flank against Brighton’s 4-4-2…
Yeah we had Anna Patten really coming inside to create the second or third number 10, we worked on advancing down that flank. But more importantly, if we couldn’t, we could overload their midfield. Brighton play a 442 so they only play two players centrally so we found space by dragging out their wide midfielders.

On subbing Lia Walti on to play centre half again alongside Lotte Wubben-Moy in the second half…
It wasn’t our cleanest performance today and in build-up we were a little bit loose so we decided to balance it out a little more and give ourselves a bit more depth. Wally (Walti) is very good at finding the pass, especially on the left hand side. We decided that would be the time to bring Katie McCabe into the game a little more and play her a little bit higher.

On whether anxiety crept into the team in the second half…
Not anxiety so much probably just a bit of frustration. The only chance they created was from our error and there were a couple of mistakes from our point of view. But these things happen in the ebb and flow of a season and it’s a positive for us because it’s a little warning going into Wednesday night.

On starting Jordan Nobbs on the right before moving her to the left hand side half way through the first half…
Jordan’s natural inclination when playing wide is to come inside and because Anna Patten was inverting on the right, we just felt we needed a more classic winger on that side and we worked on something a little different with Anna and Jordan’s movement during the week but their full-back wasn’t coming inside, she was staying outside so we felt a winger would be better on the right. We felt Jordan moving to the left and going from outside to in would suit us a little better and she got her rewards with the goals.

On Kim Little dealing with Brighton’s high press…
When a team presses it’s very important that you protect and keep the ball and Kim is very good at that. In our build-up, we saw that their winger was trying to pinch the ball from our centre half when we transferred the game but the beauty of having a player of Kim’s quality in the middle is that you can play through. It hurt Brighton because they didn’t know whether to go to the full-back or whether we were going to play through the middle with Kim. That’s Kim’s quality, she’s very good at protecting the ball in those areas and you feel secure playing through her.

On the challenge that Brighton posed…
We weren’t relieved so much but we were frustrated because we created some very good chances but we also allowed them into the game. I commend Brighton though, i spoke to Hope (Powell, the Brighton coach) after the game and congratulated her on the fantastic work she has done in the last two or three years. She’s building a real legacy there and a very solid squad, they are a big positive in the WSL with what they are doing and the way they go about things.

On Wednesday’s game against West Ham…
It’s going to be very difficult because they are a very direct team and distances can get long and games become transitional so it’s up to us to make sure our attitude is right and to dictate when we want to speed the game up and when we want to slow it down. Today we probably wanted to play too quickly at times when we could have changed the tempo and been a bit more secure.

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canon fodder

I am happy that our results have improved of late but I feel that it’s too little too late. We failed against Man City, Man U and Chelsea thus sealing our fate.

Peter Story Teller

The results have improved of late because we have not been playing against Chelsea or a team from Manchester. Nothing else has really changed very much. We still try and give goals away and Viv looks like she needs a rest. Still, we have a talented team so let’s see who is coaching them next season and hopefully they can consistently play to their full potential.


“or a team from Manchester.“

We played and won against United a couple weeks ago.

Viv The 🐐

Yeah, but the game before wasn’t quite as pleasant. And we easily could have lost the match at Meadow. That they did not score was more of a failing from them, than an achievement of us.

Gunner H

Without Kim in our side it would have been a draw at best

Chris Humphrey

There is joy back in the play.

Its the Arsenal

Because we aren’t playing anyone good enough to actually hurt us

Viv The 🐐

There is one footballing good thing this weekend for Arsenal. Too little to late as others said, but CL gives us better opportunities to rebuild. I hope they get me excited.


3 more wins and we shall have European place guaranteed.


A few more wins and both our teams can make the Champions League.


True. Apparently 3 more wins in WSL and Europa can get both into CL.


Here’s hoping!

Fun Gunner

Good win from the girls! Tricky match. I thought they would ease up a little after we went ahead, since they have nothing to play for, but no chance and full credit to them for pushing us all the way. They were unlucky not to get at least one goal. Delighted to see Jordan Nobbs getting a brace. I still believe that in Nobbs, Little and Wälti, we have the WSL’s best midfield. So I’m not really on board with Nobbs as a winger. But hey. Joe’s praise of Hope Powell is very well deserved, especially considering the budget she… Read more »


100%. Brighton and Hope Powell deserve so much respect for their work. Lot of bottom and midtable teams don’t have any plans for those games but to just hope. But Brighton and also Birmingham get their teams to compete in much higher level than their talent level should allow them. Brighton has better record against other top 4 teams than us. Thought we weren’t good yesterday, sloppy in defendingg and also attacking, but at moment nothing but result really matters. 4 games to go under Joe, so I hope these weird position choices will be done. Maybe we will get… Read more »

Gunner H

Joe correctly points out Kim’s crucial defensive powers, which are frankly in addition to her offensive, leadership (by example), game-reading and inspirational qualities – without her we wouldn’t have won against Brighton. Our Captain is the most talented professional in the WSL I continue to believe. Walti continues to be a crucial payer & I really hope that the Team GB management realise that Beth Mead is a match winner. Agree Viv, brilliant as she is, needs and deserves a rest 🙂


Brighton are no pushovers. They’ve recently beaten United and are the only team to have beaten Chelsea in the WSL this season. Now, with our much superior goal difference, we only have to win two of our remaining three matches to get a CL place. I’m looking forward to next season, especially with young players coming through, and one has to wonder (hope?) whether the Americans playing for our rivals will still be in the WSL come September. I’m also looking forward to the Olympics which should further raise the profile of women’s football and create new stars (Captain Little,… Read more »

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