Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Arsenal will have to sign a left-back instead of promoting one

There has been much discussion of late regarding Arsenal’s left-back options for next season, and there have been some suggestions that it would be preferable for one of the club’s existing youngsters to provide backup to Kieran Tierney.

At present, however, there isn’t an outstanding option ready to step up who has proven himself at U23 level.

Tolaji Bola is the most experienced academy left-back at the age of 22, but he wasn’t particularly impressive during a loan spell at Rochdale.

The fact that Bola was overlooked when Arsenal didn’t have any senior left-backs available suggests that his future is likely to lie away from Emirates Stadium.

Joel Lopez, meanwhile, was named on the bench in the Europa League but has yet to make a senior appearance of any description.

Much was expected of the Spaniard when he arrived from Barcelona in 2018, but, if truth be told, he hasn’t quite developed as quickly as hoped.

When Hector Bellerin was progressing through the ranks from the U18s to the reserves there was always a feeling that he would be the club’s first-choice right-back eventually. There just isn’t the same certainty regarding Lopez on the opposite side of the pitch.

It is still possible that the 19-year-old could succeed at Arsenal, but he is in desperate need of a loan spell in order to improve his positional sense and also develop him physically.

Arsenal have two promising left-backs in the U18s, with Mazeed Ogungbo and Henry Jeffcott both highly thought of at the club. Both players need greater experience at U23 level before they can be considered for first-team action.

Overall, it appears that if Arsenal want to add a left-back to their first-team squad this summer then the individual in question will have to come from elsewhere as opposed to being an internal solution.

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Hopefully a washed up César Azpilicueta is not on cards.


‘Ashley Cole In Shock Return To Gunners. Arteta: We’re All Excited.’


Josh kroenke: Get excited


The only time that twat gets excited is when he opens his Wall Street Journal on the breakfast table….


32 year old Ryan Bertrand should fit the bill perfectly. He’s even former Chelsea. I’d only be interested if we paid him at least £200K/week for 3-4 years.


Looks like another shrewd signing identified by StatDNA.


Maybe they have to remove the filters “chelsea” and “old farts”


… and give him the newly minted “Willian” medal “for services to be rendered” as well. The silver version, not the gold one – we don’t want to go mad here.



There’s been a pandemic, remember.


‘You buy cheap, you buy twice.’

I don’t know the origins of that saying, but whoever it was he or she must have been thinking about Arsenal signing Cedric.

That is the difference between us and City and Chelsea and the rest.

  • They buy. We have to sell to buy.
  • Their owners allow them them to buy top notch. We have to go ferreting around in bargain basement baskets, because the Kroenkes won’t go the extra mile.
  • They challenge for the top prizes. We piss about in mid table.

And then there’s liverpool, leicester and perhaps west ham


They play better football than us.

Fuck, everyone plays better football than us……..


Is Henry Jeffcott as good as Persie Baptimakh?

Eric Blair

Surely not. But both are overshadowed by Ramsey Bendtesacker.


His brother Thierry Fantheo is even better.



…And the joke is dead


Can we just please for my sanitys sake make smart signings this summer?? Partey will become a boss in midfield as long as he’s partnered well. A backup for Tierney so he doesn’t break because he’s the best Scottish midfielder and part of the brittle spine. A spine we need to build into a 2004 quality oak hard with free flowing branches. Coyg.



You could have the best players in the world join us, but if they’re commanded to restrict themselves to running at a snails pace, avoid the opposition D like a minefield and relentlessly pass backwards and sideways in a horseshoe all season, then have a guess where this club will be….


Tierney obviously isn’t given those instructions.
Just a thought-


You’re quite right. 👍

I bet he’s always thinking ‘Fuck you, gaffer, I’m going to take out this wing back and get a cross in or a cut back if it kills me – and just cock a deaf ear to your rants and bull shit later on….’

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

Hello darkness my old friend,
I’ve come to talk to you again~


‘The Sound of Silence.’

Given our owner, how very appt.




I thought Xhaka was the new back-up? If not surely Willian would play better there than he has further up the pitch this season.


If Willian doesn’t leave, which seems likely. Then ask him to play as LB as was done by UTD with Ashley Young when he became useless as an attacking threat since it was Willian’s tactical flexibility that was lauded as his strength. Which I think is not wrong as he is someone who can do that thing. It will also ensure that we get some return on investment.

I hope Edu and Arteta are not reading this otherwise they will stick with him 🙁


I’m surprised anyone can take either of these seriously!


Apparently we’re in for Ryan Bertrand, who’s 32 in August, but until then he’ll remain 31, because that’s how it works I really wish we’d go back to a policy of 12 month contracts only for outfield players over 30, make them earn their extensions from there Full back is the most physically demanding role on the pitch, and when players dip physically, it’s usually a sudden and rapid decline Not sure what our fetish is with ageing Chelsea + Southampton rejects, if we go through with this, it’ll be yet another head-scratcher from the club who’s recruitment is horrendous… Read more »


To be fair, if you have a limited budget, and want to splash the cash on a few select stars (Partey and Pepe) then you need to find bargains for your backups and hope the starters stay healthy. Or you need to gamble on some young relatively unknown and untested players, but Arteta (and most coaches) don’t particularly seem to like such gambles when their careers are on the line. Wenger somehow did quite well with it, but things today put that into perspective. It seems he may have been overachieving in his recruitment of and performance with youth. But… Read more »


I’m not sure the signings of Willian, Luiz, Lichtsteiner, Cech or Soares were necessary, or improved our squad or our fortunes, in any way whatsoever

You could maybe get me on board with Bertrand on a 1yr deal, and make him earn his second year

But if he’s joining us? he basically knows he’s not getting ahead of Tierney, is content to play second fiddle, and see his career fizzle out, rather than enjoy the last of his career, playing regular football

And that to me, sets off real warning signs

A Different George

Well, you could have quite a squad made up of Chelsea and Southampton veterans. It’s possible that De Bruyne, Salah, and Van Dijk might even start occasionally.


This will probably be what we’re up to in 2030


All the talk of Ryan Bertrand on a free. It would obviously suit arsenal but I really don’t see why he would want to come when he’s playing regular first team football and should probably still be doing that next year.

With no European competitions, he’s clearly not going to get much game time other than the cups.

Could be keen for a final pay day though.


Cedric may not have set the world ablaze but surely he’s a better better option than this Bertrand feller?


This is who we are.

This is what we do.


Hank Scorpio

Surely we’ve learnt our lesson with signing Willian. Quite frankly I’d rather sign Plastic Bertrand (for those old enough). At least nobody would be under any illusions as to whether it was a joke signing.

Andrew Mouzouri

Its a thumbs for me if only the Plastic Bertrand ref.


Depends.. whos your agent


“I’d rather sign Plastic Bertrand”

This works for me.


That level for me…


I simply can only down vote a comment that starts with the following:
“Surely we’ve learnt our lesson…”


Why would he come? Because we’ll probably pay him north of 100K/week for 3 years.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

That’s the going rate for Arsenal player. Even Welbeck was on 125k p/w, and he only just scored his 50th Premier League goal last weekend


Welbeck was a decent back up and he actually gave a shit on the pitch, injury prone though he was. We got something when we signed him as opposed to Willian.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Giving a shit doesn’t come with quality. We might as well bring back Wilshere, if giving a shit is the required standard. A striker who scored 50 goals in about 10 years should never have been paid 100k+. Only Arsenal continuously overpay like that, and that’s part of the reason why the club is where it is now


We have Danny Welbeck to thank for that beautiful injury time winner against Leicester City at the Emirates in 2016, where it finally, finally looked like we had a genuine title winning chance for the first time since 2004.

(Then our Easter Circus of a defence did their thing, Leicester won the title and we’ve been truly shite ever since)

When that goal went in, for one beautiful moment we all believed. Nothing came of it, but at least he gave us hope. Cheers Welbz.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

That beautiful moment won nothing.

Like I said before, a striker who has never in his whole career reached double figures in the league, doesn’t deserve 100k per week. Only Arsenal pay those wages, and that’s partly to blame for why we’re here now.

Who cares if he scored a late winner, he scored 4 goals that season



I bet that’s exactly what you were saying when that goal went in.

You know something, fella? With an attitude like that to a good side (the defence not withstanding) and a good player, some of you actually deserve our current plight.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I celebrated as loud as anybody when that goal, and the one at Old Trafford went in.
I still never once thought he was worthy of that big contract, or even wanted him to join the club to begin with.

I could say it’s fans like you who accept mediocrity, which is why the club is where it is

I thought you were going to mention when he scored the winning goal at Old Trafford to knock United out of the FA Cup. He celebrated with no f***s given.

That marked the day when he was no longer seen as a Man United boy.


Yep. Another lovely goal. Thanks for reminding me. 🍺👍

I’ve never known United fans lose their shit and throw their toys out of their prams like they did that night. It was hilarious. 😊


“Giving a shit doesn’t come with quality. We might as well bring back Wilshere, if giving a shit is the required standard.”

I never said that. Don’t put words in my mouth.

“Only Arsenal continuously overpay like that”

According to my brother who is a Man U fan it’s the same thing there. They’re flush with mediocre players on big money they can’t shift. Arsenal are far from the only ones doing that.

Mate you’re replying to the wrong person. I never said those things either.


I’m sure whoever he is, we’ll end up turning him to shit and/or injuring him 🙂


Edu’s on the look out for a Left Back?

I’m scrolling google to make sure Andre Santos is retired.

Yep he has. As you were everyone.

Hank Scorpio

Apparently he now owns a restaurant and if a random guy on the internet is to be believed it serves up fare comparable to what was produced on the football field by it’s owner…


I came across the restaurant article!

The review said the only people seen there are footballers, social media influencers and pop stars.

Basically people that don’t/can’t eat the fatty mess that is served!!!


The trio of AMN/Martinelli/Auba and AMN/Saka/Auba worked well down the left side on the way to winning the FA Cup.

Some say AMN was a contender for MoM

His versatility makes Mikels in game changes easier to manipulate our own and the oppositions formation.

I would prefer AMN as a primarily backup left back over right back. Then midfield.

Once he learns the patterns of play and playing near Partey his penchant for misplaced passes and lapses in concentration will be reduced. Therefore Mikel might trust him to cover in central midfield.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Just please show more imagination than Bertrand


It would be great to promote someone but, equally, we certainly don’t want to “over-promote” a youngster so it looks like this position will be added to the shopping list in the summer.


Ajax’s Nicolas Tagliafico maybe?

Not only a backup but also a possible starter as LWB when we play tierney as one of 3 at the back.


Solid option that is, also on a free. How the fuck do they come up with Bertrand?! Is there really no better homegrown left back out there, even in the Championship? Or in Holland besides Tagliafico there’s Owen Wijndal who plays for AZ also for free, 22 and would prob cost half the wages/signing fee Bertrand would ask for. You then have a backup and potential successor.
I say replace this StatDna hoax with Arseblog comment sections, they would get better recommendations.


Both good players.

Both under contract until 2023


Where do you get that Tagliafico would be free? He’s contracted to 2023 isn’t he? I agree he’d be a much better option than Bertrand, but he’d cost a bit and plenty of suitors (Chelsea, Leeds). Personally, i’d much rather see us sign a youngster that is showing good development.


Two guys I’d like to see us sign at fullback are: LB: Lee Buchanan – exactly the type of player we need in this role, a youngster showing excellent promise that can step in and if Tierney is out and the occassion too big – then we can always turn to Saka. However, Buchanan is a talent. He shouldn’t cost too much – maybe 5-10M quid. At 20 years old he’s the right age for that role. Homegrown. RB: Max Aarons – he’s ready to take over at RB of a big[ger] team. Oozes class, and he has Tierney esque… Read more »


Shame. Had high hopes for Lopez. Thought he was one with a first team future but apparently still very much a question mark.


i dont understand all the hate for ryan bertrand.
hes not willian or lichsteiner.

he will be on less than 100kpw, still has his legs and is an experienced lb.

if we need to BUY 6 first team players (GK, RB, CB, CM, WF and CF) then picking up the squad options for free is a must.


But where is all the money coming from to buy these players, I wonder?

No foot Norbert

If we got 2 quality cms we won’t need another cb, wf or c.f.. our attacking and defensive problems stem from the midfield predominately. That (and lb rb) is the priority


Speaking of Lichsteiner. I read an interview with a retired ref who said Lichsteiner was by far the most unpleasant player he dealt with in his career.

Group Captain Mandrake

The problem with someone like Bertrand is that he’s almost 32 and on the downhill slope of his career. When you make a habit of signing these players, you are constantly signing these players because you need to replace them sooner.

Eddy F

If we’re not in Europe next season, then a back-up who can step in for Tierney and do a job in some cup games is ideal. They’d hopefully play >10 games across the season. Bertrand would be perfect for this. Wage wise, he’s apparently on about £70k now, so hopefully would only want a similar amount. If we do sneak into the European conference next season, then I’d go for a younger player who can play those games and keep Tierney fit for the league. Tierney will be 24 at the start of next season, so someone who is >22… Read more »


If? We’re not in Europe next season.

Crash Fistfight

may I just ask, do you mean more than 10 games and over 22 years old?


Arsenal should look at Ryan Giles of Wolves. Only 21, but a fantastic talent with real pace and can whip in a great cross. Saw him play when at loan at Shrewsbury and was brilliant. Scores a few goals too.


Arsenal will wait till he turns 31 to sign him on a free contract


I may be in the minority but I’m personally ok with Bertrand coming in so long as it’s on sensible wages.

We have a lot to do this summer and don’t think spending a big chunk of a likely small budget on a backup player makes sense.

The way I look at it is he will be an upgrade on kolasinac, an experienced and natural left back, clearly second choice and inexpensive.

I’d look at Ryan or another second choice keeper in the same way and focus on CM, up front and Rb if Bellerin moves


I don’t mind who we sign as long as they have the same winning mentality as Tierney


I’m available. I’m right footed and 40 but you know – beggars can’t be choosers!

Cranky Colin

Brilliant info lads….. thanks.
Really informative


I’m not sure I agree with Arteta’s assessment on the needs of the squad. Lback though is critical. And if there isn’t anyone convincing to come in presently, we will have to dip into market likely for a temporary solution at best bc money will be tight and we need to spread it around 4/5 positions minimum. In terms of the options from squad 1)Kolasinac has run his race. 2)AMN maybe, he’s played fullback for a long while now and has amassed some experience in midfield at WBA, played on the left too for us but he’s a right footer.… Read more »


With regards squad needs, I think Arteta is talking 4 or 5 1) Striker – Yes we need one. Likely Laca will be sold. Auba is not competitive enough up top for the ball, does not hold it for us, Martinelli work in progress, Nketiah question mark so we should get someone with proven record/strength 2) GK – Yes we need one. Ryan is tidy but worry his his height. Prefer someone slightly bigger. AaronRamsdale or Sam Johnstone one of these younger promising local lads may be a good bet. Plenty of experience in relegation fight. Adds to home grown… Read more »


If we were playing good attacking football for a good manager, then you would say that our top priority is an attacking midfielder to partner Thomas Partey.

But as this is the Arteta Shitshow, it doesn’t matter who we bring in. LEGOball nullifies any confidence, individuality skill sets or creativity, pace or passion, cohesion or strategy, strength or spirit that any given player might offer the team. Arteta makes good players seemingly bang average within a couple of games.


Bring back nacho monreal


Should never have let him go for half a million


Superb player. He looked like Kevin Richardson and played like Kenny Sansom. Was moved on way too soon.

As usual, we get rid of the good players hastily and hang on to the shit like a proverbial blanket.


Ridvan Yilmaz , Turkish international player ( Just recently selected for the Euro’s ) 19yrs Old , plays for Beşiktas ( Just Won the Super Lig ) . His recent interview, dream move would be to ‘ Arsenal ‘ .
Great back up for Tierney !!!

Andy Normile

The sad truth is that without European football, we will need to search for scraps and freebies. A couple of young Championship players maybe – Lee Buchanan from Derby, Rico Henry from Brentford or maybe Antonee Robinson from Fulham

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