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Arteta: I can convince players to sign for Arsenal

Mikel Arteta says he’s confident he can convince transfer targets to join the club this summer, even if we don’t have European football, or if we’re scratching around the Europa Conference League.

Arsenal have plenty to sort out when the transfer window opens, both in terms of incoming deals and departures, and even though there are obvious financial restrictions to contend with, another one is the somewhat diminished reputation after some difficult seasons.

Many players on the market will have potentially more attractive options, but the Spaniard is certain that he could persuade targets that Arsenal was the right place for them.

“I’d need an hour to do that but I think I could convince them!” he quipped ahead of the final league game of the season against Brighton on Sunday.

“And we have been able to convince them to come here rather than somewhere else. I think just looking at this badge, the history and who we are, that should be enough.

“If they need something else, we are prepared to do that.”

The timing of the summer business, and while Arteta is hoping to get as much as done as soon as possible, there are still many factors which may delay things. Players need holidays after a gruelling 12 months; some will be away with the European Championships; and there are also the European U21 Championships and the Copa America to take into account.

However, there’s no question Arteta is keen to avoid the kind of deadline day arrivals which, while it bring us a quality player in Thomas Partey, wasn’t exactly a sign of a well-planned transfer strategy.

“It would be ideal to do everything as early as possible and to have all the players that we know are going to continue here for the first day of pre-season but it’s not going to happen,” said Arteta.

“We have the Euros and everything is going to be delayed, we have that many things that need to be done that it will take time.

“But we know how key it can be and what we don’t want is to have is the situation that happened last year.”

At the moment the manager is playing his cards very close to his chest, insisting that any player under contract will be with us next season, but he did acknowledge that some difficult conversations have already taken place with certain members of the squad.

“We have a lot of conversations that have already happened and some more that will happen,” he said.

“Difficult or not, we have to face them to be able to tell each other what our feelings are and to make the right decisions.”

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Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Financial security. Silly wages and a long term contract.

The Arsenal way


Same man who convinced Willian he needed him for 3 years to win the Champions League.


It is the other way around. Willian convinced Arteta into agreeing a 3 year deal.



Diaby's Left Peg

Tbf he wasn’t wrong. Definitely not winning the Champions League next season so that third year was a smart piece of planning…

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Himself needs the difficult conversation with Vinai and Edu.
Are we a club where the achievement is the four games after we got eliminated from all competitions? A club where there are no consequences for not qualifying for european competitions the first time in 25 years?
I am serious, yesterday it was hinted that thwarting Ozil and his closest friends was an achievement.

Johnny 4 Hats

Haha! Love this.

Maybe because we’ve hopefully got no European football, he’s going to bring back the Tuesday club. Get Merse in to be social secretary. That’ll make us an attractive proposition.


I would love to see Willian trying to play pissed out of his head.


Isn’t that what we’ve been watching all season?


I know this isn’t what he’s talking about, but the current badge is shit. Bring back the old crest and point the cannon the right way around.


Agree it looks like a child designed it.
I remember them unveiling it at a match at Highbury, this is your new badge.
Everyone was booing and saying it was shit.
Love the old badge. The club changed it so they could copyright it for merchandise sales. Maybe the new club motto could be money comes 1st. Whatever that is in latin


Victoria Pecuniam Crescit

With a little help from Google translate..


Everyday a schooldays on here


In Latus Et Retro

Sideways and Backwards


nice quod

old gun


Eric Blair

I’m a bit rusty, but my memories of school Latin class helped me come up with this:

primum semper pretium

Come to think of it, that would be a good sign-off for Don Sanllehi’s emails.

Paul Roberts
pecunia primum

Pernicious perineum


you are so right that the badge is shit, but not just shit, it is F—ing shit.

Malaysian gunner

Now the players know which team has a chance to win trophies.
Arsenal have not been able to keep up .Their self sustaining model
aint going to make much headway .
Arsenal brand name has taken a hit the last ten years.The gunners depend on
past glory but its the present that counts.


As a fellow Malaysian I can testify to this. The up and coming group of fans are either City, Chelsea, United, Liverpool and Spurs. The last remaining group of Arsenal fans around these parts were from the early 2000’s and I’m fairly certain there’s none after that.

So essentially Arsenal is the David Hasselhoff of football clubs. Relying on past glory and our bank balance to get people interested.


If we were that big in Germany it might land us a few players.


At least he had kit to bail him out


Watching the Adidas videos, is that the route kse are taking? Hoping the kits bail us out


Him and edu have zilch negotiation skills. They convinced 31+ year old retirees like willian, Luiz, auba who are way past their best. Sorry to include auba in there but it’s the truth. We’re not getting any where near our penny’s worth. He is Ozil 2.0. Rewarding someone for what they’ve done in the past rather than what they are expected to do in the future /present. No other top club in the world would offer these guys what were offering them. That’s the main reason they signed for arsenal. Secondary reason is they like the poshness of London. They… Read more »


Revisionist history. Auba was in his 20s when signed, had nothing to do with Arteta nor Edu and has actually been very good for the club. Best not to mix him in with the likes of Willian.


They also convinced Saka and Balogun to stay when top teams where in for them. Mikel and Edu are building something good.


and Odegaard


Chelsea signed Thiago Silva…Liverpool signed Thiago Alcântara…City have Fernandinho…people given contracts based on their past reputations…past reputations are what guide the expectations of the future I guess?
Willian had a good time at Chelsea and appeared a good signing on paper…just did not work out

Billy bob

I wonder who he has already had the difficult conversations with? I’m guessing those not included in the first team on recent match days are likely – I’m thinking Laca, williaint and Cedric!! Personally I like Laca and think he provides decent link up play with the likes of ESR and Saka, but as we have put our eggs in the Auba basket I think he will be one leaving!!


Hopefully they are better than the last batch that he signed!


Surely Edu also had a major role, didn’t he? If he didn’t then I’m not sure what he actually does at the club now.


And talk about contract situation so many with 1 or 2 years left on their contract. Also kudos to Willock who is taking his chances with Newcastle but how badly have we handled Reiss , he might not make the first team but if you had sent him out on loan atleast the market price would have risen.


Reiss refused to go on loan, there was a plan to send him out like Willock but he refused to go.

Once a gunner

We did proposed a loan for him during the time of Willock too but he refused claiming he can fight for a place in first team kudos to him for his courage but it didn’t work out. Maybe a loan or total sell we do next time.


“It didn’t work out” – Arteta froze him out for some reason.


I think he brought in decent players last summer in Gabriel and partey. It just wasn’t enough


Let’s hope he can for the club’s sake.


Is no one else actually excited to find out what next season brings? Who stays? Who goes?


Now that I have got over the anger of the Villarreal game, come to terms with arteta staying and taken a bit of a calmer look at the season. YES I am. My hope for next season is we get 3 good players in RB and midfield and move on from allot of the limited players we still have left. It’s more actually as big a job as people think and can probably be mostly funded by sales or swaps.
And then my hopes for next season is he just plays his most talented players without trying to overcomplicate things.


The same sense of morbid anticipation as watching an episode of botched.


Why? What kind of a supporter would do that? That is a very plastic fan thing to say. Supporting a team is through thick and thin. Many people here began supporting Arsenal when they were winning but that isn’t what its for. Hundreds of clubs haven’t won anything in years and still are proud to support their teams

Peter Cechs helmet

Think Arteta’s going abit umbongo. Reminds of Spud in trainspotting when he goes for a job interview

Once a gunner

So spud reign is off like that what a short life


Choose life, choose a career (at arsenal), choose to pass sideways…


If Arteta was on as much speed as Spud, then perhaps this team’s football would be a little more watchable…


If they can get get 3 players of the quality of partey and Gabriel this summer I think we will be in a better place next year.
A rb of tierney s quality and 2 midfielders all funded by moving on our own players would be a good summer


Him coming out and saying the ones who hurt the club from inside doesnt excuse the exit from champions league and dross performance of his team and relying on youngsters to create magic. I think Arteta needs to take a good look at his coaching staff too. I would have not mind the league position if i had seen a structure or an identity to the way we play. Roaming around on the pitch with clueless passing and static at most of times aint how I imagined Arsenal would be under Arteta.


What’s up with the down votes against anything negative towards Arteta. I swear he’s hired cybertroopers


No, as mentioned earlier, just me. I’m ubiquitous. I have this different perspective on where the club is heading under Arteta, and I don’t dislike the guy. In fact, I actually like him, respect him, and think that he’s going to be a success with Arsenal for years to come. I actually believe him when he says he’s doing everything he can for this club, and that he recognizes he made mistakes, and that he and Edu have a plan in place to correct theirs and previous errors with the ultimate goal of bringing the club back up where we… Read more »


Well I don’t dislike Arteta, if anything i vouched for him from the very first games, even the defeat to chelsea was inspiring because i finally got to see a spark in the team, a purpose or maybe it was new manager syndrome. I am not calling out for his head, but there are things which we cant ignore. Playing Willian ahead of reiss , we both one wont improve while the other has the chance and yes nelson did decide against a loan and maybe was injured during jan window but that kid still deserved minutes ahead of willian.… Read more »


Of course — I think Arteta refers to doing things better this summer and not bringing in someone as important as Partey so late. They played a negotiating game and lost; rookie mistake. We all want Reiss to succeed, but I don’t think he took his early chances this season and things didn’t improve. Arteta admits that he didn’t do enough for Nelson this year, and his faith in Willian in the first half of the season was severely misplaced, but he’s done good things with ESR, Saka, and Martinelli and those three have proven they will be big players… Read more »




Everyone on this site is an Arsenal fan who wants the club to succeed. Despite your routine comments to the contrary you haven’t cornered the market on that.

However your view that Arteta has proved beyond a doubt this year he is the right man is quite frankly ridiculous. He’s staying so hopefully he learns from his mistakes & figured out an offense that doesn’t depend on moments of magic from 18 year olds.


Of course. Of course. All I’m doing is expressing my optimism that we’ve hired the right guy, and he’s in the process of taking the club back up the ladder. I know that pisses off a lot of people, which does give me some licence to enjoy my views just little bit more. 😉 Doubt is one thing, which I understand; derogatory dismissal is another, which I do not. I’m still not sure which 18-year-old magic makers we have in the first team, but the lion share of scoring in 2021 has been by Laca, Auba, and Pepe in the… Read more »


A huge chunk of our goals come from Saka or ESR creating magic out of nothing. See the Villarreal tie where Saka won the penalty out of nothing. We don’t have a remotely functioning offense at this point which is why we’re going to continue to struggle unless Arteta fundamentally changes the way we play. You can’t score if you can’t create chances. This is a massive problem for us and why we so routinely drop points at home. We badly struggle to win games against teams that invite us to attack. It’s been a problem Arteta’s entire tenure here.

Hank Scorpio

Fair to say you’re entranced by the Arteta cult of personality. I have repeatedly said I’d like to see the guy succeed. I’m not wedded to him & what you think he represents. I said recently that he needs to reflect on his approach to management & to my amusement days later he’s acknowledged he’s made a number of mistakes which is a good thing. Obviously he’s not going tell us what they are but I hope they are constructive things & not merely refinements to his apparent micro management. I put our flirtation with relegation down to Arteta’s tactics… Read more »


Very well said!


We’re in a rebuild.

The players we should be targeting won’t be of the stature where they can expect to play regular Champions League football for a richer team.
They should be happy enough playing for a big PL team from London and won’t need convincing.

If we’re going after more big-ticket signings after Pepe and Partey, Edu needs his head checked.

Hank Scorpio

Hopefully the focus is on bringing in youn players. This was a wasted season with faith placed in the likes of Willian. A lot of players will need to be moved on. How easily and quickly that happens remains to be seen given the current financial climate. If we can get his centre of midfield sorted that should provide a decent boost to our prospects for next season.


Not only willian, but I would also say Luiz, auba, Cedric, and loanees ceballos, odegaard. Younger players with resale value and room to improve like Nelson, Nketiah, balogun, Willock, azeez could have been used this season for more playing time


Not only those, but I would include Kroenke and Arteta as well.


Show them a candy and tell them to get in the van?
Sure, sure, sure. We all can see all the Messis of football wanting to play for Arsenal.


We did just sign a Messi… I mean Messo, Leo Messo a 10 yr old. If he can be 1/10th as good then we’ll be in good shape in 8 years.

Give youth a chance

Where we are now, we need to be signing young players who see us as a stepping stone to the top tier clubs.

Get them in and performing, then they either decide to stay as we climb back to our rightful place, or move on for a decent profit that can be reinvested in the side


Players are convinced by the salary on offer. That is how Man City rebuilt their club. Paying more than anyone else. And they took some of our best players as did other big clubs. For years we heard that we had to finish in the top 4 to attract players, but other than ozil and Sanchez and Carzola, what top players did we bring into the club in Wenger latter years. Obviously we had good players We now buy from the bottom of the market and get average players and finish mid table. Unless we pay top dollar we will… Read more »

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