Monday, July 22, 2024

Report: Arsenal target Brighton’s Ben White

Writing in The Athletic, @Gunnerblog and David Ornstein report that Arsenal are weighing up a big-money bid for Brighton’s centre-back Ben White.

The 23-year-old made 36 starts in the Premier League for the Seagulls last season and was recently rewarded for his form with a late call-up to England’s squad for the European Championships.

On the books at the AMEX since 2014, White has gained first team experience via loans with Newport County and Peterborough before he became a fulcrum of Marcelo Bielsa’s Championship-winning Leeds side in 2019-20. Remarkably, he played every single minute of the 46-game campaign.

Under contract until 2024, Brighton are under no pressure to sell White but it appears they’d be open to approaches over £40 million.

His homegrown status makes him particularly attractive to Arsenal who could sell the likes of Hector Bellerin and Ainsley Maitland-Niles this summer.

For the record, Arsenal currently have six centre-backs; Pablo Mari, Calum Chambers, Rob Holding, Gabriel, Dinos Mavropanos and William Saliba. A penny for the latter’s thoughts…

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Hank Scorpio

Can’t say I’m overly excited about this. Not to diminish the player but we have more pressing needs. See what happens I guess but I just don’t see this as a massive boost to our central defensive stocks, especially for that kind of money.


This seems a very mustafi like signing if it happens.

Martin R

Except Mustafi was a German international in the World Cup winning squad and in theory was a very good signing.

Dave Cee

Theory, until you actually watched him. Should never have been signed for that money.

Crash Fistfight

He looked like a CB playing at RB every time I saw him playing for Germany before signing for us. In hindsight, he just looked poo because he was poo, not because he was out of position.


Wenger’s worst signing by a country mile.

We dropped out of the ECL due to him and haven’t been back since. An absolute joke of a player. It’s a measure of his incompetence that even in our worst league campaign for two decades, our defence still improved once he was gone.

The optimist with little hope

I used to have a season ticket at Valencia & he had two very good seasons here in fairness to him. I was quite excited when we bought him & ended up with a lot of egg on my face after raving about what a player we’d bought.


I would have dismissed it as a made up story until David mentioned it. Whenever we are linked with one player, for some reason the media decides to link us with other team mates of that particular player. Aarons-buendia, bissouma-lamptey-white, the whole Lille squad.


Yeah and of the three Brighton players I think White is the last one we should be signing given our needs.


Holding, Chambers, and Saliba must be feeling really assured and supported right now with the club being linked to every RCB in Europe. Seriously, WTF are we doing prioritising CBs and at what we’d expect to be close to our whole budget…!?

This club… Their ability to flabbergast is unrivalled. (unheralded want quite the word here but I did really want to use it again, so there it is, in a footnote).

Hank Scorpio

This one really doesn’t make sense and it’s coming from a reliable source. Maybe there’s a sense that the passing ‘wizardry’ of Luiz needs to be replaced? If the Xhaka rumours are to be believed I’d be looking to bring in 2 central midfielders as a priority.


It seems arteta wants to change nothing. Replace xhaka with a younger version of him (Neves), replace Luiz with some RCB that is exceptional on the ball (is white even that? I honestly don’t know I know so little about him). The absurdity of this is. We can do exactly that (replace Luiz with a ball playing RCB) for free. William-fucking-Saliba. It’s some of his best assets: technique on the ball, dribbling ability and passing. Even Dinos showed that last season is Germany. He was quality and his improvements on the ball were some of the reason why he was… Read more »

Hank Scorpio

The problem with that is that playing Saliba or Dinos now represents a gamble. Gambles that should have been taken last season. I wonder if this is conservatism borne of self-preservation. I hope not but I just don’t see the logic unless Saliba is kept and Holding is sold. I like Holding but he has a lower ceiling than Saliba.


They discussed this on the latest Arsenal Vision pod: Arteta making decisions to ensure his survival, and perhaps not what is best for the club on the medium to long term. Tend to agree. I just don’t see Saliba as that big of a risk – he has ALL the qualities to succeed and be EXACTLY the style of player we seem to be looking for. If we don’t play him or chose to sell him this summer, we’ll be lucky to get 10M quid for him despite the potential. That, IMO, is the bigger risk. And as you say… Read more »


Why do so many people distrust the manager, in reference to this idea that he’s making decisions in his best interests rather than the club’s?

Didn’t Arteta say that Saliba is an Arsenal player, and that he’s going to fight for his place this summer?


Why do so many people trust this manager…..?

That’s what I want to know…🙄


Well, he represents the club we love and support. That, the FA Cup, and the quotes from just about everyone who knows him and the game well who defend him, should get him the benefit of the doubt.


Why? Hmm, let me think. Oh I got it. It might be because Arteta didn’t even play saliba in a competitive minute last season, didn’t register him in the Euro squad, along with edu – fucked up his loan in the summer, then stated that he’ll assess him in preseason as in that will be the yard stick on judging his future at arsenal (no pressure young man). Why do so many distrust the manager particularly in reference to using the promising young assets we have like Saliba? That might have a little to do with it

Maul Person

If so, why look at Ben White? Before Saliba even has a chance to fight for his place…


According to Ornstein’s tweet, Arsenal haven’t even made any contact with the player or with Brighton re: White.

According to the report above, Arsenal are “weighing up” a move for him. I stand on the scale all the time, and it rarely makes a difference to what I’m going to eat.

Maul Person

Poor analogy. And it doesn’t answer the question. But as we both referenced this as Arsenal “looking St”, here’s hoping that’s all it is until the current crop has been fully assessed…


That hurts – I thought it kept with the report’s initial metaphor well …


Because we have seen Arteta talking bollocks enough times.


Who knows, maybe a swap plus cash could be on the cards. We take White and in return they get Holding plus some cash. Then keep Saliba also.

Teta's cult of personality

Yeah these CB inquiries don’t make sense to me either.

Granted, White played a lot of last season at RB. However, his possession and passing stats are similar to Holding. Rob even completed more dribbles than the White.

Hopefully, this like Neves is just another rumour. Our midfield desperately needs more athletic players. If Neves’ price-tag is really £45 million, I’d rather get Camavinga to replace Xhaka. He’s very press-resistant, in the last year of contract and we can guarantee him the minutes he’d need to develop if he has future CL ambitions.

Crash Fistfight

I think it makes more sense for Camavinga to stay at Rennes for a season if he’s not going to go to a massive team now. He won’t have to settle into a new environment (new country, new league) and Arsenal won’t be in European competition, so it’s not like he gets extra experience from what he’s getting at the moment. His value will also go up in a season’s time, after a season of match-day income for everyone. That makes it more difficult for him to leave then, even though I can’t imagine the price-tag will put many teams… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Coming from a reliable source. You mean Edu or Arteta ?


What’s reliable about those two? Other than a mid table finish….

To be fair to Ornstein, he very rarely – if ever – gets an inaccurate scoop. If he reports it, then nine times out of ten, that’s what’s happening/happened.


The idiot Arteta thinks he is at Man City


If he gags and ties Kroenke to a chair, cracks the safe containing his cheque book and then learns how to forge his signature, then we might just have some decent funds this summer.

Then again, as I’ve said before, we could have the best XI in the world and Arteta would have them passing backwards and sideways in their own half for 90+


Errrmm……we haven’t actually signed him (or anyone else) yet.


Our needs include home grown talent though. We likely won’t be signing a midfielder who is.

Teta's cult of personality

But that doesn’t make sense. We signed Saliba at age 18. At age 20, he’s currently still U21 and he’ll have spent three seasons with us before turning 21. Like Martinelli, he’ll eventually be eligible for a homegrown spot when he turns 21.


Is that correct? Would certainly be a big plus if that’s right.

Reality check

Yeh like going for Gervinho instead of Hazard


It’s the end for Saliba if he comes.

Johnny 4 Hats

I think we just sell Saliba then. If he goes on loan again then he comes into the last two years of his contract and if I was him I would tell Arsenal to fuck right off if they offered a new contract.

We need money. Arteta clearly doesn’t want him. We take £30m, scratch our heads, look questioningly at one another and move on.


Am I misunderstanding something — didn’t Arteta say that Saliba was coming back to fight for his place this summer in preseason? Doesn’t that still have to happen?

Johnny 4 Hats

Yup. Fair point. But he’s done a year at St Etienne where he bossed it. He’s done six months at Nice and bossed it. If he’s not ready now, and this transfer would suggest Arteta doesn’t think he is, when will he be?

Maybe it would be best for all concerned to sell him while his stock is high instead of benching him for a season and selling him for half the price next year.


As you know, Pepe bossed it in France and struggled until recently to become the kind of player we’d hoped we bought. Now, we’re loving him; but he was the subject of torrents of criticism for all levels for a long time. He’s got 6 years and international experience on Saliba. This now or never talk doesn’t help a 20 year old, and a few high profile mistakes for us and he’s the next target of the grumpy Gooners, who are relentless. Maybe it would be best if everyone calmed down, took a deep breath, and let the preseason and… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m calm. It just seems that when a player can’t get a game against Dundalk at home, he might not be in the managers best books.

Let’s see how it plays out. But when you’re Arsenal, money is scarce and you’ve spent a lot on a player, you sometimes like to see that player play football.

And given our question marks in other positions, you can’t blame fans for asking questions when a possible +£50m is going to be spent on yet another defender.


In context, Saliba was supposed to go out on loan, and brass messed it up. Clearly he wasn’t part of the first-team schema last season, so he got shunted to the U23s. I don’t blame fans for asking questions – I question fans for passing judgement before Ben White has even been signed (these are “reports” … they could mean anything … didn’t Blogs say that Arsenal were playing their cards very close to their chest this summer — does this White rumour gel with that?), before Saliba has even been given his proper chance to prove himself, which Arteta… Read more »


If we cannot debate before the player is signed, and we have to support the player after he is signed because he wears the shirt, then what is the point of hanging a forum?


Not sure we can say money is scarce when talking about offering on £50m defenders. We have more money than most… we just haven’t spent it well recently

Hank Scorpio

Arteta says a lot of things. If we do buy this guy for 40+ million the expectation is that he plays as a first team regular. He won’t be fighting with Saliba for a place in the starting line-up. With the absence of European football we’ll be playing anywhere between 40-50 games. Presumably given the suggested outlay, barring injuries, White would start 35-40 games. Why spend that kind of money if he’s not playing most of the time? That leaves Saliba to fight for scraps.


I’m not convinced yet that our interest in the player means that we’re going to buy him.


so far, I’m really outraged with this transfer window, we’ve been linked with nobody who is good and everyone who is bad

The Beast

The window’s been open for 3 days. Doesn’t take much to get you going, does it?


That was supposed to be satirical, Mr. Beast.

El Mintero

No more fkn defenders please. So boring. Perhaps instead we address what we really need – a proven experienced goal scorer to pressure Aubamayang back into form.

And enough of the Saliba worshipping – if he was that fkn good we’d be watching him in the euros right now. He’s obviously not the right fit for Arteta so move him on. Enough of this never ending drama bollocks for some French kid with behavioral issues. Guendouzi all over again.


You know, if Ben White was really good, we would be seeing him in the euros right now too.


Instead of being a backup after an injury.

El Mintero

At least he’s in the fkn squad!

The Beast

My apologies Johan. Enjoy your retirement & please give my best to your defensive partner Philippe.

I’d like to imagine you both racking up the clean sheets in the Swiss sunday leagues like it was 2006


Apology accepted Beast. I’ll pass on your king words to Phillipe.

I hope you and Prof.X are still nurturing young mutants and your blue hair doesn’t moult too badly this time of the year. All the best.

Some guy with nice hair

Y tho?


What is this fixation with Centre Backs, we should be strengthening the midfield and left / right back area. We are not city or Chelsea with an unlimited transfer budget to go around buying defenders every window.


Feels very much the obsession Pep and Man City had with signing expensive defenders. At times news like this makes me thing do we even have a plan in place. Its not like all our targets are playing in Euro. The transfer window just started but the pace with which we approach is always underwhelming.

Guns Up

You mean like Footballer of the Year Ruben Dias? He did for City exactly what Van Dijk did for Liverpool – transformed them from an excellent, exciting side into title winners. I don’t have a problem with the thinking behind such a move… for the right defender. But I would question seriously whether White is that transformative player, vs just being an improvement.


Its Ben White mate

A Different George

I know this is a minority opinion, but I believe our weakness at centre back is our most important need. That is the weakness that has dictated how the whole team plays to compensate. It is the reason we effectively need a double-pivot and can’t play a 4-3-3, it is the reason we need to use Chambers at right fullback instead of a player like Bellerin (or like Bellerin, but better, if you believe Hector has declined that much). That’s not to say that Saliba is the wrong man; I don’t know. But I don’t think we can go much… Read more »

Mayor McCheese

A few days into the transfer window.

We’re also linked with midfielders.



We’re also linked with ${clickbait}…


Instead of him would like to see us put in a bid for Axel Tuanzebe who might be available for cheap.

Was wondering we bought Xhaka for 35 mil and reportedly selling him for 15 mil…that is a 20 million loss. Think we should be looking at loaning players too even if there is a fee involved, because right now without any sales expert we are just going to struggle.

The window has to be about trimming and being smart.

Teta's cult of personality

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Xhaka’s transfer fee will show up as a loss in the club’s accounts due to depreciation. If we signed Xhaka for a total outlay of £40.5 million on a five year contract that would see his value depreciate £8.1 million each year. Two years into his initial five year contract in 2018, he renewed when his value would have fallen to ~£24.3 million. £24.3 million over another 5 year contract is about a drop of £4.86 million each year. Three years later, that would put his current value at £9.72 million… Read more »


It’s called amortisation

Bleeding gums murphy

When you sign a player at 23 for 35 million and are selling him in his prime (age) for half that it’s a loss on every level. It’s evidence of a terrible piece of business for the club and the team.

El Mintero

25 mil and not all up front. Cut bait and move on. If we must have another defender then make sure he’s UK based. But imo, we don’t need another CB. Other priorities take precedence.

Teta's cult of personality

*Sigh* Yeah, unfortunately I agree. I guess Wenger’s coin counting habits have rubbed off on me😔.


He did play almost every game for us for 5 years, which is why you buy players. Not sure I would call that a loss, they’re not trading cards.


And we’ve been in a steady decline for the past five years.

No surprises there…..

Go on Jose. Treat yourself, mate. 🤣


What about Saliba? I think Arteta wil finish his career off without a single EPL minute.


Mikel hates him, haters gonna hate.

El Mintero

Who really cares?!! Just another prospect that didn’t work out.


Why would we do this? Decent defender, but if this means Saliba is moved on it would leave a very bad taste in my mouth.

Bleeding gums murphy

I think Artetas inexperience and insecurities have been showing all season. You have to earn respect not demand it. It’s clear he has struggled to man manage both inexperienced and experienced players. Shame, I had such hope for him.

El Mintero

What a load of fucking bollocks. The comments on here are fucking hilarious.


I would hope he’s a replacement for Holding rather than Saliba. I’d hate for the kid to leave without ever having been given a chance.
If we sell Holding and Mavropanos, we could get a sum closer to 30mill.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Replace the CB that was our most consistent this season leading us to the third stingiest defense in the league with a Brighton CB. Hmmm 🤔

El Mintero


El Mintero

Why would Saliba leaving tear you to pieces?!! Lol…you’ve never even seen him play, no idea of his capabilities other than what a few random cnts on Twitter will Have you believe that he’s the fucking second coming of beckenbauer albeit never even came close to being in the French squad for the euros…another Kroenke fuck up. Next!


Great logic! Gotta love this! First we mess up the loan move of a 20 yr old kid, who then goes out on loan only in Jan and plays (well) for 5.months and you expect him to be in the squad of world champions! Final piece is that you blame Kroenke’s for it as you like the ‘Manager’ (not head coach). Btw, did you check the Argentina team sheet? You’ll see a goalie who would not have got into that team if he had stayed with us and fought for his place, as he would have got only a handful… Read more »

Hank Scorpio

Saliba might overtake Holding eventually but right now Holding is our most consistent CB


Arterta’s fetish for CB’s is getting a wee bit disturbing.

I think he needs to be stopped and monitored…


All he needs is a big strong guy who can make Arteta feel secure.

Aussie Henry

Agreed – this can’t be the #1 priority signing. I think it’ll play out like this: White plays at euros & goes on holiday – nothing happens. We wait and don’t sign other targets because we save money for this signing. He gets back, we ask Brighton how much they want. They say 40M, so of course we offer 22M. Bid rejected. We try until end of window to convince them and eventually up bid to 25M. They say no. We realise no time left in window and panic buy 2-3 mediocre players (e.g Cedric) to plug the gaps. Willian… Read more »


This is horribly plausible


You forgot the Emery in plane


….and shown the door.

Dispossesed by Torreira

He’s a right sided CB, I think one of Holding or Chambers is at risk of being sold.


Fuck that shit. Especially if Holding is sold.


I agree. Holding is like Mertesacker. Everybody’s got a reason why he’s crap, but we ship fewer goals when he’s playing.
You can shove all the other CB metrics where the sun shineth not.

El Mintero

This all just bullshit agent talk.


You build from the back. We have spent £72m on a winger, £50m on CM, £52m

Our record for a defender stands at £25m for a defender

Clear to see we need goals but also need a stable defensive partnership, perhaps the team knows that White’s quality compliment’s Gabriel


Yes you are quite right. Mustafi whom we bought for £35m was the last decent goalkeeper, so maybe a £100m bid for Areola is next ? We had a lot of defensive stability with Holding and Mari. With the options to call on Saliba and Mavropanos and departure of Luiz, surely it can’t get worse eh ? Wish we had shown the same sort of enthusiasm to sign players in pressing areas like Buendia

Wiltoooooooooord !!!

Mustafi 35M
Gabriel 30M
Tierney 25M

And it’s not always the price tag is it?
How much are Leicester paying for their new recruits?

Arsenal is being run poorly, and buying a player because of his price tag and agent’s name is the stupidest thing we can continue to do


Gabriel and Tierney have been excellent signings, especially Tierney at 25m is an absolute steal, he has easily doubled his value. Mustafi was a dogshit signing from the start but the other two are the best example of our improvements in recruiting

Teta's cult of personality

I get what you’re trying to say but we still have 6 CBs registered to play for this club next season. We can’t have a third of our players only playing 1 position. The only way this transfer makes sense is if both Holding and Chambers are being sold.

I’m assuming you meant £35 million instead of £25 million.

Gabriel was signed for £23.4 million. Saliba for signed for £27 million. I don’t think White at that transfer fee is a better purchase than either of those two. Not worth breaking our record over.

Eddy F

He’s very short for a centre back (6’0) and could get bullied by some strikers.

I do wonder if he’s being brought in as a RB in the Chambers mould. Nominally a right back but tucks in as the 3rd CB / DM in possession. Otherwise I don’t really understand this signing fully…

Dunno. Maybe he’ll be the next big thing. I don’t really watch too many Brighton games.
But £40-50m sounds like an awful lot for someone who I don’t really see as being better than Holding…


I too have not watched him much. Wikipedia says he can play right back or as a defensive midfielder. Are we here discussing a defensive Swiss knife?

Eddy F

More the fact he can play that hybrid RB/RCB/RDM role that Arteta likes in a similar way to Chambers. But maybe just an upgrade on Chambers.

He played on the right of a back 3 for Brighton and it’s not really much of a difference compared to that.

Maybe this is the RB signing that we’re targeting after all…

van der Sell

I should analyse, consider pros and cons, but I’ll just stop here: £40-50 million unlikely to be an insurmountable for Arsenal – absurd!


1 Central midfield. 2 Right back. 3 Getting the squad size down.

I really hope Saliba is given his chance. It all feels like Pepe & Martinelli again in being held back.It isn’t as if we have made brilliant signings on the whole.


We need tall and strong players. A right footed Gabriel. This is very underwhelming. I have same feeling abo


…about this as I did when we signed Pepe.

Eddy F

Gabriel is 6’3 so a decent size.

White is small for a CB at 6’0.


We already have one in Saliba


True. Short CBs have generally not faired well in the Premier League.

Arteta-tinted Glasses

You don’t understand. We play 2 GKs, 6 CBs and 3 strikers. There’s no need for a MF. Open your mind, people.


Straight swap….AMN, Nketia, Nelson. I thank you…


This sounds like a really stupid signing, an expensive, small player, when we have at least three who can play in that position already. The news comes from reputable sources, otherwise I’d have thought it was clickbait nonsense. Very underwheming.

Neil Bamford


Super Joshi

Maybe Chambers to CDM?


If this thread supported memes, this news would definitely earn the Captain Picard facepalm…..a CB? Out of EVERTHING this team needs? Ugh…..


And still there are some who will argue that Arteta “should be given more time” and that “it’s a project”. When I read today that few managers in his position would stake their jobs on an untested 20-year-old, I almost threw up in my oatmeal. See, that’s why this childish notion of a young manager and a young team “developing together” was always ridiculous. Arteta is too untested and insecure to fully commit to a rebuild. If the manager isn’t patient enough to give our marquee €27 million prospect ONE season to establish himself, he should be nowhere near this… Read more »

Teta's cult of personality

At this point, I can only hope it’s just another news story.

Mikel really does give me di Matteo vibes. At least Roberto di Matteo managed to get West Brom promoted before he joined Chelsea as an assistant.

That’s the difference between us and them. They cut their losses early even when it’s expensive to do so.

Arteta at Chelsea wouldn’t have even made it past October 2020.


Well said. 👍

The cash is there alright. It’s just that we can only borrow it from the American Loan Shark – and constantly be in a position of having to pay the cunt back.


I just love reading the meltdowns …

Is it possible that clubs show interest in players that they don’t end up signing? Could this be part of playing the market, or even better, playing the media? Haven’t we been interested in hundreds of players, all reported reputably, that we didn’t sign?

And what if we do sign him, and he’s brilliant for us? Oh god no …

I really do hope that Edu and Garlick and Arteta read social media; endless ballistic humour.


Yeah imagine signing a guy and having hope he might be brilliant for us. Oh god no…


I think that’s the plan.


Just like it was with Saliba…


Saliba is under contract with us till June 2024. He’s 20. Plenty of time …


Yes, he must be loving his arsenal experience so far… Held out of cup finals, cancelled loans, not included in euro squad, no 1st team minutes, sent on another loan, and now we’re linked with every euro RCB by some of the most credible arsenal related journos.

I’m sure he’s already discussing a 7 year extension at a team discounted wage just to help the club and our impoverished owners who needed to cut player wages and staff and chase the European Super money laundering league all during a global pandemic.


So, do tell us, are there any pre school Peles that have caught Arteta’s eye?

Touring the North London hospitals to check up on the ‘kicking’ data of babies waiting to be born….?

After all, there’s plenty of time…….


This one gets a “huh?”


Remember, you’re talking about the same brilliant football minds who signed Willian and Cedric and who couldn’t even fucking fax Saliva’s loan deal in time.

I don’t trust them not to fuck this up, they’ve done almost nothing else.


And then not playing him at all for two years, and then buying a more expensive player in the same position.

That actually does sound kinda scary…


Oh yeah. Arsenal fans that are concerned for their team. Hours of mirth.

I’ll be loving your meltdown come Christmas when this board finally wake up and sack Arteta.


You’ve misunderstood every single word that I’ve ever written on here for the past decade if you think I’d melt down if Arteta got sacked this coming December. If we aren’t seeing signs that the team is going to compete for the top four/five, then he will be relieved, and that will be the best for the club.

There is really no need to be so dramatic with your fellow Gooners — we aren’t “disgraceful” for hoping and believing that the current manager will come good with this club.

Mesut O’Neill

All we have to do is sign Christopher Samba & Stephen N’Zonzi & we will be challenging for the title!!

Hakuna Matata

I love the overreaction from arsenal fans. This is the classic bait n switch…. We r after white but in reality we y not. No need 2 telegraph our moves in the market for fear of sabotage. #bepositive gooners


I think Hatem Trabelsi, Lorik Cana and Sebastian Frey are all available too.


We have all the center backs. You’ll never sing that.




And overpriced


Off topic: How freaking funny was Blogs’ intro today about Mancini as the plucky cabaret owner? Sometimes his offbeat humor is just brilliant (Andrew not Mancini) and today he had me chuckling out loud. Well done and thanks mate!


How we are destroying the confidence of out CB. Think Arteta should just come out and crush all those CB rumours given we have no need for them. Poor Saliba, tricked on the pretext of joining us to tackle Europe and challenge for the league. Now he got neither cos 1st we aren’t playing Europe for who knows how long. Second, we are probably not mounting a serious challenge for the league anytime soon either. And to top it up, I seems be start believe that maybe Arteta really doesn’t like Saliba (come on, we all make foolish mistake in… Read more »


Saliba is under contract until 2024. He just turned 20. He will get his turn, and if he is as good as everyone believes, then when he earns his spot, he won’t lose it, and we’ll be blessed because of it. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of player whose confidence has taken even the slightest nick from all of this — he believes in himself, so much so that he was very outspoken back in February of how the club treated him this season. I’m sure he’s wisened up since then and received some good advice about how… Read more »

Never Happen

I admire your patience.


I’m very much in agreement with all those who say that another CB is not our first priority. The only thing that determines whether you win or lose a match is goal difference in that match. Missing a scoring opportunity has exactly the same effect as a defensive error that gives away a goal. In the PL there were nine teams that scored as many or more goals than us whereas only two teams conceded fewer. How many of the goals we gave away can be put down to errors by Rob Holding? Two or three? Compare that with the… Read more »


Agreed, but I think the aim is to create more chances next year and to improve our attack. New players will come in for that purpose, but with respect to Auba he had a terribly off year — the man’s goalscoring record is superb otherwise. We have a lot of salary tied up in him and he has an excellent non-injury record, so he should be excellent next season. After him, if Lacazette is not with us, then I think Balogun and Martinelli can do a job for us, presuming that Nketiah has departed. We have options in house.


Auba had an ‘off year’ because the chances made through the channels from the midfield were practically non existent.

Talk about blame the farmers for the famine and not the lack of rainfall…..


I think I said that: the aim is to create more chances. Auba is excellent. Not blaming anyone here. We’re rebuilding. That’s always the most difficult on the veteran players at first.


We need a RB and also cover for Tierney – so what do we do? Look to hand £40m-£50m to Brighton for a right sided centre half.



What about our feeble attack? Are we leaving it as is trusting Auba to find his form and Martinelli to step up in the big way he needs to do with Nketiah as back up? Are we keeping Laca as well? Surely we are in need of an upgrade up top?


Mate, it’s our dog’s dinner of a midfield that needs sorting out.

Your attack is only as good as the chances and assists created by your midfield.

Paul Roberts

Bloggs reconsider your hatred for Phil?? I like him. Phil Collins – Against All Odds (Live Aid 1985) – YouTube


I can’t stand the cooty bald twat. He’s a fucking Spurs fan as well.

Hank Scorpio

I see your Against All Odds and raise you one Sussudio. I have no doubt that the music of Phil Collins features heavily in the torture rooms of hell.


Dinos and William should go if this happens. Calum should stay simply because of his ability to play full back. Personally, I believe half the problems we see in defence are caused by bad communication. If we had a group on the field that didn’t have to translate from their second language into their first language in a split second the responses in tricky situations during a game would be much snappier. With White, Holding and Chambers around we would have that opportunity.


Alot of the links we shall keep seeing are media manufactured and not real. That said, this club just seems to lack clarity in everything. Very depressing

Give youth a chance

The Saliba transfer sounds stranger by the day.

He was a hot prospect before we signed him and seems to have done well on loan back in France, but it looks like he isn’t even being considered for Arsenal.


Typical Arsenal:
What do we need? A left back. Understood
Deadline day: Bought a RB


Truth be told, we’ll need both if we sell Hector.

It’s the right sided centre backs that we already have plenty of.


What is Konstantinos Mavropanos up to?

Sideshow Mo

About 1.94 metres, in all fairness.

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