Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Confirmed: Arsenal cancel US tour after Covid cases

Further to an earlier report in The Athletic (£) by James and David Ornstein, it has been confirmed that Arsenal have withdrawn from the Florida Cup after a number of positive cases in the travelling party, including some players.

The Gunners had been due to face Inter Milan on Sunday and then one of Everton or Millonarios on Wednesday. It had been reported on Monday that the Italian side had asked to withdraw, but it then appeared as if they would travel.

However, rising Covid cases in the UK have had an impact, the Arsenal ‘bubble’ has been pricked, and the trip has been cancelled.

In a statement released this evening, Arsenal America confirmed that the club had informed them of the decision to withdraw:

Commiserations to our many fans across the US who had made plans to attend, for it to be cancelled this late is gutting. Here’s hoping we can get back to the kind of normal world soon where events like this can go off without a hitch.

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Dave Cee

Is it? All the players are asymptomatic..so a bunch of people who are feeling fine are not allowed to travel bcos a ramped up pcr test has picked up a fragment of RNA that may or may not be covid. It’s ludicrous. Stop being sheep and get out and protest the vaccine passports.


So anyone that doesn’t agree with the great, all knowing Dave Cee is a sheep? I see, far be for me to disagree with the great Dave Cee.


You have no idea what are you talking about, at all. Nevertheless your nonsense assumption (designed to impress, as if ) serves as a springboard to your anger. Typical gammon irrationality.


Agree with your comment, except the “gammon” part.

A phrase I only see in the Guardian which is a racial slur aimed at white men. Apparently when angry our faces turn the same shade as gammon.

Absolutely disgraceful to be throwing around slurs based on the colour of someone’s skin and I can’t understand how it is allowed here.

Totally racist and no different to much of the shit we have been condemning some Football fans for recently, or do you think it’s okay to be be racist as long as it is against white people?

Get a grip.


Okay, so I get downvotes for saying “don’t be racist” and the racist comment is allowed to stand?

So I assume that I get no downvotes for saying that when Saka gets angry his face looks like a blood sausage, so funny haha.

That’s fine I assume?


No you are getting down voted for being a white man complaining being racially vilified by some very obscure “racial” slur. Tone deaf. White privilege. Or is that a racist term too?

The Beast

Think that sums it up pretty comprehensively. Thanks Daveo


I’m all for people uniting… Couldn’t be more so. But ignoring history is ignorance and nothing is united by blanket unsubstantiated statements about young white men having it worse than anyone else. And crying foul not once, but twice, to a reference that is more closely associated with political stance than race and particularly when it’s not even directed at you, is illogical at best, tone deaf on a middle ground and smacks a white privilege in reality.


So the obscurity of the slur is a factor in it’s offensiveness?


No, I am not complaining about being racially vilified. I am asking why people thing it is okay to use any kind of slur when the subject is the colour of someone’s skin.

I think it is unacceptable regardless of the colour. Some think it is fine but just not for anyone who isn’t white.

I choose to believe those people, yourself included clearly, don’t actually care about racism, they just want to be “right on”.


I will give you the benefit of the doubt and accept you are not complaining about being racially vilified. However, you are coming across as one of these white men who really fails to grasp the difference between the racism that black people have suffered (and continue to suffer) and the occasional verbal slur aimed at a certain type of white person. Don’t compare the two things – one is totally abhorrent and evil; the other is no more than name-calling.


Not sure where you’re going with this or how it’s relevant to the news item of Arsenal not being able to go to the States because some of their players have Covid…?

Hakuna Matata

False equivalence


False positive

The Kolkata Gooner

Does “gammon” have a history of oppression attached to it like other racial slurs? Is it shouted before hate crimes against whites? How can you possibly equate this with the other things you mentioned? You literally equated two things which are not the same. Its like saying 1+1 = 1+2. Do you get it?


Well said man!!


Unfortunately AussieGooner is in his Aussie bubble, doesn’t realise that the words have completely different connotations. I spent some time in Melbourne recently and the overt racism they have to native Australians and POC was shocking. Just my small view but years of bashing immigrants and a predominately white majority has really made it an uncomfortable place to be for a POC.


I’m was born and raised as a white Aussie (haven’t lived there for a decade now), and I am very aware of the inherent racism and white privilege in Australia. It’s rife and even normalised. Many of my own family and former friends don’t much care for me anymore because I called them out on it from a young age as I simply couldn’t understand why people had so much angst for people that didn’t know in anyway. How rife the inherent and normalised racism is is one of the reasons why I turned away from Australia and moved abroad.… Read more »


I know what Gammon means, and I know how it is used.

If you honestly had a problem with racism you would agree.


So that’s the difference? We can call out the colour of people’s skin as long as we don’t use words with history attached?

So the black pudding example is fine?


racism derives its meaning through relation to the real world. This ‘reverse racism’ argument is, with respect, just evidence of a very shallow understanding of how racism works.

Dr Zebra

You’re definitely entitled to your opinion but I can’t see how your comment is helpful or respectful to those who have been badly affected these last 16 months

If we’re all sheep does that make you the shepherd? Or maybe just the weasel! It’s a meaningless preseason match after all not a final


Whilst I disagree with his conclusions, his sheep comment is far less disrespectful than the racial slur he got in return, which your filters, on this occasion, missed.

Good grief

Gammon isn’t a racial slur.


It’s undoubtedly a slur, and it is only applied to members of a certain race.

The Kolkata Gooner

Does “gammon” have a history of oppression attached to it like other racial slurs? Is it shouted before hate crimes against whites?


I’m not sure that’s really the point my friend. But let’s agree to differ on this one, and talk about Arsenal and how Arteta is a. putting us back in the Champions League or b. looking for a new job in January.

Good grief

It’s a meaty slur not a racial slur.


Yes it is.

The word is used to describe the skin colour of white people. Usually white people that voted for Brexit.

But unless you are suggesting that it okay to be racist if you disagree with someone?

Good grief

Gammon is a political put down. And that shit example you are saying about saka is racist. It’s really not that hard to understand mate


While I very much agree with most of your sentiment on this comment Blogs, the data on the asymptomatic spreading the virus is not very strong and may indeed be an assumption that has been made in error or at least heavily overstated:


Excellent link. Some more peer reviewed articles in ranking journals like Nature, Lancet and NEJM, wouldn’t go amiss.


Jeez, getting some downvotes here. Maybe people are mistaking asymptomatic cases for mildly symptomatic cases. This study shows wholly asymptomatic cases, while rare, basically do not transmit the virus, but cases with symptoms (mild, or otherwise) can and do (rapidly). This is peer reviewed science in Nature Communications. It is a solid study – approved by scientific peers. But it shouldn’t just be dismissed because it doesn’t fit ones opinions on the virus. IMO this is the biggest issue with COVID, hardly anyone is following the proper scientific process that considers all sound science independently of conclusions and findings –… Read more »


Look, man, splitting hairs on this is just a rabbit hole. I’d happily bet that some people are ‘mildly symptomatic’ but think they’re ‘asymptomatic’, or if they’re of the persuasion that doesn’t want to get vaccinated just might be the type to hide it altogether, putting people at risk. Then there is also people whose symptoms may not have fully come into effect yet, but they might be contagious all the same. The fact is, the only fully safe tack on this is to avoid chances of spread. With what is at stake – disrupted preparations, inadvertent spread to others… Read more »


Dude, it’s a thing called ‘the bigger picture’ 👍


Can you explain your exact issue with having to provide a vaccine passport Dave Cee? Why is it any different to having to provide your passport for international travel, your drivers licence to buy a car, proof of address for more things than I care to write down, proof of inoculation (or vaccine passport – yes they already exist) to enter certain countries where diseases like yellow fever are prevalent, ID to enter pubs, clubs and buy alcohol or cigarettes… I could go on. The point is that the society we live in is already hyper regulated. Why would this… Read more »

The half

You don’t have to have a vaccine to drive a car, buy alcohol etc.

Sir No Goals

Well said. You need to provide documentation to enter countries e.g. in South America, dating that you have received your jab for Yellow Fever.


We are supposed to be free! Vaccine passports are a very bad thing for all of us..why should I have a vaccine when I don’t want it? And why should I be discriminated against for not having it? They’ve never done this with the flu shot and that has killed a lot of people through the years. Peoe like you are the problem..give the government this and it will get worse..Mark my words. Stop giving up your human rights so easily..think about the next generation! If we don’t fight this tyranny then our children’s children will grow up in a… Read more »

The Kolkata Gooner

So you think not doing the same with flu shots “killed a lot of people through the years”, and yet you are cynical about this measure, which only according to you. could prevent the loss of many lives? Lets draw a scenario. Lets say I am infected by a highly transmissible, deadly virus and I’m trying to move in to your neighbourhood, and I am refusing to take the only medicine that exists which would stop the virus from spreading, just coz I don’t believe in the government meddling in my life in any way, even for my own benefit… Read more »


I would suggest reading up on the polio & smallpox epidemics, and how these were eventually brought under control.

As for freedom… you’re still free to choose to not take a vaccine, but all actions have consequences. If you don’t like the consequence, then perhaps you need to re-evaluate exactly why you’re making that particular choice, and whether it’s good for you in the first place.

David C

Dave Cee, I don’t understand this mentality. USA is a shit show right now due to anti vax morons. They had it under control and were ahead of us in Canada. Now they are inviting the fourth wave, madness….

I still can’t understand why Arsenal were ever coming to Florida during this pandemic.


Money! Everybody knows that’s the reason. It’s the reason they’re doing all these “questionable” things such as ‘All or Nothing’ and signing up to a cryptocurrency thingy…as someone that loves The Arsenal I’d rather they didn’t do these things but I also live in the real world where businesses have to do these things to stay in business.

I just hope they had insurance to cover the cost of the fine they will receive from the organisers and of course I hope everyone with Covid symptomatic or asymptomatic a speedy recovery.

Johnny 4 Hats

I dunno Dave. I’m totally with you on the vaccine passports which I think are abhorrent, disgusting, divisive and such a massive red flag for a government power grab. And yes, I will be on the streets with my wife and kids in the coming weeks and months until they consider a different approach.

But I still think travelling to the US with a bunch of infectious people is a stupid idea. Just stay at home and get this mini outbreak fenced off and sorted so we can actually start the season with a full squad.

Teta's cult of personality

Yeah I agree. One stance is not mutually exclusive to the other.

Vaibhav Pandey

Agree with you, Vaccine passports are not at all inclusive and as much as people think of vaccinations, I would say look at the whole world where majority of the people are still begging for first shot! So, vaccine passports is for the elites to show power and are certainly divisive. Yet responsible behavior is appreciated which Arsenal have shown, no doubt about that.

Johnny 4 Hats

Exactly. Two things can both be true. There can be a concerning and dangerous virus out there. And the government can be using the situation to squeeze out more power for itself.

No politician has ever tried to take power away from government. It’s just not what they do. And we only have to look at Snowden to realise that the government will use a situation that evokes great fear and confusion to take away personal freedom.

But most importantly, this kind of control in the wrong hands would be an end to liberal democracy as we know it.


Bang on!!


‘Asymptomatic’ people are not sick.
They are not infectious.

Johnny 4 Hats

Really? I thought the whole problem with Covid was that you could be an asymptomatic spreader.

Could you link to where that theory has been refuted?


Voilà :
“The conclusion is not that asymptomatic spread is rare or that the science is uncertain. The study revealed something that hardly ever happens in these kinds of studies. There was not one documented case. Forget rare. Forget even Fauci’s previous suggestion that asymptomatic transmission exists but not does drive the spread. Replace all that with: never. At least not in this study for 10,000,000.”


“In the present study, virus culture was carried out on samples from asymptomatic positive cases, and found no viable SARS-CoV-2 virus. All close contacts of the asymptomatic positive cases tested negative, indicating that the asymptomatic positive cases detected in this study were unlikely to be infectious.”

Merlin’s Panini

Asymptomatic people are infectious. If they sneeze or cough they can still spread covid. They are just less likely to sneeze or cough than someone with symptoms.

Merlin’s Panini

I’m so sorry for your loss Andrew. It could have been the case and it highlights how important it is for people to continue respecting each other’s boundaries and taking as many precautions as possible. You simply never know if you are carrying it unless you test regularly and you don’t know if the person next to you is. Best for everyone that we all remember this and keep on looking after one another. I had my second jab on monday but won’t be letting up on mask wearing or social distancing for a long while yet. I would always… Read more »


Thanks Merlin


Go back to school, son.

They may teach you something.

You’re clearly too stupid to learn on your own.

Hakuna Matata

Ur worldview is warped. Seek help

Hakuna Matata

And how many have u witnessed suffer with the disease itself?


Vaccine passports=Communism


Sheep = people who take responsibility for the impact of their individual behaviours, give a shit about their fellow man and understand that the world isn’t really flat (despite what someone on Facebook says).


Ouch. A sad reminder that this virus is still very much a menace. Stay safe people.


Not the best news 24 days before the season begins but, the realities of the world still exist. Hope it’ll be back to business as usual as soon as possible

Tierneys tescobag

Well that sucks. Hope it doesn’t spread in the group and for rapid returns for the ones concerned! We need a good pre-season

Merlin’s Panini

Well, shit. Hope it doesn’t cause too much disruption to our preseason and that we can still get some alternative games in before the season starts. More importantly though, I hope they all stay well.

Hulahoops Baptista

Arsenal belatedly pull out of Inter.

Inter’s father not amused.

Vinai get on the blower to Barnet and Boreham Wood.

Mayor McCheese

And then to Austria.

If we could also fit in Legia Warsaw, that would let us get a better look at Havard Nordtveit and JET.


We need to promote eisfeld he is the next rosicky


These may be the two funniest throwback comments I’ll read all month. Brilliant.


Happy days. Oh for a warm July evening in Hertfordshire, trying to identify the number 74.


As a schoolkid in Barnet, I used to love the pre-season match at Underhill!


Okay, I get this is the most divisive topic in the world at the moment, so big apologies in advance for adding to that with a thought (rant) on next season… This isn’t Arteta contracting covid in March 2020, with none of us having any clue of the kind of affect this illness could have. By this point it’s pretty clear that with the odd unfortunate example (Havertz springs to mind), professional footballers are either largely, or entirely unaffected by this virus. And hopefully those potentially more vulnerable to covid such as some members of the coaching staff will have… Read more »

Sam I Am

Don’t forget that moving viral genotypes around increases the chance of new strains arising, speeds up its evolution. It’s not just the health of people that are infected at a given moment that is at stake.


Though of course with that in mind the obvious response is how long can you seriously continue to combat against that with a fast spreading virus? What kind of collateral damage will there be as a result any measures kept in place to achieve that? Let’s face it, it’s a massively complex balancing act that we’re all glad we don’t have to make the call on, and can just whinge about on social media instead. Don’t usually take it to the Arseblognews comment section though, I have to say!


True.Some of the measures that have been taken are ridiculous and inconsistently applied to say the least.

No need to be sorry about your view,we still have freedom of expression right?

Sam I Am

The application of network theory to evolution of diseases leads to ‘small wotlds’ outcomes wherein a few events that make links across large distances in the networks (such as infected individuals travelling across the Atlantic) have a disproportionately large effect. That’s basic spatial epidemiology.

So in this case, breaking that link (i.e. not travelling if there is a risk of infection) is a proportionate response.


It’s known that Covid can cause serious damage to lungs and other organs, leading to ongoing respiratory problems. See eg https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210401/many-show-long-term-organ-damage-after-covid . As far as I’m aware, being a professional footballer is no guarantee against said damage. Hopefully vaccines help mitigate it. In any case, this is definitely not realy a disease we want our players (or anyone!) getting.

Merlin’s Panini

Whilst not a good idea in our own country, doing this when travelling to others would be extremely irresponsible as different countries are at varying degrees of having been vaccinated. Then there are potential variants etc. I think they need to maintain the bubble approach to a certain degree particularly as not every player will be fully vaccinated yet, all being in their teens to early 30s (or possibly not vaccinated at all in some cases). That football returned at all seemed crazy at the time but they managed it well generally. While England has opened up we’re far from… Read more »


I work in the front line of medicine and I’ve seen fit healthy people completely destroyed by the virus.

It’s rare. Most people will recover after a very uncomfortable 2 weeks of flu symptoms and be completely fine.

Which Arsenal player would we be willing to risk to be the ‘unlucky’ one? Saka? ESR?

People going to be people. I’m not here to preach. But the virus is real. It’s spread is putting lives at risk.


What you’ve written is completely irrelevant. This isn’t about the impact covid has on athletes – they’re talking about traveling to a foreign country with fairly strict restrictions on international travel. What they’re probably most worried about is the team getting over, somebody testing positive and then everyone having to quarantine. And the impact on professional athletes isn’t as mild as you make it sound – look at Gabriel before and after. There’s an NHL superstar, Jonathan Toews, who had to miss the entire last season because of what doctors think – but can’t be sure – is long covid.… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

The best way to defeat this virus is to have fans at stadiums and fanparks for the Euros, nightclub parties, and removal of the mask rule..right in the middle of a third covid wave


The virus can’t be defeated….the flu has been around for centuries and still hasn’t been defeated.. The difference between the two is that there is a certain “acceptable” number of deaths we tolerate each year for it. Covid will be the same.

Dave Cee

Those death figures have been deliberately manipulated to the highest possible extent. Anyone w a positive covid test within 28 days off death is a covid death, doesn’t matter of they jumped off a tall building…covid with a touch of suicide death

Lord Bendnter

Lol that’s just ignorantly false. True the numbers don’t reflect exactly, but, even with the margin of this error, the number of new cases is quite significantly high.


Dave Cee’s point is perfectly valid. In the UK for example, the PCR tests have been and continue to be run at 45 cycles, this has been confirmed in many FOI requests. Many leading scientists, epidemiologists and in fact the inventor of the test have indicated anything being run at over 35 cycles is basically meaningless. The WHO have also confirmed that using a high CT value to test for the presence of Sars-Cov-2 will result in a high number of false-positive results.


Ofcoz this doesn’t fit the Narrative🙄


HEY I’ve heard it’s cats who secretly run the world is it true?

Hank Scorpio

That’s a ridiculous claim. It’s the Lizard People who do that.

Paul Roberts

Yes it is true about cats I know this as I have two of them.


You spelt cunts wrong

Sam I Am

Studies by actual epidemiologists conclude that covid-induced deaths are under-estimated rather than over-estimated.


Do you have a link to studies on this? I’m genuinely interested to read them.


Please share your links unless if it’s just the way you feel

Up your Arse

Dave C – you really are stunningly ignorant about what a global pandemic is and how a virus operates and spreads, it’s amazing how you’ve managed to avoid it…..

Kentish Gooner

Wow, you really are fishing, aren’t you? You can’t directly link a suicide into a death through COVID. Probably need to think about what you say before you say it in the future – that is unless your fishing to cause controversy- which I expect you are.

Don Cazorleone

Cee, I would take the time to teach you about the rules on filling out the primary cause and contributing factors of death on death certificates and how the covid death tolls are derived from these but I suspect it wouldn’t make a difference to you.
The info is out there for anyone that cares to learn.

So just know this – you talk nonsense, friend. Dangerous nonsense.


While alot is true,governments have and are continuing to lie to is about alot of things regarding this plandemic.


It’s a pity Dave Cee hijacked your comment because it is basically the most factual comment written on this post. Too many people (driven by media narratives) think this is a battle that will end with the destruction of the virus. That is false. The virus is here permanently and eventually we have to accept the risk on it like any other respiratory virus. The juggling act is getting to the point of accepted risk with the prevailing psychology of fear that exists in regards to covid and on going blanket testing. I think it’s going to be some time… Read more »


There is a big difference between this wave and the other waves to be fair. I think you know what im talking about.

Cliff Bastin

Meanwhile WWE has massive indoor live events.




A good thing too, the pop for John Cena’s return was unbelievable 😁


The wrestling equivalent of Henry scoring against Leeds


Totally understand Arsenal pulling out. But it’s a gut punch to those of us who planned to attend. A not unsubstantial sum of money for tickets and parking are likely gone for nothing. I’ve been able to cancel hotel and travel, but I know others won’t be as fortunate. Because of my work calendar, it’s rare that these trips to the US fall on a date on which I can attend. Especially considering I have to travel halfway across the country to get there. This was my first and best chance to see Arsenal in person. Even if Covid didn’t… Read more »


Sorry to hear that man, that really sucks.
The good news is, this certainly won’t be the last pre-season trip to the US. They’ll be back no doubt in the near future 🙂

Teta's cult of personality

That is really unfortunate for American Gooners. I hope folks in your situation will be reimbursed as much as possible. Best case scenario, this pre-season tournament is simply just postponed to the next year like the Olympics and EUROS were.


That’s rough man.

Gutted for you and all those who miss out.

Hopefully they’ll come back next year, as champions.


Hope the afflicted get well soon. Stay safe everyone.

Dave Cee

That aren’t sick


Yes, we can all cee who is.

Kentish Gooner

You’re sick.


Gee, I wonder how those who aren’t sick get sick.


Don’t know of it’s dumb to ask, just curious, does club still pay the fine?


I’d assume it falls under the medical emergency category, but you never know.


In a normal world Arsenal prepare for the season without travelling around the world.


It is what it is.
The last thing the Americans would want is another outbreak of this. It’s not just the well-being of the players at risk here.

loughran lee

With everything opening up the start of this season is going to be crazy , players don’t have to stay in bubbles anymore and don’t have to wear masks , I can loads of games being cancelled


I expect that all involved in elite sports should have been vaccinated by now including all the backroom staff.
Except this new variant has rendered d vaccines ineffective then we should all be worried.
I hope that’s not the case or the world is in for a long dark tunnel


It’s not that. This isn’t a video game – nothing is a 100% guarantee – vaccines included.

The common vaccines are still very effective at preventing infection, but even at 70-90% effectiveness (which is damn good by most standards) some people are going to get sick.
Of course, the vaccines are super effective at preventing bad cases of covid.

We’re only in for a long dark tunnel if the antivax mob screw it for the rest of us. Otherwise, they’re the only ones in for a dark tunnel – how long depends on the lethality of the new variants.


The delta variant certainly hasn’t rendered the vaccines useless. People need to get past the fact that if you are vaccinated you cannot get the virus and onto the idea they are just less likely to get it and if they do then they are more likely to have a less severe case. In the UK that is quite well vaccinated and the delta variant dominates, there is a surge in cases, but deaths and hospitalisations are holding relatively steady and way down on numbers of previous waves.


Which superstars have actually vaccinated? wouldn’t this encourage their fans/followers globally?Or maybe they know something we don’t

Perry Groves Tips

This tour was rapidly turning into a farce so best to call it off, from Arsenal’s viewpoint anyway. As the article mentions, it’s a shame for our US fans who were looking forward to seeing the team “over there” but other opportunities will arise.


Daft pricks. It was common sense not to make plans to travel in the first place. In fact, it’s common sense not to travel to the other side of the world if you want to prepare your team properly for a new season. Unless you’re Kroenke and you’re just running a franchise.


A real shame for the younger players hoping to get some match time in a season without Europe. Let’s hope some more friendlies can be arranged.

Perry Groves Tips

Some press reports suggest Arsenal will schedule a couple of behind-closed-door friendlies at London Colney. No info. about possible opponents though.


The Covid cup


One thing is known for certain: whenever flu symptoms may appear, it means it’s definitely not inflenza.
There’s no more flu, bro 😉 :O

The Beast

Again, summed that up pretty nicely.

The only thing I would add is that if a white friend suggested I somehow had it easier in life because I was “as black as they come” I doubt we’d be friends much longer.

Luckily, none of my mates are cunts, so not an issue I gotta deal with

The Beast

Guessing this reply ended up out of the original convo because the person I replied to got booted.

Seems a bit odd out of context but the sentiment remains

The Kolkata Gooner

But are you saying millions haven’t died because of the virus? And taking the vaccine and mass immunization is not the only way of stopping it right now?


Back when the Unitedstatesian trip was announced I thought it was a stupid idea (apologies to my southern neighbours but the dangly bit on the bottom of your country doesn’t seem an ideal place to visit these days in terms of public health policy) so I can’t say I’m distraught over its cancellation. That having been said, I am feeling very sorry for our fellow Gooners who had hoped to see them play in person. I’m in Canada so I know how rare an opportunity that is, and I hope they do make it there soon for you. Seeing them… Read more »

Disarmed Gunner

Not to worry, Arsenal; I hear Tokyo is looking good this time of year.

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