Thursday, April 25, 2024

Barcelona target Bellerin as Maitland-Niles makes plea to depart

Reports from Spain suggest that Barcelona are interested in Hector Bellerin as they prepare to sell Emerson Royal (with cheese) to Sp*rs.

The 26 year old began his career with the Catalan giants, before joining Arsenal at 16. He has been keen to depart this summer, and has yet to make an appearance this season due to injury.

However, Barcelona’s financial situation means they are after a loan deal only during this window, so it remains to be seen if an agreement can be found between the clubs.

Meanwhile, Ainsley Maitland-Niles reported move to Everton has broken down after Arsenal decided to turn down the loan offer from the Toffees.

This prompted an Instagram story from the player which made clear his unhappiness with the current situation:

It’s far from ideal, and doesn’t reflect particularly well on all involved. Even if you can understand the player’s frustration, he probably shouldn’t do that, but it sounds like someone at the end of their tether.

From an Arsenal perspective, it’s another unnecessary issue to deal with, and speaks poorly about how things are being run right now.

It’s hard to know how this one is going to play out, but the relationship between Maitland-Niles and the club he’s been at for 15 years appears to be close to broken, and whatever way you want to look at it, that’s sad.

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dear god the fucking state of this club


I don’t understand why Arteta is so poor at communicating…. remember earlier AMN making a plea to just be told whether they wanted him or not, some clarity. guys been at the club since he was 6 man, no matter what you think of this situation you can agree that it never should’ve come to this.


He won’t give assurance on playing time. He did the same to E Martinez when Martinez wanted assurance of PT. Arteta’s attitude is that the players need to compete and train well to win PT. Not a bad philosophy but for an inexperienced manager, he needs to be more flexible and adaptive to each player’s needs rather than trying to rule with an iron fist.


Cedric apparently trains like a beast, pity he’s so shit at football. Mikel needs to lighten up, get rid of his miserable assistant managers, bring in someone to challenge him and get some perspective, it’s becoming ridiculous now. Ainsley’s been here since he was just a kid, but Arteta prefers a journeyman rip off because he arse creeps. Ainsley is very, very much wanted, it upsets me to see this going on.


YES to the miserable assistant managers! Whose the one who was with Wales at the Euros?!


Yup granted, but AMN hasn’t started any of our 3 games so far at RB, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in thinking he’d be our best bet right now (barring a new signing which seems unlikely) better than bellerin (who seems to have lost that spark he used to have), infinitely more mobile than Chambers (who just doesn’t seem to be a RB) and crucially, is not Cedric (very bad at football)


Well said.


He tries to put up this hardball no nonsense approach to the players. But with certain players he makes exception (ala Xhaka and previously Willian).

Hence the main reason why he’s losing the dressing room in my opinion.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

I think Arteta is a coach who is naturally disciplinarian but lacks the experience and skill to make that approach work, and as a result is a little insecure/paranoid about not being respected. Pep Guardiola has a similar ethos but has the coaching genius to justify his demands of players. I liked and still like Arteta as a player but I’m not convinced he’s manager material. Coaching yes, manager no.


I hope both leave. Would have loved them both to be a success, but we really need a right back who can add more to pepe’s game and take the burden of tierney on the other side. Sadly both AMN and Hector aint that solution. Though would be very irritated if we let them both leave without signing the replacement we need.

Bleeding gums murphy

It’s shocking. Arteta has lost the dressing room. Ozil tweeted his view on Arteta after city. Guendozi and Saliba have strongly hinted. Sling in torriera, and a few others and it points squarely at Arteta. He needs to leave. This is gonna be dragged out though and that’s on the board.


Top post.
Very well said. 👍🍺


Feel for AMN. This isn’t the club we know, it’s a shambolic shit show of the highest order. Everything I ever loved about it is being pissed on by Americans.


shambolic shit show indeed… four right backs at the club, all seemingly not good enough, but probably our best of the bunch is a hale end product who seems to have irreconcilable differences w the manager who decided to start Cedric fucking Soares over him (come on Mikel, even *I* could’ve told you that’s a bad idea) and who has subsequently issued a public plea for the club he’s been at since he was 6 to let him go… jesus.


How AMN is treated has less to do with the owner than the manager.


Yup, but manager is symptomatic of the ownership and they are inextricably linked

Morrisey fan #1

When in doubt direct the anger at the owners seems to be the best thing to do. Not but a few months ago fans were moaning about the owners not spending money.


Well that’s a bit old hat now isn’t it….?

Even I have had to concede that the owners have done their bit this summer.

And, thanks to Arteta, we’re STILL shit.


Lets not act like this is like losing Dani Alves. AMN was a young player with promise. He’s not delivered on it.

As Blogs writes, this is a management fuck of epic proportion. A LOT of this is on AMN, that shit is just childish and unprofessional.

Blame MA all you want, but this is on AMN, not MA.

And as an “American” who has supported this club over a couple decades and is also unhappy with the state of things, kindly take your petty, misguided BS insults somewhere else.

Don Cazorleone


AMN explicitly said he would play rb
Then, explicitly asked for clarity over playing time.
Now, is explicitly saying he’s happy to leave if he’s not wanted, but isn’t being allowed.

Arteta doesn’t want to play him but won’t sell him.

This is on Arteta, who was a bargain bin signing as a player and a bargain bin signing as a coach.

John C

Arteta will sell him, he won’t loan him but no one wants to pay up.

AMN behaviour in public over the last couple of months makes him look like a petulant child, and certainly isn’t going to be attractive to a potential new club. This could be the tip of the ice berg, heaven knows how he might be behaving in private.

I’m 100% behind Areta, purging the club of the Colney crèche culture has to be the number one priority.

Tankard Gooner

Calm down dude. No need to take umbrage as an American, you know full well that wasn’t directed at you.
Also this falls a lot on MA as he has no effing clue as to who our RB is supposed to be. By anyone’s standards AMN is a much better player than Cedric but he just doesn’t get picked.


If AMN was at any of the bigger clubs in the league a lot of us would be clamouring for a signing like him. Ben White is effectively exactly the same kind of signing. His and others’ Arsenal careers have been horrendously mismanaged, and in this case AMN may be somewhat to blame, but the onus on using playing resources effectively is with the management, and ultimately the responsibility for that mismanagement lies with the owners of the club. No one’s upset with you for being American, but having foreign owners who don’t understand the club or the game is… Read more »

Diaby's Left Peg

Leeds’ English Peter Risdale wasn’t brilliant either…

Better than being owned by a murderous dictatorship using the club to cover up slave-built World Cup stadiums though.

Pete Plum

Theres plenty of solid Arsenal support amongst ordinary Americans, thats not aimed at you Zenith I just wanted to acknowledge it.
Also worth noting that Kroenke has pissed from a greater height on St Louis than anywhere else (so far). To the extent that some bars in the city installed his face in the urinals.


I wouldn’t take it personally, it’s the frustration about owners who happen to be American. Personally I’d have been happy for the club to have been purchased by Fenway Sports Group. The Henrys aren’t perfect but they seem to have a clearer idea about how to run and support a successful sports club, without breaking FFP. Controversial thought alert: it could be argued that it’s the lack of involvement from the owners that have been our problem with too much trust in the likes of Raul and Edu. The Athletics’ ‘Business of Sport’ podcast has been fascinating, especially with some… Read more »


Caveat that by saying that George’s reign wasn’t a strategic move by the board, it was more of a right man, right time (same with Mee – the disintegration of the first double team is case in point).

Lack of European silverware is key indicator of perennial lack of focus.


Kindly watch ESL. This is on MA, just as was the case with Torreira, Sokratis, Ozil, Saliba, Guendouzi etc etc. Remember when Ozil was frozen out for 6 months without a single decent explanation? Meanwhile we were struggling to create chances on the field. We have a clueless American owner who has a track record of hiring incompetent people. MA is just another in a long list of bad hires.

Azeez Is Good

I have a real concern with Arteta bringing through young players because he is so quick to drop players. AMN is a classic example. But it happens with the whole squad. One bad performance by Chambers and he’s dropped. He’s done it with so many of our players. They are doing ok and suddenly they are out the team for weeks on end. He’s done in with Laca and Holding and Pepe and now Mari and Gabriel and Cedric… If he’s in change of bringing through young players he needs to have patience, allow them to build their confidence and… Read more »


Even Balogun. Sure he looked a bit out of his depth, but it was his first ever EPL start. Arteta is probably thinking “see I told them he wasn’t ready” and now he’ll barely play the rest of the season. Even in that game he made some really sharp plays and you can see the potential is oozing out. Players like that just need backing and chances and confidence. Arteta seems only interested in saving his job. His selection in the last two games couldn’t show that anymore. Problem is he is doubling down on everything that has caused him… Read more »

Brady’s bunch

The problem for me is that Arteta does not currently have the skill set take on this club no matter how much he likes the club the job is above him he needs to be at a smaller club plying his trade and figuring out what works for him and more importantly what doesn’t, he has zero experience around him either . It’s clear to see we’re in deep trouble and we need major change from top to bottom how has the club not managed to keep a link to the club values, Arsene should have been given a spot… Read more »


Arteta will be gone well before the end of the season so hopefully he gets his chance properly.


I really don’t think he’s our man…

Out of his depth, I think it’s time to go


I guess Arteta is reluctant to play youngsters and has more confidence on older players. Martinelli rarely gets a look in, Saliba is not ready, AMN and Nelson are nowhere to be seen etc. Remember that even ESR and Saka got established after his hand was sort of forced.

Also, he signed Willian and Mari, thinks Xhaka and Luiz are essential. I wonder if his thought process is that these older players would somehow cover for his relative inexperience as a manager

A Different George

Some of this is concerning (Saliba most of all), but some is just unjustified revisionism. “One bad performance by Chambers and he’s dropped.” No, Chambers has had many appearances; he is simply not good enough. “Martinelli rarely gets a look in.” Did you not watch Martinelli against Chelsea? Did he look ready to play regularly in the Prem to you? I see Saka, Smith Rowe, and Gabriel play in the first team whenever fit.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

All that, but kept faith in Willian for virtually the whole of last season

Azeez Is Good

You’ve got a Willy fixation mate


Yet he played William match after match in the first half of the year last year and continues to go with Xhaka so he definitely is not consistent in that matter.

Brazilian gooner

One more evidence of stubborness, mismanagement and lack of communication. Arteta is not good managing players emotions and being clear to what he wants from them, it’s unacceptable that so many players go public to compain about him. Guendouzi, Saliba, Ozil, Niles… The list goes on and on, and if we don’t do something about it we will keep losing player’s value. He thinks he is some god in the earth and it has to stop.


Arteta is doing and has done some serious damage to this club that is going to be felt for 2-3 years at least after his inevitable dismissal. But hey, it is no more than we deserve with incomponent, disinterested, and ignorant owners that continue to make brain dead decisions (hiring a rookie manager and football director AT THE SAME TIME, Fucking EuroSuperLeague, sacking scouts) and hiring inexperienced incompetents to run the clubs



Thumbed you up for your hashtags.


Everyone out then, eh?

Yes yes, that’s just a GREAT idea.


This is the problem man. Bring in one new face and nothing changes as they just play follow the leader. The whole thing needs tearing down and resetting and the only way that happens is a change of ownership. Do you genuinely believe any of those four are contributing anything in terms of moving this club in the right direction? IMO they’re all contributing to the club’s current direction: down, down, down.

John C

Yes, they’re fixing 15 years of Wenger’s damage, they are doing exactly what you’re proposing!!

Cultured Determination

Your #s better come true or #goonersout #we’reallout

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

That’s my worry too. Arteta and Edu having a scorched earth effect on the club.


They’ve gauranteed Xhaka is around for at least two-three more years probably more. Willian is going to require another massive pay-out to be rid. Saliba is done with Arsenal – I’d give him <5% chance of having an Arsenal career now. Willock is gone, could have been a fantastic player in a more high-tempo system. #TheGoalkeeperI’mNotAllowedToReferTo is gone. AMN, Nelson, Nketiah, Bellerin leaping to get off this sinking ship. And despite last summer being a summer of clearing the deadwood we still seem to have as much as we’ve ever had lying around crushing all value to the point we’ll… Read more »


How is Laca deadwood?


How is he not? He’s not playing. No one wants to buy him for much if anything. He’s a pretty good player, but he’s also fading fast.


Getting slower every game.

He’s now reminding me of Kevin Campbell – who was painfully slow from day one.


You’ve summed up everything that is depressing and worse, causing total feeling of despair and bereftness. There is so much happening behind the scenes that is questionable. Agents, personal agendas, a coach (oh no, “manager”) power grabbing but out of his depth.
Ugh. And the boring football.

John C

Purging the disaster Wenger left was always going to be messy and time consuming but had to be done.

Thank god we’ve got someone here for the next few years at least to clear up. We now have a clear vision and direction with Arteta and Edu and luckily we have an owner who will give them the time and space to get us back on track, because we’ve been drifting and rudderless for well over. decade now!!


I think you’re drifting a bit rudderless here Johnny boy


Thought we needed a new RB and was after Emerson?!?!?!?


nope, havent you heard?! we’re selling bellerin to barca so that spurs can sign him!


AMN has had a shit attitude ever since he broke through. Right back was there for the taking, he just had to apply himself, instead he publicly declared he was a midfielder and didn’t want to play in defence. Unpopular opinion, but it’s clear Arteta hasn’t played him due to his attitude. I back the manager on this one. Also, fuck the loan offer. Look at Torreira, handled everything with dignity and the club has facilitated as best it can. AMN, you reap what you sow. Obviously everything is the club/managers fault and the player wouldn’t let butter melt in… Read more »

Brazilian gooner

Guendouzi, Ozil, Sokratis, Saliba, Niles, Torreira… All frozen out, attittudes aside the manager needs to know how to handle being contradicted. Feels like he is acting like a dictator, even Auba is having issues. How many more are we gonna let him ruin before we do something?


You can add Mustafa, Pepe to that list (over a period of time last campaign), Bellerin, Martinelli.

Announce Bendtner

The reality is every player will not be happy. The Saliba one is a unknown but the rest were either not performing or of the required standard to be in the starting 11. Can’t use unhappy players as a stick to beat Arteta.
Arteta’s faults lay with Xhaka selection ( who also fits into the above category of not good enough) and lack of attacking style. I don’t care if some players are unhappy it’s the nature of a competitive football club squad.

Brazilian gooner

One of the manager’s jobs is to keep players at their best. There is a pattern here, you can’t just throw a guy that plays some bad games on the mud and expect him to keep clean and shinny


And the truth shall set you free 🙏🏻😇

On my own here

fucking hell, guendouzi is shit, and has a shit attitude


Yes. If AMN really wants to go somewhere where he will play all the time, the right hand side at the back is an obvious place…


Arteta is a nobody to demand anything from any player. He does not deserve respect if he is not willing to give it. AMN didn’t ask to play for Arteta. He wants to leave, how is keeping him helping?


So we just lay down and let Everton loan him? No thanks. They have the money, they can pay up or go elsewhere.


So you keep an unhappy player that you dont want to use and play inferior players like Cedric. How do you think the rest of the team takes that?

On my own here

So you’d rather play a player as soon as they throw a fit?

What kind of precedent does that set?

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

Is this comment a joke? Of all the players we have to use as an example of being dignified. You choose Torreira?

Did you start supporting Arsenal last week? Torreira? The same guy who has made public his desire to move every window since we signed him?

Perhaps Arteta just isn’t a likeable person to work under and “attitude” is a reaction that. I can’t wait until the “Governor” is finally gone😐.


Arteta probably cares more about his hair than what AMN feels.


Fair shout.


“Royal with cheese!”
Hahaha 🙂

Nice one, Arseblog!


Ozil, then Saliba, then AMN. Is there a pattern here?


Martinelli, Nketiah, Pepe, and look, let’s face it, if Mikel stays you know Lokonga is next; in 4 games time Xhaka is going to stroll back into the starting XI.

I can’t wait for the Simpson’sArsenal twitter account to produce the inevitable tweet of Arteta as krusty beating the Hamburgler (Arsenal) into the pavement and the crying child (Arsenal Fans) screaming “he’s already dead”.


The meme is moe tossing barney (xhaka) out of the bar and barney appearing behind moe in the next frame


Yes it appears to be


Özil stopped performing, and got a cronic back problem from playing video games. He was great once, but stop pretending like 4 different managers were wrong in dropping him.

Cultured Determination

Yup. He just lost interest once he signed that contract

Diaby's Left Peg

Ozil was in decline that season too – the contract is just a handy benchmark for people.

I think he lost his love for the game after the Germany thing but that’s my guess.




This reflects badly on Arteta’s mismanagement. KSE needs to take action asap & replace Arteta before it’s too late.


You’re 100% correct KSE needs to take action: sell up and get the fuck out of our club.


Is this not as simple as “you can go, but not on loan”? There are three parties involved – and the deal has to suit all three. We don’t want to loan him. I know the club is cocking up left, right and centre, but I don’t see this as one of those occasions.


So u keep a very unhappy player and pay him to mess up chemistry?


If letting him leave on loan and no “fee” until next season means we can’t afford the RB we so clearly need, yes, without question.

Let his agent do his job and secure him a permanent move somewhere for a fee that’s palatable. If we sold him for bugger all, we’d all be bitching about the club being rubbish at selling.

Arteta and Edu are doing loads badly, but hanging them for this is nonsense. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


Huh? So you keep him but don’t play him? How does that make sense? Or if you play him, you expect an unhappy player to try his hardest?


I just don’t understand the beef? You’d rather we agree to loan him with an option to buy, that they may not take up, leaving us next summer with an equally disgruntled player who only has a year left on his contract, so we have even less bargaining power?? Any deal has to be agreeable to the player, the buying club and the selling club…we’re the selling club and we’re not happy as the deal doesn’t suit us. Why, as a supporter of the club (not a supporter of the player), would you want us to bow in that circumstance…and… Read more »


So your solution is to keep him, let him cause problems in your squad with his unhappiness, NOT PLAY HIM, then let him sit and collect pay until his contract is up?


No mate, my solution is to pull him and his agent into the office and say “you can go, but only when you or we convince someone to pay a fee. If not, you’re more than welcome to fight for the RB slot that’s yours for the taking. And if neither of those suits and you want to keep sharing social media posts that damage the reputation of the club, THEN you can sit in the reserves” There’s at least two significant options available BEFORE it goes nuclear. And neither of those encourages every other club in Europe to believe… Read more »


“Damage the reputation of the club”?


Barca just sold Emerson to spu*s for €30m, and we’re expected to loan Hector as the replacement. Get the fuck out of here

Announce Bendtner

They literally have the money to buy so why aren’t we holding out for a transfer?


They don’t, they are a billion in debt. They need to sell more than us

Diaby's Left Peg

They can spend €0.25 on every €1 they bring in.

Bellerin for Emerson and money seems so straightforward, and Barca love an accountancy swap.


I don’t blame him at all. Feel sorry or him. The club is a shambles at the moment.


He and about 4 other players made it clear they want to leave. What are Arsenal doing?


Getting on the phone to Conte, with any luck.


Ozil, Guendouzi, Saliba, Maitland-Niles, the list goes on. Meanwhile we can’t even get a goal in, nevermind a win. If Pep is a crazy genius, Arteta’s proven to be a clown.


Just saw a tweet from David Ornstein which claimed AMN had said from the start of the season that he only wanted to play as full back and has never asked to operate in midfield this season. WTF is Arteta doing? Is the project to destroy Arsenal and get the club relegated?

On my own here

I mean he kind of made his bed right? He literally insisted on a loan move in January TO PLAY CM. He was offered to play rb multiple times last year, this was also after he had previously described himself as being a winger. They guy has fucked it up for himself tbh.

I want Arteta out but jesus not everything is on him.


Be more ruthless as a club.
If Barca are being paid for Emerson, tell them they have to use that money to buy Bellerin. No more loans.

Same with AMN. Tell him if he wants to leave, he needs to convince a club to pay actual money for him.

Otherwise what’s the fucking point? We can’t buy a new RB with the no money we’d get from loaning these 2 guys out.


This is what the club is trying to do now and most fans here still join the irresponsible players in making issues out of it. If the Toffees really need him, let them pay not another loan offer. I’m getting piss off with this one loan that one loan. So irritating! Transfer deal is tripartite, most fans should get this point into their head!!!!


That’s all well and good but if Arteta doesn’t want to play him surely the smartest thing to do is loan him out? Save a few million by having him off the books for a year and avoid having a player hanging around the training room bringing the vibes down and contributing to a bad atmosphere that bleeds out onto the pitch


Exactly! Why are we complaining that the club aren’t rolling over?!? Let his agent do his damn job!

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

Lol this exact argument was made about the Roma bid for Xhaka. Now many of us are complaining about Xhaka again.

The club’s issue hasn’t been with “rolling over”. On the contrary, this club rejects bids far too often. The issue has been with selling as a last resort. That’s why we rarely get good value. What club will pay good value when they know we’re desperate to sell a player.

Just look at Calum Chambers, £20m bid rejected from Leicester. £12m bid rejected from Fulham. Now he’s going to leave on a free this summer.


Let’s not forget rejecting bids for Mkhitaryan and Nketiah. Even Hertha Berlin came in for Xhaka a while back. How about rejecting big money for Alexis, only to swap him for Miki? Free transfers for Ozil and Ramsey? How much money has this Club lost in player value over the past 5 seasons? Only Iwobi and Ox gave us value in the market, the rest speaks of incompetence by our decision makers. Concede headers against City? Outmuscled against Chelsea? Aside from Gabriel, we loaned off our 2 biggest centerbacks in Mavropanos and Saliba. Both will probably grow to be much… Read more »


Woah there fella…I don’t disagree with the example about Chambers, nor even about the Wolves bid for AMN last season – that’s not what we’re talking about here and both of those were chronically stupid mistakes – but those mistakes have been made. If we’re hammering Edu and Arteta for not accepting THOSE deals, then I’m all about that. That’s crazy town, as was not just cutting losses on Xhaka (which I think is the decision which will get Arteta sacked). But being cornered into accepting a loan deal that doesn’t help the club this summer AT ALL, in order… Read more »

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

That’s a great perspective and thanks for explaining. You’re right in that regard. I just hope there is an endgame somewhere in all this. Like @Der 32 pointed out, the management’s track record in the past has been so woeful that I’m naturally distrustful of their decisions. I brought up Calum because his situation as a utility player was quite similar to Ainsley’s now.

Apologies if I came across as aggressive or accussive. I type most of my responses in a comedic tone. Please don’t take me too seriously 😉


All good. Didn’t take it any other way than good honest debate 😁

Let’s hope it all gets sorted today 😳😂

Wouldn’t it be just fantastic if we made a ‘cash + Bellerin’ offer for Emerson Royal and stole him for under Tottenham’s nose.

We get a new right-back, Bellerin gets his wish to leave, and them up the road are left with egg on their face. Killing 3 birds with one stone.


You think Emerson Royal wants to come here?

Ex gooner

I’m sure Emerson Royal dreamt of playing under Arteta while he grew up.


To be fair, probably no more so than he dreamed of playing under Nuno

Diaby's Left Peg

Thomas did.

Per’s Nimble Footwork

I think this is part of the indiscipline that shows up on the pitch. Respect is a two-way street and, for all of Arteta’s failings, the players have a lot of responsibility as well. You’re under contract until you’re not. You respect that contract.

The players’ grandstanding is as bad as that of the manager. AMN’s Instagram story is irresponsible.


I’m glad he stood up against Arteta’s bewildering management.

Limpars chip

Shit show of a club


No loans to barca. They made their bed, let them rot.


Another day at the office for Arteta’s Arsenal….


Honestly speaking am gutted .
Fuck arteta ! Fuck whoever made us get to this situation




I can’t really blame Ainsley for this. It’s not good form by him, but it seems to me that the club are failing (Arteta’s fault?) to communicate with players.
It seems like there’s something really wrong with man management, and maybe something even deeper than that. We’re letting players like Bellerin go (ok, he’s not perfect, but still a good player) while signing Xhaka to a new contract? Not to mention Willian being on the books.
Until there’s a real sorting out of club administration I think it’s going to be mid-table blues.


I’m sure there will be plenty saying that AMN’s post is unprofessional. Maybe it is.

But maybe he’s spoken of his desire to play at right back, sees the awful performances, losses to City and Chelsea and is frustrated as to why he’s not being given a chance.

Cedric isn’t a right back, Chambers hasn’t been consistent enough there and Bellerin hasn’t been the same since injury.

And yet, Maitland-Niles can only get 19 minutes against City and 29 minutes against West Brom.

Tasmanian Jesus

Cedric is a right back, he’s just an awful one. Its puzzling since he played well there, until he was put at left back and it broke him somehow.
Chambers is not a right back (IMO).
Bellerin is also broken, it seems. I guess he needs a move to get his mojo back (his speed wont come back though).

AMN is our best right back, I just thought he refused to play there. Didnt know of this new info that hes open to playing there.
Knowing that, its mindblowing that we keep using Cedric and Chambers there.


Everton want Ainsley as a right back/right wing back. Why would he be open to a move to Everton to play a position he’s apparently refused at Arsenal?

I agree, he’s our best player in that position, so we should either play him there, or let him go.

On my own here

He made his bed already. Refused being a right back multiple times and only now wants to play. Honestly just seems to have a bad attitude

Hank Scorpio

He stated to Arteta that he wanted to play RB at the start of this season according to David Ornstein. This makes this even more perplexing. Arteta either (or maybe even both) has terrible judgement (exhibit 1 Cedric) or holds grudges.


Here we go, last minute scramble for a shit RB after Sp*rs offer the proper price and beat us to Emerson Royal……..


Arteta is a doubtful judge of talent. I find it sad to see players like AMN, Saliba and Bellerin fall behind those that played this weekend.


Well, at least Everton aren’t a relegation rival.


I find the selling of Willock and now AMN despicable. Arteta is giving up on young, homegrown players who have shown potential and playing Xhaka, Elneny, Kola, Cedric… I’m honestly afraid for the rest of our younger talented players, under this abominable system their skills will deteriorate fast, Martineli to me seems to have lost his beautiful attacking flair. The club could seriously be damaged by these decisions.


I think if we could sell Elneny, Kolasinac, Willian, Xhaka, Nelson, etc we would keep Willock and AMN. In AMNs case, he was a regular starter, lost his place, did well in the FA cup and appeared to be making a comeback, then Arteta dropped him during Arsenal’s worst run in decades then loaned him to West Brom, if I were him I would be frustrated too, at Arsenal he is wasting away what should be his prime years

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

The chance to sell Xhaka was literally there just a month ago.


How abt emerson royal to arsenal and bellerin goes the other way. Whatever it is, we still cant clear our deadwoods.. they are so bad tt no one wants them. How the f we signed up these players. Really poor management.


We tried. He chose Tottingham


Our great club is a total shambles at the moment. We can’t sell players because no one wants them and decide oh well what the give one of them another year. We pick useless players like Cedric who couldn’t even get a minute at Southampton and ignore a player that is clearly a better option in ANM because someone thinks he could train a bit better. Bellerin has lost his appetite for the club, who would have thought that a couple of years ago and we can’t even sell him because everyone is skint. Well they are when it comes… Read more »

Charlie Carter

Arteta behaving like he’s won the lot…

Steve Dracula

Like mother, like son.


Arteta talks about players who know the value of the club but he doesnt seem to know when he sees one. He clearly seems to be very arrogant and maybe he has lost the dressing room.


Get out while you can, fellas! 🤣


It really is a sad state of affairs, it’s heartbreaking to see how things are being handled at our club.


Absolute shambles


No problem in the club holding out for a fee but communication seems to be the issue


I certainly don’t disagree with the message or timing or even that he did it. WTF does he owe the club after all. Regardless, people are not slaves and in the modern game(world) , social media IS where the dissemination of information is conveyed. Hope he get’s his wish, it is time for him to play week in and week out. All the luck to him and no matter where he goes, I’m a fan.

Anders Limpar

Tell me these idiots (MA and Edu) haven’t lost the dressing room! Yes the Kroenkes might be a cancer on the club, but you don’t ignore a cardiac arrest just because you have cancer.

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

It’s as clear as day on the pitch and off it.

North Bank

This is very sad indees. Really like AMN, a shame he wouldn’t settle as a defender. Best penalty taker in red & white 🙂


I keep saying to my self that there’s two sides of a coin and what seems strange or outright stupid from outside might be rational with full info. But for each day passing this mantra is getting closer and closer to the equivalent of believing the Earth is flat. I honestly fear relegation with MA and Edu in charge.
Lose against Norwich next game ( we’re capable of that) and both should be sacked within next day.

Anders Limpar

The earth being flat is the kind of thing I imagine Big Sam fervently believes in and probably produces a weekly podcast about under the pseudonym, The Truth Walrus…

Sadly, The Truth Walrus might be the man we have to turn to if MA and Edu are allowed much more leeway.


Definitely understand AMN’s frustration and desire to leave. We are up Schitt’s creek at RB if we are left with just Chambers or Cedric to choose from.


Culture spreads from the top


Arteta wants to be revered like Pep, then he’s gotta be successful like him. This is disgraceful, he’s killing the value of our assets. AMN had a 20Mn value set on him and looked like it was through only last summer.


Would prefer him to everyone else in RB and even most of them in central midfield. Surely he can’t be worse than Elneny and Xhaka.

Merlin’s Panini

These are the best two right backs at the club for me. It’s the rest that should be moved on. This whole situation is fucked.

On my own here

Probably on my own here but some of these comments are over the top. I don’t think arteta should be manager but jesus christ some of you will blame him for a fucking bad harvest at this rate. AMN wanted to be a winger, then he wanted to be a cm. He isn’t good enough at either of those positions. Now he wants to be rb again? This just seems like a classic case of social media thinking everyone who isn’t playing is world class, and as soon as they play people realise why they weren’t getting picked. Have some… Read more »

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