Monday, July 4, 2022

Man City 5-0 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal’s start to the season went from bad to worse, going down 5-0 to Man City at the Etihad this afternoon.

The Gunners were defensively weak throughout, not helped by a stupid Granit Xhaka red card, but the gulf between the two sides was obvious when it was 11 v 11.

So far it’s played 3, won 0, lost 3, scored 0, goal difference -9, points 0. The pressure is well and truly on Mikel Arteta.

Read the Man City 5-0 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

Man City 5-0 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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I miss the old days when other teams had to do stuff to beat us.


Genuine question, who here still thinks Arteta should stay? And that we should trust the process? Not trying to antagonise (ok, maybe a little bit) but honestly, I am more curious than anything. Upvote for Arteta out, downvote for Arteta in/Arteta needs more time/there’s no better replacement/etc


I don’t think he should ever have been given the job to be honest.


yeah, in hindsight, he probably shouldn’t have, but I will confess I was one of those excited by the prospect of a former likeable player leading us back to greatness in his journey to becoming the next capital G Great manager… whoops 😐 how utterly arsenal of me…

Crash Fistfight

I’d imagine you were in the minority. Which says more about the people making decisions at the club than anything else.


Vieira was my guy and still is. This club do desparately needs someone to bring some pride back to this team. Someone to blast these clowns and stick it to management.


Vieira always sounds like he has some bitterness when it comes to Arsenal. I don’t understand how very few people see he seems disinterested in anything Arsenal since he left. I wouldn’t want him as a brand ambassador, let alone manager.


You’re quoting an article in which he expresses bitterness because of his sense of entitlement. Don’t you think you’re doing too much to try and vindicate his negative levels of give-a-fuckology?


great to say that now. i voted for more time, but i’d be on the phone to Conte also.

Rectum sepctrum

Today we appoint Joe Schmloe as the new CEO of Apple Inc. That might shock some of you, but rest assured, Joe has been building iPhones for us for 20 years.


He was given this job when Allegri was available. I don’t know who makes those decisions but I felt that was very illogical.


Come on now. This is actually a positive result. It means three games without xhaka.

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

😂😂😂😂. We said the same last season and he came back straight away.

Face it. Xhaka is invincible and everlasting.

Dr Zebra

Haha it’s like we’re watching a movie called “What About Xhaka” he never leaves! Or is it “Groundhog Day?” I’m thinking of….


If I were Edu, I’ll call up the sporting director of Roma and say “hey buddy, I tried reaching you a few times and even sent msgs but couldn’t get through due to poor service from my provider. I called to say that we accepted your offer and to compensate for my provider’s poor service I’ll give you a 2M discount and a free yacht trip with my buddy Kia. We even trained on how to sign a contract so he’s ready for you. And oh while you’re at it, tell Mou that I think he’s the GOAT and he… Read more »


“If I were Edu, I’ll call up the sporting director of Roma and say…”

And if I were the sporting director of Roma I’d say we’d be better off spending the money elsewhere. Today’s performance hardly has ‘Buy Me!’ written on it.


Actually it does, as his red card is only punishable in English soccer… He can play the next game in Italy, lol.

Roma should just buy our best defensive midfielder… Where did we send him on loan again?


The funniest thing about this is it might be something edu would actually do…


It was an Arteta tactical masterclass today and I don’t know how people can’t see it! We tired the shit out of ManC by conceding 5 goals, after which they couldn’t score even a single goal!!! We even crossed the half way line a couple of times!

Beat that fockers, onwards and outwards!!!

Non flying dutchman

I go with whatever Saka, Tiernay and ESR think. If they are done with him then fine

Just nervous that a figure like Conte isnt a developer of young talent and frankly they are only figures in the squad i can bring myself to care about at this stage

Crash Fistfight

Lucky for you, Conte wouldn’t touch the job with a 10-foot barge pole.

The most depressing thing about the managerial situation is that I have zero faith in the club making a good appointment. It’ll probably be someone like Valverde or some other middling Spanish/Portuguese mid-table manager, rather than from northern Europe where all the best prospects work.


Is Christian Gross doing anything? I suspect the club would think highly of him.


I wouldn’t be so sure about that, given that Kroenke has finally learned how to splash the cash.

Conte will want to do things his way, but I’m happy with that and I’m sure the board would be, given his track record of winning the respective title in every league he has coached.

You’re thinking of Arsenal in terms of what they are at the moment (Arteta’s mid table nobodies) not what they were and could be again (Wenger’s Champions).

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

guys guys it’s Chris Samba who needs to be our next coach!!!


He was asking for to get spanked with that set up. That backline with Xhaka as the sole holding midfielder…….

He could have played Tierney as part of back 3 and Saka as a wing back to accommodate Sambi in midfield.


that is too simple for Arteta to see…


Or Tavares at wing back leaving Saka in the front 3. That’s what I would have done (No, I would have played a back 4 but you know what I mean). Another better than what we did option is Mari the left centre back and Tierney the wing back. There are 4 guys with a shout for those 2 spots in a back three set up. Kola is not one of them. Very poor judgement by the manager. Why? Cause he did well against the West Brom kids? Poor.


I’m a moron and hopelessly optimistic and somewhere (the end of my little toe?) I still hope Arteta can turn this around. But that goes against all evidence. The 3 defeats are not an issue for me. What is inexcusable is the lack of organisation, the lack of cohesion and the complete lack of spine. Goddamn we’ve been unlucky with injury/illness. And we’ve all known that there is so much dead wood in the club, but these three games have laid bare that the issues we’re seeing go deeper than personnel. Partey, White and Gabriel will improve this team considerably.… Read more »

Viv The 🐐

There is between hoping and what is likely. I hope everyone thought that. But as with Emery: If you come to the point where nothing goes right then its hardly likely that he will turn it around.


Yeah I agree, I think he has to go bit I’m sad about it. Feel bad for him I can’t lie. I also think this result was more on the players than him

Hank Scorpio

I’ve said this for a while. Also said we cannot buy our way out of this mess. As for getting a few players back, remember that Gabriel was in and out of the team last season so let’s no pretend he’s a guaranteed first XI player – even if he is for us. As for White, he got bossed by Toney and would have been crushed by Lukaku. He’d have been an upgrade on Kolasinac today. Having said that, playing a guy out of position who is arguably the worst passer in the team is the height of madness so… Read more »


Under Arteta, I am not sure what is the aim? If we want to defend at all costs, then 9 goals conceded in 3 games is shameful. If we are trying to play attacking football, then 0 goals in 3 games is shameful

Arsene's Coat

It was the ‘adda boy’ pat he gave Xhaka when he was sent off that did it for me. Woeful

Alan Sunderland

Agree, sort of had the feeling the bad tackle was xhaka’s parachute.


Honestly pretty surprised with this ratio! At the time I write this it stands 215-69, so around 3:1. Thought there would be far fewer Arteta ins than there are. A lot of people on twitter saying this match will be the end of Arteta – I don’t think so. I think he’ll be given a while more (assuming our fortunes upturn) so I guess we’ll see what happens when our injured players are back. As has been repeated endlessly this summer, Arteta has had a preseason and a sizable budget he had control over, there’s literally no excuses now. There’s… Read more »


It’s the way you posed the question. I downvoted you straight away after that opening line.


When you put it as 3:1 it doesn’t sound much but it is actually 3 out of 4 want him gone now.


Seriously half the people on this website who write comments are more qualified at this point to be the head coach of Arsenal. That shit was terrible. Also tactically, 3-4-3 is dead to me at this club. The next game I see Arsenal playing with this tactic, I’m going to turn off the TV and do something else. They are bad at it, if not outright the worst team in football with it. It’s basically our white flag tactic that says “Please don’t score too many but we know we will lose.” What I would give to have Wenger on… Read more »


I think out, but I don’t blame him for this one personally. I think it’ll be undeniable if we lose the next 3


Sadly, I’m Arteta out. Injuries and illnesses (covid) aside, I don’t think his ideas or “style of play” are working. Whilst we can accept that a rebuild will take time, shipping 5 goals (even to City) is always a bad day. My main concern is who would even want to take over? I know Conte is out of a job, but why on earth would he come. I’m sure there are former players that would jump at the chance (Henry, Campbell etc) but I’m not convinced that’s what we need. Bring Arsene back? It’s not a terrible idea but there… Read more »


Conte is everybody’s favorite. He’s a toxic, mean fuck who will start fucking around soon as he improves results and gets no money to do what he wants.


I’m not advocating for Conte, though he seems to be the name doing the rounds at the moment if Arteta is replaced. I imagine that’s largely tabloids doing their thing, butt there’s no smoke without fire is there.

Disarmed Gunner

I’m not chewing you out but why do you say you are “sadly” Arteta out. Why does this manager elicit such compassion and sympathy from so many? He was a rubbish player and an even worse manager. He was never up to this task. He gets 6 million a year. Sympathy? Spare it for me or the other match going fans.


Because I wanted him to succeed. Because a successful Arteta as manager of Arsenal equals a successful Arsenal.

Sadly, we are dire right now and I can’t see it improving.


i would like to see what eddie howe could do with our young talent.


I gave him his chance, but his decisions are baffling!

Who do we get though? Some of these players are just absolutely minging.


While watching today’s game I was constantly reminded of that painful thrashing at the hands of Utd at Old Trafford. I know we’ve been shit for a long time now but until now, I hadn’t seen a more dejected bunch of players since that game. Today we have topped that.
Oddly enough, today happens to be the anniversary of that game.

John C

Oh fuck off, the last 2 years of Wenger the team looked like prisoners, its incredible that people can’t even remember 3.5 years ago.

But i agree with you, since that 8-2 match we’ve regularly been hammered by the top clubs, that’s 10+ years of being at this level.

How long do people think it’ll take to undo 10+ years of decline? Personally i think 10 years down requires 10 years to go back up


in the last 2 years of Wenger, the team won 16 times in the league with a 3 or more goals margin. We were lacking in many big games, but the team knew how to organise an attack and defence in regular matches. Currently we look lost in almost all matches.

John C

So what, we were shit, on the decline and victories against the lower clubs were papering over the cracks.

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

I’d take that over losing to Brentford…


People keep forgetting this. Wenger the fraud ruined this club. We are still stuck in the aftermath of the mess he made. As bad as Arteta is, he’s still doing a better job than Wenger, that moron destroyed this club by hoarding all the money, not understanding tactics and signing terrible players like xhaka, kolasinac, elneny, belerin, holding, chambers, lacazette… it’ll take £1bn to undo Wenger’s mistakes, honestly what manager in the world could come in and do a job here? It’s going to be a few years of this before we can undo the rot. People need to be… Read more »


oh you try so very hard.

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

You have to be a bit more subtle when your troll fingers get itchy. Not one sentence you typed is even believable.


Two birthday treats I will never forget 🤣

On the right path?

The team selection was dubious to say the least…

El Mintero

Tactically, this was a disaster. I’m gonna say it again and all you Odegaard fan boys are gonna down vote the shit out of this but I don’t give a fuck. Because this is what happens when you wedge a very average player into a midfield right next to the same type of player (ESR) and bump Pepe (and Lokonga) to the bench as a result. Silva and gundogan had a field day! No one went near them!! ESR and Odegaard are like Gerard and Lampard playing together for England. It never fucking worked. It never will work. As for… Read more »


Really wanted Arteta to succeed at Arsenal, but frankly he wasn’t ready for the crap show that is Arsenal. He needed to get experience coaching a lower league team before trying to take the reins of the biggest mess in the premier league. And now this has completely screwed up his entire managerial career.

Damn, still hope the international break gives us time to get White, Gabriel and Partey back, because trusting our back line to Kolasinac, Holding and Coares against a team like City is an absolute joke.

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

Any other coach and I’d agree but I think Arteta has screwed up his managerial career through his own doing. The crazy amount of negative records he’s breaking suggests as much.

He was given an extinguisher by the club board yet he somehow managed to turn what was a bonfire into a wildfire.


Never seen such a low rating. But I agree with it. Arteta is setting himself to be fired with the line up.


I am always truing to be patient with managers as the problems clearly go well beyond that. But this performance was so horrible so disorganized that I must say it is time for Arteta to go. We need a new approach with this group of players. Maybe in the future we can try the Pep or Wengerball style again. But right now we need a no nonsense manager who knows how to organize and coach a defence. So depressing.


I keep going back and forth, but you’re right iit’s probably time for him to go. The fact that Sp*rs kept a clean sheet against City with a brand new manager and not the most amazing squad is a blow against Arteta. MA couldn’t coax a somewhat respectable showing against them. But where do we go from Arteta? Do we say fuck it and get an interim manager until we can sort something out? I think Conte is an awful idea, if he would even come to Arsenal. I think Arteta should get at least to the Sp*rs game. If… Read more »


Mommy, I want my West Brom back! I don’t want to play with the big boys, they are beating me!


Yes Jon, I do agree. In particular I was astonished to see Kolasinac and Soares in the starting 11.

I think we can pull this round. But it’s bare faced and inexplicable decisions like that, that really make me wonder if Arteta wants to fail ?


Kolasinac, Cedric and Xhaka should never play for us again, and Arteta should be fired before the next game.


It’s abysmal that Xhaka, Kolasinac, and Cedric start in a match like this when we’re looking to “rebuild” the team.

Fireman Sam

Totally agree. Awful awful team selection.


When I saw the lineup before the match I actually laughed for a full minute.


Can’t take it any more.


I can’t fault the owners as much as I did few years back. They surely are spending money. But they seem to be clueless about sports management outside the US. The club hiererchy are a corrupt bunch. Gazdis, Raul, Edu, Vinai – everyone involved in transfers over the last few years have been getting paid handsomely under the table, so that the club always end up with useless players at inflated prices. Some of the deals/contracts – like Saliba, Pepe, Ozil, etc have been atrocious. And to execute thier plans, they needed a novice manager whose own failings will hide… Read more »

Anders Limpar

Give him the players he wants they said and we did. And then he picked Kolasinac. As a centre back. Away to citeh.

Please please please sack Arteta, he just isn’t very good.

Morrisey fan #1

I woke up late, saw him in the line up and went back to bed. 😫

Mayor McCheese

Not a good selection, but White and Gabriel unavailable, and you have to imagine they’re his preferred CB’s.

You knew it was going to be tough, but when I saw Cedric and Kolasinac in the eleven, I knew this would be a hiding. Chambers, too. Today’s back line was of bottom of the table quality…

Oh, look!


But then why did holding get a new deal recently and same with chambers

Mayor McCheese

I dunno. You need squad players? The nightmare is when your entire back line is your squad players… Ugh.


Agreed the owners have given him the money to sign the players he wanted – so after two promising matches he benches Sambi – and plays the least mobile midfielder against the most agile opposition… by himself. For mine – that was the strangest decision. I didn’t mind three at the back – but not those three. Last season Tierney played CB so why didn’t he for this game? Particularly as he could have payed Tavares in the adventurous LB role? This was City away – two CM’s sitting in front of a back three was just obvious – to… Read more »

Anders Limpar

You summed it up perfectly. And everything you have so eloquently set out is exactly why I can not see a future with Arteta in charge.

The thing I struggle with in giving him more time; is he going to use the interlul to suddenly start making sensible selections, become tactically aware, and show in game management nous. I honestly do not think that he is.


About fair, probably would have given a few zeros. So many changes needed starting above team level.


Harsh on chambers, at least he was breaking from the line to try and intercept. And he had Cedric on his outside.
nit saying he deserved an 8 but I’d rank him similar if not higher than rob


The first goal. Gündogan outjumps Chambers. That’s not on.


He doesn’t outjump him. He anticipates where it’s going to land and chambers doesn’t.

Bleeding gums murphy

Chambers is championship level at best. Holding ain’t much better


Player of the season at Fulham, but they played him in midfield and didn’t win too many games. Not a full back, not a centre back, not sure he has a future but I bet if he was at Burnley he’d look more like a player.


Almost accurate rating but to give Soares a 1 is way to high as he’s actively was trying to lose us the game. The worst RB in Arsenal history and Arteta plays him. Guess who’s the problem…


Remember Lichsteiner?

President Eckener

Lichtsteiner would at least try some shithousery. Slow as balls and past it by any measure, but he still had some pride and a willingness to get dirty.

Oh, and he was only on a one-year contract rather than a multi-year paid retirement.


Lichtensteiner was twice the player even if he was poor. You only have to try a tiny bit to be better than Soares.

John C

Or Jenkinson?

But why has Soares been singled out when at least 2 goals were a result of Tierney not defending the cross, same happened last week. When will the ease at which crosses coming down Tierney’s side will be criticised?



Non flying dutchman


Far East Stand

Kroenke > Vinay > Edu > Arteta

Rinse and repeat.


Deliberate red from Xhaka to force last minute transfer? Or just that he has the IQ of an amoeba? Or both? Either way, he is not worthy of the shirt, let alone being Captain.

Anders Limpar



He’s a player that struggles to compose himself, he’s 2-0 down away to a team that frustrate the hell out of you, with a ref that would have sent him off for a lot less if given the chance.

Nobody can be surprised.


to extend his contract is a sackable offence by itself.


Agree. But why would arteta play him as the only holding mid when we all know xhaka can’t play defense.


An anagram of trust the process is spout stretchers


Where is Saka?


Is Cedric smiling? Wtf!

Anders Limpar

It’s just a blatant lack of respect after that performance, wouldn’t be surprised to find there’s a drawing of him asking a city player for their shirt at half time! The prick!


A drawing?

Welcome to the 21st century, it’s shit.

Mayor McCheese

Are you angry at Cedric because of how someone else drew his caricature? Please say yes so that I can make a comment about postmodernity.


I think he’s angry at the possibility of there being a drawing, but that makes even less sense.


Erm…he’s talking about the article pictures where granit is being shown a red.

though Cedric is smiling in a you must be fucking joking ref way…still wrong


Top comment even taking the misunderstanding into account.

Mayor McCheese

Yeah, I hadn’t seen that he’s in the picture. I thought Verdant was talking about Arseblog’s smiling cartoon Cedric in the ratings section.

But clearly, it’s what’s known as a ‘rueful smile’. In the real picture, I mean. What is real, though, anyway?


There seemed to be no plan, no organization, no discipline. What has arteta done? No defensive stability, but no attacking verve either. 25 to 1 on attempts, 15% possession, no goals scored, 9 goals conceded. We may not be top 4 challengers anymore, but all those who said wenger needed to go and we needed to reinvigorate with young, tactical coaches – I mean when do you say he did an amazing job given what we had and that we’ve done nothing since he left? We’d complain about the annual top 4 trophy – we’d joke and make fun of… Read more »


Wenger did deserve more credit. But the league was less challenging than it is today and this sort of performance happened multiple times against big teams in the last few years of Wenger.

What’s really weird for me is how similar things are in these ‘big’ games, a few years now since he left. It’s almost like we have a curse hanging over our head.


Send Saliba on loan so we can play Kolasinac as CB.

At least Xhaka’s direct red card will force Arteta to deploy Partey – Lokonga partnership in midfield. Surely, right? Right? (*sees Elneny starting*)


Partey might have a setback in the Interlull. Another three weeks.


Yesterday there was a comment under an article suggesting they would be happy if we finished 8th again, and would be willing to give Arteta another 2 or 3 seasons! I held off replying to it but I did wonder how that same comment would be received if we were on the wrong end of a pasting today.


I’d say that they’re positive thinkers, expecting us finishing 8th.


So basically exactly what we should have expected. I am a bit puzzled by the process but there are others who support Arteta so I guess it is a matter of opinion.


The poop o meter was used for today’s ratings I see. Shame it doesn’t go as low as 0 for cedric to match the rest of his stats


Also no Saka rating. Thank you for sparring our son


Kinda knew what the game was going to end up like when I saw the line up, though I hadn’t envisaged it being a Man City vs League 1 team kinda game (that might be giving us too much credit).

Better off experimenting with youngsters and tactics as opposed to chucking in Kola and Cedric into this game. I get White and Gabri are out of contention today, but haven’t we got a couple of 16 year olds hanging about somewhere?


I would rather play a squad full of young players like Saliba, Guendouzi and all and see them lose than seeing these so called experienced bunch.

Julian Pan

I watched Marseille vs St. Etienne today instead of this match (I was at work… thankfully) and Guendouzi scored a goal. He’s also an annoying little twerp though. As for Saliba, he somehow managed to not have to perform almost any defensive tasks as he played on the right of a back three and everything seemed to go to the other side. Some nice touches but also very risky on the ball. Strange passing decisions, often putting his teammates into trouble despite technically completing the pass. On multiple occasions the commentator said things like,”Risky from Saliba! Marseille just about get… Read more »


Looking at the table, the only way is up for us!

Non flying dutchman

One hopes


Arteta outthinking himself again.
Trust the process…


I think his selections reek of desperation. AMN at full back for Cup Final worked so he thinks other random choices could also apply.

To play against Champions with 3 players who were due out of the door this summer, a keeper who is signposted to follow with replacement bought, plus others who have been ignored persistently is setting up for defeat. How can you expect these players to fight for their lives?


Feel sorry for this squad, I refuse to believe that we are this bad, except for few players, Xhaka being the leader of that gang. All down to our clueless manager.

Hail Gus!

I just can’t be bothe


I just can’t be


I jus



The half

On occasion, wengie’s decisions mystified me. Playing Podolski on the left wing. Odd. Sometimes his decisions paid off, sometimes they went horribly wrong.

I cannot see any logic whatsoever in playing kola. Not even a little bit.

Can someone help me out here?


Pump up his transfer value with a Cory spanking?


Sorry Cory, I meant City

The G

Kola is a one trick pony. We all know the only thing he does well is bomb down the left and then hope to find someone. Today he played as a CB where he cannot even do his one trick.


Never had the makings of varsity athletes


Arteta patting Xhaka on the arse as he walks down the tunnel.

Says it all for me…


The only positive about this game is that Xhaka is going to be unavailable for selection for the next three games

His brain fart has picked a better lineup than our “manager” is capable of.

President Eckener

Arteta’s best results often feel like they come when he isn’t allowed to pick the players he wants…


I thought Tierney was our best player on the pitch. Then ESR.

KT did block a couple of shots that probably would have gotten in. Even though Leno did try later on to deny them some goals, there’s no way Leno is getting an higher rating than Tierney.

Leno fluffed the first goal. Didn’t command his area for the second. And he’s also part of a defence that conceded 5. In fact, he concede all 5.

Another Paul

Watch ESR again for the first crucial goal. Absolutely no effort to pick up the loose player and close down the cross..


I have to question coaching and tactical enlightenment of young players who need development. Amazing how much better Saka played when he returned from an England camp but then…


The sad part is that players like Saka, Smith Rowe, Odegaard and Aubameyang could all play in City’s starting 11 and fit in completely. What is happening at our training ground?


And Tierney…..but the rest couldn’t get in the Norwich team

Anders Limpar

In my opinion I think you are kidding yourself if you think Oder or ESR (at his current level) would get near the city starting 11. Auba would but only because they need a striker. For me Saka and KT are the only 2 of our players who would be pushing for a start if not starting for them.


Do they need a striker? Seem to be doing fine against us bottom of the table clubs


Look at their bench and then realise who wasn’t even there today (incl KDB) and you’d have to say none of our players make it, without long Pep coaching plan


Not sure they need a striker.

Non flying dutchman

The sad part is Saka Esr and Tierney probably will play in citys starting 11 in upcoming seasons


They had Sterling and Mahrez on the bench, KdB and Foden out… That’s insane.


None of those players are getting anywhere near the city bench let alone starting 11. Saka and esr are great but they don’t get into the city, pool, utd or Chelsea squad. The fact we’re so reliant on them is testament to the level we’ve fallen to


Saka & ESR are better than Ox, Rashford and Ziyech so I think he’d at least reach their squads if not 1st 11s.

Cosmos Forever

Not that my opinion counts for beans, but I look at it like Arteta has until October 31st to sort things out. He now has his players in place, he has some time to put his strategy/style in place during the international break, and the fixture list looks manageable for the next 2 months. If we aren’t seeing serious improvement by the end of October, it’s time to make a change.


This season is a right off already. Anyone of Conte’s calibre is not gonna come until next summer, and then only if they’re given £200m to clean up all this mess and get rid of the dross on show today.

I hear the Qatari’s might be interested in buying the club…….


I’d have some of that.

Kroenke Out, Qatari In.

Arteta Out, Conte In.


I’d rather be relegated than owned by Qatar


The guy needs to go and he needs to go now.

The only question remaining is how much more of this utter farce do we all have to endure before the board grow a pair and do the decent thing.

If they haven’t yet, they should be getting on the phone to Conte right now.

This club needs an experienced serial winner to get us out of this mess. Conte is the man.

John C

10 years ago today we lost 8-2, the biggest humiliation in the clubs history, the manager lasted another 7 years despite suffering several further humiliations in between.

5 nil defeats, 6 nil defeats, 3 consecutive 5-1 defeats to the same opposition, this was tolerated for far too long to the point it became normal part of season.

This is going to take years to filter out of the club regardless of manager as it was accepted for far too long!!

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

October 31st is more than a quarter of the league season gone. No new manager will be able to make any substantial gains by then. Especially considering we’re already 9 points behind


More like the Champs vs the Chumps

VfB Talheim

I don’t know why, but this defeat was much harder then 8-2 against UTD and 6-0 against Chelsea … C’mon man… and we’ve used to say that Squilacci ,Senderos or A. Santos are terrible at defending … Look Holding ffs or Chambers or Kolasinac or Cedric … we’ve becoming anonymous …

Chibueze Austin

Kept Niles one the bench and played Cedric that can’t defend to save his life same as Kolasinac with taveres on the bench

Renewed Xhaka contract
Loaned out Saliba and have we fans watching Kolasinac play
Next they would extend Bellarin contract
We are finished



Why the hell wouldn’t you play Maitland Niles over Soares. The same Maitland Niles that was one of our best players in the FA cup winning run, and made the England squad. Fast, athletic, strong – he has to be better than Cedric. This is the shit I just can’t understand.


Doesn’t want him injured before loaning him out.


knowing the result before, mikel threw a max. of players under the bus that he doesn‘t want anyway… there weren‘t 11, thatfor, auba, smith-rowe, saka & ødegaard played 😵‍💫


FFS. When Arteta goes EDU HAS TO GO TOO…..he is as culpable for all this

David Mansell

Wish there was a 0 rating, 0.5 is far to high for some of them

On the right path?

I need counselling

Safe Hands

Regardless of whether you are an Arteta supporter or not, this makes dreadful viewing and is completely unacceptable. To me this catastrophically highlights how stupid some of the decisions being made at the club are. How can anyone justify starting Soares and Kolasinac? How can you play two players that normally play as full backs at CB? How can you play only one defensively minded midfielder ( and arguably he isn’t defensively minded) against a team that loves to exploit space between defense and midfield?……… How can you spend £130m and not sign leaders and experienced players that immediately improve… Read more »


Kolasinac’s first premier league appearance in 8 months and he gets a 1.5 rating ha ha ha


Well Arteta was banging on about how unified the team was, how much they were progressing and getting to the place where he wanted to be.
Well they have got there now.
Right at the bottom of the Premiership.
This is what happens when you allow Americans who have no understanding of English football and their fans to own your club.
To them it is about profit margins and money in the bank..
Nothing more…


Americans own Liverpool and Utd too…


That was some Willian defending for the first two goals.


Agree with the ratings and critics…
…but that left jab from Laport?!?


I know a better manager would help but this feels hopeless. We shipped out tons of deadwood but we still have too much and these fools signed Cedric, Willian, and resigned Xhaka rather than taking 12 million for him. Until new ownership comes in we wont sign enough quality and players wont want to join us. Watching West Ham atm playing simple hardworking beautiful football, and the players are good but not spectacular. Just astute signings and tactics. People slag Moyes but he is solid and knows his stuff, proved it at Everton and West Ham now. Edu and Arteta… Read more »


The role of a coach is to develop athletes or the team so tt they can perform and improve their skills. I feel we’ve gone backwards in this aspect. Arteta and the coaching team needs to go if this continues. How can a club like Arsenal accept such standard. This is absurd.

Mr Steven Chalcraft

Unfortunately the so called hierarchy have to except taking a large portion of the blame for not replacing both Edu & Arteta with experienced management in both fields.before the season started. We now find ourselves with a team starved of moral due to baffling tactics andteam selections.I would strongly recommend that the board replace both Edu & Arteta with experienced management even if it’s only on a temporary basis for the time being.


Unfair ratings on the defenders. 5 goals conceded, but the midfield and the attack with the one shot and no shot on goal deserves no more!


Forwards were doing ok until defence conceded silly goals every 7 minutes – must be so disheartening for them.


Blockbuster FC


Well time to focus on the cups. Xhaka’s new contract has certainly paid off. Can’t wait to see the mental gymnastics Xhaka apologists will use now. Us resigning Xhaka is like if Chelea had resigned Danny Drinkwater this summer who also had a year left on his contract. Cedric and Xhaka have no business even being on the bench. I’d rather see Reiss Nelson start at RB and Elneny start every single game before I ever see them play again.


This is really having a toll on my health.It’s so heart breaking to see how low this club has fallen.I didn’t expect to win but at least why can’t the boys show some balls for once. 😔


I would love Blogs to review posts after the 8-2 defeat 10 years ago to assess similarities.

Cultured Determination

It is at this point that i have to say that i’d rather #unaiback

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