Monday, August 8, 2022

Official: Arsenal sign Aaron Ramsdale

Arsenal have signed goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale from Sheffield United in a deal that could rise up to £30 million, including add-ons (£24m + £6m).

The 23-year-old, who was part of England’s squad for the European Championships, moves to the Emirates having played all but one of the Blades’ Premier League matches in the last two seasons. He will wear the number 32 shirt.

It is expected that Ramsdale, who has also played for Chesterfield, AFC Wimbledon and in the top flight for Bournemouth, will start as a backup to Bernd Leno but is expected to challenge the German for a regular starting berth as the season progresses.

Eager to recruit someone of homegrown status, Arsenal have pursued the Stoke-born stopper for most of the summer.

A deal looked to be dead-and-buried this time last week, but with the player’s head turned and Sheffield United, who were relegated to the Championship last season, eager for funds, it was resurrected and completed in double-quick time when all parties returned to negotiations.

Welcome to Arsenal, Aaron. Best of luck.

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Let’s get behind the lad! He could be the future.

Johnny 4 Hats

So lovely when he said in his interview that every time he came to the Emirates he said to himself how amazing it would be if this was your home. It’s so important to remember that regardless of transfer fees and recruiting policies, this is a young lad who is absolutely living his dream. Any haters out there, just remember that. He’s not in charge of recruitment or transfer fees. He’s just a really hard working and talented lad who’s going to give everything for the club. After watching his interview, I’m actually starting to feel really good about this… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats


Ramsdale, Chambers, Holding, White, Tierney

Nice that we could theoretically play a back five of very solid British lads.

Cultured Determination

Amn nelson rowe saka eddie balogun. We could play the whole england squad!


I don’t understand how someone can downvote such a positive comment. Too many bitter people on earth.


Fair enough but you know who else said the same thing once before. Carl Jenkinson. Now I’m not saying history will repeated itself but when Jenkinson gave his interview and how he dreamt of Emirates being his home etc. yeah I had a good feeling about the signing too.


Man you need a heart of stone not to look back on Carl Jenkinson playing for the arsenal as anything other than a beautiful thing.

It was like one of us pulling on the shirt!

The Beast

Am I right in thinking he actually got an england call up as well?

That bit of his arsenal career feels like a long forgotten fever dream.

Paul M

Look at Jenkinson’s reaction when he scored that goal up at Norwich. He dreamt of that moment all his life. Wonderful.


I’m down with Ramsdale, bit costly as a number two, but room to grow and I think he might already be better than Leno anyway, who has been crap since the start of last year and carried that into a terrible display again the Bees.

God of all Bergkamps

Welcome Aaron. We have some great 22-24 year olds now. Bodes well for the next few years but will some of our fans be patient enough?


This for me is the issue. It’s all well and good lowering the age profile of the team with under 23s, but that is not how you win games in the Premier League. £129 million spend and our first 11 looks more young, weak and fragile than last season. Especially defensively. I see this is a long-term plan, but short term we are in for a rough time. I’m seriously concerned about the defence. Who is our leader back there? Pablo Bambi? White and Gabriel? Who have 3 season’s of top-level football between them. It is a joke. We can… Read more »


What if you concede that you can’t win the league in the next couple of years, but looking further ahead……


This is the problem, arsenal fans are the most difficult to please, everyone lambasted arsene for not signing players, now the club is making signings we are complaining of the cost hmmmm
Sheffield a club who was just promoted from championship bought him for 18.5, how much more arsenal, gent’s let’s stop this our know too much approach

The Beast

The only real change to last season’s defence, which conceded less goals than everyone bar City & Chels, is swapping out Luiz for White.

Now, are you telling me that David Luiz was such a defensive linchpin that we’ll automatically go from having the 3rd best defense in the league to conceding a record number of goals just becasue he’s no longer at the club?


Will the more realistic and forgiving fans speak out enough to suppress the fanatics. The goal should be respect and support to become one of the best fan bases in the world. There are lots of examples worldwide.


Also, homegrown numbers matter, a lot.


Welcome Aaron. Hope you do well at The Arsenal.


Now he’s ours. Let’s back him.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

He has been signed with an obvious view to be more than a backup.

No one (not even Arsenal surely) spend 30 million on a backup keeper. Arsenal are now the highest spenders this season of all EPL sides. Is the better than it was previously though?

Not sure.

Anyway all the best Ramsdale.

Brady’s bunch

How long before Leno’s benched??


Will be very interesting to see how he responds. Hopefully with positive performances.


So, if Leno sees he’s second choice and leaves, we then need another keeper as back up? Who’s next?

Brady’s bunch

My head hurts 🙈


Hein, give him a loan this season and get him back next year as #2 behind Ramsdale, and do away with the overrated, error prone German mercenary we have in goals right now.

Teta's cult of personality

Josef Bursik 🤞

Hank Scorpio

It feels like Leno has already mentally checked out. Hopefully Ramsdale is ready to step up and become number one. My thinking is he’ll need to soon enough.


What time is the game this weekend?

Cultured Determination

Hopefully next gamr

Bleeding gums murphy

A day hopefully

Kanu Believe It

Didn’t Chelsea pay 70m for their backup keeper? ;)😂😂

A Different George

Turns out he’s their penalty shootout keeper. Though I think they could have gotten Tim Krull for far less.


Indeed, welcome Aaron!

Diaby's Left Peg

Best English keeper in the world. Welcome to the Arsenal.


Best world keeper in England

Brazilian gooner

Didn’t like the fee at all, but since it’s done let’s just forget about money and support the guy.
Welcome Aaron!


Agree. I felt the same with White, feels like we’ve been done for the fee but if these are the players that make the difference then they’ll be worth it.


Fan accountants everywhere…


Seems like everybody outside the club knows true player values.


They get on my fucking tits.

Alan Sunderland

If you look at it in the context of the John stones transfer, it’s sort of similar. If he’s good enough to play every week the fee won’t matter.


The fee matters. Leicester got a CM, ST and CD for the price of Ben White.


Are you an accountant? Perhaps write to the club?


If the transfer fee is huge, the player and agent will expect higher wages and fees. The media and fans will expect a higher level of performance. And then Arsenal have to charge fans £8 to stream us getting battered in preseason.


They’d charge you that anyway because they can.

The Beast

The only solution is for the club to return to a time of bartering for players.

How many turnips do you think Ramsdale’s worth? Maybe we can throw in some beets?


And Arsenal got a CM, GK and LB for the price of Ben White?

Leicester and Arsenal got all that for a price of a Jack Grealish.

Welcome Aaron! £24m for a young GK that’s been club player of the season for different clubs and gone to an intl tournament with England. Seems reasonable and if it ends up being £30 that’ll be because he’s a success…

A Different George

PSG got Lionel Messi on a free. Transfer fees don’t prove anything.


We’ve got Saka, bitch!

Alan Sunderland

If they’re better than what we have the fee doesn’t really matter, not sold on either of them but like that they’re young and can improve. Think everyone is done with the willian ozil Cedric type deals.


You’re cherry picking. Leicester have spent big on other players in the past.

Morrisey fan #1

Does nobody remember we had so many foreign players last year Saliba and Sokratis weren’t registered?

Joshua koori

Haha haha… I’m sure you would seen the match today. Leicester vs Arsenal.. 😛


I don’t really care much about they pay for players as long as they improve the team. But when I do look at how much Arsenal have spent this summer, I really struggle to see are we any better than last season. I really hope we are, I’m just not sure.


With no european football it’s difficult to attract top quality without paying heavy. With our desperation to go back to Europe well known we’d be quoted obscene fees. I am very optimistic that our signings will do well.


Europe or not has no effect on the purchase price. What it does is make both agreeing personal terms more difficult and also getting the player to make the move in the first place. (Why do so many here forget that you need three parties on board to make a transfer happen? Just waving a wodge of cash doesn’t do the trick.)
If the selling club were suddenly not in Europe, they might be a bit strapped for cash and looking to offload a few players to balance the books, in which case you might see a lower price…


Reality is the guy cost Sheffield United £18.5m, was their player of the year (and young player of the year) and broke into the England squad. So what we’ve paid really is the absolute minimum they would accept.

Hakuna Matata

The English tax applied too


Awesome! I’m excited by the direction of the squad build. Adding more young stars to go alongside our existing young stars! It’s what most of us have been screaming out for for a long old time. So, let’s get behind them and cheer them on regardless of the outcome. COYG!!

Brazilian gooner

We are in full Football Manager squad building mode!

Johnny 4 Hats

You might not believe this but I’ve been a little preoccupied with the transfer window. And one website who shall remain nameless (football London) published headlines like – We put James Maddison in the Arsenal team on Football Manager, with incredible results!

I mean, can you get much more desperate for clicks?

I clicked, of course.


We all click.

Johnny 4 Hats

Which of course makes us complicit in said crazy headlines.




I also love the attitude and apparent hardworking nature of all the players we’ve signed! Seem to have their heads screwed on.


I can’t thumb up anyone who says “awesome” sorry, it’s my age.

Hakuna Matata

Isn’t awesome an english word. Ramsdale looks like an awesome keeper. There! I’ve said it


Good news. Another one for the future!


Back our boys. COYG!


I feel that this is such an underwhelming signing with the price tag, but would love to be proved wrong. Welcome to The Arsenal, kid.


Not sure why this has so many downvotes, I feel this is how most of us feel. Strange signing, but now that he’s here, we’ll back him!


Prices only matter to the extent that they prevent the club from bringing in other players. In this window, there isn’t a positional need that hasn’t been addressed, and they’re all decent players. The spotlight has to turn to the manager.

Hakuna Matata

Is the signing underwhelming due to the price?

Alan Sunderland

Think it’s maybe because we’re not as good as we think we are. I’m as guilty of that as anyone. I’m not sold on arteta think he should set the team up for aubameyang and pepe, he seems happy for them to be out wide as decoys basically. We got arteta I think for at least this season, the Kroenke’s for all their faults have backed him, including the 350k a week for aubameyang, the 225k a week for willian. It was arteta’s choice to sell Martinez, make the mari and Cedric loans permanent, extend xhaka, gabriel partey white lokonga… Read more »


Ramsdale has been relegated twice.

The Beast

He’s also been the best player in whatever team he’s played in in the last 3 seasons and was in the first England squad to make it to a major final since 66.

Strange how a different set of stats paint a different picture.


But he didn’t feature at all. Let’s wait and see.


Par Jennings was relegated with Spurs.

He then joined Arsenal in the summer.




Is that you fash?


Even if he’s half as good as the last Aaron we signed he’d be grand!

Brazilian gooner

Rams (Ey)
(Los Angeles)

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Hopefully we’ll also sign another Aaron – Max Aarons.


I think that people are unhappy about this signing mainly because of Martinez. Its clear we made a mistake selling him. But just like how we paid off Mustafi/Sokratis/Ozil signing Ramsdale is kinda damage limitation

El Mintero

When thinking about this deal the question to ask yourself is: is ramsdale better than Leno? My opinion is not really. So why we doing it?

Hakuna Matata

On what authority is ur opinion based?


Because he is 23 and could become much better. We are paying for potential as with all of our other signings this summer and I am loving it.

Teta's cult of personality

I can only speak for myself Sam but for me (1) Ramsdale’s fee. It’s a lot for a club not in Europe and I’m surprised the club didn’t pursue cheaper HG options like Bursik. Though now that we know Bournemouth added a sell-on clause, it makes sense why Sheffield United were seeking such a high fee. (2) There’s speculation that Leno doesn’t have a great working relationships with Iñaki Cana and that he allegedly preferred working with Andy Woodman instead. A coach that the club has since let go. Hence why Leno isn’t renewing. It’s confusing to me if that’s… Read more »


Wait, what?

What the absolute fuck is then the point of Inaki Cana?
He doesn’t work with our number one goalkeeper and we know he’s shit at talent evaluation, so, um what DOES he do?


Collect his wages

Teta's cult of personality

Lord knows. @Vonnie made me aware of it. It never even occurred to me that some of the issues we currently have in the GK department might be linked to the GK coaches. Completely forgot Cana was the one who recommended Runarsson

Public Elneny

Yeah it’s the same mistake we made with Szczesny and Fabianski when Gerry Peyton was our head GK coach. They thought he was a joke. Cech wanted to bring his coach from Chelsea with him, and Lehmann was full of criticism too. But he still managed to stick around until Wenger left. The Poles’ careers since show that it probably was coaching holding them back Why would we ignore Leno’s opinion, when he was absolutely clutch for us in his first 2 seasons? We backed him over Martinez, but not enough to take on board which coach he thought helped… Read more »


Maybe they negotiated a 7 day return clause.
If he is a maniac in the box, that’s good. We need a keeper who can command his six yd box. Leno tends to stand back and watch what develops. This gives defenders no confidence, what so ever. Hopefully his distribution is better than Leno’s too.
Good luck Aaron.

Teta's cult of personality


Merlin’s Panini

Welcome to Arsenal. May you shut us all up and become a great keeper for us.

Glenn Gomes

This comment truly is the flavour of the day


Realistically, there is a higher probability he is average or below average. Even if he is slightly above average, that only makes him as good as Leno.

Hakuna Matata



Not really.

He’s been below average so far. Yes, he can improve, but expecting him to improve enough to be an amazing goalkeeper is wishful thinking.

The more “realistic” prediction is that he’ll go from below average to average or slightly above average.

Not being a Pollyanna isn’t trolling.


This is a good signing.

Been saying we should sign him since end last season. Solid performer (lots of practise with relegation battle last year) and young, potential to develop further

Mid 20m figure is about right.


If we don’t change how we play, we’ll need his extensive relegation battle experience.

Alex Nagy

Welcome Aaron! Looking forward to seeing you representing our epic club. COYG


Hope you’re going to get more success than the relegations with your previous clubs! Nice to have someone who has knowledge of relegation battles?


Leeds goalkeeper
Stoke left back
Homegrown centre back
Stoke left back
Wimbledon right back

You don’t need to be from Real Madrid to become an Arsenal legend


Haven’t you mixed the full backs up ??.
Leeds keeper
Stoke right back
Homegrown centre back
Stoke centre back
Wimbledon left back
And another home grown centre back.

Alan Sunderland

You need to be a good player though. I think that should read stoke right back and Wimbledon left back, and I would include David O’Leary.


Ah, you got me

Point is, just because he played for Sheffield United a lot of fans seem to think he default he’s shite

Alan Sunderland

Agree, he’s got a lot of experience for a keeper his age. Could well stand to him. Out of the players we got this year he’s the one I think could be a difference and improve the team.


Stoke born? He should do well dealing with the long throws then!



Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Seaman MkII

David C

Do we call him Rambo or is that reserved for Aaron?

Best of luck at Arsenal!!!

Teta's cult of personality

Blades fans call him Ramsy and Rammers. I prefer Rammers 🐏. Perfect nickname for a GK who plays with a lot of aggression. Here’s to hoping he flattens Vardy when claiming the ball 🤞.

Hakuna Matata

Let’s call him chris. It will set us apart from his previous suitors. Also, his previous nicknames have a negative association with relegation


What about Ed Sheeran?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Yes Rambo is his nickname, as announced by Sheffield United when they signed him – coincidently exactly a year ago to the day – August 20th 2020.


Great – Get in Aaron ! Didn’t realise he is the same height as Emerson, Lloris and Dean Henderson…..


Nor did I, that must be something like 19 foot in total! 🤔 No wonder we spent the bucks on him, we must have paid by the foot.



I’m not going to lie, I enjoy reading comments more than the article Itself.

Hakuna Matata

I also want some of that


He still only has 2.


He didn’t play for Sheffield Utd in the pl the last 2 seasons. It was just the 1 season. Not impressed with this signing at all. We could have had Ryan for free who’s a better keeper 🤷


And then?

Scored at the Clock End

So tedious 🥱


You think a back up keeper who couldn’t get into the Brighton team over a young unknown Spanish keeper is a better keeper than one with over two seasons of top level games at 23 years old?? Mad. I think this guy is a future number 1 fir sure, possibly by the end of this season

Scored at the Clock End

Chesterfield; the home of goalkeeping legends, let’s hope you achieve as much success at Arsenal as Bob Wilson did and emulate Gordon Banks on England duty. Welcome Aaron.


I don’t know why but I have feeling that good goalkeepers are a bit mad, Ramsdale doesn’t look mad at all. Hope he proves me wrong, either by being mad and good, or being good without being mad.


I like your reasoning

Mayor McCheese

Not sure about that. Almunia always struck me as a closet serial killer, and he was pretty bang average keeper.

Another Paul

Like Jordan Pickford ?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

David Seaman was about as normal as they come.


I hope we’ll all be pleasantly surprised and he will get the same support of any Arsenal player from me.

We need at least something from the next two games!


Tough call. Pointless after 3 games but think of the comeback to finish top 4

Baichung Bhutia

Best wishes to Ramsdale.
I don’t understand this homegrown concept for a keeper when we sold Willock and are ready to sell Nketiah, AMN etc.


Completely agreed, we are selling our homegrown players and at the same time we are paying over the top for othet club’s homegrown players. Doesn’t make sense


With the RB and RW options we’ve got AMN is surplus, especially if he doesn’t fancy RB. Unfortunately Nketiah just hasn’t done it for us, but could well with more playing time for a team with fewer options. If they’re not utilized, it doesn’t make sense to give up squad spots to them just to fill homegrown requirements. But we do (did) have a gaping hole in the squad for a decent keeper. He wasn’t bought just because he’s homegrown, but because there was need in that position. If we’re picking up a keeper with some experience but also room… Read more »

Alan Sunderland

Agree, it seems in vogue Chelsea and city will pay an English keeper with no chance of getting a game. Why not keep an young outfield player and not play him.


Because Willock, Nketiah, AMN etc. don’t seem as if they can contribute to the team. Ramsdale can.

The Ghost Of Reiss Nelson

It’s been a ride Leno

Brady’s bunch

Welcome to The Arsenal


I was excited by this since the beginning. Experts believe he is great at things that are harder to teach. His few flaws are ones which can be ironed out with training. Great potential.

Stupid gooner

It’s nice to see us spending some solid money! Welcome to the lad and hope he does well!

Der Kaiser

True supporters ( as opposed to armchair fans and digital warriors) support the club’s players. Confidence in sport is critical ( especially goalkeepers). Back him all the way. He clearly wants to play for Arsenal and appears to be a good professional A British defence with good communication could be a very good thing I love the fact that we are rebuilding with young talent and 22-24 yr olds. If we have patience I can see a real direction Need right back – although ANM could do that job of he committed to the position Another central midfielder Great all… Read more »

Stan’s Couch

Ok let’s sign Lewandowski for 130 million and call it a window!


I cannot stomach clickbait, chumguzzling wankers like Football Transfers. Actually, f*ck 99% of so-called “news” sites

The Ghost Of Reiss Nelson

Especially ESPN. Arseblog is the only site I trust


Welcome Aaron!

Jamie Hunter

Good luck mate, sorry about the dick heads that abused you the other day, you won’t be getting that from actual gooners

Teryima Adi

Welcome on board the Arsenal, Arsenal. Here’s wishing you all the best.


Fuck yeah


Back to back player of the season. Gooner.


Well this signing is completely out of the blue…

Lack of Perspective

People need to chill. Let kroenke worry about the wallet. He looks fine.

Keeper. Not almunia. Wants to be hear. Young. Room to grow. Support him and thats it.

Its going to be a slog. Lets not drown at every detail.




With all the negativity surrounding our club lately very nice to have positive news on our 2 new additions today, areas we needed to address, with Whitey to bed in and have a proper partnership at the back & just maybe Partey could have a decent run in the team & our players coming back from injuries we could with fingers crossed have a solid side to be reckoned with.


For many years Arsenal was less than the sum of our parts and underachiever.

Now we have so many second tier players that we need to become more than the sum of them.

Can Arteta do it? No.
But I still wanna be surprised


Now sign Aaron Ramsey as well.


Let’s get behind him. He isn’t anybody’s first choice but the price tag isn’t his fault. Give him games and let’s see how it goes. He is up against it with an incompetent guy like Arteta in charge, so I won’t blame him if things go pear shaped.

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