Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Ramsdale debut! Odegaard starts: West Brom v Arsenal team news

Arsenal take on West Brom this evening in the 2nd round of the Carabao Cup.

Here are the official line-ups.

West Brom: To follow


Arsenal: Ramsdale, Tavares, Chambers, Holding, Kolasinac, Elneny, Xhaka, Odegaard, Pepe, Saka, Aubameyang

Subs: Leno, Mari, Maitland-Niles, Sambi, Smith Rowe, Martinelli, Lacazette

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Kola ????


Shop window.


If you were selling used cars and put a beat up, rusty old Nissan Datsun 180B from 1980 in the shop window, do you think you’d get more or less customers? Those models have niche buyers that see it as a restoration job, they know it runs like shit. You don’t need to show them.

Morrisey fan #1

rest other folks who matter


We forced our new LB into a RB out of position role to accomodate Kolasinac? Wow.
And Xhaka-Neny… Dios mio, how many times do we have to watch that duo to realise it is about as functional as phone dropped into the shitter.

I thought the league cup was about trying something different and giving the youngsters a shot? I guess Mikel has other plans.

Bleeding gums murphy

He’s running scared. He slung the fa cup away last season now he is taking this serious


A scared Arteta seems to get even more stylistically conservative. Xhaka-Neny is literally the most boring, luke-warm midfield combination we could field on the pitch out of all possible options in our squad. Add in Kola…Jeez, I’m genuinely concerned we’re going to lose this game.


You know we’re not going to lose this game. Stupid line up no doubt just come on


I really hope your comment ages well…


It did age well

Giuseppe Hovno

Note to self: it’s ok to ignore Daveo


One positive of Kola at LB is he’s reticence to play the forward pass kills the “give it to Tierney” strategy and forces us to develop other means of getting the ball forward.


Be afraid.

Billy bob

Very afraid


i was confused myself….maybe trying to show him off for a purchase…or get him injured so that we keep him….strange one. I always loved him bc he is Bosnian and i was born in Bosnia. He did well (attacking wise) in Germany and I was excited when he joined. But the output has been poor and his confidence shattered….lets hope for something good

Looks good. Stronger line up than I was expecting.


Mainland Niles can’t get in over Kolasinac?

Goals for Auba and Pepe please.

Public Elneny

Can only guess that AMN has a potential transfer in the works that we don’t to jeopardise and Kola doesn’t


Even instead of elneny in his ‘preferred’ position. It’s like arteta can’t help himself but make this pointless decisions

Kampala g😀😀ner

Got ur wish


Seeing Kola’s name in the starting line up does the same thing to me that seeing Willian’s name did to me last year. That sinking feeling

Giuseppe Hovno

No way. Kola gives it his all even if hes not good enough. V different to Willian not really trying


FFS nuno as rightback?



I think Kola is playing as left CB


Quite interested to see how he does at RB. He just might turn out to be the best option. Which would say a lot considering he is our second choice LB. we desperately need better balance in treat position.

It’s so weird Arteta with Maitland-Niles, he played him in the FA cup run and we were successful (relative to last season and now anyway), he got a new contract, never played since???



Ahma Gooner

Holding and Chambers is a partnership I want to see. A good line-up in my opinion, hope they get the points 🤞🏾

Announce Bendtner

Good game to test Nunos ability as RB

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

It seems that Arteta is trying him as a RB. Hope this doesn’t mean that we can’t find a RB…


Dare I say it…… LANS????

Giuseppe Hovno

If you want arsenal to buy a new right back, having a potentially decent right back in the shape of Tavares strengthens their negotiating hand


Let’s try Saka as a CF too, why not.


Exactly. I want Arteta to succeed but it’s getting harder to believe in him. Regardless of the result, this is is just a really stupid line up.


We are going to lose aren’t we? 🙁


With Kolasinac and Elneny playing, there’s a good chance of that, yes.

Brady’s bunch

Anyone facing us at the min fancy’s their chances “come slay the once mighty Arsenal”


Was really hoping Azeez will be given chance :/

We need to keep the supply line rolling… Arteta hasn’t given any new debuts. Flo’s was tactical to get him to stay.


We officially have two games to score a goal for our YouTube channel to post, Goal of the month. Otherwise they’ll have to do with training goals only


Why is AMN even on the squad if he can’t start over two left backs one of them being Kolasinac whom we are actively trying to sell?!? I would take AMN over him any day even on the left.


My heart drops out of my arse when I see Colossal Snatch in the XI.


West Brom make 12 changes from their last league game including 5 debuts. If we can’t win this, and I mean handsomely, then what the actual hell are we doing?


They change their manager too?


Wish we’d do the same


Who is playing RB? Tavares? A strong indictment of our four actual RBs. I can’t believe Arteta picks Tavares over AMN.


He picked Kolasinac over AMN – that’s a far bigger issue IMO. WTF is Mikel doing here?


Shop window. You have to display the merchandise.


WhoTF is going to actually buy him? People know who he is, they know he’s not getting any better. Playing him here does zero for our prospects of selling him. It may actually be detrimental as he might stink the place out given how little he’s played and particularly not with this team.

Obama Young

And if he gets injured playing in this match? We are stuck with him until January at the earliest.
Other clubs have seen Kolasinac already. Video exists.
AMN could use the action too.


You’d think MA would try out AMN on the right…


I respect AMN for what he said in the summer, now he is paying the price. Called out the club publicly.

Could be Chambers right-back, Tavares left-back, and Holding-Kola in the middle.


That’s what BBC thinks but then again it’s the BBC…


Is arteta trying a 3-3-3-1 system? Back line seems to me like Nuno, Holding, Chambers then Kola, Xaka, Elneny infront of them then Saka, ødegaard, Pepe with Auba up top.




That’s too bad. I was excited to see speed passing and interchanges of 3-3-3-1 but looks like I’ll have to settle for Kola and Xaka backpassing from offensive positions back to GK.


I’ll be honest – not a clue how you think your suggested formation would work😂


Are you saying you don’t trust the process? How dare you sir? 😂


The lack of quickness of the defensive spine is scary. Let’s hope the outside backs aren’t sucked inside a la the Chelsea debacle. I can’t believe Arteta thought Saliba wasn’t ready for major minutes at Arsenal. I love Rob and Calum, but I don’t think any forwards are nervous about taking them on.


And Xhakneny will be too easy to play around.


C’mon Arsenal, can we please beat The Baggies? We need a W in the new season.

Man Manny

Some curious selections there. Let’s hope it works well at the end.

Baichung Bhutia

Is it written in Xhaka’s contract that he has to play every minute of every game. I really wanted to see a change there – maybe Lokonga and Elneny could provide more mobility. Or if not, play Elneny and then play ESR as well.

Lokonga will start on Saturday at City. 3 games in 7 days would be a lot for a 21 year old.


What the fuck?? Such a disjointed lineup, don’t know where to start… And xhaka will be with us til we the end of time…

Brady’s bunch

God we need a win tonight 🤞 really tough being made mugs of on every media outlet known to man.

Viju Jacob

What a weird team selection, holy shite. Kola is the left sided CB? Why not have Chambers and Holding as Cab’s and give AMN a chance at RB?
Xhaka again in CM with Elneny🤦. Can someone talk sense to Arseta?

In Arseta we rust.


Because, according to Arteta you are unable to play a left sided CENTER back if you are right footed or David Luiz. Who the hell would start our attacks create our chances then?! Ozil would be dream Arteta center back, not sure why that didn’t work 🤷

Billy bob

Only 48 comments and a minute to kick off lol guess a few of us are gluttons for punishment lol joking aside I hope we actually play some decent football!!!


Wow. Imagine being an Arsenal Right Back and seeing this vote of confidence.

Arteta rates Kolašinac more highly than any of them – that’s the only feasible explanation.

And don’t give me the shop window line – Kola and all our RB’s are in the shop window together.


Arteta looks so confused by a goal being scored he doesn’t know how to react.


You wait forever for a goal and then all of a sudden two come at the same time…


Ramsdale looks great with his feet – so much more confident on the ball !


A little early to say that don’t you think?

He’s played one half against a Championship side.

Let’s wait and see how he does in the PL before we use words like “great”.

Announce Bendtner

At least we know we can play/compete at championship level.

If only everyone played a high line against us.

Hank Scorpio

Don’t get too carried away. WBA made 11 changes for this game. I’m just enjoying the fact we are beating someone

Neil Bamford

Looked like there was a bit of an issue on the bench. All the players are talking and Arteta looks stressed


Aron Ramsdale should take No 1 keeper. Leno did mistakes last season and he didn’t show his better quality.

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