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Report: Fenerbahce closing in on Kolasinac deal

According to Football.London, Sead Kolasinac is on the verge of joining Fenerbahce on a permanent basis.

The 28-year-old has known for some time that his days at the Emirates are numbered. The left-back joined the Gunners on a free transfer from Schalke in 2017 but fell down the pecking order under Unai Emery when Kieran Tierney joined from Celtic in 2019.

Despite not having cover for the Scot, Mikel Arteta was happy to let Kolasinac re-join Schalke last January on loan.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina international returned to Gelsenkirchen in the hope of helping them avoid relegation and featured 18 times. Due to his six-figure salary, all parties agreed the relationship couldn’t continue after they finished bottom of the table.

Kola, who has one year left on his Arsenal contract, has been on the lookout for a new club ever since and it sounds like his close friendship with Mesut Ozil has paid off. The German, who joined Fenerbahce in January, has reportedly put in a good word for him with the club’s hierarchy.

The Gunners are set to receive a small transfer fee for the defender.

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Runcorn Gooner

When your first move is always backwards you are never going to be a very good player.


He was a very good player when he came here.

Johnny 4 Hats

Did anyone get weird Kolasinac flashbacks against Brentford when it was just all down the left side with Tierney smashing balls into the box? Felt very peak Kolasinac under late Wenger and then Emery. I’m going to sound horribly pompous here but I think having a guy who races forward like a tank and smashes in crosses is just fine in lesser leagues (sorry Bundeslige!) But in the Prem, if you don’t have a great deal of technical ability, positioning nouse and defensive competency, you’re going to get exposed. And my word Kola got exposed. More proof that free transfers… Read more »


Not sure why you’re getting downvoted… We signed someone who just had an amazing season and made the Bundesliga TOTS for free and who seemed to have all the qualities and physique to succeed in the prem back when we needed an upgrade/competition to monreal. It made perfect sense. Sure it didn’t work out, but I don’t think theres any part of the deal that we can be upset about – it made sense, it didn’t work. Shit happens. Its not like we splashed the cash for him. Also unlike the Ozil deal we’re ACTUALLY getting his wages off the… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

I’d absolutely love to believe we are getting his wages off the books. But I seriously doubt that Fenerbahce are stumping up a fee and £100k a week. Especially given that they recently admitted that arsenal paid all of Özil’s wages from January to the end of the season.

I’m sure this will get spun as another player out the door. But I’m not sure that we haven’t just paid another player off to leave.


Kola had good days and bad . Scored five goals one season which nothing to sniff at for a left back … Nearly double figures assists another ,as you say our best attacking threat for a while …poor in air for a talk left back Nd gave way some silly penelties..
I read we paying most of his wages
Good luck and well done for beat off the spurs supporter who tried to mug you and ozil

Johnny 4 Hats

The thing with so many of those transfers at that time was that they were perfectly good players, provided the team around them was perfectly good. This applies to Xhaka and Mustafi and Leno and Sokratis and Kolasinac. What players like Tierney, Saka and The Smith do is prove to us that they can play great while the rest of the group implodes around them. That’s real quality. And that’s why that glut of poorly recruited players that we signed are the reason that in 2021 we are a team that are mid table and struggling desperately to pull ourselves… Read more »


Didn’t they ask their fans for donations to afford Özil?

Johnny 4 Hats

I can’t speak for his wages going forward, but we absolutely paid every penny of his wages until his contract expired.

Q3 Technique

Realistically he had one or two good seasons before we signed him. Worth a punt with a free transfer but we over paid in wages, and there is no inherent benefit to a free transfer if the money saved on the transfer fee is just loaded onto the wages…

A Different George

I don’t think that was Kolasinac’s problem. At his best, he tried to race forward down the left flank, past anyone who tried to stop him. and either cut in towards the goal or send a very hard cross in. At his worst, he did the same thing.


Blame our system for never being able to see him running full speed. Same now. Slow, ponderous, boring, weak.


And people said the Ozil sale was a mess. We had it all planned from the beginning.


Mesut Ozil, still assisting Arsenal.

Bleeding gums murphy

I’ve gone over the Arsenal since seventies. Up there with the best I’ve seen. Privilege to watch him play.


🍺 👍


I have been blessed to see three Arsenal attacking midfielders, who had the world class ability to put the ball exactly where they wanted and pretty much dictate the positioning, play and subsequent influence of the other 21 players on the pitch for nearly the entire 90+.

Liam Brady, Dennis Bergkamp and Mesut Ozil.

Brady’s bunch

Is he going to play football or just be his wing man?? 🤔


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

“It’s not who you know- it’s who you blow”- Super Hans

Once, twice, three times el neny

“People like Coldplay and voting for the Nazis, you can’t trust people” Super Hans again, the man is a visionary

Daniel Wynne

So technically were going to make a profit, thats something i guess

Top Tier-ney

Probably not if you add up all the wages spent on him throughout the years, but he did play his fair share of games, and contributed well early on after his arrival, so there’s that I guess.


Hopefully this goes through. We’ve been fleeced by Turkish rumors more often than not.


Italian rumours joined the chat


They’ve got Özil, agent Özil!
I just don’t think they understand,

kola is so crap, we didn’t want him back,
but they’ve got agent Özil!


Good riddance to both.


“And their departure means we finally become title challengers”‘


👍 😂


Did I say that?
shall I counter with “Oh no, we got rid of Ozil just as he was about to blow the world away with wonderful performances like he has in the world class Turkish league”?
No, I prefer reality.


I didn’t think my rhyme was as bad as his performances for us.
I’ll have you guys chasing me around a stadium car park next!
it’s not as I was stupid enough to confront kola with a machete!

Arteta's Lost Tooth

Another Ozil Assist

Hank Scorpio

Can’t fault his effort but just not good enough. Hopefully this goes through and we manage to move on a few others before the transfer deadline

Teta's cult of personality

The car-jackers of Istanbul won’t know what hit them.

Any transfer fee greater than £1 is welcome and I hope the Sead will be able to reignite his career. I also heard Özil scored his 1st goal for Fener the other day.


To think i thought this guy was going to be the business once.

Ian Middlemist

Think a lot of us did. The guy is a unit and started off well enough but just seemed to fade out.


I thought the same about Mustafi and Xhaka…


He is going to save Özil’s ass again


For a player like Kolasinac its a dream come true. Huge salary for not doing anything AND with the comfort of knowing that Edu is so utterly inept in moving you on you can make a fortune – and if you are lucky he might even offer you a new contract.
How good is that?

Nicholas Jordan

I know Edu has played a role in many decisions which have not had the best interests of the club at heart but I think it’s safe to say there is no way in a million years Kolasinac will be offered a contract extension.


I dunno, he’ll probably feel like he wasted the best years of his career with us.
Might be one of those footballers who don’t really like football and see it just as a job?


Was exciting when he arrived…Alas we soon realised that his charging up the wing, knocking players off the pitch as he went…ended up with a shite final ball, time and time again.
If he looked up a bit more, had a little more accuracy, took a touch or two less he would have been providing 6+ assist a season.
Fingers crossed this is finally goodbye.

Arsene's Champagne Football

Good luck to Sead. He’s just one decent guy.


My favorite memory is him throwing up vs manu
I thought “man what a player with that energy and commitmant”

Well fuck that.

Good luck anyway lil batman


We’re getting a fee? For a player that everyone apart from isolated amazonian tribesmen know we want off the books?

WTF is going on? Has the world gone mad?


A really productive left wingback when playing in a team that uses a back 3. Unfortunately for Sead, Arsenal are not using that formation. I do feel for the player as his confidence is shot which I believe is in no small part down to the way he has been managed over the last few years. I think his attributes and style would suit Serie A, where a number of sides regularly use 5-3-2, 3-5-3 or 3-4-3 systems.

A Different George

He would have been a solid player in many Prem teams as well. And if he played for, say, Wolves–and if he were English–a lot of Arsenal fans would be demanding we buy him.


The joy of him joining was less than the joy of him leaving.


He could have been a good player in the right team, but his peak years have now been wasted. I always imagined he would give us the bite and aggression the team lacked, but that side never really materialised.

The title should be “Fenerbahce is on the verge of joining Sead Kolasinac on a permanent basis.”

Sead Kolasinac can strangle you with a cordless phone.

Sead Kolasinac can kill two stones with one bird.

Sead Kolasinac sleeps with a pillow under his gun.

Sead Kolasinac makes onions cry.

When Sead Kolasinac was born he drove his mum home from the hospital.

Best of luck Sead.


🍺 👍 🙂

Brady’s bunch

Ozil’s assist king

Merlin’s Panini

He looked fucking great when he first signed. I remember Alan Shearer saying he could be the signing of the season after his first couple of games. A shame he just seemed to lose what he had and got found out as the limited player he is.
I hope he has a good career in Turkey from here.


Exactly, scored about five goals one season from lb as well


Says every thing you need to know about Shearers ability to read the quality of a player.


What a world we live in when a six figure salary refers to per week.

It’s a little sad whenever a Wenger signing leaves the club.

Still about 12 or so left if you include Hale End graduates.

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