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Report: Odegaard’s return to Arsenal back on

According to Norwegian station TV2, Arsenal have reignited talks with Real Madrid as we look to secure Martin Odegaard on a permanent deal in the coming days.

Despite links with Houssem Aouar and James Maddison, it’s no secret that the 22-year-old is top of Mikel Arteta’s shopping list as we look to provide support to Emile Smith Rowe.

Arteta was very impressed with the way Odegaard acclimatised to life in England and spoke in glowing terms about his mentality on and off the pitch. In total he played 20 games for the Arsenal, scoring twice and making two assists.

Having kept a close eye on his performances at the Emirates, Madrid were happy to recall Odegaard from his six-month loan spell and hinted that he’d be given more regular opportunities under new boss Carlo Ancelotti.

At that point, it looked like a deal with the Gunners was off – Odegaard even released a farewell message to the Arsenal fans – but pre-season hasn’t gone to his liking and he’s not had the reassurances he wanted to commit to another year in the Spanish capital.

Arsenal’s eagerness to do a deal, which could cost up to €45 million, should be helped by Real’s financial situation; they need to raise funds and will also be trying to offload Dani Ceballos.

TV2 states that Odegaard will not be in the Madrid squad for their opening game of the new season with Alaves.

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Alex Nagy

YES! *Insert LUIZ gif of him celebrating with Brazil*


….. and Sokratis celebrating a last minute tackle


Happy for this to come to fruition




I hope we can get this done quickly. Usually it’s an incredibly long drawn-out wait between someone credible posting this sort of news to Arsenal actually announcing the signing


If we can get it done in eighteen days, I’m good with it. 👍🏻


Agreed, but seeing this done in time for the Chelsea game would be great.

If Martin’s mind is made up, and we get the money from Willock, I don’t see why we couldn’t finish all this in less than a week.

Teta's cult of personality

I really hope it doesn’t go through. I can’t help but feel that €50 million for Ødegaard is quite a waste of money. I’m also not privy to the idea of the club overpaying just so Real Madrid can make another unnecessary Galatico signing in Mbappe or Haaland. We should have continued our internet in Christopher Nkunku. His play style is far more dynamic and high tempo than Ødegaard’s classic 10 style. He can also play in CM and as a second striker comfortably. I think that is what this team really needs. Fluid players that can fit mutliple formations.… Read more »


I agree Nkunku is a good player and a great option for us. But does he really want to play for Arsenal? We’re not the attraction we used to be and I’m sure he has suitors elsewhere

Teta's cult of personality

He was very interested when Emery requested for him. Though that was when we were in Europa and his former coach was still here.


Haaland Had a clause for the Fee. Like nkunku alot but would prefer sabitzer If we Go shopping in Leipzig.


I rather we pay more for a player we really want than go for the cheaper alternative that we will be stuck with. How much have we spent on second rate or alternatives but ended up paying more in the end because we could not shift them.

To your point, Nkunku for me is already similar to ESR so Ø offers a different profile for flexibility.

Teta's cult of personality

Nkunku has played more than 5 games in 6 different positions though the bulk of his appearances have come in CM and CAM. Meanwhile Ødegaard has played more than 5 games in 3 different positions. If anything, I believe Ø is less versatile because he plays less positions and his strengths are also what Nkunku is good at.


You may have missread my comment, we should not priorise Nkunku because we already have ESR. Ø offers a different profile that we have lacked since Özil.

Teta's cult of personality

Yes I did. Apologies


Tv2 has a very good record for Norwegian rumors when doing stories like this, especially when using this confident wording… They do just a couple of stories like this a year.


I am delighted to hear that. But if it doesn’t happen I will never trust you again! 😁



Parisian Weetabix

I’m going to need you to cite examples because I really want to believe you but am also very wary of putting my faith in the hands of some guy on the internet. It’s how flat earthers are born after all.

Baichung Bhutia

I would be happy with Odegaard signing. The positive for the transfer window is that we haven’t made a wasted signing after we seem to have pulled out of the Ramsdale deal. Odegaard would also be a good addition to our window.
Selling Xhaka and getting a mobile defensive midfielder, and a right back would make the team look more complete. It’s possible we won’t be able to do that this window.

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Selling Xhaka is definitely off this window bar a miracle.

If there were others besides Roma, I reckon we wouldn’t have offered him an extension and thereby, giving him options.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Xhaka hasn’t signed the offer. It’s not done until it’s done.


If this is actually true it is bloody embarrassing. A guy we couldn’t sell, so we hit the panic button and offer and ridiculous 4 year deal, only for that guy with only one valid suitor to stall on the offer. It’s Nketiah all over again. What the fuck are these clowns doing?

[please don’t sign Granit, please don’t sign Granit, please don’t sign Granit]…

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

The fact that we’re hoping he doesn’t sign, and that the offer is on the table, tells me something is wrong with us.

Giuseppe Hovno

For me, if we get Odegaard and a backup goalie, then i guess that we would need to sell anyone before we can replace them – if we can sell Laca and bring in a new striker or sell Bellerin and bring in a new rightback, would be an excellent transfer window


Willian and Bellerin have to go. A decent backup GK is needed, but I suspect Edu will try to loan some goalkeeper instead.

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Short though it was, I’ve got a feeling Odegaard loves us as much as we love him

And he’s coming back for more.


Now the hard bit of shifting at least 5 squad members!


It has felt like this was coming. Almost like it was just a case of having to wait for Ancelotti to have a look at him properly before deciding. A bit like Arteta with Willock.

…and really bad eggs

This is actually a great comparison. They know he’s good, but because of their situation feel like he is expandable. Especially, as he is also willing to join the other club he was on loan to fit 6months

Once a gunner

Make this deal quickly and sign another good creative midfielder and we will be competitive again


Good piece of news. Before his loan with us last season I was concerned about his lack of speed but I’ve seen his movements and his work ethics and he just clicks with the team. He’s not fast but he does not stop running. He will help ESR as well in his development. Good piece of business in my opinion if they can get it done.


I am too happy to see Odegaard in Arsenal, I admire his play style and skill as one of long lasting Arsenal Fan


Apart from signing a lovely player we will also be afforded the luxury of him already knowing the club and the team so there shouldn’t be a prolonged period of him settling in. If we get him and a back-up GK we have done a solid bare minimum in the transfer window. A striker and/or RB would be needed to really improve us but with Martin, Tavares and a GK we are not looking at a ruined team if one of Leno, Tierney or ESR picks up a knock.


I won’t be doing cartwheels (not that I can anymore) if we do bring him back on a permanent transfer. I thought he was OK but not at the level we aspire to be. If we can’t bring in a better creative midfielder then I would prefer another loan.


This surprises me. Are there other options you’d prefer? I’d certainly consider him better than Maddison and at less of a cost. The Aouar stuff seems to be off due to agents, attitude etc etc

Selling Willock for 20m and buying Odegaard for 40m is excellent business.

Teta's cult of personality

I think neither is good business tbh. You should read what some of Newcastle fans are saying about Willock’s reported fee.

Both fees come across as a club desperate to sell and desperate to buy.

Bleeding gums murphy

25 million for Willock is an out and out result. Watched his mini goal run, it wasn’t that spectacular. About 4 of 8 goals where scuffed and one was a terrible penalty scored on rebound. A little purple patch me thinks. Wish the kid well.

Teta's cult of personality

Mate, he’s a midfielder not a striker. Even if he scores with his bum 5 times, that’s still 5 goals. His xG was 4.85 according to Understat and 5.35 according to OvO. So simulated across a full season of football, he can still get 7-11 goals in all competitions. Which is still very good for a central midfielder.

The evidence tells me there’s more to come from him.


Fresh of smashing a goal scoring record and an excellent loan spell and he still has no place in a midfield devoid of goals. And all we manage to get is 40% of the fee we paid for White, who has less EPL experience. My Toon mate is dancing with glee: “literally haven’t been this excited about a Newcastle transfer since about 1997” My response: “I’m happy for you, really fucking happy for you…[insert depression emoji]” The Marty O price is decent in my opinion (not great), but its still 7M more than villa paid for Buendia, who IMO is… Read more »

Teta's cult of personality

I’m happy to hear the lad is at least appreciated by Toon fans. The way some Gooners talk about Willock, you’d think he stole their lunch money. I don’t know… I just don’t see that spark in Ødegaard. That innate hunger to push oneself on the pitch. He hasn’t really made his mark yet, which is why I think the reported fee is too much. We’re the only interested club, so how is it that the selling club appears to be dominating the negotiations. I guarantee you Daveo, if the lad wasn’t a Real Madrid graduate and a celebrity since… Read more »


It’s because we focus too much on singular targets… And then get schooled by the sellers because we’re so desperate. Seems to happen with most every signing we make now. It has to be player X or we’re kinda fooked…

Teta's cult of personality

That makes a lot of sense


Arsenal run by inferior management. They sold Willock for 22 million and then they are going to sign Odegaard for 34 million. Both players had excellent second half loan spell last season but I believe Willock was better.


I want the copeium your smoking.


Can’t really argue that Willock had a cracking second half loan spell…


Us Arsenal fans have needed a lot of Copeium over the years.


Don’t hate me too much. The Odegaard signing is a decent signing, But it’s nowhere near the level of when we signed on Ozil.


I hate to be a downer as well, but I think he’s not really what we need. He’s silky, a gifted dribbler, and his work rate and attitude are fantastic. But we need a player who can bring goals from midfield in addition to supply, and he’s not that guy.

Tampa Jack

Odegaard may not be bringing in more than a few goals from midfield but I think having another creative in there next to ESR is going to open things up for ESR to score more. Those guys linked up really well last season especially before MO’s ankle sprain and ESR seems intent on letting it rip this year.

Teta's cult of personality

Most moments of Smith Rowe’s good form occurred when Ødegaard wasn’t in the lineup.


Completely disagree. The player you described is exactly what we need, a genuinely good footballer. It feels like forever that ive felt excited at this team, and im probably not the only one. I think Odegaard will bring alot of that silky beautiful football back to the club, and give us fans something to enjoy.


Balance and structure, Arteta, like Pep, has a formula that requires specific skills and style in virtually each position. How did Arsenal rank in defense and scoring the last half of last season? Top 3 on both I believe. We have a plethora of highly regarded attacking players that need a type of balance and structure to thrive in games where teams park the bus. I think Arteta saw a combination of skills, attitude and style that his team needs and I hope he is correct. COYG!


Not that guy… yet! He’s 22 FFS.


Don’t hate me too much. Your comment is a decent comment, but it’s nowhere near the level of some of the other comments above….


This has really cheered me up. I love the calmness this guy brings to our attack. For me a perfect signing. I’m confident if he can get a permanent move, he will be even more settled this season. Another 23 year old with a long contract, Arteta’ rebuild is taking shape in this window. I can’t see anything negative with Odegaard joining us. I would like hm to start showing us he’s shooting talent, last season situations presented themselves around the box, where I’d like to see him have a pop at goal (maybe coaches need to concentrate on encouraging… Read more »


We should go to them and speak to them like the window advert.


they should chuck Ceballos in for free, they could do with lowering their wage bill.


And what do you suggest we do with Ceballos? Please don’t tell me you’d have him in our midfield?


He is good at diving.


Mate, why on earth would we want Ceballos anywhere near the Emirates?

I’m sure we’ve already got enough programme sellers.


Agree. Madness.

Sam I Am

I’m curious to know if any other clubs are in for him. Anyone know?


Good news.

Make it happen.


so basically same team as last season. Im not that impressed with Odegard. Not at Santi level tbh.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

How many players out there are at Santi’s level?


Mate, given that with tightwad Kroenke at the helm we will NEVER be in for the top top players that go to City and Chelsea, we could do an awful lot worse than sign this lad. He already knows the ropes, has Premier League experience, has potential to become a very good player – and most important of all – he can help take up the slack when ESR will need a break. Not a marquee signing by any stretch of the imagination, but, as I said, with the the current awful regime in place, marquee signings for this club… Read more »


Hope we get this one over the line. That and a competent no2 keeper would give me confidence that we could just about challenge for top 4. Otherwise, we would do very well to make top 6.


Odegaard is class. A true top-tier and uniquely talented footballer. I really believe he will be a huge asset for us this season and convert the (what seems like) many doubters.


Just please don’t let us settle for Ceballos again.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

This doesn’t even excite me.
Nothing against the boy, but as we’re now in the position of being zero injuries away from Xhaka starting, I think that’s the position that needs to be prioritised.

Tasmanian Jesus

YES! Come to the Arsenal my fellow norwegian!
I’ll pass on Ceballos tho..

Alexander Khlapov

Odegaard and back up keeper and RB is a minimum that we will need for a good season, i can’t believe a club like Arsenal has no 2nd keeper on the first day of the season.

Morrisey fan #1

My guess would be another loan deal with option to buy at the end….. fingers crossed!

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