Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Arsenal 3-1 Sp*rs – player ratings

First half goals from Emile Smith Rowe, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Bukayo Saka helped Arsenal to a 3-1 win over Sp*rs at the Emirates this afternoon.

It was a first half demolition, and although they got one back in the second half, there was no doubt about who dominated the game, and it was a reminder that they will always be second best despite the occasional win.

Also, Harry Kane falling over and Arsenal scoring from the resulting counter-attack is a thing of genuine beauty.

Enjoy everyone!

Read the Arsenal 3-1 Sp*rs match report and see the goals here

Arsenal 3-1 Sp*rs – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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I love Emile Smith-Rowe


Safe to say the kids are alright. But my oh my! Can’t believe Tomiyasu is only 22. I’m getting his shirt. There’s just this steely reassurance he brings. Love him already and long may it continue.

The Arsenal

His presence just makes me smile.

Top Tier-ney

Yeah, if you look at the “youngsters” we bought, a lot of them seem really mature beyond their years, and I don’t think it’s an accident either, in fact I think it’s a major part of why we went for the players we did. But yeah, just look at Ramsdale, Odeegard and Tomiyasu for example, how composed and self-assured do they look on the pitch? Quite impressive for lads aged 23, 22 and 22 respectively, and then there’s also Lokonga who wouldn’t have captained Anderlecht at such a young age if he didn’t have a smart and cool hand on… Read more »

John C

As i mentioned before, where this “youth” project differs from previous ones is the youngsters we’ve bought this time are experienced and proven. All have played over 100 first team matches, which is a large enough sample size to know whether or not they’re up to the task

Top Tier-ney

smart and cool head on him*


Spike spiegel

haha @ spurns

TomiGUNyasu, probably the best purchase this summer!!!

Timorous Me

One downvote, I assume because that person also loves him but isn’t willing to share. Understandable.

David C

Happy 50th birthday to Blogs as well!!!

What a present the team got you 🙂


That’s what we think of Arsenal today. But what, ladies and gentlemen, do we think of Tottenham?

Parisian Weetabix



Do we even think of them?


That, my friend is the right question


I’ve already forgotten which Championship club we tossed around today. Which little cup competition was this again?



Arsene's Zip

What do we think of shit?

Kanu Believe It


Arsene's Zip

Thank you


That’s alright!


St totteringham.. St totteringham..


Thsts alright

Naked Cygan


Johnny 4 Hats

The petition starts here:

Nuno for tenure

What a bag of absolute wank they are. Still have no idea why Son signed a new deal recently. Harry looks ready to down tools. Eric Dier still plays for them. Emerson Royal cost £10m more than Tomi and looks half the player.

I think we are moving back into normality after a funny old decade. Sp*rs will not be part of the next super cup coup, put it that way.

A Different George

Eric Dier. For sure.

The Arsenal

Planet Dire. Theres shit and slow than there is Dier.

Corona XY

What happened there? They had the likes of Vertonghen and Alderweireld, and now they’re lining up with fucking Dier.

Don’t get me wrong, I FUCKING LOVE IT! But some heads should be rolling over there…

A Different George

We don’t care much about them, but it’s clear they are in a serious crisis, in large part because they built an incredibly expensive new stadium in North London. Hmm.

Alan Mackay

Sp*rs in a European Super cup? Like me walking into the Crucible and putting a pound coin down.

Joe Grosskopf







With regards to the player rating…..In the spirit of Oprah, “You get a 10, You get a 10, You get a 10…..everyone gets a 10”

The Arsenal

Poop…..and they had a hand in AJ losing his titles. Absolute bottlers.

haha @ spurns

It’s NOTtenham or Spurns, get it right


0/10 for the sp*rs fans who were crooning “mind the gap” after only 3 games of a new season. They never learn, do they?

Anthony McCabe

No they don’t and I hope they never change.


Please don’t give any more likes to this comment. Keep it at 49 🙂


But they are so cute and busy.


They truly are the cuntiest cunts in Cuntville.

The Arsenal

The greatest times in their history and some of the worst of ours and we are still better than them. Absolute shambles they are. Probably make a DVD of us making a DVD.


Happy 50th birthday blogs ♥️ thankyou for being there for us always.


Happy bday Mr. Mangaan! can’t wait for the next arsecast extra hype in spotify!

Mayor McCheese

I always wondered whether on account of Joyce’s “Araby,” people used to ask Andrew if he had a good-looking sister, and just how tired that bit of witlessness must have felt. I’m tired just thinking of it.


Oh! Thanks for reminding about that beautiful story!

Mayor McCheese

It’s a great story.


🎵 Cause he’s a jolly good fellow! (…) 🎵

Corona XY

I see there’s a couple of Spuds on the blog today, downvoting everything. Oh well, if it helps them cope…

Meanwhile we can all laugh at them 🙂

Happy Birthday boss!!

Morrisey fan #1

Watching Auba work so hard made my day no matter the result. Keep it up boys!

Tomi - not from Japan

He challenged all aerial balls not worrying too much about his hairstyle!
That really made my day 😀


I hate Spurs

Baichung Bhutia

I would like to add shipping containers are too big for them.


Hate is too big a word for the spuds
I laugh at, or pity them. Not even worthy of hatred!


Are you really Baichung Bhutia?


Are you really a naan bread?


Naah bruv he ain’t Bhaichung

Crash Fistfight

Don’t you mean “naan bruv”?


Oh the delight!


Happy birthday Andrew!!!


…and still not old enough to have seen Spuds win the league!


And never will be. 😊


Haven’t enjoyed an Arsenal game like that for a long, long time. The tide is turning.

Naked Cygan

Amazing first half and a great result. Felt like we could have kept going 2nd half was a bit flat. We need to start every game how we started today.


Arteta yes, nu…no


Obama Young

Happy birthday Bloggs!
Why can’t you have a 50th birthday every time Arsenal plays?


True love.


Well that was fun, whole team played well. The back 5 have to keep playing together and keep getting better, there is a lot of promise. Special shout out to ESR for his goal, it was coming. Loved Auba´s Henry celebration with Henry himself in the stadium 🙂 Hopefully nothing serious for Granit as well he was good today.


by the way, was that Daniel Ek (Spotify dude) sitting with him?

Julian Pan

It was.


Happy Birthday, Blogs!

Thierry Ennui

Your birthday got a mention in the matchday programme Blogs. Friends in high places!!


That explains why the team came out so fired up. 😉

Lord Bendnter

I think you missed one:

Great officiating. Hates Sp*rs


As at the moment of writing this, Arsenal Women are 2-0 up against City….
Just gets better doesn’t it?? 😁😁


With a world class bench to call upon in the second half. We really are gargantuan


London is red, and Hertfordshire too technically






Happy birthday blogs! You deserve this present 🙂


Happy 50th birthday, Blogs! Thank you for being there with us through thick and thin. Your blogs and podcasts are a huge part of my joy in being an Arsenal fan, and I can’t wait for Monday already. What a fantastic turnaround to the season! I love our team.

Corona XY

Who the fuck says “I can’t wait for Monday”? What’s even more crazy is that I agree with you 🙂


And tomorrow will be the goodliest of goodly mornings…


Happy Birthday blogs… Onwards and upwards.. COYG


Kane didnt just fall over and spring the counter-attack, he actually ran back and made the assist for Sakas goal.


The sort of box to box player that only sp*rs could have.

The Arsenal

All action performance from him. Was our 13th man.

Tierneys tescobag

Happy birthday blogs! And happy birthday to all other arsenalfans when you have your birthday. I love you all!


I turned 50 this year too. Days like today make it fucking excellent.

Old Stimmo

This week we are mostly eating Spuds…




And roasted!


happy birthday blogs!
unrelated, but as i type it’s half time in the ladies game, we lead 2-0 against citeh
life is good innit


Tomi what.. Tomi who??… Ramsdale communicating and congratulating his defence when they make a clearance. Bossing the box. The fucking ozil esque pass by emile , and Freddie movement in the box. Then 10 minutes later he’s blocking a cross by our corner flag thaf goes to a goal kick. A proper 10 who’s e rdhwhere. I watched Swedish broadcast and Freddie was pundit. Kept talking about emile and saka qualities and how they were as 15 year old.. The other pundit was I know Freddie is too humble to say that he had a huge influence on the hale… Read more »


Lucky you! I had to listen to the b*tchy Andy Townsend crying all the time – “Maybe there was a foul on Hojberg by Xhaka, he was definitely on the wrong side of the tackle” “Spurs have been very good in this half, they didn’t even have to do much to turn up” and mother of all “they did the right thing by not stopping play and scoring, you just have to keep going”


Bitchy is bad, but it’s always nice to hear the distress in the voices of the less complimentary commentators. Most of them are such twats that even with a career in the game behind them they can’t make any sense.


was looking forward for proper rating, well fuck it. happy birthday! and what a nice present.


Suuuper super Tom, Suuuper super Tom Suuuper super Tom Super Tomiyasu!


Let’s keep this momentum onto the next match. WE NEEDED THIS WIN but let’s not get carried away and hope to take all 3 points at Brighton.

Obama Young

We have taken care of business by beating 3 small clubs, but Brighton could be topping the league when we play them. We have to show we can get it done against better teams.

A Different George

We beat Only Norwich, Only Burnley, and Only Spurs.

Jo Jeffery

Can’t believe I gave Xhaka along with everyone else a 10. Would have liked to have given ESR and Tierney an 11.

Jon Cox

Happy birthday Andrew! Been reading for years and years but I’ve never posted. Hope you had a great day😉

Dublin Gooner

What a day to make your debut. Fair play.

Winterburns right wand

Happy birthday Blogs. Here’s a *boilk* for you to cut and paste tomorrow if you need it.


Usually games like this we lose or draw after an European game week. So I think the lack of euro competition could play in our favour. The whole team was extra motivated but the real test will be to sustain this win and beat Brighton next week. Apart from the youngsters I think partey was exceptional today.

Paul Smith

Tomi was excellent. Brilliant signing. Really like him.


Happy Birthday Blogs! The best possible 🎁🎉

Billy bob

First time I have seen 10s dished out so willingly by blogs lol a NLD victory has that impact – come on you gunners


Only Norwich, only Burnley, ONLY sp*rs


Happy 50th Bogs! Here’s wishing you many more birthdays. And let them all be filled with NLD wins. COYG


And yes, that typo is embarrassing. No offence Blogs 😉

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

Happy birthday mate! This is Arsenal supporting supporters too! (Kudos to the Club)


The attacking players just fantastic but, I have to say, this back 5… we really have something to build on there.


Happy birthday, Blogs!!!


Did anyone see those two “ITK” [email protected] on Sky Sports News on transfer deadline day laughing about the signing of Tomiyasu? They can shove that up their rectums. He looks great, love his physicality!

Dublin Gooner

We’ve unearthed a gem

Top Tier-ney

He may “not really be a right-back, and not really be a centre-back” either, which has apparently been offered to most Premier League clubs this summer, but I’d sure as hell take such a performer for under 20 million pounds over the likes of blunt force instrument that is Kurt Zouma that West Ham for example spent 30 million pounds on.

Smart buy Tomi is for sure, and his steely presence is exactly what we’ve been missing in that back five. ( I always count the keeper )

Berak Sat

Hahahahahaha the comments for each players @@


On behalf of all shipping containers worldwide, please don’t compare them to Tottenham. Shipping containers have a purpose, whereas the Scum don’t.
It’s a shame though we couldn’t see Sheringham crying…

Top Tier-ney

I think you might be a tad unfair to the scum here.

I reckon they do have a purpose actually, and it is to be beaten and ridiculed, mostly by us Gooners too. 😀


whole team played well.
Defense is really solid already but possible to be better by knowing each other.

Obama Young

Tomorrow on the Arsecast should be the goodliest morning in a really long time!

Jane Stylianou



Brilliant, can’t argue with that.


Yes yes yes! Happy Birthday Blogs, you are 10 out of 10 mate 🥳


..and allegedly hates Spuds.

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