Sunday, July 14, 2024

Holding and Elneny to miss Burnley trip

Arsenal have confirmed that Rob Holding and Mo Elneny will miss Saturday’s trip to Burnley while they recover from injuries.

The latest report from the medical team reports that Holding suffered heavy bruising to his right knee in training last week while Elneny strained his hamstring in the Interlull behind-closed-doors friendly with Brentford.

Both were absent from Saturday’s win over Norwich but could be in contention for upcoming matches with AFC Wimbledon and Sp*rs.

While Granit Xhaka has recovered from Covid-19, and returned to training, he remains unavailable until the north London derby while he serves the final two games of his suspension.

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Crash Fistfight

I thought Rob Holding might have had a strained follicle.

Johnny 4 Hats

I heard he had a hairline fracture.

Azeez Is Good

Did he get it against Barnet?

Johnny 4 Hats


Azeez Is Good

That’s the thing about footballers. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Johnny 4 Hats

It would appear Holding’s game time is not the only thing that’s receding.

Azeez Is Good

Yup. It’s a close shave but I think he might get the chop.

Johnny 4 Hats

He’s just not a Grade 1 defender and needs to trim some of the mistakes out of his game.

Azeez Is Good

It’s a tough call. Arteta needs to mullet over.

Johnny 4 Hats

He needs conditioning. He looks dull and lifeless at times.

Azeez Is Good

And he needs to be louder on the field. More volume. And more product would be nice too.

Hank Scorpio

He will have to comb over every detail before making a decision


Think the injury was actually the result of a nasty scissor tackle in training someone combed right through him.


Hopefully he can gel with the new guys

Azeez Is Good

Well a lot of his old crew got cut.

Mike Lowry

He might be out for a whal…


Otherwise, he’ll be parting

Mike Lowry

Might be because of his hairdonistic lifestyle…

Hank Scorpio

He’ll be playing no part in the Burnley game. Thankfully hair apparent at right centre back Ben White played well last week.


Azeez you a legend.. like you should be a comedian. No cap!


Playing an injured Holding would have been a bald choice.


It’s pretty clear White and Gabriel are head and shoulders above the rest of our CBs.


Dam, I see Hank scooped me on this already…I’ll see myself out.


Hair today gone tomorrow…


Leon claims another scalp

A Different George

I feel like I’m reading The Guardian.


this thread is crazy.. lol..

Azeez Is Good

It’s bobbed along nicely. Thanks for rooting for it.

Azeez Is Good

Toupee 2 million for Holding is still a sharp bit of business. At one stage I thought he was being groomed for captain.

Azeez Is Good

If he does move on, I hope we insert a salon clause.

Johnny 4 Hats

This is the best one!

Game over. Azeez win!


I’ve got something he’ll never have……

Mike Lowry

Someone needs to tell him… he who hairs wins.

Hank Scorpio

He certainly stands head and shoulders above many of his teammates


Let’s hope that even without Holding, we can still get Burnley’s scalp.

Crash Fistfight

Best Treehouse of Horror story title ever: Hell Toupee

Mike Lowry

Forget the ultimate horror Hellraiser… it’s Hairraiser.


Rob Holding low key reading through this comment section and inevitably laughing out loud


Yeah, he might think it was funny, but he’d keep it under his hat.


Might it all have to do with him missing Steve Bould?


Hahaha. Thoroughly enjoyed the below, well played all


Trying to read Arseblog through my lunch but mane, you guys are crazy

Quentin Quarantino

One downvoter needs a sense of humour transplant…


Oh well. At least he’s not playing for the gum chewing head with the red nose or he’d be getting the hairdryer treatment.


He’ll need to be hair to stop mane when Liverpool come to town


Pity for Rob. Thought he really showed a lot of growth the last two seasons. I’m sure he is dyeing for another opportunity.


He’s more tortoise than hair, yet he’ll never win a race


Oh this thread is hair-larious! In all honesty though, I think it will be a pretty close shave but Rob’s time at the Arsenal might be cut short. I feel for the guy though, for a while there, he was a breath of fresh hair! In my opinion, he’s a better defender than Mari and Chambers, I hope he can straighten it out, he’s too young to dye! If he can compose himself and not do such a brush job in possession then he would be a great fringe player! I now think this thread is full to the thrim,… Read more »


We seem to be have more players getting injured in training than in games of late.

Azeez Is Good

Finding out we are missing Holding and Elneny is a bit like hearing that Rylan will no longer present Dancing while Baking.

Crash Fistfight

He’s hosting the ITV version instead: Dancing While Baking On Ice


I’m keen to see an unchanged team for Burnley, anyone else?


Agreed but with Partey starting


ESR from the start too?


Maybe Partey from the start, otherwise I’d not change things, maybe take him off after the hour if things are going our way. We’ll be wanting him the next weekend.

There will be a midweek game for AMN and a few others to get a few minutes.


Saka seems to be off his best the last 2-3 games. Maybe he is carrying a knock. ESR has been bright. I would go with Partey coming in for AMN and ESR coming in for Saka. Partey for Sambi would also be okay for me.

A Voice in the Noise

Hopefully we’ll play the same XI that won against Norwich.
Expecting a frustrating game against Burnley (as always), but we’ve got the quality to beat them!


Hopefully we can get at least 60-70 minutes out of Partey, and there’s a conversation to be had over Smith Rowe’s inclusion

But at least 9 out of 11 from Norwich game should stay the same

I’d like to see this

.Tomiyasu Gabriel
White Partey Tierney
.Odegaard Smith Rowe

Move Tomiyasu central to deal with the aerial threat of Burnley

Play Tierney a bit deeper, which should give us the luxury of 5 attacking players in the final third

Burnley are there for the taking, we should go straight for the throat


That’s fine with me


Holding probably stayed on in The Tollington after filming!

Funsho Patrick

It’s time we saw partey and sambi in midfield together…


The last line of article hangs like an impending storm cloud of doom over all our heads.

Cranky Colin

Granit back for the NLD😂😂😂😂🙀🙀🙀…. you couldn’t script it.
Another 3 match ban incoming…..


hair implant for Rob , generously donated by Mo…that’s the “injury” 🙂

Laca New Signing

I can’t wait for the time MA tries out a 4-3-3 system with a back 5 of Rambo/ Tierney/Gabbie/White/Tomi, Partey in front of the defence flanked by ESR and MØ in midfield and a front 3 of Auba/Laca/Saka.

On the bench Eddie, Pepe, Sambi, Gabi, Tavares, Cedric, AMN, Chambers, Leno


Swap Lacca with Sambi?


Must have slipped at Tollingtons after a pint




Two of the most biased referees lined up as main ref and fourth official for the game.

PL still punishing Arsenal with fixtures and refereeing for trying to breakaway…

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