Monday, July 22, 2024

Report: Burnley 0-1 Arsenal (inc goal)

Arsenal: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Odegaard, Smith Rowe, Saka, Pepe, Aubameyang

Subs: Leno, Holding, Cedric, Tavares, Mari, Maitland-Niles, Sambi, Lacazette, Martinelli

Arsenal made it two 1-0 wins in a row as Martin Odegaard’s free kick was enough to take all three points against Burnley at Turf Moor today.

Mikel Arteta went with a very attacking line-up, adding Thomas Partey and Emile Smith Rowe to the side that started last week against Norwich, at the expense of Albert Sambi Lokonga and Ainsley Maitland-Niles.

The Gunners started brightly, with plenty of possession, and some early danger as Odegaard sent Tierney in behind, but the home side defended it well enough. At the other end, a long ball saw a shot over the bar from Barnes, and sloppy Arsenal play saw the New Zealander with another chance but it was headed wide.

Barnes picked up a yellow card for putting a hand into the face of Tierney, before Westwood followed him into the book on the half hour mark for a cynical trip on Saka. It gave Arsenal a free kick on the top of the D, and Odegaard punished them to the fullest extent by curling it over the wall and into the back of the net. 0-1.

Gabriel produced a stunning tackle in the box to deny Barnes a chance after he’d slipped off the shoulder of Ben White, while just before half-time Pepe set up Smith Rowe whose first time shot was just a bit high/wide. There was also time for an Arsenal break which should have come to more, but Saka’s touch for the final pass was just too heavy and Burnley cleared.

Neither manager made a change at half-time, and a sloppy start from the men in yellow handed Burnley some momentum and a corner which produced some genuine danger, and a shot which Ramsdale had to save. A good move between Saka and Auba saw a chance created for Smith Rowe, but on his left foot the attempted finish was weak and easy for the keeper.

Sean Dyche made a double change in the 57th minute, sending on Cornet and Vydra for Barnes and Gunmundsson, and the Ivorian almost made an immediate impact, drawing an excellent save from Ramsdale after the ball broke to him in the box. Mikel Arteta responded with a change of his own, as Sambi replaced Smith Rowe in the 61st minute, and another Arsenal break should have produced more but Pepe’s pass to Auba was poor and Burnley cleared.

It was frenetic stuff, with Arsenal not helped by poor decision making in the final third when they did get that far up the pitch. Then there was penalty drama, as a White pass to Ramsdale was under-hit, the keeper got the ball, and referee Anthony Taylor pointed to the spot. However, after a VAR check, the decision was overturned, much to the displeasure of the home crowd.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles came on to replace Partey on 75 minutes, Gabriel produced another couple of blocks, and Tavares came on for Tierney with ten minutes to go. A poor touch from Saka in the box saw a chance to double the lead go begging, and as Burnley looked for the equaliser, Arsenal nerves were jangling.

Vydra headed wide in the four minutes of injury time, Tavares picked up a booking then drove upfield and fired a shot wide, before Rodriguez headed wide in the last few seconds.

In the end, an ugly win, but a win nonetheless!

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Fantastic result. Spot-on decisions by Arteta – 433 to start, 4231 to control the game. Nothing crazy, but effective, and players matched to roles.

Some of our attacking guys have to take responsibility for not quite finding the right pass on the counter-attack, but overall great result.


Very much agree. Happy with the win and the dogged performance.

But on the ball we have to improve. As much as I love him (and he did win us the FK for the goal), Saka’s passing was really poor today. Pepe similar – he had a great chance to play Auba through on goal to seal the game and delivered a weak little pea-roller that was easily intercepted. I think they intentionally didn’t water the pitch which didn’t help, but still.

3 pts though, UTA!


Saka looked off the pace pretty much all game in my opinion. I reckon he would have been substituted if not for the knocks to Tierney and Partey. Not just in terms of passing, but had some really bad touches as well. Hopefully a rest for him on Wednesday and then he’ll be fresh for the NLD next Sunday. Pepe’s pass was also poor, but really only a symptom of a bigger problem. Aubameyang’s pass to him earlier in the game was just as bad – overhit and too wide. Similar passes from Tomiyasu and Saka – both too short… Read more »


Attacking-wise, we were a bit too sluggish. The lack of intelligent movements is becoming a big worry.


The big difference from even two games ago is that we’re looking to play narrow, which is difficult. But I would rather players struggle a little figuring out how to play narrow, than confidently playing the ball long or to the wings. Over time, the fluidity (“automatisms”) will come. Tim Stillman’s piece from a couple of days ago is a great one on this.

Hope that the central midfield rotation of Partey, Lokonga, AMN, Odegaard, ESR is the default from here on out. Maybe Elneny in case of injuries/fatigue.

Wrighty’s hats

So proud of AMN taking his chances. Happy to see a few people being impressed with his performances the last couple of games. I think this recent fluid midfield and these players suit him much better than whatever we were doing before – so he looks like he fits right in this setup. Hopefully his confidence will continue building and he’ll get even better. Keep it up buddy!


He’s such a pleasure to watch. Unfortunate it’s taken so long for him to get a decent run-out in central midfield, but bygones can be bygones.

He may not quite be mature enough yet to play as the lone deep midfielder in a 433, but in a two man midfield, he’s so difficult to plan against. With some mentorship from Partey, and competition from Lokonga…

Wrighty’s hats

Agreed but I wonder if it might all be working out for the best for him now, after all this time? If he had been integrated into the central midfield before, he would have had to play with Xhaka and it wouldn’t have suited him nearly as much. It wouldn’t have helped his development at all. Now he’s surrounded by great like-minded guys and healthy competition as you say. Fingers crossed our midfield is rotated through those players you mentioned. If that’s the case, I figure Xhaka is going to be phased out and I imagine he’ll be happy to… Read more »


Nope once the captain has served his 3 match ban he walks straight back in the team.

Trevor Peoples

He was brilliant when he came on
Looked really fit too.
He has his pace back

Trevor Peoples

The final pass is gonna get sharper.
Right now it’s not there but signs are positive
Gotta keep Partey fit


Xhaka’s available again against Spurs. Team selection for that very much tells how far Arteta has come. Reverting to Xhaka-Partey will definitely further erode the small amount of goodwill he’s rebuilt the last couple games.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Very true but compared to what we’ve seen lately, going back to last season, it’s definitely moving in the right direction


What, the bottom half of the table?

Steinar Amundsen

Agree. Need to coach intelligent and committed runs at break-downs and fast atacks.


Fully agree. The final pass has been so consistently poor from several players – either too late or over/underhit, or both. Can remember at least two balls into Pepe that were completely behind him and just finished off our attacking threat. We get these types of passes right, and we will start scoring a lot more goals. Positive signs though.


It was a 4141 that started the game.

Trevor Peoples

He has the team he wanted.
Let’s see how they develope
If we start getting the final pass right we will start scoring a bunch


Two 1-0 wins against the bottom two teams in the league. Obviously happy but bigger tests ahead.

At least we are back to George Graham days…


* collective defensive understanding


It was an enjoyable ugly win.


That’s about the only complaint I still have about this team, counter attacking just seems very foreign to us these days. I barely recall any moments these last couple years where we have our pacy players run at the opposing defense with a numerical advantage. Great teams can counter attack and kill off a game. Even our beloved Invincibles did it well. In due time we need to develop that aspect if we harbor hopes of competing at the top. The rest is kindly comforting, defense looked tremendously solid. Hope that continues. If we consistently can avoid the first goal… Read more »


I really like Ramsdale.


Yup. Its settled then, ramsdale the new no 1?

Guns Up

Don’t see how it could be anything else. So much more commanding and in control of his box.


I have a feeling that Leno is still in with a decent shout at starting the derby.

Not because of black-and-white theories about who is our number 1, but because after indicating that there will be competition for the spot, Arteta may be realising the long-term man-management value of showing that it is in fact a competition, rather than just a closet replacement.

Still, it won’t be a surprise if Ramsdale starts.


Also, Ramsdale is clearly a good keeper, but I don’t think it’s crystal clear that he is the better keeper, simply because of the kind of defensive and possession-losing characters Leno has had to play behind for the last three years.


This is what many people seem to forget when evaluating Leno. He’s had to play in some of the most disorganized Arsenal teams i’ve ever seen. We were routinely conceding 18 open shots a game to teams like Burnley during Emery’s tenure. There’s nothing Ramsdale has done in the last two games to say that he’s unquestionably better than Leno. He barely had anything to do in his first start!

Ben EagerBeaver

Blessings buddy!

Reiss Neverseen vs the DicTeta

I definitely agree that it’s too soon to judge Ramsdale but here’s the irony: Total shots – Burnley (18) | Arsenal (13) Shots inside the box – Burnley (13) | Arsenal (6) Shots on target – Burnley (3) | Arsenal (3) We literally just conceded 18 open shots to Burnley. 13 of which were in our box. Emery’s issue was that he kept persisting with playing out the back (to bypass a press) with a personnel that just couldn’t be trained to do it. Playing out the back with Gabriel, Tierney, Tomi, White, Partey and Lokonga is more manageable than… Read more »

Bleeding gums murphy

He came and caught two corners under pressure which Leno would not even attempt

Brady’s bunch

If he plays well in the derby it’s his place for the season I think.

Trevor Peoples

He was brilliant
More clean sheets please

Give youth a chance

Loved that he claimed the ball on a few crosses instead of just punching it away

Trevor Peoples

Been crying out for a keeper to do that.
More like Martinez.
Excellent with his feet too.
Pinged 1 to Aubameyang


his teammates seem to also. defenders always love it when a keeper is happy to come for high balls and make decisions for them.


Ramsdale has the gloves.

Old Stimmo

Don’t forget shirt, shorts, socks and boots as well

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Claiming crosses, 1v1, long passing, passing through the press.
I like him and if he reads this, I apologise for never wanting him


we were meh. but we won! so, yey!


3 points away at Burnley, where we have often struggled in recent seasons. Very nice.


Psssst I prefer Ramsdale over Leno, pass it on


After just two games? Leno, Auba and Laca kept us from relegation during Emery and Ljumberg Years. Oh how quick people forget


Errr, in Emery’s only full season, we finished 5th (or 6th, can’t remember). Ljungberg was only manager for a handful of matches, one in which we were winning until Leno produced a massive howler.

I agree that Leno has been mostly good since joining, but we can still prefer Ramsdale, can’t we? The relationship between keeper and defense looks significantly better already.


Kept us from relegation? Give over. Hahahah.


We were conceding 18 shots a game to Bournemouth and Burnley during Emery’s tenure. The fact that we finished 5th doesn’t really illustrate that we were closer in points to the 14th placed team, than the team that won the league. The fact is that some people have huge hate boners against some players, and will exaggerate their weaknesses. Leno has been an excellent player for us, especially in his first two seasons. It’s unfortunate that the new manager doesn’t fancy him, but some people on this blog act as if he’s in the same class as Almunia, which is… Read more »

Wrighty’s hats

I would tend to agree that Leno has been great for us and a lot of people seem to be quick to forget just how good he’s been. But I also feel that he hasn’t been as assured or as confident ever since his knee injury and the whole sequence of events relating to Emi Martinez. Hopefully he gets some chances (midweek in the league cup possibly?) and his confidence comes back and we have two genuinely great keepers. Once we’re back in Europe there’ll be plenty of games for the both of them and we’ll need both in their… Read more »

Brady’s bunch

Have to agree he’s been a good keeper for us but his confidence looks shot as would anyone playing behind xhaka/mustafi for that long

Wrighty’s hats

He hasn’t had the competition to pressure him into better performances since Emi left but I’m hoping now that there is, it’ll help. It’s possible that he just won’t get it back, which will be an awful shame because he really was very excellent for several seasons.

Bleeding gums murphy

Won’t be an awful Shame for me as it will mean Ramsdale is performing. Go figure

Wrighty's hats

I do see your point but I was thinking from the perspective of seeing an Arsenal player lose their form and not ever recovering it. He could regain his form in the cup games (for as long as I’ve been following Arsenal, we’ve had a different keeper playing premier league and Europe/cup games – until last season when Leno was playing almost every game for a while). Ramsdale could still be playing well enough to be picked for the premier league games in this scenario.

The Beast

To be honest I just think most are hoping for 2 good keepers.

I’m simply happy to have a capable backup when one’s struggling for form, as Leno is atm


Ballz, you do realize that we conceded 18 shots to Burnley again in this match? Nobody is saying they hate Leno in this thread, or that he hasn’t played well for us in the past, just that some of us now prefer Ramsdale, who played a major part in our clean sheet and relative assurance at the back. Wilshere has been great for us in the past as well, and I don’t think that’s a reason to take him back.


I love Ramsdale. On 36 min you can hear Sean Dyches screaming. Please use it in a gingle.

Johnny 4 Hats

Is that a jingle created using a ginger persons voice?


Thank God for a defender like Gabriel who isn’t afraid to be physical. He held that defence together today. Shout out to Ramsdale, too.


Yeah they zoomed in on him during an early corner telling the players to watch their marks. As the corner came in, nobody took their eyes of their marks and snuffed out the potential for loose runs onto the ball. It sounds so simple but that lack of concentration in the past is what kills us. I feel like Ben White has nerves and it translates into awkwardness on the ball. That needs to stop, quickly, because his instincts are there. Starting to defend like a Graham side… Now let’s start attacking like a Wenger side please.


Saw that part you are referring to in the first half. I think he will get even better as he becomes fluent in English. Didn’t see him commanding the d-box as he did today, last season.

Also loved the passionate celebration he had with Ramsdale at the end there.

Baichung Bhutia

He was immense today. Ramsdale, Gabriel, Tomi and Odegaard were very good. Ben White though was awful.


In Ben’s defence, he got a bonus point in the Fantasy League for me.


I fu..king love Ramsdale. Just brilliant. Shout out to AMN and Gabriel too.


AMN did really well when he came on, the midfield was really slow today and he was always trying two touch passes. Hope he keeps that form and he can be a really useful player this season.

Also Tavares, great runs upfield. Enjoyed the subs’ performances today


Ramsdale and Gabriel were absolute monsters today!


If you saw Ramsdale and Gabriel at full time you could see how much it meant to them. Their attitude is immense.


1-0 playing back in the wall stuff against the mighty Burnley. And Burnley plays better attacking football than our doughnut football. I yawned countless times.
Can’t see this team finish higher than 10th. Arteta out.

Parisian Weetabix

Open your eyes mate, you’re seeing what you expected to see. It’s all well and good regurgitating the donut line just because everyone’s been yammering on about it, but if you knew what it actually meant rather than just using it to sledge Arteta you’d know it wasn’t anywhere in sight today. It wasn’t free-flowing, but this was a canny performance at a place that’s tough to come to, we should have scored more, and it’s much more down to the players than to the manager that we didn’t.


Open my eyes to what exactly? The same shitty 1 goal performance against 19th and 20th team. 10 men in front of goal after winning 1 0. Even Mourinho teams play better football than this.
That said, I do like the new players, especially Ramsdale. We can play better with a new manager.

Parisian Weetabix

To a different, slightly less shitty 1-goal performance. No-one’s saying we’re pulling up trees, but they’re small steps in the right direction – enough to suggest Arteta might make his way out of this. Yes, there will be sterner tests to come, but you’ll enjoy yourself more if you look for green shoots rather than scorched earth.


I honestly dont like the superiority complex “optimistic” fans like you have. Wanting the best for the club is not something to be ashamed and refusing to lower expectations isnt either. Also, I would love tips on how to enjoy games like these because the style of play must be the most boring in the league


Well said.

Reiss Neverseen vs the DicTeta

Great to hear your perspective. I share the same underlying concerns as you. Nothing within our play style actually seems to be changing except the opposition we face. The coaching staff’s solution just seems to be… Do the same thing again and hope it works this time around. If it weren’t for a moment of brilliance from Ødegaard, that match could have turned out very differently. Burnley went toe to toe with us in this game. They had as many shots on target and managed 18 shots in total. 5 more than we did. This is important because Emery used… Read more »


You may notice that Burnley actually tried an all out attack. They were not afraid of us, they knew we were shit. They were actually unlucky


I’d prefer if you’d get out. If you can’t enjoy your club winning, you’re not really a supporter, right?


If you can’t take a contrary opinion, what does that make you?

Wrighty’s hats

Seems like ‘Javoroncov’ has a contrary opinion along the lines of impatience and not wanting to support the club during hard times. I believe you can support the club and still demand more of them. But supporting entails some supporting, believe it or not…. otherwise you’d be a former supporter, or a sometimes supporter? Don’t know.


I support Arsenal fan club not Arteta and his bs. That’s it.


“Hard time” is Wenger 2006 paying for a new stadium, or the 8-2 debacle.
“Hard time” is not spending 150m and playing smash and grab football against relegation fodders.
But it sure will “hard time” for Arteta the Mini Mourinho if he keeps managing like this. I dont support him so I dont care though.

Wrighty’s hats

Fair enough. Each to their own.


Yep.. He’s not


Yeah I dont enjoy this dogshit performance honestly because I know it’s not sustainable in the long run, against betted team. I support Arsenal not “Mini Wenger” or “Diet Pep” regime.
Anyway, ppl like you will open their eyes when we meet better teams in the coming weeks…


…and we will get better and better as the team gets used to each other. Chill out mate. 🙂


Yeah hopefully. Still cant see a single attack pattern other than tierney crossing or doughnut football so I wont have much hope.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Wrong, the only requisite is to want your team to win (ideally trophies) enjoying subpar performances (backs against the wall vs Burnley) isn’t.

Some people are optimists some are pesimists by nature. Don’t disqualify his affection for the Arsenal just because he sees things differently than you do.


I hear what you’re saying, my Mexican cousin, and maybe I was being a tad inflammatory, but I did pick the word “supporter” intentionally over, say, fan. Supporters support a club. Relentlessly complaining about your club winning isn’t supportive at all. That’s nothing to do with optimism vs pessimism either, as those pertain to outlook, but today we have a very tangible 3 points. Pessimistic would be the commenters follow up prediction comment that we will be “dogshit” and lose vs Sp*rs. I’m afraid I’m always going to take offence to that sort of opinion as I’d prefer Arsenal to… Read more »

Obama Young

Only Norwich! Only Burnley! Next, Only Spurs!


Lol it’s a little bit too early for Spurs. Don’t come here crying after we drop another dogshit performance like this and lose.


The stats suggest otherwise.


The stats also suggest that no team except Liverpool has dominated Burnley.

I have already accepted that Arsenal is rebuilding. In my opinion it should have started when Wenger was still manager.


We we’re rebuilding. Literally.

We were paying off for a new stadium.

There was no £150m in a single window for Wenger.

Yet we still played open attractive attacking football. And we qualified for the top year in year out for the best part of two decades.




* top four


I always thought that when you follow a team it should be through thick and thin, its not always going to be shiny trophies and fantasy football, give Arteta a chance, it may not work out but this is a new team and it needs time to come together.


Give the guy a rest. I don’t agree with the tone but neither it is correct to say someone is not a real fan if he proposes a different solution to our problems.

Personally I am happy with the wins but far from convinced that Arteta can create a cohesive attacking unit.

That said I don’t wish MA to be wrong. On the contrary I wish I am wrong.

Wrighty’s hats

Thanks for your opinion. I have to admit to being sucked into to this line of discussion earlier when I could have stayed out of it. You’re absolutely right in saying that Arsenal fans are entitled to support the club in whichever way they wish, and demanding excellence (or even just to do better) is one way of doing that. We who like to see the positives in less-than-great situations have to remind ourselves that being displeased with a win can just be a way of showing a person’s high standards and love for the club. It’s something that can… Read more »

Reiss Neverseen vs the DicTeta

Honestly, there is no need to apologise for disagreeing. . There have been many a time where people were displeased with unconvincing wins under Emery. I just don’t understand why that is now an afterthought when it comes to Arteta.

How is that many were certain Emery had reached a point of no return but still maintain faith in Arteta to turn it around when literally the same thing is happening?

This match against Burnley was just as much a close affair as Emery’s last match against Burnley. So why have our collective standards dropped?


Because Emery don’t flood our ears with loads of propaganda bs like ‘process’, ‘see the light’ etc etc.
It’s basically the same shitty football of Emery coated with bs and topped with spending 150m. How many times have Arsenal under Arteta won more than 2 goals in the PL? Bet you can count it with your fingers.
And by the way even Watford can put 3 past Norwich AWAY.

Wrighty’s hats

My regret was aimed more at questioning a supporter’s support than about disagreeing with them but I appreciate it Reiss. You raise an interesting point about the end of Emery’s time with us and why that’s different to now. I think part of it might have to do with trajectory and the aims of the club. I remember watching games towards the end of that period where it was clear Emery had lost the dressing room – by which I mean the players didn’t look like they had any idea of what they were doing tactically, as if they didn’t… Read more »


I think this sums it up very well really.


About whether Arteta is losing the dressing room or not, he basically kicked out everyone who may disagree with him (including the players) and replace the whole squad, and staff with yes men or young players who obey him. Emery did not have that luxury. That’s why he keeps playing Xhaka – the dude is a yes man. Who cares about the performance? Would you please kindly tell me what identity Arteta has restore for Arsenal? The boring “1-0 to the Arsenal”? His football is worse than the worst of Wenger’s years – always playing doughnut, if lucky then grab… Read more »

Wrighty's hats

That’s an interesting point about kicking out everyone who may disagree with him. He’s mentioned previously that he surrounds himself with staff who challenge him constructively so I don’t agree with the point about yes men amongst staff. But also – if you had people in your organisation who disagreed entirely with your opinions and plans and philosophy, would you keep them on? I don’t think that is a MA thing but rather a managerial thing in general. There were a number of players who weren’t good enough in the ways they needed to be who have been let go… Read more »

Wrighty's hats

(Following on from my post, sincere apologies about referring to Guendouzi, you hadn’t mentioned him previously – my mistake)


After the game on 606, some Gooner phoning in had us down to finish 13th – and Robbie Savage (cunt) was astonished at the guy’s indifference to it.

Slowly but surely, Arteta is gradually brainwashing the fan base to accept mediocrity.


Well, I was not really having a go at anybody, more stating my attitude to supporting Arsenal, but I sometimes think the criticism Arteta gets overlooks the unique circumstances (both covid and the huge structural changes in both executive and player turnover), as I said, it may not work out but he should be given a chance.


Does Saka ever get a rest? He was awful today and it has to be his worse game for Arsenal. I don’t think he looks comfortable on the left. Should be playing closer to Pepe on the right and get Smith Rowe left to combine with Tierney. Those are proven combinations.
We got extremely lucky there today, I’ve never seen so many hospital passes and bad decision making in the final 3rd.


He and Tierney both looking pretty tired and out of form.

Feeling there are goals in Lacca this season if he ever comes on too.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

He’s just off form, maybe he needs a proper rest.
Are you forgetting he played well from the left last season and the season before that


No I’m not forgetting that thanks. It was a completely different position – as a left wing back. Here, he is playing some sort of left 8/ 10 where he clearly doesn’t know where to stand. I lost count of the amount of times he was either too narrow or caught behind or ahead of the ball. He doesn’t look comfortable. For the two minutes he was on the right with Pepe we created a really slick chance. I can’t see why Arteta doesn’t just change it up a bit mid game. Especially as we know ESR plays brilliantly from… Read more »

El Mintero

Agree 100%.


Team desperately needed the clinical last touches on the final third, but 3 points in the bag, so for now let’s just enjoy the victory.
Hope nothing serious with Kieran!

Wrighty’s hats

Same with Emile and Partey, really hope they didn’t overdo it today.

Very relieved they all held their nerve until the end – grinding out wins even when players aren’t at their best is the kind of thing we need to do to get back up there. Hopefully we play much better next weekend against Sp*rs.


The good: The Ødegaard goal, Tomiyasus work rate, Gabriel’s clearances and Ramsdale’s presence!
The bad: poor finishing, Saka and Pepe final passes, sloppy passing from White and Partey on dangerous occassions and an Aubameyang that seems scared to take shots.

A win is a win in the end.

Joe W

With the promise of youth comes nervy moments as well. Youth need the bounce from a win to keep learning curve moving


Good win, another clean sheet.

Our attack still need to be sorted out, doesn’t seems like clicking.


Just need more time playing together I think. We had all the correct attacking positions in key moments, but the pass was under/over-hit at the end. So rather than tinker, I think they just need to build fluency with each other.

Reiss Neverseen vs the DicTeta

More playing time together? What happened to the last two seasons? I appreciate that the forwards were very sloppy today but isn’t this something Arteta should have sorted out by now?

The Beast

3 of the back 5 were only bought this summer and none of the starting midfield have played an entire season yet, with the 3 that came on either being on loan last season or not at the club at all.

With that amount of change over the summer, I think you’ll be disappointed if you expect it all to get immediately

The Beast


Reiss Neverseen vs the DicTeta

I understand all that but it still doesn’t explain why the forwards look so out of sync with each other. This comment thread is about the forwards. Auba, Pepe and Saka (plus Lacazette and Martinelli) are not new additions to our club. Why do they need a gelling period?

What have they been doing on the training ground and in the pre-season with Mikel? Why does the part of the team that has played the most matches together look the most ill-prepared? This is something Arteta should have ironed out by now.

Wrighty's hats

Definitely agree with you that the attack needs to be sorted out pronto. 2 goals in 5 games isn’t good enough and not what this club is about. I think there is something to be said for a number of the starting players being new and how that affects the build-up play, plus new combinations in the midfield. And also, forward players have bad days (or several days in this case…) – even the best tactics and formations in the world (and in no way am I suggesting that that’s what we have) can’t account for passes going wayward, poor… Read more »


Great match by Gabriel, White had some iffy moments but did well.. Ramsdale over Leno! Saka… I don’t know what was up with him but he surely had a terrible game. Constantly wrong touches, pepe did a bunch of missed overhit / underhit passes.. One moment Auba was through on goal he underhits a simple through ball.. Saka was open in the box for the 1-2 he overhits the return ball. Saka just constantly giving the ball away. On the plus side Maitland Niles came in and looked solid in midfield along Lokonga.. Whine all I want we got 3… Read more »


Really jaded performance by Arsenal I thought. Often beaten to the second ball, woeful underhit passes all over the field, off days for White, Saka, Smith Rowe, Auba and Pepe, but victory assured by excellent goalkeeping, just-about-passable defending and a wonder goal from the free kick. One nil to the Arsenal and we climb up the league. That’s all that matters.


We had more dangerous moments that Burnley, we defended well but 4/5x got the final ball wrong. They never looked like scoring apart from white assisting.

Reiss Neverseen vs the DicTeta

Did we really have more dangerous moments?

Total shots – Burnley (18) | Arsenal (13)

Shots inside the box – Burnley (13) | Arsenal (6)

Successful crosses – Burnley (20%) | Arsenal (11%)

Shots on target – Burnley (3) | Arsenal (3)

xG – Burnley (0.78xG) | Arsenal (1.1xG)

Corner kicks – Burnley (8) | Arsenal (3)

Deep passes complete – Burnley (9) | Arsenal (7)

% of total chances – Burnley (55%) | Arsenal (45%)

This was as close a game as ever. In no way did we dominate Burnley or shut them out completely.


You forgot….

Goals – Burnley (0) | Arsenal (1)

Shut out Burley completely as they scored zero goals.


Don’t think we were jaded but nervy, the final pass was rushed and sloppy on almost every occasion. Hopefully, we can find our full rhythm against S***s

Parisian Weetabix

Not making excuses for White, Saka, Pepe etc., but the pitch seemed to be made of flypaper with some of those through balls (and that backpass). Was like they were thinking they were playing at the Emirates and then the ball just didn’t scud – and if it had I’m sure we could have finished the game off a lot earlier than we did. Much like against Norwich I felt like better decision making and execution in the final third would have seen us much more comfortable. But it feels great to be irritated by how we should have scored… Read more »

Jean Ralphio

Our passing got us into trouble too often. Excellent from Ramsdale. Do Burnley really not water the pitch or leave the grass long? Pitch was really slow.


Burnley always leave the grass as long as they legally can and the pitch dry, it’s part of their “tactics”.


I have been hoping they go down for a while now. Much of Stoke city about them. I hope this is the season they leave the league with their 17th century antics.


They’re just like Stoke, every season I hope they get relegated.

Wrighty’s hats

Is that real? That’s so sneaky.


Not really, it’s home advantage for a reason, it helps long ball play as hoofed balls roll less when they land.
the players should know this though your average fan does not

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Well earned and much needed 3 points.

First time in a long time where I wasn’t nervous or expected to concede.

Gabriel is a damn good defender. Tomi is so calm and confident, that block near the end when he threw himself knees first at the ball was my moment of the match.
Partey looking dominant.
Ramsdale who I never wanted near the club, is actually a good keeper.
Attack looking more fluid, but very wasteful.

This team will get better as the season goes on (as long as Xhaka doesn’t come back into it).


I liked that match, it was tense and intense but it was well deserved win in my opinion with a great winning goal. Hopefully the confidence will grow now and we can go on a good run. I noticed that we were more solid defensively today which is great to see. Ramsdale looked very good with everything that he did, we look much more solid with him in my op. and another clean sheet, those are very important!

Guns Up

Results might have been the same in terms of points, but I don’t see any way this backline gives up 9 in those first 3 matches.


One nil to the Arsenal


My thoughts on the game 1. Gabriel is one of the best signings we’ve made over the past 10 years. He’s absolutely amazing!! Didn’t take any bullying from Burnley 2. Auba has to be one of the most frustrated strikers in the world. The lack is service to him in a team full of attacking talent is appalling. The guy gets maybe one clear-cut chance in 5 games. He’s being wasted 3. Sana had a stinker. He found himself in the right positions multiple times, but his touch was way off. He was good defensively though 4. Tomiyasu is a… Read more »


Think we were playing on the counter 2nd half and would have worked if it wasn’t for some horrendous final ball/first touches

Giovanni Hovno

some quality defending from Gabi today and some excellent goalkeeping from Ramsdale. I will take a clean sheet and some nerves and be v happy.


It’s one-nil to the Arsenal. That’s the way we like it.
As true today as when George Allison said it in 1939 in the Arsenal Stadium mystery.


Great result!
We looked knackered in the end. Thank God we only play one game a week this season.


Except this week coming, before a nld as well.
hope we see changes midweek


Aaron Ramsdale might just be our best buy yet this season. Arteta’s changes were spot on. White was being a lil overzealous but I’m sure he needs that for his confidence. Gabriel is a beast. Sambi slotted in and immediately you could see him being robust in the middle of the park. Niles was more than tidy when he came on till the end. Tomiyasu was again really really good. Slowly we’re climbing up and boosting confidence. Hopefully Kieran is ok. Tavares was really good but for that shot which I felt he could have found a player in the… Read more »


Tomyiasu is the new Sagna.


Let’s hope. I loved Sagna to bits.

But Sagna was decently fast, I’m not sure Tomiyasu is.
I never quite thought of Sagna as our-own-half player.

Still, Tomiyasu did get forward today, so maybe he isn’t either.


I like him a lot!


Just FYI: Chris Wood is the New Zealander in the Burnley side, Ashley Barnes is British.


He’s represented Austria, so if Zaha and Pepe are Ivorian, he should be Austrian.


Born in Bath. Capped for the U20s but his application for Austrian citizenship was denied.

Obama Young

Wood and Barnes are literally wooden barns. Big, slow obstacles in the country, near the brown hill. Sometimes the ball bounces off them.

Red Arrow

Delighted with the 3 points. Delighted with the look on Dyche’s face when the penalty wasn’t given. Slightly concerned with the lack of quality in the passing and ball control in the final third.


A Burnley game if there ever was one. We were pretty poor but we won so it’s not the end of the world.

White was really poor and I do hope he will get his act together asap. He is 23, he is our top signing and he should do a lot better. Early days of course and he will probably come good but I am worried that he looks so insecure.


A win is a win is a win. Superb free kick from Odegaard -Beckham in his prime couldn’t have done better. Still not convinced by the style of Arteta’s game; for long periods we created very little, our distribution was sloppy, the final pass was lacking and yet again our defence are prone to falling asleep. On another day this would quite easily have been one all – kudos to Ramsdale for keeping them out. Still, three points and, listening to the radio, we’ve managed to piss off that gravel-voiced fat cunt. Beat the Spuds next week and we might… Read more »

Guns Up

My kid will likely be wearing a Tomiyasu shirt by Xmas. What a beast.


I’m getting his shirt as well. He really is a beast!


First time in a while I was confident we could hold on for the win when Burnely kept pumping in the long balls and crosses.
Yes, we should have done better in the final third but I’m happy to just take the win.
We found a gem in Ramsdale! Wow! 30M all of a sudden appears cheap. He understands exactly what the job description is. At least Martinez can keep quiet now…😁

Vaibhav Pandey

Ramsdale will soon be England No.1, mark my words.


He looks so assured. Wouldn’t be surprised.


I thought it was just me.

They kept threatening but my heart remained in its place. I was super calm surprisingly – something that has not happened in a very long while.

I think Ramsdale transmits confidence and I’m living it.


Breaking the jinx, I guess! There’s this way we are known for messing things up at the last minutes, either just before the break or at added time. Didn’t see that today

Wrighty’s hats

Did anyone else find it kind of amusing (apart from the stressful holding-onto-the-lead part) towards the last 20 min or so when B*rnley ran out of puff, their meek reactions to getting fouled more by us than we did by them? All of the bluster they had at the start had evaporated.

North for Short

It was a good game and it was nice to see an Arsenal team, tough it out. a few wrong decisions in the final 3rd but that will come in time. I am soo willing for Pepe to become good but at the back of my mind, I felt that we as a club got stiffed on the price. Could Martinelli have come on for the last 20 minute for a run out.Nice not to have a moan. Hard place to get a result so more than pleased.

Obama Young

Welp, 3 points. That was what was needed.
Let’s move on and hope to play better next time.


Liked seeing Ramsdale celebrating at the end


Arteta looks happy and confident… 🤔


Tomiyasus literally throwing his body to block a pass down the line. 😍

Ghost of Fabregas

VERY happy for another 3 desperately needed points but would like to get some comfort into these games. 1 goal from open play in 5 games with our front 4/5 doesn’t feel like it is what it should be

Brady’s bunch

Happy with the result odegaard looks class Pepe so frustrating to watch but nice to get the win against the knuckledraggers

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