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Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle – player ratings

Arsenal endured a frustrating first half against Newcastle this afternoon, compounded by an awful miss by captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

However, fantastic second half strikes from Bukayo Saka and substitute Gabriel Martinelli made sure of three important Premier League points, helping the Gunners bounce back from last weekend’s loss to Liverpool.

Here’s how the players rated today.

Read the Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle match report and see the goals here

Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Boe Sharkey

Underrating Tomi there blogs, he was immense!


that one slide tackle he made in our D box to cut off a pass towards the end of 2nd half felt like it prevented a goal scoring opportunity for New Castle. I know even if the pass hadn’t been cut out, they still had to beat Ramsdale and good luck with that!, but that was good interception from Tomiyasu!


In our D box. Just outside the 25 yard line to the touchdown area. Score go gunners


Excuse me, I am Jimbo 1. Have been for years.


quite an assist, too, blimey

Gabriel Megalash

Attacking Hero Tomiyasu

The Beast

Couldn’t agree more, thought that was one of his best games for us. Definitely up there with with MOTM contenders.


Tomi have more shot at goal than Auba


Drives me crazy sometimes, but love the Crash Tavares experience


He has a pinch of Andre Santos about him, but only enough to make him extremely fun, not extremely bad.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Tierney should come back in for Old Trafford, though


Yes. Also, it’s probably worth a thought to play them both in games were we want to setup bit more defensively – KT as defender and Tavares as sort of a wing back.


Why!?, so you´re saying fk the competition for starting places?


All 6 of our summer signings started and played well.


I don’t know how many more bad games Aubameyang has to have in order to be benched. Bewildering.


That’s going to be an unpopular opinion I think, but I agree.


I don’t know why you think it would be unpopular . This team was turned around last by starting ESr and BS. Why wouldn’t it be turned around by Martinelli or dare I say it, Eddie?


Flo ahead of Eddie please? Eddie has had enough chances and always flatters to deceive… I’d rather see Flo given a run in some of the ‘softer’ matches.


As much as i think Flo could be something next level special, Eddie has done really well with his recent oppertunities, maybe take another look.


Sorry I didn’t mean to say turned around a second I meant improved


I think so too, but I don’t get why it’s an unpopular opinion. Last season it was evident that he’s lost something and is not the same player he once was. Fans can say he’s entitled to one disappointing season, but it really does appear that nothing’s changed.

You have to question Arteta’s favouritism here. I don’t know if he’s seeing something in training that we’re not seeing, but whatever it is, it’s not happening on the pitch for Auba.


i don’t think it’d be unpopular at all to bench him, after his recent games. the up- and downvotes show that too


my question is, who will replace him? Martinelli ? Laca?

Guns Up



Ha! Do we get to have two players for one Auba?

Man Manny

Nicholas Pepe is worth a punt.


I have a feeling that if Pepe was given a solid run of 5 or 6 matches, we see something special start to happen with him.

Teryima Adi



True, I’m pleasantly surprised.

Tommy Gunner

Completely agree, but unfortunately I reckon being captain makes it difficult “politically” to drop him. I long for the day when we don’t just dangle the captaincy in front of someone when we want them to sign a new contract, and actually make a long term view on the captaincy


It was such a strange decision reminiscent of Ole & Maguire.

Giuseppe Hovno

Captaincy should not really mean much. No one should be undroppable. We all thought Tierney would be first choice and a great captain but if he had been made captain… it would be the same conversation now


I believe there are ways to go about that without negative political effects. It helps that he’s already gotten enough chance to improve.

Another method is to sub him off in matches and letting him wait till the second half before coming on in others. This should be enough signal for him and may push him to improve. A win-win whether he does or no.

January/February is another chance to bench him finally. I only hope the replacements do enough to keep him out by then.


We aren’t exactly blessed in high quality replacements though are we?

Alan Sunderland

Gabriel ramsdale Tierney


In terms of alternative striking options, we have Lacazette and Martinelli. Either of them could (I would say should) get the start against Utd on Thursday over Aubameyang. But you’re absolutely right, we need to bring in someone in January, like Vlahovic for example.


I personally don’t think we need to bring anyone in in Jan. It’s a difficult market mid season and we’ve got two senior strikers sorted til May as well as two exciting youngsters (Martinelli and Balogun) and Eddie. There’s no rush here.

I agree it would make sense to let Auba sit a game out, see if a rest might help change things.


Martinelli and to a lesser extent Pepe and Eddie have much more energy than Laca or Auba. Why not reverse the typical strategy of starting the older experienced player and then bring on the younger higher energy player later? One thing we have learned from the past 30 months is that energy, when coupled with talent can negate the perceived value of experience. ( Bill James wrote about this as well in the 80’s. Look I know I go on about James a fair bit, but reading his stuff in the early 80’s changed how I look at every team… Read more »


1. He’s the only 20 goal striker we have on the books.
2. Favouritism isn’t quite the word, when the same manager benched him for nonsense reasons in last year’s NLD.

Still, agree that his place is questionable on merit.

Holdings New Merkin

It’s not favouritism. It’s obvious that our strikers are not good enough anymore, but the kids will be erratic..
In a team that’s already the youngest in the prem, having a front 6 all totally green will make the fans (us) go mental, in a bad way, when it invariably goes wrong.

Teryima Adi

The Second Coming of Willian Pt. 2😜😜😜

Fireman Sam

Don’t even joke dude!


I’ve been a big defender, but he’s playing on reputation at the moment. He needs more of that edge to seize a game that Henry had. Maybe a benching gets it out of him.


No disrespect to Auba, but I can’t see him ever doing for us what Henry did. If he were going to, he’s be doing it already. For me, we need to start investing in a long term succession plan for Auba, whether that’s giving Martinelli and Balogun game time in January to bring them more firmly into contention, or signing a new understudy to Auba, that needs to be our top priority in January – weirdly enough, it’s our weakest area of the pitch – not sure many of us would have said that at the start of the season… Read more »


Typical Aubameyang through the middle. His best games for us came with him out wide. Remember he was top scorer in the league in a season where Laca was voted our player of the season.

El Mintero

Yes, thank you👍 I thought I was the only one on here who has been saying this for 2 seasons now…auba is no use leading the line. Play him just off Laca and let him drift in from the left…


Yeh, and he’s sabotaging Partey’s performances cos he’s never ready to receive those direct passes with his back to goal, sure Partey is partly to blame but i guarantee laca would be coming to those passes and making more out of Partey’s direct passes.


I brought up this point before the Liverpool game and got bashed for it. Something is wrong. If he doesn’t fit into the system as it is, maybe we need someone else upfront. I vote for Martinelli.

Runcorn Gooner

Martinelli in, Aubamayeng rested please.

Give youth a chance

I’d tell Auba he’s getting 60 minutes against man u, with the expectation that he’d work hard for those 60 and not save energy for later.

Sub him off for Martinelli to attack tired defenders


I would give Saka a 9. His trickery made him almost unmarkable. Martinelli an 8 for a wonderful finish. ESR & Odie 6. Partey and Auba get a 4. As the elder statesmen, we expect more.

Dierry Bernry

Agree 100% with your Saka sentiments. Tidy on the ball with his trickery in the first half, great movement off the ball, created that Auba chance. Looked up for it today!


He played well from 43rd minute on. Before that, repeatedly dispossessed . Weak physically.

Guns Up

Saka a 9 in the second half, nowhere near it in the first. 7.5 or 8 overall would be fair. Good enough game for Tavares, and he was incredibly involved, but can’t take THAT many woeful shots and still get an 8, for me. Parking one in the stands is giving away possession, after all. Mainly hope Saka injury is short term, and happy with the 3 points and clean sheet!


Saka was tidy in the first half and unplayable in the second. Newcastle double and triple teamed him but to no avail. Huge talent, we need to find a way to utilise him more in games.


Auba has been nowhere near the level he is supposed to be at really cannot believe how he is still starting games no presence whatsoever and fluffs his lines at most chances needs a break because at man utd he will go missing again

The Kolkata Gooner

I recently watched a throwback video of a goal Auba had scored for Dortmund. Wow, that was lethal. Auba is past it now. He is not lethal anymore. He might be running and pressing more, but you need Auba to be lethal more than anything, especially in a team which is creating fewer chances at the moment. We need someone to be turning half-chances into goals, not someone missing from front of goal every week. We need someone like the old Auba now.


He just doesn’t seem to be playing with the joy he did earlier in the season. I know these kind of matches where it’s really packed in tight defensively when the opponent is parking the bus are frustrating for a player like him that thrives in open space, but he has got to be more adaptable and do things to get on the ball more and be involved.

DB10 Forever

Happy to see the 3 points again. Tomiyasu was really good along the right flank, especially in 2nd half. Also, really happy with the performance of Lokonga and Tavares, they have really picked themselves up from the disappointing performance in the earlier match with Liverpool. Both of them seem to have a great character to impose themselves and not shy away due to failures. Today Sambu played better than Partey in my opinion. Seeing the amount and intensity of runs made by Tavares, does he have an extra set of lungs in his body? He is probably the fittest guy… Read more »

Jo Jeffery

Yep, I think it’s less should AMN or Sambi than should he come in for Partey who continues to look poor for whatever reason. Loved how Gabi and Laca seemed to be on the same wavelength. And bravo Gabrielle.

Jo Jeffery

Sorry should have read… should AMN or Sambi start…


The only person fitter than Tavares might be odergaard. Unbelievable workrate. Did you see him track back at the end?


Bench Auba for the time being, I’ve had enough of him, Laca has been better than him for a year now, enough is enough. Laca shouldn’t have been dropped as he was our best attacker against Liverpool and has been good recently. Also Tavarez needs to stop shooting and Partey needs to be better, I expect more from him. We also need to get rid off these long phases where we don’t look like scoring, for long periods our football is dire to watch. Sometimes I wonder whether these ratings are just based on the names of the players, don’t… Read more »


One thing about Nuno…he is so wild and his decision making regarding when to shoot is awful. But he doesn’t jump into tackles like you might expect from how he shoots whenever he spots the box in the distance.

East Gooner

So buzzed for Martinelli. To come on, score a blinder and look so dangerous is a positive sign. He wants to play and he’s committed and we’re going to need him during this Christmas period. Also want to laud Arteta for starting both Tavares and Sambi. Yes, they got flayed at Anfield but that’s happened to Messi too. To keep the faith and start them, only to be repaid with great performances is very encouraging. The great part about this result was that though it was expected we sort of cruised this game, one which we should be able to… Read more »

Baichung Bhutia

I thought Partey had a decent game, he made couple of iffy passes but he was always available in the middle of the park and physically was imposing.


I agree that Partey was off the boil in terms of passing and also physically, but overall he did indeed have a decent game. Thomas has had a hard time acclimating to the pace and physicality of the PL, but so have a lot of really good to great players, including Salah and De Bruyne, who both bombed out in England the first time around. In fact, I find it a tad strange how much flak Partey gets when arsenal’s won/loss record looks pretty darn solid when he starts and is fully fit, and that record includes playing with and… Read more »

Alan Sunderland

Partey gets no flak, he got praised on here for getting a shot on target against spurs.


Got a feeling Partey developed quite early at a young age. And he peaked in his early 20s, and now he is in his late 20s, but his body might be like someone who is already over 30. Otherwise it’s hard to explain why he was so durable at ATM, but broke down so often or has a hard time to stay fit since coming to Arsenal.


Great win, 3 points in the bag and a clean sheet! Lets go Gooners! Tavares had a great game! Way to bounce back Nuno! If Tavares can curb his desire to dribble a tiny bit and improve his shooting and crossing a bit, he is going to be massive for us! His speed and physicality is just lovely! I still prefer KT ahead of him because KT’s runs and crosses are better. So amazing to have these two to pick from. Our passes in the middle were so slow during the first half. We definitely need to improve the pace… Read more »


Good win, great goals! Aubameyang needs to sit out the next game and do some soul-searching, he has been missing for the last few games anyway. Given Utds defensive frailties, a Lacazette and Martinelli front two might work well together. Aubameyang can always come in later if needed. Coyg 💪


Given your name I’m glad I agree with your comment.
There can only be One ….. nil


What’s going on ruth that Saka rating? Best player on thr pitch by far


Whats with the ratings? Its like the scale is from 5-8..


So happy for Martinelli to make an impact the way he did. Hope he gets more minutes and I’m sure he will with this busy Christmas period coming up.

Great Kalu

Arteta has a pretty good headache at left back. Bar the Liverpool game, Nuno has been solid, but the Tierney is my favourite Arsenal player.


Not sure how ESR outscored Odegaard. I appreciate that we all love Emile, but I thought he was quiet today. MO pressed well from first to last, and tried hard to make things happen.


Absolutely agree, I thought that was the strangest rating. Ode was better today.

The Beast

Kinda agree. ESR got going in the 2nd half but thought Odegaard was influential all game without having a great game.


Blogs has an issue with MO – I thought he was much improved today. Huge work rate and constantly picked up loose balls in midfield and looked to drive us forward.
Very few misplaced pases (unlike a number of others in midfield) and could have had another top corner curler, but for an excellent save.

El Mintero

Blogs’ ‘issue’ with odegaard is that he constantly overrates him, as he did again today! Odegaard again had zero impact and for all his “froth”, sorry “workrate”, what exactly do we get from him? Nothing. Having him start means the side is unbalanced and ESR is negatively impacted as a result.


I disagree he slowed the ball down a lot especially in the first half almost seeming scared to make the pass and at times not seeing people wide open. I’m hoping it’s just a bad run of form and not just his normal level but we’ll see.

Nick J

From that starting 11 you would expect Aubameyang and Partey to be the ones leading by example. Our leaders in terms of consistent performers this season are all in the 20-24 age bracket, which is great for the future but at the end of the season I believe fot the most part we will be satisfied with the progress we have made but it will be tinged with a sense of what could had our older experienced players (Auba, Laca, Pépé, Xhaka) matched the consistency of the young emerging core group.

Nick J

Correction …a sense of what could *have been* had our older experienced players….


It was great to see Martenelli score a goal in this game. Hopefully this will drive him to do even better and bring up his confidence. I’m still holding out hope that he can be Auba’s replacement


Praise for MA too: would have been so easy to put Pepe out there after the Sky questioning this week.


I don’t know why we don’t give Bologna’s a ten minute run out in lieu of Laca who looks to be away either January or seasons end. Should have loaned him out if Arteta doesn’t -lay him to get him up to speed at the top level?

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

5.5 for Thomas is harsh.
Tomi was worth another .5 maybe

cereal killer

The first time we had our starting 11 for many seasons ,the only weak area is Abua.


Tavares bump on Wilson to deny him a goal was alone worth a 9. Magnificent defending


Why so hard on Tavares. Seems many people don’t like that he is keeping Tierney out of the team.


Nice routine home win, but aubameyang should be a source of concern for us at the moment. Maybe laca should start in the no 9 role, with martinelli on the right.


When do we need to talk about partey?
Is he any good?

The Beast

Probably not immediately after a comfortable 2-0 win.

I’m sure we’ll get an opportunity at some point.

Morrisey fan #1

It’s worrying me immensely. Luckily our boy Sambi is looking brill.

Wrighty’s hats

I think he’s a player that does a lot of good stuff that goes unnoticed and yet when he misplaces a pass it’s very obvious. But I think he’s building a strong partnership with Sambi (and did with Xhaka when they were both fit) – I think not having him would be a lot less secure. Haven’t seen AMN and Sambi play together on their own there so don’t know but have a feeling Partey’s experience gives that area more solidity. Agree that he hasn’t been playing his best of late but he has had a few muscular injuries that… Read more »

On Viera bien

I feel White should get a bit more love: he was excellent again, both in defense and build-up


His long passing was on point

Morrisey fan #1

Couldn’t agree more with your ratings sir, especially Partey and Auba, our two most experienced players were very disappointing.

Watching White and Gabriel refused to get bullied by their strikers was the best part of the game for me.

Holdings New Merkin

Feel like you’re very down on the ratings across this season blogs. Just cheer the fuck up a bit xxx


Partey 5… Lokonga 8 ???
No way there was that much difference between them – Partey was at least a 6.5 and Lokonga no more than 7 – at least 4 wayward passes.
Sambi and Nuno both need to really work on that – great energy and work-rate but too many misjudged or simply lazy passes gifted to the opposition.


Odegaard was really sharp, some great balls in behind and quick footwork and one vicious shot that was blocked. Feel like he’s not getting his dues!

El Mintero

A vicious shot was blocked! The next Zidane for sure…


Not sure why there is so much Partey hate here. I thought he had a solid game apart from maybe one errant pass where he was trying to start a counter attack. He’s a defensive midfielder so I’m not expecting him to be banging in goals or assists. Odegard I do expects those from and I felt he slowed things down too much today or wasn’t brave enough to make the forward pass.


May I be so bold as to say you have underscored Ramsdale Blogs. 

Exit the Lemming

Laboured 1st half but a much improved 2nd just by moving the ball quicker. They should have had a pen for Odegaard wrestling Schar (I think?) to the floor at a corner 1st half while we should have had a pen and a red card for Lascalles’ forearm smash on Martinelli 2nd. Auba just needs a goal to get his mojo back (but bear in mind you can’t backdate missed opportunities at 32) Tavares had the freedom of the Emirates in the 1st half but his decision making in the final 3rd was woeful (the fans let him know this).… Read more »

Frank Emerson

7 for Saka a bit mean. But…..who cares. 3 points for the super gunners.

Bill Hall

Good performance, I think our Captain needs a few games out to rediscover his sharpness, let Gabi start against Man U as they are all over the place at the moment, Tomi and Tavares were both excellent today as was our GK superstar! Would bring Tierney back for Man U though, he should be champing at the bit by now.
Only negative, Partey really needs to step it up, not playing to his worth still!

Bill Hall

Oh, and how that wasn’t penalty when Gabi was elbowed in the box I will never know?


I’m always difficulty loading players rating on my mobile phone

I don’t know what to do,every other things load but player’s rating


I think we missed out on a striker in the window, they will have someone lined up for Jan doesn’t need to be a massive name just someone Martinelli, Balogun and Nakita can feed off some one like Calvert-lewin or that lad at Chelsea

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