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“It would be so beneficial for all parties” – Arteta wants Wenger return

Mikel Arteta says he wants Arsene Wenger to take up a role at Arsenal and thinks it will be beneficial to all parties involved.

After stepping down in May 2018 after 22 years as manager, the Frenchman, now head of global football development at Fifa, has deliberately kept his distance from the club.

Writing in his autobiography ‘My Life in Red and White’, he was open about the difficulties he faced adjusting to life after Arsenal and hinted at his annoyance at being pushed out the door rather than being given a chance to leave on his own terms.

Arteta is hoping that time has healed the rift.

Speaking to Sky Sports at the premiere of ‘Arsene Wenger: Invincible’ a documentary about the 72-year-old’s time at Arsenal, the Spaniard said: “I think he set a different tone at the club and I would like to recover a lot of things that he did.

“I would like him to be more present at the club. I think the players will love him, they will benefit, they will be inspired to have him around. I think for the club it would be a huge boost.

“I always told him [he’s welcome]. Sometimes you need your time. It was so intense for him for over 20 years and you need to get a little bit away. I think it would be so beneficial for all parties to have him more present.”

Arteta also credited Wenger as the reason he went into coaching.

“For me personally, it’s all the gratitude because if not for him, I would not be in the position I’m in today and I wouldn’t have enjoyed the career that I had playing for the club.

“100% [he’s the reason I’m a manager. I was still young and I had my ideas but he was a different level of inspiration on how I looked at the game. He was very good at transmitting what a football club meant into the players and he put a different question marks on me. After that, I started to study and took coaching much more seriously.”

Given everything he’s done for the club, it certainly doesn’t sit right that Wenger can’t bring himself to take up a seat in the Emirates on a matchday. We’d love to see him back.

While it’s not clear exactly where Arsene’s boeuf lies, when it was put to Josh Kroenke last week that his annoyance might be with the owners, the American seemed none the wiser.

“I wasn’t aware of that sense,” he said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“If that’s the sense, I would love to sit down and understand that. There’s nothing but respect on this side from myself personally, I know from my father and as a club as whole. If there is anything, there’s no substitute for good open communication. So if there is something I’m unaware of I would welcome that conversation wholeheartedly.

“Arsene will be welcomed at the Arsenal whenever he wants to come back, he will be welcomed with open arms by the entire club. After 22 years of being in one place, it’s natural to want to do other things.

“But as a club we’re in the position we are today because of him and we know that and we understand that. He’s a big part of our past, he’s a big part of our present and we want him to be a big part of our future as well.”

Let’s see what happens…

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Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah sweet. With Wenger back at the club we could almost sign Haaland, Fati and Pedri this summer.

But joking aside, enough time has passed for even the hardest heart to reflect kindly on the Wenger era. He did so much for us. And he should be a part of our future too.

No one on the planet has more Arsenal DNA than that man.


Man deserves a stand at the Emirates named after him, and I’d love nothing more than to see him sat in it for every home game.


The stadium should be named The Arsene Wenger Stadium when the current Emirate deal is over. Yes I know we would be forgoing a few million quid, our marketing team would have to find other innovative ways to generate income. The man deserves it. He built a stadium and a training ground.

Giuseppe Hovno

100% THIS!


120% aligned!!! Nothing more to add.


I think Arsene could offer a lot to the club and Mikel. Personally, I would love to see him back in some capacity.


Would be good vibes for sure. And help shake Arsene loose from his FIFA job. I don’t doubt he really believes in his WC idea, his integrity is unassailable, and some parts of the plan are good like fewer intl breaks, but it’s still a money grab at the end of the day. Come get your hero’s welcome, Arsene, and leave THIEFA behind.


Would be wonderful to have his expertise as well.

Fantastic week for Arsenal, a concert ‘Up For Grabs’ at the Barbican, celebrating the 1989 last minute championship win against Liverpool last Friday (original music composed for the London Symphony Orchestra), plus David Dein and Wenger appearing live in a London theatre with lots of great Arsenal players yesterday.

Let’s get him back in.


We’ve had enough sausages, time to bring the caviar back.

Stop pontificating about it and invite the man directly. Has anyone at the club sent a formal invite to come and watch a game? Doesn’t sound like it to me. Telling someone they’re welcome anytime is not the same as invitation. Sort it out!

Spanish Gooner

Exactly. Different circumstances of course but I remember watching United parade Varane around Old Trafford before one of their games and it generating a ridiculous atmosphere that drive them to win the game – I’d LOVE to see the Emirates welcome Arsene onto the pitch after the international break


From what I understand, Arteta put a huge mural of Wenger at the training ground, asked le prof for an inspirational quote, and the players high-five it ritualistically every day. A brilliant move by Arteta, and the first step towards a more significant return, I’m sure. Wenger deserves a statue sooner rather than later, but his presence back at the club instantly raises our profile on every level. Pure class, pure football, pure Arsenal.

A Different George

I don’t think that’s the issue, unfortunately. I am pretty certain that there have been private conversations asking him to return. Listen to what he says–effectively it is “I see no reason to return.” These public overtures, from people like Arteta, who had no role in the final, bitter chapter, are a useful step in getting him to change his mind.


“There’s no substitute for good open communication”. Hmm….


Josh needs to shut the f*ck up. Doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Wenger. #kroenkeout


I’d love it but I don’t believe it will happen. If it does I’ll start to believe Kroenkes might actually give a shit about what happens with the club.


Despite the implications of some, I don’t think the ownership has anything to do with Wenger not having returned to Arsenal even for a friendly. If he remains hurt and feels unwelcome, it is because of the fans. Despite appearances, no one would have felt their rage and spite more deeply than Arsene Wenger. The treatment he received from a large section of our fanbase was unwarranted and extreme. Why would he come and sit amongst us, as if he were one of us, when we told him in no uncertain terms that he no longer belonged? If we really… Read more »

Santi's Thigh Grab

This. There are three groups that make a club, players, management and supporters. He’s obviously not mad at the players, current or former. He may still be cheesed off at Ivan the Idgit and who could blame him. He had to be very disappointed at KSE for hiring Raul and then signing geriatric players under sketchy deals. A significant number of supporters turned on him publicly and that is the likely source of his pain. Arteta has done the right thing by making a connection between Arsene and the new players through the picture. The supporters also need to show… Read more »


It would be really awesome if he felt free and welcome to join back in any meaningful role. I’m still a bit sorry for the way the club and lots of my brethren drove him out. It also would ease a lot of tension around the current team if he were to give it (and the coach) his support in an official capacity. I hope you can forgive us, Arsene.


After reading Arsene’s autobiography, he does seem to support Arteta in the role as manager (paraphrasing here) but he effectively says that the club is in good hands with Mikel. He doesn’t really go into his relationship with the owners/directors following his departure, just that it was a painful end to his 22 years and he still felt hurt for some time afterwards. He doesn’t say that he doesn’t support or follow Arsenal – on the contrary, he’s been very clear that he will always remain a fan. I think it unlikely that he would ever manage another club in… Read more »


Thanks for sharing, mate. If anything is certain is that he deserved better both from the club and the fans.


Want to see Mikel take the next quantum leap forward as a manager?

Just Do It.

Crash Fistfight

Mikel striving to put right, what once went wrong?


Arteta just wants to rescue the World Cup in its current format 😁

More seriously, there are reasons for and against. I reckon something like Dalglish’s role at Liverpool (at the moment, rather than during Roy Hodgson’s short-lived tenure) might be the best case.

Bumpy Lanes

I feel Arteta’s comments dispel the myth, amongst some, that he’s a control freak. The fact that he is openly welcoming Arsene, someone known for his desire for control, back to the club because he “would like to recover a lot of things that he did.” feels significant. Perhaps even that Arteta feels more aligned to Arsene’s way of thinking than that of those around him and could do with some extra support.


He was accused of not giving young players enough chances a few months ago. That criticism didn’t age well, too.

Rilwan omar M

I’ll absolutely be glad to see Arsene rejoin the arsenal at some capacity. He should bring himself to play a father figure role to Mikel and the players… Couldn’t be more realer with that.




Wenger returning would be a massive mistake. The last thing Arteta needs right now is a control freak sitting on his shoulder. Wenger wouldn’t be able to resist trying to take over the club again. He was booted out for the right reason: he lost his mojo. Arteta is doing well now after a dodgy start: let him get on with it alone.


It doesn’t make sense that he would. Sure, he had an unmatched-in-the-modern-era amount of control at Arsenal in the latter days of his tenure, but he’s been away long enough to have willingly relinquished control, and the guy is a consummate pro, pure class.


Don’t legitimize this nonsense with a response Paulo.


Apparently you can’t let things go and can’t resist taking a dig at Wenger any chance you get – Wenger has more class.


It’s as if thumbs down feeds your cursed soul. haha


On mobile. Obvs meant to reply to OP.


Sorry for saying this.. but please just shut up


Why are you sorry? You shouldn’t.


First and foremost, he deserves a statue.


I can only hope that those within the club are considering something even more meaningful. The East or West stand would look fucking fantastic as the Arsene Wenger stand, and would be really quite poignant given the role he had in getting it built.


The Arsene Wenger Stadium.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

The Arsene Wenger city of London.


The United Kingdom of Arsene Wenger 😜


The WengerDome


Has a nice ring to it


Ya, it’s well past time. Statue, stand renaming, whatever else. People at the club hopefully have a sense of history.


I agree. Maybe the “incredulous hands out to the referee” Arsene, or the “battling with the zip” Arsene or the “pushing Alan Pardew” Arsene – but preferably the “fists pumping and head towards the sky at the final whistle of the Invincible Season” Arsene.

Billy bob

Arsene invincible Wenger stand

A Different George

I think it’s certain that there would be a statue except for the embarrassment that would be caused if he declined to appear. I’m not saying this because I have high regard for the owners–but a statue, or naming a stand, would be the sort of marketing move that clubs never forego.


Sir Alex Ferguson and sir Bobby Charlton have stands at old Trafford..

Doesn’t harm any marketing opportunities..( unless you want the stands to be sponsored by Rwanda for example)..!?

A Different George

I think I must have been unclear. I meant: “I’m sure the marketing people want to name a stand (or dedicate a statue) for Wenger. If the club haven’t done it, it must be because he has not responded positively.”


I wonder how furiously Arteta was winking when he said, “you need to get a little bit away.”


Some Wenger ball could be welcome. Coach up some offensive play patterns.


I was unbelievably fortunate and got to see the film tonight. It is amazing. A really balanced piece of filmmaking which covers so many key points with emotion and clarity at the same time. I could not recommend it more. I’ll be buying when it’s out on November 22nd and I’ll also be seeing it again when it shows at my local cinema in December.
Treat yourself to a great night out!

Ex-Priest Tobin

No thanks. He’s killed off what little integrity he had left with his most recent job.


That’s rich, coming from someone who has none.

Oh, and Fuck Off.



So… You were fired?


Fired by God even.


A sprinkling of Wengerball on top of our increasingly solid at the back performances would be nice.


Love that. Bring him back!

Brady’s bunch

The man is a living legend and should be treated as such, we should show him the class the he showed us for so long. How he’s not involved at a high level of the club is beyond me. For me his standing in the game is second to none so how we don’t utilize it is strange at best. He transformed Arsenal and the premier league as a whole which should never be forgotten.


Oh, fuck off Josh Kroenke. You know exactly what the problem is.


I think everyone can see that he would be a valuable addition to the hierarchy.

Interesting to see Overmars blowing out the new money at Newcastle. I would still love to find a role for him……he is perhaps waiting in the wings to replace Edu, but all the new signings have been a success so that may not happen for a while now. (Credit where it’s due Edu)

Merlin’s Panini

Credit where it’s edu

Arsene’s Zipper

I’ve never thumbs upped this many comments before.

How about we make #WengerIn a thing?


One day people will realise how much Mikel has been doing to heal Arsenal Football Club. Arsene Wenger is a compulsive character and feels hurt about the way he was treated, perhaps he also realises and admits that he should’ve left earlier. I think it would be nice if he was able to return to the Emirates as the fan he is, and maybe some sort ambassadorial or advisory role. That way he would be able to advise and support the club. I don’t think it would be a good idea for him to be involved in decision making, or… Read more »

gooner 4 life

I have always thought it would be great if he were to have some role at the club .Look at the way Manu treat sir Alex and we are a club with class compared to them enough said.

Santi's Thigh Grab

I would love to have him associated with the Academy is some capacity, doing trainings with the academy players, giving them the larger picture of football, creativity and approach to the game. Keep the DNA of Wengerball alive and well imbedded in all of our youth, like Saka and ESR. I’m sure he and Per could figure out a role for him and it would be meaningful work doing what he loves, teaching his brand of football to top youth players.


I think Amy Lawrence wrote recently about the potential influence he could have on the status of the club and our ability to lure in talent, she cited Ferguson’s role in bringing in Ronaldo as an example. When you think about the role Wenger’s reputation and aura had in the signings of Alexis and Özil, it makes sense. I would love to have him in the stands on match days and to have some sort of ambassadorial/advisory role at the club.

Brady’s bunch

100% agree


Maybe next summer, when four years have passed. I think there is a real risk to create a “Ferguson at Manchester” situation. There, it is never clear how much influence on the owners and an the football side he still has (even the illusion of control weakens the current management/coaches). You cannot tell me that all mediocre backroom staff they hired (some who worked under Ferguson) aren’t there due Ferguson’s influence, same for the absurd Ronaldo deal. There are differences. The Glazers could only buy Manchester United due to Ferguson (and he is getting paid handsomely for it till this… Read more »


Well said, we’re on a new and good path now and Arsene shouldn’t be in a position to interfere in that. To be fair, I think he understands that. Maybe by next summer, when we’re back in Europe and things are more settled he could maybe visit and take in a game or two, be seen about the place, but I wouldn’t want him involved in any decision making except as an advisory capacity. The club has moved on, so has he.

Mikels Arteta

Welcome him home
I’d like to see Wenger and Ferguson watching an Arsenal v Man Utd game at the Emirates


Oh so wenger indirectly found us his his true successor.


At first, I had a negative gut reaction when I read this, but then I realized why – reminded me of Ole talking about Ferguson.

Of course, the issue at United is Ole being a shit manager and Woodward being the most incompetent man in football, not Ferguson being in the stands.

So no issues whatsoever with Wenger returning, I just really, really dislike Manchester United.


I really have to agree with this! 😉


Am I the only one who feels sad reading how he hasn’t been back to the club, that he wished he left us and joined rivals etc? I loved the dude, wished he fallen on his sword earlier, but that it feels like something is broken between us and him is heartbreaking. I get he may have felt betrayed by those in charge, but considering what he gave us as fans, especially the Invincibles, I wished there was more warmth there.


He’s still bitter as hell about being sacked. That’s why he should be nowhere near the club ever again. How can a man who hasn’t even watched an Arsenal game live in 4 years suddenly turn up and get involved in running the club?

Let him go off and ruin international football with his stupid two-yearly World Cup.


So I guess you and Stuart Robson are besties.


No: I just don’t sign up to the “Wenger is God” narrative.

He was a great manager in his time but hung around for far too long.


He’s not bitter about being sacked; he’s bitter about the way in which the fans drove him out of the club he loved, the fans he spent 2 decades desperately trying to please. He admits himself that he stayed too long; but that classless section of our fanbase, amplified exponentially by the hall of mirrors world of social media, didn’t need to make it so undignified — that felt far too personal.


They are interlinked.
Hence Wenger’s upset.

Merlin’s Panini

I would imagine his boeuf might be that he was forced to leave by the Kroenkes siding with Gazidis (who then fucked off himself) rather than doing it completely on his own terms. It would be great to have him acting as an ambassador for the club but that could weigh heavily on future managers. It really depends on his approach and theirs. Having the chance to tap into his analysis could be huge. Still, I expect he’d rather stay in his cushy role at FIFA instead where he can have a bigger effect on the sport as a whole… Read more »


Can you blame Wenger? He took us through our most successful period, transitioned us to a new stadium and kept us consistently in the top 4 (see Spurs), turned down all the biggest clubs and made the club/owners more money than any of us can imagine. Even in the latter half, won trophies and had big Euro ties to look forward too/dread. Then we punted him out and ended up here. Then comes the revisionists…”if it wasn’t for wenger we wouldn’t be 8th blah blah blah”.

Arsene F.C.

Spot on. It’s not the owners at all, it’s the fans. The man was hounded out of the club by a large section of the fanbase. The plane, the jostling at the station in Stoke, the chants in the stadium. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour by the ‘fans’ for a man who gave us so much. They should have been ashamed by their behaviour 3 years ago and they should still be ashamed now.


Wenger in. He will be like a new signing.

I’ll get my coat.

Wrighty’s hats

LANS!! Haven’t come across that in a while!

Off topic: I love Arsene to bits, but pushing to stage the World Cup every 2 years is a crazy idea.


Be nice to have someone at executive level who knows football and the club.

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