Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Leeds 1-4 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal’s young guns shone again as Mikel Arteta’s men hammered a hapless Leeds 4-1 at Elland Road this evening.

Two goals from Gabriel Martinelli in the first half set the tone, while Bukayo Saka added the third just before the break. The second half was played at a slower pace and a poor tackle from Ben White conceded a penalty which allowed Leeds to get one back, but substitute Emile Smith Rowe scored yet again to make the victory as emphatic as our performance deserved.

A great way to cement your place in the top four going into Christmas. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Here’s how the players rated today.

Read the Leeds 1-4 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

Leeds 1-4 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Arsenal had 11 shots on target in the first half – the most on record (since 2003-04) of any side in the opening 45 minutes in a single match in the Premier League.


Blinders from the front for again. Shows how badly the team was carrying Auba. Just by removing him and putting Laca up top we have turned from a bleak attack to a deadly threat in the blink of an eye. Laca is fighting hard for that contract (should be 2-years at ABSOLUTE max, preferrably one-year with a top class, well-rounded forward coming in).


You are correct I believe. Martinelli plays the way abu was supposed to play, slashing runs, great finishing. Laca provides the pivot for others to play off of.


He’s better technically than Auba too though, his touch is beautiful and he’s a good crosser too.

Charlie George

He’s a great header of the ball, which Auba has never been.


You stole that from James on his “on the whistle” vid 😉

Frog in Ze Room



We’ve had plenty of dross games with Laca upfront. It’s the Laca/Martinelli combo that is working.


Yeah, but many of those dross games were with Auba on the left. Don’t get me wrong Laca ain’t perfect. We need a CF next season and one that is well rounded – build up game, strong in the air, quick and good finisher). But Laca is on faya. He’s playing excellent football. He deserves credit.

A Different George

C.B.: “we were great!” Daveo: “that proves how bad Aubameyang is.” Give it a rest.


when we struggle to create goals, Daveo: “Auba’s not contributing enough to our attacks and it’s hurting out system”
A Different George: “give it a rest”.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I believe we still would have won the last 3 games if Auba played instead of Laca.

We probably would not have scored as many as 9 goals though.

The Arsenal

1 year for Laca…and Keep extending depending on performances.. I used to think it was a massive injustice at the time especially because it was against people like Bergkamp but Wengers 1 year extension policy on 30 and overs was smart. Really enjoyed Lacas movement despite his misses, pulled Leeds apart and allowed the pace of the young guns to destroy them,.


Yeah, and I wanted Özil and auba to sign. But both were bad mistakes. I definitely didn’t want willian. We can’t do it again. I like the 1 year rolling deals. Particularly with an eye on the future…

Brady’s bunch

I’d be happy I see him stay another year but at his age it’s probably his last big contract so can see him moving on possibly even in the premier league to someone offering him three years.

Naked Cygan

At this rate we will be top of the league if they postpone all the other games and we just play.


I’m trying to work out whether it will be an advantage to have plenty of games in the bag. A lot of other teams might have to squeeze in a lot more games than us into a short period (e.g. s*purs). But that might help the bigger clubs with bigger squads. Mmmm.


What I’m hearing you say is that it won’t help sp*rs.


Spurs also have a Europa Dirt Conference league game left to play as well. Their fixtures will get very congested hopefully


I saw an interesting question put somewhere as to whether all the postponed games will have to be played using the squad available at the time of the postponement. Else it could be significantly less of an issue to the richer clubs, and leaves it open to abuse- particularly during afcon. Suspect that’s too rational for the FA though.


Massive advantage if we keep winning them


This team looks amazing going forward, and ESR’s goals are a very welcome development.

Last game I felt like Partey had his best game this season then today he goes and has one of those head scratching games.


He has been so frustrating to watch. The quality has shown at times to give you a taste of what he can do, yet he’s been average at best overall this year


Sadly, I think that’s what we’ll get from him. Watched him a lot at Atleti and he can be the best and the worst player in the team in the same match. He’s consistently inconsistent. Incredible line breaking passes and then just straight balls into opposition strikers.


Reminds me Alex Song tbf 🙂


I remember the Hollowood passes 🙂

Give youth a chance

Feels harsh to only give Ramsdale a 7, but he didn’t have a serious save to make aside from the penalty


Doesn’t need to have incredible saves all the time. His overall game contribution was great especially his superb ball distribution – allowed us to ease the pressure at the back and have quick counterattacks.
BEST TOP 3 Goalkeeper in the EPL in my book.


Loved everything about this game. One of the best away performances of the season. Ps. Are we absolutely sure we are not extending Laca in case Auba is going???


Haven’t we learned our lesson about extending aging players based on a short positive stretch of play?

Alan Sunderland

Exactly, we didn’t know what we were missing in goal until ramsdale, look at the difference tomiasyu makes at right back. If they get it right with a cf like they have at goalkeeper and right back we’re in business.


And at CF, only a certain CM to go (shout out to “A different George”)…

Alan Sunderland

We need a proper no.6 as well, xhaka not mobile enough and partey looks more suited to playing no.8 to me. People seem down on partey today, but I thought he did well.


Yeah, I thought he was grand. Really solid game and dominated the middle. Xhaka was pretty decent too, still don’t enjoy watching him play for Arsenal one little bit…

Alan Sunderland

I thought partey was good, he seemed to stay in same area of pitch, probably doing exactly what he was told? He broke up a lot of Leeds attacks was tidy on the ball, there’s definitely a bit more in him than what he’s showing.

Reality check

He may be decent at link up or hold up (not as good as Giroud who he replaced) but he doesn’t score a lot. 14 is his highest which was over 2 years ago and at 30, he’s not going to improve much. Players play well in their last season I am putting it down to that, there are just too many examples..


And we coulda had HFB back for a quick million quid…

Timorous Me

If you extend him for one year then you get two last seasons.

Funsho Patrick

He’s more of a firmino…brings in the other attackers


Laca never has been and never will be anything except a whole-hearted player. It’s also clear that Laca now has 90 minutes in his legs and is getting physically stronger. Man City doesn’t have a recognized striker. We don’t need one with Martinelli, Smith-Rowe and Saka creating terror (and even MO chipping in)


load of nonsense, Laca was excellent in Emery’s 1st season


Don’t think we are, though we need to buy a top quality striker. Assuming we do so, I reckon the scenarios for extending Laca’s contract would be a combination of the following 1) Keep Balogun loaned out through next season to give him the best chance to develop 2) Auba and Nketiah both depart, and 3) We’d prefer to keep playing Martinelli on the wing Can’t see us keeping Laca as a second striker and pay him a hefty salary if it’s going to block a younger striker from developing. Alternatively, if Balogun starts to bang them in for a… Read more »

Give youth a chance

I’m not convinced we need to buy a striker. Maybe a season’s loan for next year while Balogun goes on loan to learn against the big boys and re-assess from there


I think we need to extend Laca if we don’t buy one. Depends a lot on if Auba is up for it or not

Nainsley Aitland Miles

He’s currently playing some of his best football in an Arsenal shirt, plays and integrates so well with the youngsters around him, so an agreement with him for a one year extension could suit both parties and seems low risk. He likely wouldn’t find many other clubs who will match his current wages anyway.

Obviously a massive pay-rise and 3 year contract is a big no-no.


Come on you goooners

El Mintero

Sizzzzzling today. Laca/Martinelli is reminiscent of Laca/Auba at their best. Great to see Gabi hit his stride.

Cranky Colin

I’m in love with the lads.
And with the Blogger.
Happy Christmas

Virginia Gooner

That first half is how I wanted to see this team play after scoring the opener against United. Instead we got the second half performance. If this team could put together a 90min display like that first 45, we would easily be favorites for top 4 this season. When they play with aggression going forward this is a dangerous side.

Man Manny

Don’t you think you are asking too much from a team whose average age is about 23? About 10 of our regular starters are not yet at the peak of their powers.
I believe you will get your wish 2 seasons from now, ceteris paribus.


3rd game in a week – same 11 players starting them all. – bound to fade out today.


We did. Against West Ham.


Our second half here was really decent. Penalty aside Leeds had nothing. We controlled the whole game.

Boe Sharkey

Gabi giving me Alexis vibes tonight – love him!


He does have that head-tucked-into-shoulders running style of Alexis doesn’t he…

Alan Sunderland

And the confidence and selfish streak.


Both goals were very Alexis like finishes today, whereas last week was a Thierry impersonation. He’s some prospect!!

Alan Sunderland

Agree, klopp called it after the 5-4 league cup game.



Alan Sunderland

You’re right penalties


And the ability to score away goals!


I saw him sprinting chasing ball at 90th minute. Incredible


He has the grit, tenacity, aggression, and finishing ability of some prominent South American attackers like Luis Suarez and Carlos Tevez. I’d say he is an even better finisher than Suarez was at this age. Jurgen Klopp definitely was seeing something when he tagged him a generational talent.


Gabigolllll ❤️❤️❤️

Tierneys tescobag

10/10 for arseblog and because… merry christmas

Cranky Colin

Two downvotes……
Are there some Spuddies here🤨😳😂!?

Vaibhav Pandey

Martinelli should share MOTM with Odegaard!


Come off it. Scoring goals is always the gold premium in football, even if a player does little else. And Martinelli was brilliant in all round play as well.

A Different George

A few really important takeaways, even against a depleted side. Odegaard, at his best, can play for anyone. As he did against West Ham but a little more, Partey looks closer to the dominant player we need. Martinelli still hasn’t had the time to prove he is the real thing in the way Saka and Smith Rowe are, but it’s beginning to look that way.


Odegaard is an artist and a pack-horse. You don’t see that in one bundle very often.
I got the feeling today that Partey is really getting over his injuries and getting his match legs.


I know you might think I can’t be happy, but Xhaka is such a 🔔 🔚. The sooner we move on from him the better. However, it doesn’t seem Arteta will see that, and he might bury yet another manager. He did a nice pass, yes, and that’s his seasonal quota all wrapped up. Great game for everyone else.

SLC Gooner

He’s limited from a skillset perspective, and occasionally too red-misty, but Partey does seem to play better with him as a partner.
Regardless, Partey is gone for January, so we need Xhaka during that time at least. Might as well get him match fit and ready. Plus Lokonga was out this match.


I know you’ll say correlation is not causation, but since Xhaka came back, our midfield has looked way more solid.


Our midfield looked decent enough when Sambi and AMN were putting MotM performances. And to be frank, central midfield was the least convinving part of the West Ham win and only Benny Blanco played worse than Partey and Xhaka tonight. Midfield with Xhaka has hardly been solid. Their middling performances are getting glossed over by some truly phenomenal games from those around them.

Elneny played a better game away at OT than either Partey or Xhaka have managed over the last 3 games, but we lost so his shortcomings were put under the microscope.


Xhaka literally got an assist today with a really nice pass through to Martinelli. He’s a commanding player who rallies our team together, and I would put him ahead of AMN, Lokonga, Partey, and Elneny. People also seem to forget his performances at the Euros as the Swiss captain.

I do agree that our central midfield is the weakest component of our team. We really need to strengthen it in January, but I feel that your criticism towards Xhaka is misplaced.


I don’t think him getting an assist discounts any criticism of his overall performances. I don’t think his performances at the National level have much relevance either, other than that his last contribution to Switzerlands Euro campaign was getting himself sent of iirc. You can’t on the one hand admit that central midfield is our greatest shortcoming then on the other be dismissive of fair criticism of the central midfielders. This is a player we’ve watched for going on 6 years now. We’ve all seen enough of him to draw conclusions and not expect the player to change a great… Read more »


He’s the David Luiz of our midfield. Having got rid of Guendouzi and Luiz, he’s the last of the clowns we need to let go.


With Lokonga waiting in the wings, we’d have to buy an out of the box world class CM which doesn’t feel like a priority right now. Especially not in Jan.


We constantly bemoan that we’re too nice on the pitch and that we lack an edge, yet the only player we’ve got who definitelly got the edge and the character is constantly underrated by the part of fanbase. He is neither the quickest nor technically gifted as other CMF we’ve got but he provides stability and consistency and will always give everything he got on the pitch. It is ludicrous that some people believe that Wenger, Emery and Arteta were/are all blind and completely oblivious about Xhakas capacity. We’ve been on receiving ends of so many dangerous fouls this season… Read more »


He’s very much a liability. He should’ve gotten at least a yellow for his challenge on raphina. He’s hot headed and is red card waiting to happen any time he plays

Exit the Lemming

He should have been gone either after his strop against Palace, the needless red card against Burnley or when the cash was on the table from Hertha Berlin. Granit is now so immobile that he is in danger of being targeted by pigeons.


i’m a little annoyed this is being downvoted so much, it’s a point that shouldn’t be overlooked. i loved our win but ffs, this could well have been a red card – at 3-0 up! – and we can’t keep up with this bullshit.

Alan Sunderland

So xhaka plays a good game and the problem is he didn’t get booked for leaving a bit on their best player? No offense but it should be overlooked.

Reality check

This just tells you being happy is not the only reason people watch football. When everything is fine you can still count on moaners to find something against the usual scapegoats.

Reality check

That was a yellow all day long, never a red but let’s just find a reason to moan anyway..


Agree with the Xhaka comments here. What’s wrong with this guy? Why can’t anybody from above at Arsenal rein him in? First he obstructs Leeds from taking a free kick – an action which could have been bookable – and THE NEXT MOMENT he makes a challenge that could have been a red EARLY still in the 2nd half – and then he gets booked at the end for silly time-wasting! An incorrigible idiot.

Inspector norse

Sounds like a captain too me.


Leeds were about to take a quick free kick when our players hadn’t recooperated from the previous play. It would’ve been unfair, so Xhaka rightly delayed their kick.


He overdid it. Our players were in place and he still just stood there over the ball. He wouldn’t have received a warning otherwise.

Top Tier-ney

I guess this is what defines him on the day, and not an otherwise midfield-bossing, monstrous performance in which he played a crucial role in our first two goals on the day…

Inspector norse

It could have been red, because it was Xhaka, it was NEVER a red card.


Why not? I’ve seen softer challenges get a red. It was mindless, pure and simple. And not the first NOR the last time, I’m afraid.

Inspector norse

Yeah, i have seen gibbs get a red for an AOC challenge or vice versa, red cards aren’t always correct. It was a yellow, it happens, no big deal.

Reality check

Xhaka was really good especially in the first half and did his defensive work, merited at least a 7 imo. Ref didn’t give him a yellow for once and you’re pissed about that.

Wrighty’s hats

On top of having so many shots on target and generally excellent forward play, I think where we tore them apart today was in the midfield, and while Odegaard was busy pulling all of the strings, Xhaka and Partey were plenty busy making things happen, they were very solid for us, both of them. Credit where credit is due – those two had an excellent game for the first time in a really long time. That doesn’t mean that Sambi and AMN aren’t also great by the way, or that GX and Partey couldn’t have been even better… it’s only… Read more »

Give youth a chance

We criticise Xhaka for being a limited player, but look at Henderson at Liverpool.

Maybe these limited players add something that’s needed to be successful

Merlin’s Panini

While I dislike Xhaka credit where it’s due. He had a good game. Yes he walked the line but so did Vieira, all the time. The difference was that we could cope with 10 other amazing players if we really had to. Xhaka’s shithousing was a little overboard but he got away with it today. It was mostly well calculated. His tendency to completely melt down is what I’m scared of, and that we might not be solid enough with 10 men. Arteta was a master of shithousery too, which is why I think he likes Xhaka. He was so… Read more »

Top Tier-ney

Uh-huh! And not only that, but even though no discernible reality matches what I’m about to say, I’m sure an error of his is to blame for the sinking of Titanic too! Better burn him alive with a flamethrower lest he does something like that again!!!! For fucks sake, he played a part in our first goal by making a vital run in the box, that started the whole chaos resulting in our opener, assisted our second magnificiently, pressed like a beast tonight, passed it real well, was tactically astute… Gabi, Odegaard and Tomi aside, the guy was the best… Read more »


Good win, wish we kept hammering them in the 2nd half but understandable given the, as of now, busy festive fixtures. Leeds are cunts but feel a bit bad for Bielsa after how good they were last year!

Excited to see some rotation against Sunderland

Give youth a chance

Bring on the Flo!


The joy of watching Arsenal feels like its coming back in recent times, and it’s the young lads that are making the difference. Thrilling now, and huge optimism for a bright future!


Wish Martinelli would start at striker so Smith-Rowe can get back into the lineup.

Give youth a chance

I’m quite happy for ESR to get a bit of a mid-season break. We don’t want him burnt out in April

SLC Gooner

This ^^^. I’m fine with Saka and ESR being rotated. Last thing we want is another Wilshere situation.

Alan Sunderland

Agree, I prefer him over odegaard, but odegaard can’t be faulted by me for his attitude and work rate. I would keep playing him, he has never been a starter apart from on loan. Maybe a good run of games will really get him going. He’s looking better than I thought he was by the game.


This is classic FIFA thinking imo. How can you look at two goals in a week from diagonal, outside-in runs behind the defence from the left and think ‘yeah, what we really need is that guy milling around in the centre of the pitch’?

Gabi is CLEARLY better coming in off the left. We have two brilliant number 10s- it’s not a problem, let alone one that needs to be fixed by shoving square pegs in round holes.

I’ll be Sam-Bert Lokonga

Our dependable right back getting subbed off at the hour and getting some rest: Take-a-breather Tomiyasu


“OK, lads, we’ve pulled a goal back and we need two more to draw. Let’s push forwards and…. oh, f*ck, Smith Rowe is coming on!”

I’d love ESR to start, but a fresh Emile coming off the bench when the opponents are desperately chasing the game must be terrifying!


Love that post.


Arsenal are on the way up. If we can add some more emphatic performances away from home like this one and at Leicester, and keep up our home form, 4th place is not at all beyond us. Let’s dispatch Norwich and Wolves over the Christmas period, and start 2022 with real optimism that we can return to the Champions League – and celebrate a long, long-overdue Saint Totteringham’s Day.


Amazing job by martenelli. Arteta is going to find it hard to get him out of the squad!


You mean out of the team?


I would like to hear Martinelli’s name being sung more often in the terraces as well, the lad is on fire at the moment along with the rest of our attackers, long may it continue. By the way Saka is superb, he reminds me a little bit of Mane and those kind of players without being cunt like Mane of course :d


Isn’t Mane a lot more direct and less technical? I’d say Martinelli is more comparable to Mane, and Saka a bit more like Salah if we have to make Mugsmasher comparisons.


But Sala was never as good as this at 20 years old. The sky’s the limit for Saka, he’s that good

Top Tier-ney

If Saka was a gazillion times more clinical, which is despite his overall brilliant talent, an area of his game in which he is definitely lacking…




10/10 for the salty sky sports panel that were desperate for us to lose haha. At one point the women tried to argue that sakas goal would have been offside last season, followed by but that’s not the main talking point

Tomaury Bischfeld

Hearing Graeme Souness criticise a young Leeds player for not defending when he fielded Ali Dia , and hearing his salt about Bielsa preferring substance over style when most of his sides had neither, was just grating. He managed to say through gritted teeth that he liked ESR after a good 10 minutes moaning on and on about Leeds makeshift team. Dour old c*nt.


Oh I watched that 🙄. Wats up with that guy seriously?? He didn’t seem happy at all complimenting arsenal young forwards at all and when given opportunity to talk abt arsenal he had that face like ‘plz don’t make me say good things abt arsenal’ DULL

Fireman Sam

What’s up with Souness? He’s just a miserable shit bag.


He’s the fucking worst

Exit the Lemming

What a job Souness has. Being paid millions to talk sh*t. We do it for free.


Not much better in the US. NBCSN’s Jim Proudfoot pre-game wishing for Leeds to win set the anti-Arsenal theme going and it continued the entire game. I wonder if the networks have an anti-Arsenal hiring bias!


Xhaka played well, but how does he make the team better than amn or ? He just always seems to be on the edge of doing something stupid. Partey was very good today.

lets win the rest this month and then see how much we have improved against. City.

I am enjoying the ride with these fellows. Hasn’t been this much fun in years.

how many changes Tuesday? 7?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I would predict an entire 11 changes.

The same 11 has started these last 3 games in 8 days so will surely all be rested for Norwich.

Give youth a chance

Cedric Chambers Holding Tavares
AMN Elneny Lokonga
Pepe Balogun Aubameyang

Wrighty’s hats

Have a feeling Eddie will be in for Auba in your lineup

Lokongo won’t play because of covid.

Nketiah will definitely start.

Aubameyang – who knows.


6 for Cedric is generous IMHO


Although I certainly can’t blame Cedric for the penalty….is anyone else wondering if White would of made that tackle of Tomiyasu was on the pitch?

Man Manny

Three games in a week; 9 goals scored; 1 against; 9 points; cements top 4; no complains.
A Spurs loss tomorrow will be the fitting cherry on the cake.


Oh, merry Christmas to all.


Martinelli is slowly but surely going back to his best. And the most rewarding is that we have yet to see his top potential.

And I think I mentioned this before, but I’m still gonna say this again, Tomi is so good in his debut year that we are forgetting that Bellerin is on loan to Real Betis and is still an Arsenal player


I’d take bellerin back, he’s better than Cedric even if he can’t take a throw in


I would too, he is a lovable lad. But I dun really think he is willing to play second fiddle to Tomi, given he’s at his prime age now


Just make Odegaard captain already.


If we finish top 4 this season and lose auba and Laca, Stan should drop another cash bomb on Haaland.

dreaming I know but this project is perfect for him.


Maybe Martin can put in a word…

Walter White

But, is he better than Nketiah?


I like watching this team now.
Saka carries the ball so well, Martinelli can finish,
Laca at his best must be a thorn in the flesh of defenders as he likes to get all close and personal.
Tomiyasu dominates the air.
If the mid field could take it up a notch, that would be swell


I’d never believed in the Anti-Arsenal refereeing conspiracy until I saw Granit Xhaka escape a nailed-on red card today.
They have conspired to allow Mikel to always play this “man”, maybe even make him our captain.
I’d never suspected they hated Arsenal this much.


I think it’s amazing how The Smith keeps coming on for little cameos at the end and keeps managing to steal the show. He’s just got that special something.


He’s brilliant in breakaways, the way he runs at defenders, with or without the ball. As I said in another comment, you’ve been running around for 75 minutes, you’re losing and need to chase the game, then you see a fresh ESR coming off the bench….


Given the Smith’s trajectory you might even ask: How Soon Is Now?


Some of the comments I have read leave me puzzled. I thought Lacazette gave a master class of pulling players out of position tonight. giving space for others to exploit.

Obama Young

Interesting to see Tavarez and Tierney both out there together. Maybe we will have Nuno play some midfield when Partey is gone? He seems to have a lot of the attributes to do it.


I was trying to make out his positioning, he seemed to be playing as a left-sided attacker in front of Tierney. I think late in the game he’s got the speed and athleticism to harass the opponent’s flank if we’re already in front, but could see him putting in a shift in midfield also.


Yes, Tavarez essentially took Gabi’s spot, Gabi moved to the right to replace Saka, ESR took up Odegaard’s spot.


Can we give Tomi a pay rise, a knighthood an Aston Martin DB5 & a card from every true Gooner wishing him a Merry Christmas and thanking him for being so bloody awesome !!! And Gabi too if possible ? Thank You !


Aston Martinelli?

Joe London

I suspect that Ben White’s tackle was deliberate, just to gift them a goal for Christmas. There was absolutely no need to do that, especially while we were 3-nil up.


If we’d had Almunia in goal, I might possibly have understood White’s thinking… but with the wall that is Rambo covering the near post? Totally unnecessary!

Exit the Lemming

His slapstick high five routine with Ramsdale post tackle to attempt to deflect the decision making process for the Ref was pitiful frankly. Nailed on pen


I thought it was brilliant!


Tomiyasu is the set and forget defender – until he gets injured.

Petit's Handbag

Keep going lads. Top four is the difference between a Vlahovic and Calvert Lewin.


Xhaka back to his majestic best today. Sublime assist for second goal; key interceptions; some great long crossfield passes; stamped on some guy’s ankle and got away with it; laughed at the ref. Great to see you back Granit.


I cannot wait to get rid of him, bog standard utility midfielder, unpleasant spiteful whiney git


I loved his laughing at the ref!


This team is crying out for Tammy Abraham

Exit the Lemming

Not even Leeds are crying out for Tammy Abraham


Roma fans are crying out for Tammy Abraham to be sold!


Great performance, I have to give Arteta some credit because he brought our Martinelli at the right time, his performances have really picked up, for a long time his performances were okay, but not as impactful as he can be. Odegaard brought out a Mesut Ozil esque performance today, he was so so good and this is the Odegaard I know, intelligent, a great passer, dictates play, in an Arsenal shirt he didn’t make use of th8is ability consistently, lot of the time he would just pass sideways instead of acknowledging a forward run, if he improves his right foot… Read more »