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Odegaard: We’re a hungry group of lads

In the aftermath of Arsenal’s 5-1 win over Sunderland – a win that sets up a Carabao Cup semi-final with Liverpool – Martin Odegaard took some time out to chat with compatriot Jan Aage Fjørtoft.

The one-time Swindon, Middlesbrough, Sheffield United and Barnsley striker, who now works for Norwegian station Viaplay Fotball, quizzed the midfielder on life at the Emirates, the Gunners’ youth policy and what constitutes a successful season for the club.

On turning 23 and being one of the older players at Arsenal…

In this company, I’m not that young anymore. It’s nice to get older and get some more experience.

On the development of Arsenal’s young side…

We have a very exciting group of players here. They do a fantastic job with young players giving us match time, and helping us all the way. They not only give us the chance but help us grow every year. I feel that they have helped me a lot in the short period I’ve been here.

On having experienced many clubs in recent years…

I’ve been through a lot despite my young age, and now I have joined a fantastic team with young and promising players. We are a team that is rising in a big club that belongs at the top. I feel that we are on a good path to achieve that. What we have done lately is very promising. We are a hungry group of lads that want to establish the team at the top again. It feels good to be here and I think what we are doing now is very good.

On how conscious Arteta is to create a young team…

I think both the team and the gaffer have a clear strategy when they have brought players in. If you look at the players that we have brought in now, there are many young players, like myself that want to move up and forward. But it is the best players that should play, so I don’t think that he thinks too much about [age] when he picks the team. But, yeah, the club has a strategy on young players and we saw that during the last transfer window.

On how happy he is about deciding to join Arsenal at this stage of his career…

Very happy! I feel that it was the right choice to look forward when things were like they were in Madrid. I signed when I was 16, and the time was now right to look forward and then I thought that this was the perfect club for me. With how the club wants to play and the same with the gaffer. It was just perfect and I’m very happy.

On what constitutes a good season for this Arsenal team…

We obviously want to win something. We are in the semi-final [of the Carabao Cup], and there is, another cup [FA Cup] coming up. So we obviously have a goal to win trophies and fight for spots in Europe. Of course, Champions League is the big dream, but we should at least play in Europe next year. That is a goal for us and I hope we make that happen.

On whether he’s now the happiest he’s been in his career…

Yes, I feel in very good shape and I feel that we have found out some things in this team and we know each other better and better. You can see that on the pitch. So yeah, I’m very happy here.


He speaks very well does young Martin, you can see why his name crops up when the captaincy issue is discussed.

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Massive fan of Odegaard! This group of players has me excited, I feel like we’re finally moving in the right direction. COYG!


The days of Jenkinson and Santos seem finally to be receding into sepia.

Cranky Colin

A very dangerous emotion Alex.
But I gave you a thumbs up tho………

Teryima Adi

Let the Renaissance begin.

Johnny 4 Hats

We’ve got so many young, young lads with their heads firmly screwed on. How do they do it?

When I was 22 I broke my arm falling out of a first floor window dressed as a hotdog.

Zadok the Motherfucking Priest

That’s nothing, when I was 1 I broke my hotdog falling out a 22nd floor window dressed as an arm.



Granit(e) hard!

Hahahaha, I know, I know, at that age, the most important thing on my mind was girls, and clubbing, sometimes one forgets how young these kids are, to be taking on such huge responsibilities well and maturedly

Old Stimmo

I thought girls and clubbing was the most important thing for young footballers as well, thinking of a few names I won’t mention here!

Cranky Colin

Girls? Monty Python…………” you were lucky…… 22 , I was down mine shaft”


Mine shaft? Luxury that is. We ‘ad to get up at four and fish for our supper in t’sewer.


Sewer?? Sewer ‘e says.

You didn’t even know you were born


We do very much enjoy it if y’all keep staying hungry tbh.
I’m cautiously optimistic we’re finally heading in the right direction.


He must be doing something right to keep ESR on the bench.


In Ø, ESR, Saka and GM, we have 4 attacking midfielders are all hard-working, skilled, hungry youngsters that deserve to play – for 3 spots. Quite an ideal situation for Arteta to allow rotation and keep them on their toes.
ESR will get plenty of game time, I’m not worried.


It’s really good to have ESR or Martinelli on the bench. You need strong players on the bench, as is demonstrated by all the beat teams. Add Pepe to that too becuase I think he offers something too.

Will be an exiting summer if we manage to finish 4th. We can add some more young hungry players. An upgrade to Xhaka, hopefully a world class striker (isak would be my choice) and another RB to compete with Tomi (Adams at Leipzig would be good).


I think by mid next season, many teams will be drooling at our own world class forward.!


He’s just so well put together! Love his perspective and relaxed awareness. I seriously hope he stays and doesn’t get injured, this team is looking to have an incredible ceiling!


Don’t worry Martin.
Arteta is claiming that Charlie Patino is being cooked slowly !


He’s such a tender young boy


“We’re a hungry group of lads”

So this is why Arteta wants to cook Patino slowly….


More Monty Python…
… with shallots in a white wine sauce”

The Beast

Very happy we signed him.

Tasmanian Jesus

Me too. As a norwegian, Ive been exposed to everything Ødegaard for 7-8 years already, since when he 15 and toying with players twice his age in the top division here.
Everyone here knows what an insane talent he is, and I was so fucking happy when we signed him this summer over Maddison.
If he can keep his place and keep improving, he will be a real beast.
Always saw him as a cross between Özil and Messi, and I can still see both of them in him.

Ed the Red

Fabulous to see that he is enjoying life here. He had a bit of a slow start to the season but is really coming into form now.

On another note, Merry Christmas Gooners!

Teryima Adi

Merry Christmas, Ed


So excited about this young team and its enormnous potential. After many years we can start dreaming about top honours and being really competitive in a (maybe less than) few years time

Brady’s bunch

Level headed lad with immense talent gonna be a superstar i think 🤞would love to see his fellow countryman here as well 😉 The thought of such a young team blending together over the next couple of years into something that could be amazing.


Still think he will become an Arse legend – and will make a great captain in years to come.
And very telling comments about his contentment here, the group of players, and the manager, from a bloke who’s kinda seen a heckuva lot in his young career… high praise indeed!

Merlin’s Panini

He’s come into form the last few weeks and his position is now his to lose again. It’s great to have ESR there breathing down his neck. It seems to be getting the best out of both players. Next concern for me would be a new contract for Martinelli asap.
This team can be something really special.

Lord Bendnter

I absolutely love this picture. It’s truly meme-able
*Gets kicked in the belly repeatedly

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