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Report: Arsenal 5-1 Sunderland (inc goals)

Arsenal: Leno, Cedric, White, Holding, Tavares, Elneny, Odegaard, Smith Rowe, Pepe, Nketiah, Balogun

Subs: Ramsdale, Tierney, Gabriel, Partey, Xhaka, Patino, Saka, Martinelli, Lacazette

Arsenal made it through to the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup after a 5-1 win over Sunderland in the Carabao Cup.

As expected, Mikel Arteta made plenty of changes, but there was still a strong element, with the likes of Martin Odegaard, Emile Smith Rowe, and Ben White all starting.

The visitors had the first shot on target, Pritchard not troubling Leno unduly with a shot from the edge of the box. Balogun saw an effort blocked shortly afterwards before Nketiah headed over from a Cedric cross.

In the 12th minute, Arsenal almost found a fortuitous opener when Tavares brought the ball into the box, he crossed it into a defender’s leg and the ball clattered back off the bar. Pepe’s rebound was cleared.

We were on top, and the first goal felt like it was coming. It did, in the 16th minute when we won a corner. Cedric whipped in the corner, Holding saw a header saved, and Nketiah was there to knee the ball over the line from close range. 1-0.

The lead probably should have been doubled a couple of minutes later when a Cedric cross found Balogun at the back post, but he got his header all wrong. The young forward had another chance shortly afterwards, but shot straight at the keeper from a Smith Rowe pass.

The second goal came in the 26th minute. Arsenal worked it down the right hand side, Pepe played it to Cedric, he cut it back to Pepe who took a shot which took a deflection and ended up in the roof of the net. It was the Ivorian’s second goal of the season, both of them in this competition. 2-0.

However, rather than consolidate the lead, we let them back into it. A nice pass to Broadhead saw him advance on Leno and lift the ball over the German keeper to make it 2-1.

Leno had to make a good save to maintain the lead in the 33rd minute, and the visitors enjoyed a good spell of possession and pressure. There were calls from the crowd for a penalty on Pepe but the referee played on, Smith Rowe forced the keeper into a save with a volley from outside the box, and the first half ended with Arteta’s men taking a one goal lead into the break.

Neither side made a change for the second period, and early on the lead was extended. Tavares got away from his man down the left hand side, crossed it into the box, and Nketiah’s movement saw him get there to nick it home from close range. 3-1.

There was a yellow card for Balogun in the 54th minute, Embleton hit the outside of the post with a curling effort, and Xhaka came on to replace Balogun just a couple of minutes after his booking – it wasn’t a particularly good night for the young man, but one he should learn from.

In the 57th minute, Arsenal scored the goal of the game. Odegaard split the Sunderland defence with a great pass to Pepe, he nutmegged the defender, drove into the box, crossed for Eddie who flicked it beyond the keeper. Sensational stuff. 4-1.

Pepe was inspired by his nutmeg to do it again, this time creating a chance for Odegaard which the keeper saved, and the Norwegian almost caught the keeper out with a free kick from distance which went not far wide.

Arteta made further changes with a double Gabriel, Martinelli and Magalhaes on for White and Odegaard in the 73rd minute, and there was a yellow card for some dick called Bailey for a foul on Martinelli that was a borderline red.

The manager handed a debut to 18 year old Charlie Patino in the 79th minute when he replaced Smith Rowe, Arsenal thought they’d won a penalty when Nketiah went down in the box but the referee pointed for a goal kick instead.

Tavares blasted a shot miles over from close range after he got behind the defender, and in injury time the win was capped with a goal for the young substitute. We worked it out wide, Pepe again held it up in the box, squared it for the run of Patino who slid in to finish with his left foot and to grab a debut goal. 5-1.

All in all, a professional performance, a great night for Eddie, and we now wait to see who the semi-final opposition will be.

Happy Christmas!

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Johnny 4 Hats

It’s really encouraging to see the squad building looking strong when ‘B’ players like Pepe, Eddie, Elneny and Holding provide really solid performances. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to keep these lads happy and Eddie especially seems to want to try his luck somewhere as a first team player. It would be great to keep him but there you go. We just aren’t holding the cards in that one. I do think these are all players who could do a job in the prem though which is really encouraging because we are going to need them. Very enjoyable evening. Especially the… Read more »


Eddie looks more first team ready than Flo

Johnny 4 Hats

He is two years older

Tomaury Bischfeld

I’m sorry to put a downer on it but I really haven’t seen much to suggest Eddie could hold down a first team place in games against premier league opposition. Unless you’re an absolute baller you need to have a bit more of a frame to play as a lone striker and we just have better players in the wide positions. I hope he does well but on the evidence so far he’s not cause I’d pursue. I hope he proves me wrong and I think his finishing tonight was exceptional.

Bleeding gums murphy

Good luck to the young fella but he struggles against premiership opposition. He can do it against weakened first division teams, league cup opponents in early rounds, under 21’s etc. pray Arteta don’t meet his demands and give him bigger contract than he deserves. Great if Newcastle come in in January and give us 10 million 🙏🏻

Arsene for CEO

I think Nketiah can be better than even Lacazete in a year or two if given the chance to play. He’s been very lucky to have been learning and competing with two of the top top strikers in the premier league for a few years now and it would be a shame if some other team enjoyed the fruits of our priceless education. He’s been on the leash beating himself for a chance to prove himself so he’s probably going to need some time to play as selflessly as Lacazete but it’ll come. I’m sure of it.


Yeah 100%! I just wrote almost the same comment on one of the later articles but I saw this.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Newcastle can do better than that. 30 million sounds better

Brady’s bunch



I don’t the frame is the issue. He’s a relentless molester of defenders, uses his body well and is strong in the air. I think he can be a decent PL player, maybe even a very good one. He’s still very very young, and being the all time highest U21s England scorer is as good a sign as it gets. But for Arsenal to be a regular CL team or challenge for the title I feel we need a talismanic starting striker on the level of Henry, RVP or Sanchez… few teams win the PL without a 30 goal striker… Read more »


C’mon. Izzat you Eddie? 😁


Only one player has scored 20+ plus goal in premier League in last team years. Never mind 30. Auba. Mane and Salah shared top scorer with 18. Season before 19 vardy, similar number for vardy etc…


This isn’t true… that man who plays for the spuds, Salah first season (and others) off the top of my head


Only five players scored 30 goals in a season since Blackburn rovers won the league in 1994.
Reckon Eddie could get double figures.
It all depends on Arteta he may want to play with a false 9 , next season , like his mentor Pep.guadiola

The Arsenal

Not a downer just Honest. I think most on here like and appreciate Eddie. Just don’t think he has it in him to lead us back to where we want to go. Can he become better than Laca and Auba in their prime?
I agree his finishes today were absolute class and i hope he can prove me wrong.I would love for Him and Niles to reach Saka amd Smith Rowes importance to the first team.

Bleeding gums murphy

Eddie “I just want to play football” turned down palace cos he wanted more money 😂😂

Reiss Neverseen & the DicTeta

😂😂😂. Well it sounds like that’s what transpired.
Must be that Lewisham mentality.

It Is What It Is

But, why would you take the only offer on the table, from Palace? Especially if you would have more say in where and for how much you’d be playing in 12 months. Oh, and a possibility of getting more game time and/or that contact at Arsenal. Baffling.

Bleeding gums murphy

I think you missed the point Albert 😂😂


Flo is playing under the weight of desperately trying to impress on his rare appearances. He needs a 6 month loan.


Martinelli was like that til about 6 weeks ago too. Its a wonder what a couple of goals does for you


Also soooooo pleased that Ordegaard is looking more and more settled. What a silky player

Brady’s bunch

He was pure class tonight as was Eddie and Pepe

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah. Eddie and Pepe always do great in league cup and Europa league matches. Not being negative but maybe that does say something about where they are. And where they aren’t.


Pepe is a confidence player for me. You either stroke him to his max or leave him out.

Bleeding gums murphy

Spot on. Some will get completely carried away like the commentary team tonight.

Brady’s bunch

Defo. I wonder if Eddie Howe was in the stand tonight with Cheque book “I’ll gladly pay you €69mill for Mr Pepe” 🤔

Johnny 4 Hats

Newcastle quickly becoming the ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ of shite signings…


Pepe scored double figures in the premier league last season. Its kinda unfair to group him with Nketiah.

A Different George

I think you’re right about Eddie, but Pepe is good enough to terrorise Premier League defenders. Just not all the time. Just not predictably. Remains an enigma.

Arsene for CEO

I’ll hate to be Pepe reading your comments. Like if I just had a hatrick of goal contributions as well as a hatrick of nutmegs in a match I’ll prefer to be at least rated as good as my last match in that match’s comment section. You do know he’s our highest goal scorer for last season right?

Johnny 4 Hats

Odegaard was playing passes to Pepe that were showing him where he should be running! Absolute class.

Brady’s bunch

Absolute peach of a player when on song

Arsene for CEO

Yeah, and then Pepe put the balls where they needed to be in the net, assists with a generous serving of nutmegs for spice.

The Arsenal

I always have a soft spot for players that just take enjoyment in rinsing a player for pure entertainment.


I actually think Pepe has been making those runs for the team before but nobody was making those passes. It would be an apology from Xhaka or a sideways pass from Elneny. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Pepe played so well today when Odegaard was playing. On another note, I know Partey has been struggling but we can see what a difference it makes when you can pass forward – Elneny tries really hard and I appreciate his effort but it’s sideways, sideways, back,- 2 feet pass forward, back and then long pass into the crowd. Having Odegaard… Read more »

The Arsenal

Hes starting to show his forward passing ability at will.

Rooke Brian

Like Merson said after.that there are not many 20 year olds leading the line in the Premier league. He should sign and stay. This is a very nice squad developing here. His time will come. His finishing was class today.


I’m starting to really like this new Paul Merson. The guy is buzzing with positive vibes. Seems like most of the pundits are buying into this project even with mistakes we’ve made. Now they are comparing us to man utd mid 90s academy. I’ll take it 😊


I loved Merse as a player, but will forgive him for saying we are no longer “The Arsenal” We always in modern memory been called “The Arsenal”, even when we are shit


The only negative from tonight came at full time as that idiot of theirs came to hug Patino at full time. I am sorry but that sort of Scissor kick was meant to injure the kid badly in bad faith.


huh? what did i miss?



Don Cazorleone

Oh Charlie Patino!

Bleeding gums murphy

Now patino has something that is for sure. As calm as you like on ball on debut.


Sung to the tune of– ♫♪ Ooooh Santi Cazorla! ♪♫


Nketiah will get the MOTM award, but for me it was Pepe.

His touches, his passes, his moves, everything was slick today. Which we can see this side of him more.


The decision to bring Xhaka on was a good one. He settled it in midfield.


Yeah, they needed settling 3-1 up and against League 1 competition.



Bleeding gums murphy

It was a weakened Sunderland team.


Thanks, Garth.


Makes a change from “it’s only Sunderland”. Every team we beat seems to have Only in their name

A Different George

The WhoScored ratings agree with you–both got 9.8, but Pepe MOTM.


Pepe had some great moments but lost the ball too many time for me, a few time in dangerous defensive positions and probably explains why he isn’t used in the PL. We’d be punished against better opponents.


Yeah, him and Tavares have that bad habit… try to play their way through in risky situations. Just pass it man!


Was so focused on Patino when he came on after reading all the hype and delighted for him after that debut goal. Well done that lad!


Thrilled especially for Patino. The future sure looks bright!


If Pepe could be consistent..


Sounds like a job for Dr Walcott’s ™ Consistency Patches (c).


Another excellent perfomance. Odegaard was class again and Pepe showed some silky skills. Good on Eddie for the hatrick, but does he ever score a normal goal ? Fantastic to see Patino make his debut, with a great goal as well. He is going to be a special player. Only negative is, WTF is it with Sunderland still trying to injure are young players all these years after Diaby had his ankle busted.


“does he ever score a normal goal” 🤣 so true, nah only back heels and knees

Nostalgic Gooner

Pepe is a player. Just needs more faith


Completely agree.


He is definitely a football player.


A very good one indeed. Needs regular game time. We should try to keep him and make him work with the youngsters. If Auba and Alex are leaving at the end of season we should keep at least one forward who is senior. He still has a lot to offer.


Just when we’re still learning to pronounce ESR, Patino be like: hold my beer pls!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🔥🔥🔥 Best I’ve seen of Pepe since he joined us! Long may it continue🙏🏼


I know it’s Sunderland. But I got the feeling this team is building the foundation to be Manchester City level scary by the end of next season if the development continues on this path.

Tommy Gunner

Calm down lad


Yeah I know folks won’t like to hear it now or believe it. But we are going to be here next season talking about it. That’s just how it is. Trust me, I know what I have seen.


You made the point in your first sentence. It’s only Sunderland.


Well played lads. Pepe and Eddie are doing their best to give Arteta a selection headache.


Oh! This beautiful club! 😩♥️

Pepe deserves more minutes. It’s guaranteed you’ll get goals and assists from him… It’s guaranteed.


Yep! But it’s also guaranteed that Pepe will give yup frustrating moments too.
As a fan base, we, haven’t always been that kind when a player is brilliant but frustrating.
Pepe needs the backing of the fans, as he thrives in a positive atmosphere which gives him the confidence to perform. If we can give him that, he could very well be amazing for us.

Bill Hall

Well done lads! Great performance

Give youth a chance

So how do we persuade Eddie to sign a new deal?

With Auba seemingly on the way out, he’d be guaranteed minutes on the pitch


Not sure about this, he’s a good player without doubt but he won’t be playing against league 1 opponents every week. Tricky one, personally I’d sign him but can see why the club won’t be held to ransom over wage or playing time demands.

Give youth a chance

I don’t see him as first choice yet, but his record at every level speaks for itself.

I’d love to extend Laca’s contract by a year if we could with Eddie playing backup with 20 to 30 minutes in most games.

I’d love to see Balogun go on loan to the championship to learn to play against the big boys

Bleeding gums murphy

Please don’t sign him. Get a quality proven forward.


Newcastle are looking for a striker, he’d be good for them, because I still think he should leave.

Pastor Simon

Sure this is how to win winnable matches.
Win convincingly. Create fears in the heart of oppositions


Some of those Sunderland tackles was really dirty. Credit to them they played fine football that first half. But they were just really awful and dirty in the second. Purposefully wanted to take out Martinelli and Patino as soon as they came on.


Everything you want in game against lower opposition.
Good game to watch, squad players getting minutes, confidence up, no injuries and youth player scoring.
Lovely night.



Yorkshire Gooner

Eh? When the team was announced you asked Arteta to F off because of the team he’d picked!


No I didn’t!!!

The Arsenal


Brady’s bunch

Mature performance tonight, Eddie, pepe well played, odegaard was like a puppet master delighted for Patino. Happy Christmas to you all and much thanks the blogs for his efforts this season 🙏 nice to finish on a good run of games 😊


Glad Eddie started up front with Balogun. The “Balogun is better” brigade will now rest easy. U23 is not 1st team


Balogun needs a loan to get a consistent run of games at a higher level. He’s surpassed the u23 level, but isn’t quite ready for the 1st team. So a loan from January to the end of the season would do him some good,and better prepare h for the 22/23 season.

ESR’s shinpads

I haven’t seen much of Balogun but he was piss poor from beginning to end tonight. Looked like he thought he could turn up and stroll through it but was proved very wrong. Hopefully a rude awakening that will help him step it up.

Man Manny

Balogun needs a loan badly.
But I wonder if he’ll ever be an upgrade on Nketiah.


This is exactly how you respond to irresponsible talk from the coach of a team like Sunderland.

A Different George

The guy was in our youth system until he was a teenager. Pretty clearly was making what he intended as a joke. Of course he thinks Arsenal are a big team.


Fantastic Team selection by Arteta!!!😛


He’s ruthless, just like his bald headed mentor. They will field a relatively strong team regardless of competition or opposition. Kinda like it.

Another Paul

You’ve changed your tune since before the game


That 3rd goal from Eddie was pure, uncensored, Filth!

More please!

ESR’s shinpads

Not sure about all the praise for Pepe – loved the nutmegs but he was pretty average the rest of the time. Holding and Odegaard top drawer tonight, especially Martin. As for Eddie great finishing but I’m not convinced he’s the answer to who comes next after laca and auba have gone. As for the tackling in the second half they can fuck off back to league 1 with that.


Not sure what you were watching mate? Pepe is mercurial – frustrating at times but then does things no other player in this current team can/will do. He’s a game-breaker when he’s on – just needs the run of games to get into the confidence-groove. But we’re spoiled for choice out wide now! Holding remains solidly average – I say this because he just does NOT have a decent out-ball: just watched the game again and counted at least 6 occasions where Pepe was wide open, frantically gesticulating and Rob passed it into traffic in the mid-field… or did the… Read more »

ESR’s shinpads

I guess one man’s mercurial is another man’s source of irritation. You’re right that Holding played sideways and into midfield but the centre halves do that consistently regardless of who is there. I just thought Holding was as solid and tidy as could be against admittedly limited opposition. I’m all for a bit of adventure but cross field passes from centre half don’t seem to be on the Arteta agenda. I guess that’s why we got rid of David Luiz…


The upates looked unded good and am so happy for Eddie. If you think back to the end of the Everton game he made a perfect cross field pass to Abu who failed to trouble the keeper. Of course Eddie also missed a tight header. Have thought that he was worth a couple months of regular play in the first team. Ok, so he is a poacher, but he might be a really good one. Frustrating that I couldnt watch…today my subscrIiption upgrades to include ESPN+ but apparently not ahead of game time. I could see the game icon, but… Read more »


And Eddie was their for his fourth, but charlie nicked it.

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