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Confirmed: Pablo Mari joins Udinese on loan

Udinese have confirmed the signing of Pablo Mari on loan for the rest of the season.

The 28-year-old centre-back heads to the Stadio Friuli in search of regular football having featured just three times for Arsenal this campaign.

The Spaniard had hoped to lay down roots at the Emirates when he signed from Flamengo in January 2020 but despite making his loan move permanent after six months, it looks as though his journeyman days aren’t over.

Udinese will be Pablo’s seventh club in the last six years and, after spells in Spain, Holland, Brazil and England, the fifth different country.

Fingers crossed it works out for him in Serie A.

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Kentish Gooner

Good luck Pablo! Had a few good appearances but didn’t quick click. Wish him all the best and hope he can settle at Udinese.


Fully agree. He seems like a nice bloke and always has a smile on his face.

And why not! People view a journeyman career as a negative. But look at that list of countries he’s lived in.. I’d bite your hand off to be paid hundreds of grand to see the world like that. He’s got the right idea.


This , best of luck he had an awful start to the season both preseason and that one game but I honestly think he is better than he gets credited.


When was the last time we actually sold a first team player though? Oh Joe Willock. Any others in the last 3 years? I can’t even think of any which is crazy considering how many have left.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

How can you sell first team players when no one wants to buy them.


Good luck Mari.

On to serious business……who is being investigated for the spot betting yellow?


I read about it as well and checked who had a yellow and i found nothing special…
They are just taking the piss i think…


There’s a clip doing the rounds on Twitter that shows a certain numbskulled Swiss midfielder getting booked at Leeds in 86th minute for time wasting over the taking of a free kick. Mainly picked up cause it was 1-4 so what did he have to be time wasting over. No proof it is that occasion but some papers today mentioned it was a game last month, pre Christmas


If it’s him and nobody important with a future, then fine ! Hopefully it’s all bollocks anyway, obvs


You’d get pretty short odds on Xhaka getting booked mate!
It’s hard to think of safer bet than that

A Different George

I don’t think you can bet on these, but I think the odds in recent years would be pretty good if you could:
Gary Cahill “accidentally” elbowing someone in the head in an aerial dual. Harry Kane *not* getting a yellow when anyone else would. Fernandinho fouling so quickly to stop a counter that it doesn’t even look like a tactical foul.


But if you bet on 84th minutes that he’ll be booked before match ends, the odds increase exponentially


Tbh i think it was the ref himself


That would be funny AF


Xhaka’s mate bet 65k pounds on him to get a yellow (80th minute). On 86 mins Xhaka got a yellow for time wasting. Don’t know what to make of this really. I remember watching that game and thinking why would he do this? But at the same time I wouldn’t even think he’d have anything to do with this allegation.


Am I the only one that heard this rumour yesterday & automatically put 2 & 2 together & got Xhaka?


You won’t be the only one, because as a fanbase we don’t seem to be happy unless there is a witch hunt against one of our own. So weird to me


People thought it was probably Xhaka doing the stupid thing involving getting booked… MUST be a witch hunt. No other possible explanation


People making a leap from a player who sometimes makes stupid decisions on the pitch to he’s a betting cheat? The only explanation other than a witch hunt would be sheer stupidity, which is ironic


I thought Xhaka because 1. He’s so obviously going to get a stupid yellow so easy to hide, and 2. Without meaning to sound rudely stereotypical his roots are Albanian so he might know some dodgy gangsters.
That’s what flashed through my head, but now writing it sounds ridiculous and tbh anybody could be the guilty party, I just still don’t like Xhaka much.


My basis, & no hate on Granit, he gets enough of that already, is that if you were gonna whack silly money on anybody in our side to pick up a yellow, you’d 100% back him, no matter if you know him personally or not, just cause the reputation he has with refs over here & the fact his position is in the middle of the park

A Different George

But then it’s perfectly honest. Like betting on Hector’s foul throw.


I honestly read the report and thought ‘well the only thing I know is it’s not Xhaka’, because, of course, why would betting on him to get booked ever be noteworthy?

If it was his friend that bet on it then that bet on it, that’s a different story though.


Betting on him getting a yellow is a bit risky, now a red on the other hand: I’m all in!


I heard this same rumour, not that it gives it any more credibility of course.


I think there’s been a toxic atmosphere among the Arsenal fanbase lingering for several seasons, partly due to lack of silverware after the heights of Wenger’s era (Invincibles)… partly due to press clickbait dross, partly due to polarized social media opinions. But every season, or rather every period, we have some player to vilify, demonize, hate, ridicule etc, and when Xhaka leaves the fans will just find another to transfer that package of negativity towards. Xhaka is no £100m player, he’s no De Bruyne….and he definitely can be annoying with clumsy, silly stupid decisions, but I really don’t understand the… Read more »


Beautifully put, couldn’t agree more


No need for hate, but he has earned the criticism from his record number of bad decisions, sendings off, penalties and mistakes leading to goals… AND throwing the armband on the floor.


I really don’t understand the venom directed towards him”

  • The guy has conceded more penalties than any other midfielder in EPL history.
  • He has 5 red cards with this club (two this season just to ensure we don’t forget he’s not going to change), which is top 10 all-time in EPL history.
  • 62 yellow cards.
  • He told the fans to f*ck off and threw the armband to the ground.
  • He one of the slowest professional athletes I have ever seen.
  • Completely one-footed.
  • Even when he isn’t cocking up he’s just a solid player at best.

*top 10 reds per game

Aussie Gooner

Best of luck Pablo. I hope you get a good loan and Arsenal get some good tranfer fee at the back of the loan. Good player just not a top-4 player.


He will flourish behind two CDM´s giving him cover from anyone running directly at him. Best of luck


Bizarre signing in the first place. Sure he’ll do ok in Italy.

Really hope we can get Melo, he looks like a type of midfielder we haven’t had in a while. Evades tackles in tight spaces and looks after the ball really well.

As for Vlahovic, he would be a total game changer, the man looks an absolute monster. Do what ever it takes

Eazy Deezy

At the time I was happy with the idea of a cheap left CB signing we could test out for 6 months on loan. Thought he could bring experience and fight, and all the player profiles said he was good playing out from the back

But the fees it’s reported we paid were way too high for a player who had only had one good season in his career

And it seemed risky to sign him permanently after injuries sadly meant we didn’t get a chance to test if he was up to the level during his loan

Funsho Patrick

Goodluck! Good servant…you can tell he was committed…just limited as a top footballer


I don’t wanna keep bring it up but since we have signed Saliba playing time has been given to Mustaphi Kolasinac Mari Luiz etc. All of them were stop gaps dead end to avoid the unavoidable. We ended up mid table.
Maybe if that happened under Saliba s watch it would have crushed him. Or maybe it would not have happened

Kentish Gooner

Keep banging that drum, my guy.

A Different George

Saliba is not yet 21 years old.

Man Manny

Per Mertesacker was slower, but had excellent positioning to offset his lack of speed.
Mari, on the other ha nd, was a positional liability. It was sad watching him lumber back – mostly behind a marauding attacker.
Italy should suit him.
I wish him all the best.


Nice to see the club offloading more dross. Keep it up, please.

And let’s have a flipping signing!!!


I feel like that Chelsea defeat put the nail in the coffin for his Arsenal career. Hope Udinese works out for him.

Teryima Adi

Wishing you all the best, Pablo.

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