Friday, February 23, 2024

Holding in for Tomiyasu: Arsenal v Burnley team news

Arsenal take on Burnley at the Emirates this afternoon, looking for three points against the league’s bottom side.

Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Ramsdale, White, Holding, Gabriel, Tierney, Lokonga, Odegaard, Smith Rowe, Saka, Martinelli, Lacazette

Subs: Leno, Tavares, Chambers, Alebiosu, Patino, Salah-Eddine, Hutchinson, Biereth, Nketiah

Burnley: To follow


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evaristus asobara

Shows how unfit Tomitasu was…


And Tomi was also called up by Japan.


Squad is thiiiiiin.


Is this going to be a 4-3-3 or two in midfield when we have possession?


All the kids.👶Let’s hope the first XI can do it.


Wow… starting 11 seems okay and then you look at the bench and realize we’re really at bare bones.


Wouldn’t mind if this was a 3 at the back with Saka at RWB


Why no Xhaka? He served his suspension already right?


One more to go I think


Two games as repeat offender


I thought we were out of the Carling cup?

Eric Blair

White at right back?
This feels like an absolutely crucial game given everything going on around it, 3 points needed.


Arteta is a stubborn guy…😆🤦‍♂️, we are unlikely going to sign more than 1 player

Martin R

As we were the biggest spenders in the summer that comment is total nonsense


As an old man, I have no idea what those emojis mean in the context of the comment.
You’re laughing at your suggestion that Arteta is stubborn? Is it because you think it’s the height of comedy or because that suggestion is ridiculous?
And does the facepalm signify that the preceding comment was baffling to you or that it’s not as funny as the lol emoji would suggest?
I don’t understand kids these days.


To be fair, do you understand old people these days? Don’t get me wrong, their emoji game is on point, much better than the young folk, but they sure love voting for blatant sociopaths.


Is this game not on TV in the UK?




Yes, but no, you’re not right that it isn’t.


This kind of question gets me into trouble since I moved country. As per my brittish upbringing the appropriate response is ‘no’, i.e. ‘no its not on TV’, but locally the appropriate response is in line with Myrtle’s comment, ‘yes’, i.e. ‘yes you are correct, the game is not on’.
A very confusing state of affairs leading to a few major misunderstandings

Teryima Adi

Discourse Analysis… Semantics 😃


If we need a goal, I’d love to see Biereth come on – just for something unknown. At this point, Eddie is gone and people have him figured out.

With a bit of luck, we can bring Biereteh on after being 5 up.

Cranky Colin

Jaysus….. the Bench 😳😳😳😳😳


Luckily we are playing one of the worst teams in the league at home today. We need Partey, Xhaka, Pepe and atleast two signings.

Aubameyang really must have fucked Arteta off. He’s available and can’t even get in this squad.


Best team of players available, White at right back could be a good shout. We need these 3 points, Come on you Reds


Aubameyang is available.
Don’t tell me he isn’t a better option off the bench than four kids who have never featured.


your schitck is wearing thin


So is our manpower.


true! Arteta has to think of the whole team though. We don’t really know the extent of what he did but it must have been pretty bad not to be included


Don’t we?
The only thing we’ve heard is that he came late.
Everybody thought that was bad enough at first.
It’s only been after a couple of games that they’ve started saying there had to have been something more.
Otherwise, the punishment would not be proportional, would it?


Auba like a party
Partey gotta sit
Xhaka see the red card
And Tottenham still sh*t

Fireman Sam

Lovely poetry I must say


We’re definitely down to the bare bones. I hope the starting XI does the magic bcos that bench doesn’t inspire much confidence.


That bench is craziness


That bench is telling owners we need investment.
I do love the fact those youngsters are buzzing with there chance for involvement. Not clogged up with players who have no future.


Eddie says hi.


If that was the point I’d have started more of them


Agree. But I think the first 11 will have enough in the tank to win.

Then it’s time for the Four Rs: Rest, Recuperation, Reintegration and Robert (Lewandowsj). Yes, hope is a strategy…


Are Chambers and Tavares not fit?
Or is he trying out a back three?

Hot sure why Holding would be playing otherwise.


3 points essential today. Then rest and recover and hope the board can work some magic


Does anyone have a clue who is the player that is investigate for violating gambling rules?
It surely has to be someone with one or more yellow cards and I would also speculate not young because when you are up and coming you don’t risk your career for such think.


Some comments on YouTube suggest it might be the referee in the ManCity game…

I mean, he yellow-carded Saka for talking

Funsho Patrick

Surprised Miguel azeez doesn’t make the bench..what about a play as you play contract for Jack wilshere? What happens if we get an injury or another red card in the Middle? Bad preparation that’s enough to sabotage our top 4 plans..


The coaches see Jack everyday in training. If they saw anything in him then I’m sure he would have been signed up by now. People need to move on


Considering that NO ONE seems to have offered Jack any kind of contract, I think we can safely assume he’s well and truly done.


You can only play for two teams in one season, if azeez is going back out on loan then we can’t play him


I’d like to think that Auba is still somewhat indisposed else he should be on this bench. Arteta needs to know when to take a win and go home. His ego could cost us top 4


Not knowing all the facts it’s a bit presumptious to assume this all just about Arteta’s ego. He has the whole team to think about, and he’s shown the capacity to draw a line and build bridges in the past. This was the captain remember and it wasn’t exactly his first transgression


I give it to you, it’s a bit presumptuous to fault arteta when we don’t know all the facts. But c’mon pal, when has arteta ever shown “the capacity to draw the line and build bridges”? With Ozil? No man, I’m not an arteta hater but dude is as petty as they come on this point


A mantra henceforth:

Three points – and then the Anti-Arsenal World and their Anti-Arsenal Wives can go and fuck themselves.

Come On You Gunners. 😊👍🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺


Holding ?…. for Tomiyasu ??..


Oh I see, White for Tomi


Only the 3 points matters. Let’s get this done. COYG

Kentish Gooner

I can’t believe the match isn’t being broadcast. What the.


Lokonga has worst movement ever. Man marking when we are attacking. Wow


This needs to be discussed more; I’ve noticed the same thing the entire game.


At half time:

We need Chambers on for Holding at the break and put White at CB again. Now we don’t really have a right back going forward AND we don’t have White’s passing ability from the back.
Also, Tierney has been horrible, would consider Tavares soon.


Looks like we have a game plan worked out at a luxury hotel in Boreham Stiff.


Second half just started and I brace myself for another 45 minutes of us just strugling to make an kind of impact. I just hope we will somehow manage to grind out a win. I know we havent got much options on the bench but we’ve got players on the pitch who should be able to deal easily with weakened Burnley side. The problem is Arteta never learned to change anything in the course of game even when we had numerous other options on the bench. We will just continue hoping Ramsdale will stay alert and that we eventualy somehow… Read more »

The Far Post

Nketiah for ESR seems questionable at the moment (89 min)


In retrospect, not broadcasting this was probably the right call.




It was broadcast in Denmark but I honestly wish it wasn’t. Just atrocious from the 1st minute to last.


Why? At one moment (Lacca’s miss) I thought we gonna kill’em! Got really unlucky, although agree – big frustrate!


You answered your own question – we created one, ONE actual goalscoring opportunity.


I think Emile’s shot was accidentally superbly saved by Pope too


I was broadcast over here in Slovakia too, which will probably lead to fewer Arsenal games being broadcast in the future.

The most entertaining thing about the game was Arteta tracking the Burnley player on the counter.

For a second, I thought he would run on the pitch and tackle him.


Yep – in Lithuania it was also broadcasted. I think Emile’s shot which was superbly accidentally saced by Pope was nice too.


Sure, but it was quite lucky to get through to the goalkeeper to begin with.

Bottom line is we didn’t create enough and we seemed to want to rely on free kicks and corners.

I don’t think trying to out-Burnley Burnley was the best plan.


Abysmal. Woeful. Clueless. Naive. Depressing.




Despite my previous post, we’re still very much alive for top four, which in truth, has always been the most important goal this season. Everton defeat and the draw today may prove hard lessons for this young side at the end of the season, but we’re very much alive for top four despite those lapses. Hope people who lose their sh*# over this recover it quickly and get right behind the team. As disappointing an out as this was, no way does it shut the door on top four. Sp*rs were soundly beaten by Chelsea, and they were lucky to… Read more »

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