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Arsenal 2-1 Wolves – player ratings

Arsenal made in two wins from two against Wolves in two weeks with a remarkable 2-1 win at the Emirates this evening.

Poor defending allowed the visitors to score in the 10th minute, and the Gunners found it hard to break down one of the Premier League’s most obstinate defences. It looked as if it would be a frustrating night, but an 82nd minute equaliser from substitute Nicolas Pepe drew the sides level, and after Wolves’ time-wasting produced 6 minutes of added time, Alexandre Lacazette forced home the winner to send the home crowd wild.

An incredible finish, and three massive points.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Arsenal 2-1 Wolves report and see the goals here

Arsenal 2-1 Wolves – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Give Arteta credit. Team is on the right track.

Johnny 4 Hats

Yep, Deserves so much love for winning the game with those subs.

Another player that deserves more than a 7 IMHO is Xhaka. He is our captain, even if he doesn’t wear the arm band. And yes yes yes he’ll probably fuck up next game. But it’s one game at a time. And tonight he stood up and was counted.

I thought he was extremely professional tonight and his partnership with Partey is seriously making me reconsider the fans desire to ship him in the summer.


I thought Xhaka did well but I would still sell this summer—it’s time. I feel like that more advanced 8-ish role ahead of Partey can be better played by Odegaard or potentially a new signing. But I would rather put more money into a top quality striker


Renato Sanches come in…. come in Renato? Can you hear us Renato?

We shoulda snapped him up in January – other clubs will be after him in the summer.


Excellent 2nd half from him one of his best halves, but he was rubbish in the first half. 7 is fair.

Johnny 4 Hats

White deserves at least an 8 for that dive that meant we didn’t go 2-0 down.


Hope Pepe kicks on…there is a quality player in there

A Different George

It was really well done. I’m pretty sure there was no contact, but it’s just impossible to tell at real speed. Doesn’t overdo it, either.


It was Coady on the finish… Come on…


I think Cedric is doing a commendable job at right-back. Granted, he’s not as good as Tomi (obviously), but give credit where it’s due.
I also think we need to really work a lot on our pressing. I think other teams have a tendency to waltz past us too easily.
That said, I was eagerly waiting for Ruben Neves to tell us how we are celebrating like we just won the league again.
Good work by all involved. Martinelli ran Semedo into pulling a hamstring. Does Saka need a breather?

A Different George

And, for the third match in succession, Cedric escaped a yellow card he probably should have had. This time, there wasn’t even a free kick and he didn’t even have to talk nice to the referee.

Johnny 4 Hats

He is this weeks McTominay. United will start compiling compilations of Cedric’s challenges and the injustice they face on a weekly basis.

Be careful though United fans, you might accidentally realise while making that compilation that Cedric is better than 50 million pounds of Wan Bissaka.

Our Cedric’s apparently got the low down on every ref in the league. Maybe he can share some of his stash with Xhaka?

Guns Up

While I agree with the general sentiment about pressing, I thought it was outstanding in this one, so I’m surprised to see that comment here. Turned them over high up on numerous occasions, and there was one in particular that I replayed as an example of a perfect press that obviously came straight from the training ground. As with everything else at this club, it seems to be getting better, in my opinion.


We are definitely improving. I hope this continues because I think the 15-20 second press can be improved upon. We had very good moments today though.


The entire team had a breather at warm weather training. I think saka needs to play on the left. Scored last week from there and nearly scored tnite after switching
Then let pepe run down the right.

Matt P

Yep, fair play, I was a skeptic, I am glad I was wrong!!! COYG!!!!!


Thomas Partey! Looking more and more settled. Love that.

We said “17 finals”, 3 down, 14 more to go. Would be glorious if we can win 10 of those! COYG!

Johnny 4 Hats

Totally agree. This game really reminded me of the Leicester Welbeck match. So I guess the message of caution here is that we need to keep going. And not do what we did after that Leicester game. I think Arteta would’ve been in that team? Can’t be bothered to look it up. But he’ll know to keep the lads feet on the ground.


Thought exactly the same. That Leicester game.

Johnny 4 Hats

Sorry, gunna repost this as I got stuck in moderation…. Dude, love you blogs, you give a voice to my arsenal obsession and allow me to feel part of a community.  But for me, these ratings are low. And I’m not saying that anyone was magnificent. But I think as a team effort we were incredible. Our desire and drive and determination was impeccable. I feel like most players on the field deserve 8’s or higher just for sheer willpower and strength of mind.  Partey and Xhaka for me were exceptional. Really controlled the midfield. And Laca and White also… Read more »


That Podence through ball to Raul was heart-wrenching. I was so relieved when he missed.

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah, I absolutely get that because I literally just watched the highlights and totally forgot how many incredible chances they had.

You’re on point there. I completely forgot the Neto chance at 1-1 and the Hwang chance at 1-0.

Think I just got carried away…! Sorry, as you were!


Hmm. 8s all round was excessive but I think you were on the right track. Laca Fortune deserved better than 6. Even without the goal his workrate and drive were pretty phenomenal.


*Laca for sure…

The Arsenal

We have been pretty solid for a long time and this season in general, first time i can remember us giving up that many chances in a game since Anfield so i forgive it.


We gave up lots of chances but that’s because we were chasing the game knowing we had to win. It happens. We are playing like every match is a cup final.

The Arsenal

Thought Partey was magnificent and has been quietly going about his business for a while now. His shooting sometimes distracts from how well he is actually playing.


Excellent win!! Are we able to get someone to reach out to Partey that he should STOP making those 25yards attempts?!😅😂


That will have to start from us from urging him to SHOOT whenever he has the ball at the edge of the box


yeah or 40-45 yards out ffs

The Arsenal

Emirates fans see, to encourage it. But i think its because someone is going home with a match ball everytime he does. Eventually one will fly in….


10/10 for me actually getting to watch us win on TV for the first time this season. Was beginning to think I was a jinx!


Ha, this was the first time I missed the game on TV this season.


Me too, my 9 year old son who is obsessed with Arsenal came home from school right at the end of the game and then we hit the winner. My son absolutely loved it. Happy days! A great introduction to his Arsenal life.


i’m so happy with the win but these ratings are so pointless. gabriel never gets a six if that ball in the 96th doesn’t go in.

what a win though, best feeling since the fa cup win perhaps?


People who think the ratings are pointless don’t have to read them.

Ribbert Pires

Were you under the impression these ratings would be fed back to club to determine their annual pay rises?


Actually Gabriel was an absolute monster after that early mistake. I was at the ground and he was a huge presence, winning everything and showing maturity and composure. Deserves more than a 6. Maybe your comment was pointless?


if that’s your opinion, you disagree with blogs even more than i do.

not shitting on gabriel but the ratings often suck, which is a shame, as i enjo ratings and the blog, too. other players got 3’s for single mistakes, just saying


“i’m so happy with the win but these ratings are so pointless”
which is a shame, as i enjo ratings and the blog, “

Enjoy pointless rating? Contradicting
Oh i get it. You must have meant a rating system without points (Pun intended)

Matt P

Yeah it was a rare bad mistake from him, otherwise he was grand.


Gabriel deserves a nine for the way he came back from that mistake and kept his head in the game. 6 is ridiculous.


Xhaka gets a 7 for “putting the pressure on” in the last 20 mins. Bit sp*rsy

Jack's right foot

You’re new here right?


I actually love reading the ratings. I always look forward to it. Keep it up blogs. I’ve been one of your disciples for about 13 years, started reading Arseblog all those years ago when I lived in Dublin, I live in Davison, Michigan now and I still read whatever you write about this great club of ours. I’m very grateful and I love the Dublin slang and humour, always gives me a laugh and reminds me of home. Thank you for everything blogs!


Best thing for me tonight is even if it ended in a draw you couldn’t fault anyone for trying until the last second. It really feels something is going on.

A bit harsh on Laca, the man is a warrior —and made some sweet moves

Maxin In The Shade

Thought his work rate, effort and leadership was top notch tonight

Pete Plum

Exactly. The youngsters need a warrior like him on the pitch. Extra point or two for that


Also loved him trying to gee up the supporters to make more noise. If that doesn’t tell how much he cares about getting behind the team and giving everything then I’m a bit lost there


He was really trying to stick it to the Wolves team all night, so happy he could score the winner. Otherwise a frustrating figure, because you can see how hard he works but his final decision making and end product just isn’t usually there.


He’s a box-to-box striker.

djourou's nutmeg

the man gave his absolute all from the first minute, literally. you could see it in way he chased the ball, the way he complained with every bad decision from the ref, the way he cheered the fans. and finally scored the winner and celebrated it like he just won the league. by the 30th minute we were already applying pressure like it was the 89th minute, the kind of attitude you’ve not seen from an arsenal side in a long time. who do you think set the tempo? you CAN’T give that man a 6. you just can’t.

El Mintero

Why we even bothering complaining about the usual Laca low rating?!! We see it every week. The guy could score 5 goals in 20 mins and still wouldn’t get more than a 6 from blogs!


I think the Pepe touch and goal is my favourite Arsenal goal this season. So elegant.


That touch to make the space is just dreamy

Matt P

Yep, potentially underrated goal.


Pepe had more touches in that move than Lukaku all season.

Fireman Sam

Beautiful turn and blast from NP. He deserves more game time.

El Mintero

Keeping Pepe on the bench all season has been Arteta biggest mistake. We need goals and he gives us goals…!!!

Ray's ice cream Parlour

10 / 10 – f*** off Wolves !!!! = 6 points…..


I didn’t celebrate.
I didn’t scream in delight.
I didn’t pump my fists and shout “eat it you bastards!!!”

I didn’t tell the truth just here either.


10/10 for fighting spirit


They just never stopped. I loved to see it over 90min. Really feel that team is special


Arsenal King of Hearts – we played with so much heart tonight!


A bit harsh on the defenders imo. Also thought that lacazette was better than rated. Anyway. Let’s get behind the tram and finishtop4 finally!!


St Totteringhams day looking like a real possibility this season. That was exhausting but lovely

Johnny 4 Hats

Dude, love you blogs, you give a voice to my arsenal obsession and allow me to feel part of a community. But for me, these ratings are low. And I’m not saying that anyone was magnificent. But I think as a team effort we were incredible. Our desire and drive and determination was impeccable. I feel like most players on the field deserve 8’s or higher just for sheer willpower and strength of mind. Partey and Xhaka for me were exceptional. Really controlled the midfield. And Laca and White also I thought took the game by the scruff of the… Read more »

Cranky Colin

Christ……..the Wolves set up has more shithousery than a team of Rob Holdings.
Fuck them

El Mintero

Disagree. They are a good team and play some nice football. Neves, moutinho, podence, semedo…all very very good.

Cranky Colin

Hey Minty
I didn’t say they weren’t good players……
I said they were full of Shit.


Partey was superb, Xhaka monstrous second half. Gabriel was God awful and lucky he wasn’t punished more, bonehead mistakes. Saka was really poor in the second half especially, final ball, decision making awful. But obviously Arseblog loves rimming them both so yeahhh But damn what an important win and well deserved, my eyes were watery, yes we have fallen down that badly over the years but we gotta enjoy it right? I sure as hell did

Fireman Sam

Saka “really poor”??


You obviously never watched the game as his decision making was dreadful, shot when he should have passed, timid crosses, poor final ball, lost the ball in good opportunities, it didn’t click


TBF I thought Lacazette had a great game everywhere else on the pitch. He was chock full of energy and annoyance. His shot selection was a bit iffy, but I think he deserves credit for his efforts tonight.


Best left back we have!

Fireman Sam

Lacazette, Lacazette, Alex Lacaze-ette! Love the guy. Work rate, leadership, and pure passion of his celebration.


Fucking fuck yes

Pastor Simon

Everyone should get 10/10 including wolves team, the ref and VAR
I am too generous tonight.
Partey for man of the match


If Pepe doesn’t come on we don’t score the two goals


I thought the ref was pretty good with us tonight which is unusual 🤔


Asides from the no penalty decision…


Yep – the interesting perspective on that is that, if Atkinson does give that pen, VAR would even have questioned it…. Makes one think, doesn’t it?


Apologies – would VAR even have questioned it?

I think not.


Think harsh on Laca, 10/10 effort and that goal. I’ll give him 8


Can we please, collectively, recognise:

Pepe – goal and assist. Won’t start next game.

What should he do ffs?


He will contribute this season. He is going to be very important in the run in.

El Mintero

He needs to start.


Hes an impact player … badly missed a tackle when they just missed going 2.1 up. But his goal was super stuff … beat Chetlelski and 3rd in sight. .


There is something particularly satisfying in sxcoring the winning goal deep into extra time, when that extra time is only there in the first place due to the pathetic timewasting efforts from the opponent. Glorious.


Didn’t something similar happen a decade ago against Newcastle? Seem to remember Krul spent more effort time wasting then anything else, Tommy V popped up with a 95th minute winner & van Persie started a scuffle with Krul by asking him if he still planned on time wasting in the aftermath of our winner

Gunn Cabinet

Oh man! That game. Forever etched in my brain; my then wife was going into labour with our son and I was awake the whole night! Thomas Vermaelen with that last, last, last gasp goal and I was giddy the whole day!


And how is young Thomas now? Hope he got a trial at Arsenal?

A Different George

I always wondered what the Dutch team’s training sessions were like, with Van Persie and Krul.


Krul was/is one of the cuntiest cunts that ever came out of Cuntville.


Hahaha, love it 😀

Man Manny

What I love most about the result is the utter frustration in United’s camp.
I believe some were already celebrating two points dropped, and might have missed the last goal.
It actually happened to me in the Leicester – Spurs game!


For the last few years we haven’t had a huge amount to feel proud of as Arsenal fans. But I feel genuinely proud to be a gunner after a win like that. Proper courage there right through the team and the manager too.
More of that and this team is going places. COYG!!


what a win. i reckon a 7 for cedric and laca who were pretty good – to be fair laca’s shooting not brilliant but he did do a lot on the pitch. kind of like an opposite aubameyang, can’t finish but does a decent amount in the build up.

Jonny 5 hats

Mikel Arteta 8/10
Hasn’t always been the best with his substituions but changing the system gave their wingbacks issues and both subs combined for the equaliser. Even if we don’t get top four, the difference between the team he inherited and the team he has built is remarkable.

Jonny 5 hats

I also cannot fucking wait for the jingle on the pod tomorrow


Elation by the end but that was a very frustrating performance for the first 70 minutes or so. We kept fighting though, that’s the important thing. However we do need to find a way of moving the ball quicker from the back, and putting more pressure on our opponents in the final third. Wolves are a very tough nut to crack this season, putting two past them was quite the achievement. A lot of the plaudits will go to Pepe for changing the game, and rightly so, but that’s the best I’ve seen Eddie for us all season as well.… Read more »


I agree, I’m nketias biggest critic but he actually done quite well when he came on so fair play to him.


I’ve been very critical of his appearances as well this season, but credit where it’s due, Wolves couldn’t live with him. I do also think that playing 2 strikers against a back 3 does have a tendency to cause the opposition big problems.


Xhaka and Odegaard were amazing in the last 20 minutes. Although Lacazette slowed down the game in some key moments and his shot selection was way off, you can’t really fault him for effort, what a win!! Coyg 💪!!


Have to agree even though Xhaka looks to be a statue at times…interesting what he does.


Watching that first 80mins thinking the lack of a clinical striker will cost us top 4. Now im thinking Pepe might just get us over that


Said it befors, Pepe should be tested as a no 9. It might take some games before he get the idea of the position bit I think it could take our football in the last third into another level.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Say what you will about Lacazette (and I criticize him alot) he doesn’t hide or sulk when he’s in a funk. Also, blogs is kind to Ramsdale imo, I thought he was as much to blame for the goal. As likeable as he is to fans, he’s had one or two glimpses of weird decisions recently and it seemed a matter of time before it led to something. Still a great win and hope this run can continue into spring.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Just to add I really like Ramsdale, he’s a good keeper and his charisma and spirit are great. I just felt he had a couple of Joe Hart-esque moments in the last couple months.


IMO they are giving him the ball a bit too ofte. A fantastic goalkeeper, and not too bad with his feet – for a goalkeeper mind you! One can not expect a goalkeeper to be as technically good with ball in feet as the rest at this level. So why insist on giving him the most passes after Odegaard.


I have to get this off my chest…I can not believe the calls Arsenal is not getting. And that was, again, an absolute penalty against martinelli at the beginning of the game. But that is not what angered me most, Tierney gets kicked in the balls AND YES IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, but it is still a foul. Later in the game Gabriel gets a slight kick in the head and it was a foul not the card it should have been. I have rewatched parts of last weekend’s game and counted two obvious penalties, a potential third, I dont… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

I thought Martin Atkinson had an appalling game today for BOTH sides. He missed a couple of clear Arsenal pens and got fooled by Ben White’s pitiful dive to win a free kick when Coady was clean through. Although they were pegged back for most of the 2nd half, Wolves created enough clear cut chances to earn at least a point today and I counted their keeper only having two/three shots to save?


Pepe comes on for 20 minutes to add offensive threat, scores one and assists another (that’s what final pass before the goal means…), and did nothing wrong I can remember. But he get’s a 7.5? I gave him a 9, what more could he have done?


He was really really good and there’s a strong case to be made that he should have started i think. the shots we had up till he came on, we had plenty of people getting into the box and getting half shots away or being blocked. pepe does much better with those chances. and indeed when he got one he made no mistake.


You’re right. What more could he have done. Deserves an 8 at the very least.


I gave him at 8 for his work up top, but his tracking back was too weird fpr my liking. I think i understand why he is not a starter, simply compare saka tracking back until the opposition player took the ball out in the first half, to pepe literally walking a wolves player into our half.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

I think Pepe is more of a wide forward, after Cedric came off I think he was covering the whole right-flank on his own. Saka plays a bit deeper naturally plus he played full-back a few times and is better defensively for sure.


Loving the way Partey’s hips move. Really moves unpredictability to make space for himself

A fly on the wall

Invite him out for a dance?


Buzzing, what an atmosphere at the end there, love you gooners !


I know, the atmosphere has been electric at the Emirates lately.


Also, probably might get flak for this but the way Neto got past Pepe on that run so easily makes me realise why Arteta doesn’t want to start him? It was a bit of a half assed attempt to defend on the track back


Lol what more does this guy need to do to appease the haters.


Blogs really doesn’t like Cedric. 6 is harsh imo, didnt do anything wrong, got some good recoveries and was solid.


agree – he’s been exactly what we would hope for from a back up right back last three games.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Agreed, he was a 7 for me.


@Blogs my 11/10 goes to Sa for scoring our winner after having wasted time for 80mins.
On a serious note though, 10/10 for the fans at the Emirates. For a library we sure can make some damn noise. COYG.


The scoreline, point in the season, manner of victory and its implications remind me of when we beat leicester 2-1 in the 15/16 season. The victory against leicester made the title feel very doable, just as tonight has made top 4 seem doable. Laca did for us in the end and worked hard throughout – though his desperation to score led him attempt impossible shots in favour of setting up clear chances. Hopefully tonight’s winner (/own goal) will relieve some pressure and benefit his decision making. Finally, if we make top 4 that pepe goal could vindicate him in the… Read more »

Matt P

I agree Laca was pants for the most part, but you can’t fault his effort, which was immense, and he obviously got the winner (yeah I know it was an OG, but…). So 6 is fair, if not for the winner I would have given a 4 (but a 9 for effort)

Matt P

Interested in why that’s considered a pants comment from me? Did people think he was good? What I saw was many misplaced passes, some poor decision making, and some average shots. I have said he worked very hard, and he did, and he created the vital winning goal.

Exit the Lemming

No point in looking for some ‘considered’ opinion from much of this fan-base. We paid > 50M euros for Laca and even at his best, has never resembled a striker worth even half that. The French national team rate discarded Laca around 2017 (when he was 25) and opted for the much maligned and underrated Giroud instead. Your 6 rating was entirely reasonable. You can probably cut and paste most of the foregoing for Pepe as well.


What a game.. wow!
Arsenal looked really sluggish most of the game, when we inject some urgency we look so much better, which we did towards the end of the game.
Odergaard is a work horse, he was sprinting up and down helping attack and defence. And Xhaka needs to get more credit I believe, although he has dodgy decision making in him, but when he’s not doing that, he’s usually quite sound, moves the ball well and closes play.


I love odegaard, what a player we have on our hands. Absolutely class


11/10 for the celebrations

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Liked Xhaka’s celebrations at the end, the team in general seems to have a good chemestry right now.


Lacazette showed great commitment (including winning a memorable duel in defence) led the team well and deserved the winner.

Definitely not a 6, for me. He adds a chaos factor in tight spaces and quality touches. He might not be scoring often, but he is helping to keep the team on track.

Frog in Ze Room

Lacazette was incredible! The whole team fought. 8 for Laca and new contract!!!


Dear Wolves, thank you for the 6 points – and for taking 3 off Sp*rs in between 🙂
PS please give us Neves in Summer.


They can keep the whiney cheaty bastard, he’s not Arsenal personality.

El Mintero

Oh please. He’d be outstanding in our midfield.


I’ve nothing against whitney cheats as long as they’re ours. I’d draw the line at Diego Costa though.

Exit the Lemming

The poster boy for hypocrisy speaks. Slap stick clearly ain’t dead just yet


Lacazette getting a 6 is the most absurd rating I have seen in my life.

El Mintero

Except from every Laca rating from blogs ever…

Tony 2

Jeez some1 on here got a pathological hatred toward laca n xhaka. I watched both very closely..Laca ran his bollix off at one point he won the ball by the left corner flag, last man back, then supported play in midfield. He’ll never be a TH14 but credit where it’s due he sweated blood out there tonight and never hid or gave up. Same with GX everyone’s PLAYER to hate when things go wrong. MA has changed his position now the more advanced of the 2 CMIDS and he’s adapting but he also ran his nuts off tonight. (Interesting to… Read more »

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Agree 100%, I thought Laca took his goal well, Xhaka was decent tonight and liked his celebrations at the end. Also like that you call him GX. That sounds like a model of diesel tractor, the Xhaka GX, which is also a fitting metaphor for his playing style.

Exit the Lemming

‘Running your bollix off’ should be a given, or in Arteta speak, a ‘non negotiable’ for the whole squad. We bought Laca to score goals not play at full back. Most of the fans would also ‘sweat blood’ and ‘run their nuts off’ out there but the demarcation criteria is footballing talent


You must be new here – Blogs never gives Laca more than 6 on principle. Few of us can understand why.

Hair on Ram's Tail

Last match, 2 goals from young academy products; this game, 2 goals from expensively purchased veterans who have taken some abuse from the fans over the years.
It’s good to find different ways to win.


A bit worried about Tierney at the moment, just doesn’t look like himself. He’s not awful by any means, just doesn’t look like he is close to 100%.

Thanks goodness we were able to sign Odegaard permanently. He’s been massive for us of late and has such a motor (like ESR) on both sides of the ball.

Exit the Lemming

I hope I’m wrong but all the evidence of recent games suggests they’re asking Tierney to play while not fully fit. He has a long history of significant injuries for a relatively young player so needs to avoid sustaining any irreparable damage

Will Thomas

Cedric had a great game.
Nketiah made important challenges and interventions to change the game.
Pepe won us the game.
More recognition and support needed.


Partey motm, Saka was pretty off first half, Odegaard was ghosting to a 6 for me, then after he hit the post he got way more involved. Martinelli wasn’t looking to take any risks, mostly frustrating. White was a bit iffy for me today too. Laca laid into them but lacked the agility, which Pepe’s goal clearly outlined, I say give him a run up top, we simply don’t have another player right now that can do that can finish like that under that sort of pressure in the box, so put him in.


Reasons to celebrate 10/10
Watching Ramsdale celebrate and having him on our team 11/10
Bruno large class and character shown tonight trying to get Saka sent off for a petty/non foul and that substation bullsh*t 0/10

Keep the celebration music going!

Determination Cultured

I was screaming to take laca off in the first half for pepe because pepe is clearly an output player who will give us goals and assists.