Thursday, May 30, 2024

Report: Arsenal 2-1 Wolves (inc goals)

Arsenal: Ramsdale, Cedric, White, Gabriel, Tierney, Xhaka, Partey, Odegaard, Martinelli, Saka, Lacazette

Subs: Leno, Holding, Tavares, Swanson, Elneny, Lokonga, Hutchinson, Pepe, Nketiah

Arsenal came from behind to score two late goals against Wolves at the Emirates this evening, taking three points in a remarkable 2-1 win.

Mikel Arteta made one change to the starting line-up from Saturday’s 2-1 win over Brentford, Gabriel Martinelli replacing Emile Smith Rowe who missed out through non-Covid illness. Takehiro Tomiyasu was also absent from the squad with a reported calf problem, but hopefully not a serious recurrence of the problem he’s been suffering from of late.

There was early drama when Martinelli was clearly impeded by Semedo in the opening minute, but a VAR check somehow didn’t see a foul. Thankfully, VAR did rule Saiss offside after he had the ball in our net, but it was very tight. Unfortunately, our defensive sloppiness in the early stages cost us a goal in the 10th minute.

Gabriel played a really poor back-pass to Ramsdale, it was intercepted, Hwang picked it up and rolled it home from a tight angle. 0-1.

It could have been worse just a couple of minutes later when Jimenez found himself behind Gabriel with just the keeper to beat, but he dragged his shot well wide. Saka created a chance for Odegaard which was blocked in the Wolves box, Odegaard found Lacazette but he couldn’t get a shot away, and the visitors were openly time-wasting in the 24th minute but Martin Atkinson didn’t care.

Sa missed a cross but Arsenal couldn’t capitalise, Lacazette saw a left footed effort hit the target but it was a routine save for the keeper, before the Frenchman flicked over from a Saka pass. Martinelli had a sight of goal, his first time effort flew not far wide from a Laca pass, while Thomas Partey fired one his customary efforts high and wide.

Saka picked up a yellow card after the referee got in the way, Odegaard produced a delicate pass to play Martinelli in but his attempted lob of the keeper saw the ball nestle in Sa’s hands. Poor defending from Gabriel again saw a Jimenez header flash not far beyond the post as the first period entered 2 minutes of added time.

With not a lot on the bench, it wasn’t a surprise that Mikel Arteta didn’t make a half-time change, and it was almost 0-2 when Hwang went through on goal and squirted the ball wide under Ramsdale from a tight angle.

Saka had a shot blocked after a lovely Partey turn, and the duo combined again when the Ghanaian lofted a lovely ball over the top but Saka couldn’t get good contact. Martinelli then produced a cross for Lacazette, he took the ball on the turn, but with Odegaard screaming for him to lay it off, he whacked it over the bar.

Wolves made a change on the hour mark when Semedo pulled a hamstring, he was replaced by Jonny. Lacazette’s 64th minute free kick hit the wall, Partey shot over, and Arteta made his first change in the 70th minute when Nicolas Pepe replaced Martinelli. Lacazette had an effort on target saved, Xhaka set up White who shot wide with his left foot, before Eddie Nketiah replaced Cedric in the 76th minute.

At this point Arsenal had had 22 attempts on goal, but just 3 on target, but in the 81st minute the equaliser finally came. Odegaard floated it forward, Nketiah took it on, played it back for Pepe, who took it, turned and finished from close range. 1-1.

Wolves had a big chance moments later. Ait-Nouri ran all the way down the left, it came to Neto who flicked a shot wide (replays showed it got a touch off Gabriel). At the other end, Odegaard clipped a shot off the top of the bar, Wolves wasted more time with sub nonsense, and Tavares came on for Tierney at the start of 6 minutes of added time.

It looked as if the winner wouldn’t come, but in the 6th minute of injury time, it did! Saka saw a shot saved, we kept the ball alive, worked it down the right hand side, Pepe involved, Odegaard too, it came to Lacazette, he seemed to mis-kick it and it went into the far corner off the keeper’s gloves! Amazing. 2-1.

The final whistle went and Arsenal players stood motionless in respect for the fallen opposition. No they didn’t. They celebrated like bastards, as they should!


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Arteta Tots



Still sacking.
Didnt celebrate


Sucker punch for the Wolves. Ugly win it is, but who cares! 3 more points!!!


Top 4 within sight. Let’s keep going.


And now I’m happy for the rest of day.


I’m gonna be happy till we play our next game, which is the 6th March, so next week should be a good one!

Brady’s bunch

Never in doubt 😂

Johnny 4 Hats


FUCK!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!”

And that is a direct quote.

Love you all!!! That’s why you follow a football team to obsession. That’s why. FFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK. Fuck. Fuck.




Couldn’t have said it better!!! Thank you Johnny and all the regulars. Love youuu

Johnny 4 Hats

Love you too Carlos!!! Wow. As good an evening as I can remember as an Arsenal fan. Really very special.

And any haters out there going “calm down fella, it’s only Wolves at home” Well, I got one word for you.


Johnny 4 Hats

I said (and loads of others too) that if we are going to get top four, players like Pepe need to chip in and make the difference. And both Eddie and Pepe did us so proud tonight.

People will roll their eyes as I have become a massive Arteta fan boy, but Mikel deserves some serious credit for a) making those changes and b) motivating two players who might be gone this summer.

My four hats are all off to you senior Arteta.

Johnny 4 Hats

I am so Colin Firth in Fever Pitch but I fucking knew we would be ok. Even at half time I was fine. Even being fully aware of Wolves’ defensive record. In dunno. I’m almost definitely being revisionist.

Did anyone else just feel like it would happen?


Yes. It felt like one of “those” games all second half. Delightful.


As soon as we equalised, I knew if anyone was gonna nick it, it was gonna be us. In a pub full of Gooners as well, oh how I’ve missed that pure elation of celebrating amongst my fellow Gooners


I don’t know if Arteta deserves credit for his handling of Pepe, we might be even higher in the table if he got regular game time.

Johnny 4 Hats

Who are you playing him instead of?

Genuine question.

Guns Up

For me, it’s not so black and white as playing him instead of Saka, Martinelli or ESR from the start as it is getting him out there for 20 minutes more often to run at a tired defender. Whichever of the above has been least effective on the day, let rest a bit for the next one while Pepe has a run. I’ve said this before, but few defenders wouldn’t cringe a bit at the prospect of having Saka/Gabi/ESR attack them for 60 or 70 minutes, followed by Pepe for 20 or 30. Good problem to have, to be sure,… Read more »


I’d wager we have more goals if Pepe got the minutes that Arteta gave Eddie previously.

Jonny 5 hats

Couldn’t agree more. Who gives a fuck who we beat, last minute winners are always something to celebrate and when it puts you well and truly in the mix for top four it would be ridiculous if you didn’t take all hats off!

Frank Bascombe

Fair play.




When was the last-minute winner? Unreal


Thomas, through the middle!

Almost as good as 1989!

Pastor Simon

Party for man of the match….

The guy was massive today

tierney's jumper


Johnny 4 Hats

Come on mate. A bit much. Easy with the profanity.


Fuck Ruben Neves. Someone should’ve done a knee-slide in front of him.


Catching up in the Indian morning since the game was past my bed time. In post match interview Laca was asked how he felt, genuinely gutted he didn’t say ‘I feel like we won the world cup’


s/f needed.:-)


Please post videos of our celebrations in front of Neves. I want them etched in my brain!




Damn, last couple of times I wated up till 3:45 AM ended up pretty bad. Lost sleep and fucked up day! Persistence pays! One of the most satisfying win this season!


Worth waiting up for 😎


What is 7am kick off?

It has always been 3.45am kick off for me 😀


Hell yeah

tierney's jumper

what a WIN!!!


Pepe and Eddie changed the game, well done boys!


The most impressed I’ve been with Eddie. And even Xhaka and Cedric played well.


I thought Xhaka was excellent. He looks better in that further forward position.

Martin R

Even Xhaka? After Everton he hasn’t had a bad game. Even wasn’t bad in Man City match.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Pepe was phenomenal, Wolves couldn’t handle him.


Can we just appreciate that roll onto his strong foot to make the space for the equaliser? Proper dreamy


Pepe made a massive difference, Eddie found those little spaces between the midfield & Laca


Get in!!!!

Give youth a chance

Was that 1st minute penalty not given under the ‘unless its Arsenal’ provisions?


Gets given at Anfield that. Can’t believe Leon Osman thought Semedo got a touch on the ball

Give youth a chance

Gets given at the Emirates too, if its for the opposition


With red card.


They didn’t even given it a cursory look on Var, then spent 2 minutes pouring over a wolves “Goal” that was clearly a yard fucking offside. Maddening.


That tells you all you need to know about the match officials that Arsenal are up against, as well as the opposition team.


Its normal nowdays


Pepe could really be gold if he shows consistency. The silkiest move I have seen this season!


Could get himself out of a phone box could Nico


Well to do that he has to get More minuters also but let’s just enjoy this for now, COYG!!!

Mark Rowe

That was fuckin huge. That was fuckin excellent. I love this team. Well done boys and the support was phenomenal.

Brady’s bunch

Stadium was rocking tonight


Have I told you lately that I love Pepe! And hats off to Laca, he never hides, keeps on trying and he got his rewards. What a win! I didn’t realise Wolves were such a bunch of cunts, makes the win even more satisfying.


You don’t notice how much moaning Moutinho & Coady do till they’re doing it against your team

The Arsenal

I used to like Wolves…Now im happy that there last two defeats in ten were to us and we celebrated the fuck out of it.


Very few players in the league I dislike more than Joao Moutinho


His name is too similar to Jose Mourinho for him to be a decent lad.


Wolves spent the whole game whining to the referee and contesting every decision, even when they’ve blatantly kicked the ball out. Can’t wait for the salty press conference comments. Did we earn the right to celebrate this time?


Not gonna lie. I cried a bit at the end there

Andrew Schulz


Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

What a great game. I’m so happy Pepe finally had his moment to shine. Very good subs from Arteta.

That’s entertainment.





Pastor Simon




Point Percy at the porcelain

I’ve got a fucking erection !

Fireman Sam



That’s too much information, son. 🙂


Fucking buzzing.


My stream broke and I missed the Pepe goal live. But thank goodness it held to the end. All the nerves, frustration… All screamed out.


Heart attack incoming but it’s worth it.


Two things that I just loved and won’t forget about that game. Scoring in the last two minutes of added time after that ridiculous substitution and celebrating like we won the World Cup. Big smile, big smile.


This is the first clutch goal we’ve scored in a long, long time. Feels so good.

Aussie Gooner

Eddie gets criticised a lot for the lack of quality, today he has earned all the plaudits that should come his way.

And Pepe, that’s the 72 million impact we wanted!


announce bendtner

Could really see him add value to the overall play of the team. Hopefully he continues over the course of the rest of the season.




Over celebrate your hearts out lads. I FUCKING LOVE FOOTBALL

Funsho Patrick

Should be burying all those chances guys! Weldone all the same!! Feels like the biggest 3points yet….CL here we come!

Gunner J

Its happened again, it’s happened again wolverhampton wanderers, it’s happened again!!


Spirits definitely lifted! Thank you for making a resident of an active war zone smile, lads. If that’s the final Arsenal game I’ll ever see, so be it. COYG.


Good luck dude. And what a great result!


We are with you, brother! Supposing you are writing from Ukraine. If you need help in getting back on track in Hungary just reach out. I feel so sorry for your nation!


I’m not leaving my land and my people. No chance. But I appreciate the thought and care enormously! Thank you.


Stay safe mate. It’s really shit what’s happening. Hoping things will deescalate as soon as possible. ♥️


Hear hear, mate. I’m feeling that I’m getting older by the minute. This is insane.

Great Kalu

So touching, our hearts are with you Gunners family


I am in romania at the moment glad u could watch! Thoughts are with u and your loved ones!


Thanks, mate. Every sentiment matters. That’s what makes us human.

Man Manny

I hope things get resolved…soon.
Stay strong.


I hope that is not the case at all. Please keep yourself as safe as you can in what must be such a frightful situation. Thoughts are with you gooner. Respects.

Brady’s bunch

Big love to you all over there 🙏

Bleeding gums murphy



As everyone else has said, stay safe dude and best wishes to you all. It definitely won’t be mate, loads more to come 💪💪


Massive Love coming from your Arsenal Family x


Keep safe and take care, you have to watch this team win the league!

Kennington Gunner

It’s mad just reading about what is happening to your country. I cannot imagine what it is like living through it. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way 🖖


Sorry for the impersonal reply. This wave of your supportive comments is a bit overwhelming, but despite the raid sirens earlier, spirits are even more lifted. Thank you, my fellow gooners. Victoria Concordia Crescit.


What a win!!! Pepe has class no doubt.
Stay classy Bruno Large #substituion?… lol. He should have got a red.

Tomaury Bischfeld

Scenes. Great spirit, great football and unlucky not to have more. Odegaard is a magician and Pepe was instrumental in that win – he made a difference in the end. Laca has his limitations but his grit also got us there! What a big win!



Zadok the Motherfucking Priest

I think that was Lacazette’s goal, because if you watch it again it clearly goes in off his sheer fucking determination. Honestly, we scored that because the man grafted for 90 minutes and then used the mountain of positive energy he generated to force a goal. Absolutely deserved, legend. Fuck me.


Is it just me who finds it more satisfying as a Sa own goal after he time wasted all game long


Must’ve watched his anger at that OG several times by now cause he knows his time wasting caused it. Wrighty put a clip on his Insta from the Premier League’s World Feed
of him & Ince doing the analysis & Ince said we didn’t deserve the win & that Wolves didn’t time waste because they didn’t need too. Some of what Paul’s on please cause I’m pretty sure their time wasting started in the 26th minute

Zadok the Regular Priest

Wrighty’s a good pundit because his love for Arsenal is infectious, but he’s also level-headed enough to provide objectivity when they lose. Paul Ince was brought in as a Wolves fan but had none of the charm, and just seemed sour when they lost rather than accepting it had been a good game of football ultimately won by the team exerting effort and pressure. I have a lot of respect for the quality Wolves have and the way they play, and I can totally see that with the throw of a different dice this game could have gone the other… Read more »


After a long time, getting that feel of winning against stoke on a cold winter night


may they not come back soon.


…and coming the day after Spurs got beaten on a miserable, cold, windy, wet night Burnley makes it all the sweeter.

Walter White

Great game management from Arteta. Those subs and change of system really paid off.


When’s the last time we came back to win a game from a goal down under Arteta? Great development from him!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Think it was when we beat Sp*ds at home last season, 14 March 2021.

Andrew Schulz

Last 20 minutes was extremely exciting, I was trembling from the potential. Hats off. I literally took my hat off and threw it. LET’S GOOOOOO!!! Reminds you of those sides that you were scared of in the last 10min.

Hair on Ram's Tail

Pepe had a goal and an assist and Eddie had an assist. That’s real impact from substitutions.


That was fucking beautiful. Well deserved win.


Own goal or not, Laca earned that. He earned that luck and Arsenal earned those 3 points.

We really need to see more of Pepe, and less of Xhaka as an advanced midfielder, it’s like playing a man down.


Say what you will about Xhaka, but the guy competes until the end.


Owned Neves today. And that’s from someone who’s counting down to his exit.


So did Carl Jenkinson, so did Joe Willock, not good enough


Pepe’s first touch for his goal was world class. What a game. Is it just me or has VAR has ruined goals in general. My celebrations are never quite full-blooded.

Up North

Switched channel for half a minute after 2-1 in fear of being VAR’ed. … So scared am I of us being denied goals


I turn the volume down instead.


Agree about VAR ruining the best part of football — celebrating goals. It suck. But I celebrated the hell out of Laca’s!


Never simple with this lot is it?! Thank goodness the drama is positive more than negative at the moment. That was a great finish to the game after all their timewasting.




I am seriously considering the scenario that we left it late on purpose.

Brady’s bunch

Just seen a picture of Ramsdale shithousery on Neves and the end, looks like Keown on van nistelroy 😂😂


Absolute scenes at the Emirates!


This game felt like 2 years. So many things happened in between but are fading in memory due to the last one

Merson's Grin

That was tense. I thought Cedric and Xhaka were both good, Pepe has to get a go as striker. A great performance and great entertainment.


I think Pepe should get the opportunity to see what he can do as a central striker. But I suspect that will only happen if Arsene puts the idea into Arteta’s mind.


Now that’s the Arsenal of 2022. Scary moments all through the game but we came through. Onward and forward. COYG!

Gunner J

The Wolves Goalkeeper has been credited with the late late goal, is that the officials twisted humor?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Sa it isn’t so.

kampala gooner

Someone should have presented the ball to Sa to keep wasting time after the second goal. The twart!


Ceeeeelebrate good time COME ON! And fuck Wolves!


Wait… are we allowed to celebrate this? I’m not up to speed on what’s allowed anymore


Ofc not. It’s not politically correct to celebrate unless it is a WC.

Scott P

I celebrate in the water closet quite often indeed.


Gotta love Laca!!!

The Arsenal

Chuffed for the maligned three. Nketiah finally did something. Pepe made a great impact and Laca got his hero moment that his effort deserved.


Wow. Sa og, Gabriel flick off the knee to stop the Neto goal, beautiful Pepe goal.


Pepe has been the second most reliable offensive player at Arsenal since he signed for the club. That fans criticise him for being inconsistent will never stop baffling me. Of course, he hasn’t matched his really big fee, but he has never been trusted enough to do that. At the start of the season when we struggled, he was one of the few players who were delivering. Even Saka struggled at th start of the season. Then, one game, against Spurs where the Odegaard, ESR, Saka contingent all start and we win impressively, and he’s automatically relegated to the bench,… Read more »

Billy bob

Can we have a clip of the players celebrating lol would make a lovely Gif




I haven’t seen this level of desire in an Arsenal team for over a decade. Brilliant!


Holy cow. Just wow.
Will proudly eat my hat and negativity. That pepe goal! Really sweet.

Well done gunners.


After doing nothing but time wasting all 97 minutes, Jose Sa ironically scoops the ball into his own net at the very last minute for an Arsenal winner. How befitting!!! 🤣




Reminded me a bit of that game years ago where Krul was timewasting in goal for Newcastle all game, we got a late winner and RVP was yelling mockery at him in Dutch. Good times!

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