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Arteta: Lacazette got the reward he deserved

On a night when Alex Lacazette looked like he might never score a goal ever again, it was somewhat ironic that he snatched a last-gasp winner only to have the strike, which sealed a 2-1 win against Wolves, go down as an own goal for visiting keeper Jose Sa.

Low in confidence and with the first touch of a fallen oak tree, the Frenchman bumped and barged his way around the pitch often doing more damage to the Gunners’ attack than good. Thankfully, he didn’t give up and, right at the very end, something finally, sort of, went right for him.

For his sheer determination alone, Lacazette earned the plaudits from his manager, who said:

“When I see our striker in the 85th minute, chasing a full-back in the corner flag, winning the ball back, playing, going, fighting, missing one chance, missing two chances, going again.

“What can I do? I can only praise him and try to help him as much as possible and give him support. At the end he got the reward. For me, it’s Lacazette’s goal.”

Earlier this week, Arteta said that contract talks with his captain would be parked until the end of the season while the Gunners concentrate on trying to finish in the top four.

It’s easy to speculate that the uncertainty over his future – he’ll be a free agent in July – could be playing a part in the player’s struggles in front of goal. Arteta says it’s not something that unduly concerns him.

“We don’t know what is going to happen at the end of the season,” he said.

“What he needs to do is put aside that future. It is part of our game, we don’t have contracts that run for 20 years.

“That’s part of our job and we have to be conscious of that. There’s nothing to tell him but to praise him, because every single day he behaves like someone that wants to stay with us.”

Arteta was also full of praise for the way his side came from behind to snatch a vital three points. For long periods of the game it looked like Wolves had his side’s number, but they eventually found a way to unpick the visitors’ lock.

“It was a great one, winning at the end against a really good team that when they are ahead it’s extremely difficult to beat them.

“I don’t think they lost a game after going ahead since 2019 but we kept pushing. I think the attitude, the spirit, the energy the players put in during the second half to go and win the match was phenomenal.

“It created a great atmosphere and synergy with our fans and it was great to win it that way.

On securing the win in dramatic circumstances, he added: “That’s what we need as a team. Now we are building a team with a lot of young talent and the amount of new players that they need those experiences.

“I said to them at half-time, you want to be at the top at the end of May, we’re going to have to overturn results maybe two, three, four times. Today we had an opportunity. I’m happy that when a player makes an error that costs a goal that the team can put that aside and win the match.”

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Johnny 4 Hats

I know everyone is a bit unsure of Laca right now.

But just imagine if he starts scoring. And most strikers do have barren patches. Kane has all season.

With his overall team work, if Laca starts scoring, which is likely he will, then we’ve really got a player on our hands.

Guns Up

My fear is that he seems to be getting to that point where his pace will soon drop a level (or another level, to be more precise). I know he does he a lot that doesn’t require pace, but there’s still a requisite minimum level. If the medical staff thinks he can stay at this level another year, I’d 100% sign him up for one more!!

Guns Up

To myself: say “level” again, I dare you…

Johnny 4 Hats

Well a lot of people (myself included) claimed he couldn’t finish 70 mins earlier in the season. And tonight he assisted in the 96th minute. I don’t think we have to worry too much about a drop off between now and the end of the season. If anything, he’s as fit as he’s been for a fair few years. And I think he’s desperate for one more year here. You really think he wants to go to Lyon and ease up? Anyone remember Koscielny after he moved to France? Nothing. It’s where football players go to die. And I think… Read more »

Funsho Patrick

One more season as cannon fodder! Back up to a proper goalscorer.. someone that does a bit of him and aubameyang…I hope we find one..not many…I would rather let him go though and pick up say a Divock Origi..younger with similarly skillset..

Abdul bakar

Hahahaha destroyer well said, we need him for one more season. We need his experience and leadership skills to guide this our future stars.. For indications he’s one the young lad feel at home to when they need advice and he’s cool headed.. U could see it from the reaction of the young players when celebrating with him they are all over him and happy for him. A season with us isn’t bad at all. A great mentor


100% this!

A Different George

Yes, but. Maybe it’s where football players go to have a good, easier (but still competitive), life. Lyon is his home town, and where he was a real hero (watch the videos of the crowd singing his name to the tune of “London Bridge is falling down”). He made much more money in the Premier League, and especially at Arsenal, than he ever could have in France but he has probably made enough now so that is much less of a factor. If he leaves, he won’t, I don’t think, be going to another English club–*any* of which can pay… Read more »


One more is the key… we cannot dish out another massive 3-year deal to a 30+ player. We’re not that thick are we?


It was a miskick diverted into the net by Sa himself, an own goal. But who cares, if it can lift Laca’s confident in front of goal, we would be very happy. 15 finals to go…..coyg




Brilliant result, massive. Hopefully Laca can take confidence from it too! It would have been another off target shot stat, but Sa put him out of his misery with spectacular effect, ha!


Johnny, his pace is fading fast. This really is the late autumn/ early winter of his career. His work rate is phenomenal, but his lack of pace is letting him down. He can’t go on forever and we’re going to need one – if not two – decent striker signings on the summer for this team to grow properly. Laca may yet be an option from the bench – but he shouldn’t be used as a 90+ minutes player next season – assuming he stays.

Time to face facts mate.


Did you mean “time to face opinions mate”?


In this case, no.

Lacazette is in the twilight of his career.

He won’t be able to keep pace at Premiership level for 90 minutes plus for much longer.

He could, however, be useful from the bench next season.

We need to sign at least one decent forward during the summer.

All facts, mate. Still, treat yourself to a downvote. You know you want to. 😂


his lack of pace is letting him down

not to rain on your “i can tell exactly how fast he’s going and compare it to how fast he used to be just by looking” parade, but the reality is that the club have data on this. i wish it were public so we could delve into it ourselves, but we know they have it. i’m comfortable letting the people with the data make the call on whether his athleticism is up to par, rather than making assertions and calling them “facts.”


“Just imagine if he starts scoring.”


Crazy to think about the change Laca has witnessed. I still remember his first goal against Leicester. Now he’s on his 4th manager (counting Freddie) and….is there anybody left from that squad besides Elneny and Xhaka? Holding maybe?

Spanish Gooner

Lacazette has seen enough change at this club that he’s played alongside the two best East Asian players in Premier League history. Tomiyasu and Takuma Asano

Giuseppe Hovno

This was the first game I’ve been to for years and boy oh boy was it a tough night then right at the end a fun night then even righter at the endelier an even funner night. Jeebus. Great stuff


Just finished watching the replay. Cracking effort in the 2nd half. Subs made an impact. Thought Ode had a blinder. Granny was awful in the first half, but gotta say he played on of his best halves of football in sometime in the 2nd (still don’t like him, but credit where it’s due). HUGE win. Just gotta keep winning and scrapping. Don’t look at the ladder, just keep on going.

Should we talk about the 1st minute penalty? I guess it’s too early for a penalty eh? Well for Arsenal…

Brady’s bunch

Agree with you on xhaka , partey was a beast in the second half also (can’t shoot for shit mind).


the VAR muppets were still hauling the tea-bags outa their mugs and strapping on their gold ‘n black blinkers at that point. They completely missed it!




I fucking love this team! Regardless of what happens with top four, no Arsenal team for over a decade has given me this belief in their collective strength, thier togetherness. They are young but the fight is clearly there. We have a team now with a culture worthy to the mighty Arsenal Football Club. I fucking love this team!


Youth leadership of this team. This young core is so easy to love!


Whos still buzzing besides me after this??


Totally agree with the manager here. I have been critical of Laca recently and still maintain that, all things said and done, the guys legs have gone and he lacks the pace for this young side to realise it’s potential next season. Credit – massive credit – however, where it is due. One cannot fault the man’s commitment and it was sheer bloody mindedness that he helped create last night that resulted in our late rally and subsequent goals. If this can be the catalyst for a glut of goals for him now, no one will be more pleased for… Read more »


We turned wolves to sheep tonight!!!


Ramsdale celebrating in Neves face was hilarious.


Anyone else think that “change of decision” on a player sub by Lage was a time wasting technique more than anything else?


the wolves manager apologised specifically and said it was his mistake of poor communication.

It seemed like jimenez knew he wasn’t being subbed but no one else in the whole stadium knew haha


Nah – I think Lage is a class act. Stand up bloke.

Spanish Gooner

Arsenal. The Arsenal. Only team to win the World Cup twice in two weeks. Lovely.

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

This was an absolute fish & chips performance.


I liked Auba but never felt he suited us up top, preferred him running in from left at best. Laca I always felt gave us something extra even if not as prolific. What he brings to the team is a bit of experience and guile, creative movement. But he adds graft to it as well and fully deserves the Captaincy. Leads by example as shown in track back to win the ball deep by our end line. And some of his touches superb in the tight confines we are normally up against. Felt he serve the goal even if chalked… Read more »

Teryima Adi

The spine of this team is made of steel, no doubt about that. Upwards and onwards 👊💪💪

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