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Arteta: Odegaard makes his teammates better

After watching Martin Odegaard deliver another understated midfield masterclass, this time helping Arsenal to a 2-0 win over Leicester, Mikel Arteta said his summer signing makes his teammates ‘better’.

On an afternoon when the Gunners coasted to victory, the Norway international drew plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the Emirates Stadium crowd as he showed off his full portfolio of deft touches and eye-of-the-needle passing.

“He was terrific again today in every aspect of the game,” said Arteta in his post-game press conference.

“What he had to do in defending, when we were high, when we were deep, in the build-up phase, in the final third and the way he understands and manages the game when it’s needed.

“I think he’s come a long way since his arrival, he’s showing great maturity and responsibility on the pitch. And he makes the other players better, I think.”

That Arsenal ‘only’ paid £30 million to Real Madrid to secure Odegaard on a permanent basis is starting to look like very good business.

While Arteta wouldn’t go so far as to label the 23-year-old a ‘bargain’ he made clear he’s not surprised by the quality the player possesses after coaching him during last season’s loan spell.

“I don’t know [if it’s bargain],” he said. “It’s still a little bit early to say that but we were convinced he’s a player that could fit in our club, in our model, that has every value that we want from players that represent this club and then he has the qualities that we want to do. We’re really happy with him.”

Stringing five wins together on the bounce in the league has been a rarity for Arteta since he became coach in December 2019. While his squad managed the feat at the end of last season, this latest run feels more significant. Not only does it keep us in a prime position to seal a place in the Champions League, but it also underlines the way each and every player is growing a better understanding of their respective roles on the pitch.

“This is what all coaches want, that they [the players] can understand what we want to do and they can do it at a certain speed as well,” said Arteta.

“Then it gets more complex because you need the right timing, the right technique, the right qualities, the right decision-making but you could see today that there were moments where it clicks and everybody is in the same page and they all look for the same things, which is very important.”

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Would love for him to get the armband, to be honest. He just displays leadership not only in his plays, but his demeanor as well. The small things he does to manage tempers, engage with refs ans players, and more is so impressive. His football being as effective as it is easy on the eye is just a massive plus.

Mesut Ö’Neill

Not sure if we should curse him like that.

Personally I think Partey should get the band, I think it would help solidify his importance in the team.


How about singing this at the emirates when we get 1-0 up based on artera’s comment from the watford game

We will pass 300 times and we will pass 300 more


I think we should just get a real cheap signing to just have the armband. Nothing else

Johnny 4 Hats

I find it so impressive that the two things that the premier league is known for – physicality and intensity – are both technically big hindrances to a player like Odegaard. So many players, very good players too, have come to the Prem and failed. They just can’t hack it. It’s too much for them. Then step forward this quiet, intelligent, thoughtful blonde lad who looks like a strong gust of wind might cause him to lose his balance. And he’s fucking nailing it. He’s making experienced defenders look daft and shrugging off challenges and intimidation from seasoned veterans. I… Read more »


He is fast becoming my favourite player. I love the way he glides around the pitch.

Johnny 4 Hats

Yup. Totally agree. And this post I made after the Brentford game (for which I got absolutely destroyed) where I said Odegaard was playing like peak Ozil is just ageing like a lovely little Pinot Grigio.

Dr Zebra

112 likes is destroyed?? Or is this one of your fun jokes

Johnny 4 Hats

Well, I took a bit of flack from the Ozilites in the replies. You gotta be sensational. None of these Andrew headlines like “Holding says something that he may well have said before about Ramsdale”.

Unfettered tr...

Is it fair to to say that Odegaard was like Loki tonight; he was delightfully mischievous all over that pitch.
I lost count of the number of times I oooo-ed throughout the game.
More giddy feelings against the mug smashers, pls 😊


He’s the absolute bollox, easily one of the best in the league rn


Can’t wait for the compilation mob to release his performance today, he was sensational. Nearly always makes the right pass and always gets the weight/into a player’s stride aspect of it spot on. Also love the way Arteta is still making sure he stays grounded (i.e. too early to claim it was a bargain) let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet, keep them hungry and striving for more

Larry McCarthy

I thought the was a little lightweight when he first came in. Now he is use to the speed and rough and tumble of the premier league he looks a wonderful talent.


Correction. This is the second time Mikel Arteta has overseen a 5 game premier league win streak. The other being at the end of last season.

Giovanni Hovno

Partey also sensational today


he has the potential to be the very best at what he does. mentally and physically. kind of an ozil plus. lucky us


We don’t see Minty and his Odegaard bashing on here much these days.

Funny that.

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