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Arteta: You can sense the camaraderie in this team

Mikel Arteta spoke to Sky Sports after Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Leicester at the Emirates this evening. Here’s what he had to say.

You were looking for improvement before the game, was this is it in that performance?

Absolutely. I think without that performance we don’t beat Leicester. I think they are really good side, they made it tough for us today. We had to raise the level that we showed against Watford, that was something we did today in every aspect of the game, I think, and it’s big win for us.

Leicester got a foothold in the first half.

They got a bit of control of the game and we suffered a little bit in certain situations without conceding a lot of of chances. One chance that I can remember. We lost some control, we could not take the game to the final third, but in the second half, I think it was much better again, much more controlled.

Were sure you sure it was a penalty?

Yes, we nominate one person in the bench I can ask. I think he can be cool, with a cool head, and he said it’s definitely a penalty. So I was expecting it to be given.

What did you like about your side today?

Their understanding of what we had to do during the game. When they were more flat in the spaces, we had to decide to be more aggressive when they started to overload certain areas on the pitch, especially in the final third and how we had to resolve that.

Especially in the understanding and also the execution. The movement, the link between the players, it was was terrific.

You say game by game – is it to not put pressure on players?

No, because it’s the reality in football because you can’t make a prediction on what it can happen. I think no one in this room would will get it right properly. So the only thing we can control is performances and and the next game, and that’s what we are focused with.

But you’re in a good position?

Yes, it’s a good position, but there’s still a lot to fight for.  Now it’s Liverpool and we know how tough is going to be, and we have to prepare the game to try and win.

You’ve got a very young side, do they play with a fluidity and a freedom that brings you particular joy?

I hope they do because they do what they love in their life. So they have to play with that freedom, with that passion, and with that fluidity. Because if not the answer is to do something else as we always encourage them to play like this.

There’s real camaraderie with this group?

There is. You know, you can sense it, you can feel it. They’re really having a good time together. And I think that transmits on the pitch.

Laca on the scoresheet at last

He deserves it again for the work he does, understanding how much he helps us in many different areas. But today he’s scored a good goal again.

Arsenal 2-0 Leicester – player ratings

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It’s been real fun being a gooner lately :))) Long may it last!


Others have said it, and maybe the time will come at the end of the season to say it with more certainty, but Arteta deserves a ton of credit for this.

Six/Seven months ago the guys on the Arsecast were saying “He might come back from this, but it would be the first time for a manager.” Well, he has.


I get where you’re coming from mate, I honestly do, but Arteta would be the first to say that it is far from job done yet.

Which is exactly why he is gaining my respect.

Let’s get top four in the bag – and then we really will be on our way out of our Premiership doldrums.

Santi's Thigh Grab

One trick pony.


I always thought the early season doom hysteria was a bit ridiculous. For a group of people apparently *obsessed* with statistics, football fans sure do love to over-interpret after 3 games of a 38 game season (games in which we were severely handicapped). Perhaps we should have been less dismissive when Guardiola was saying we would’ve been stupid/crazy to sack Arteta. That said, he’s doing a bit better (like, ~6 points better I reckon) than I would have expected at this stage. That’s in part down to how excellent the signings have been. It’s just great that watching Arsenal is… Read more »


I can sense we are a world class striker, a replacement for Xhaka and a fit again Tommy away from a team that could possibly challenge for the title, never mind top four.

Martin R

You constantly ask for a replacement for Xhaka. Why do you constantly ignore the i improvement in his game since playing in a more advanced role and the great contribution he makes to the team. His partnership with Partey has been a key reason for the position we are now in.


Mate, it’s not that I don’t appreciate the good performances he is currently bringing.

I’m just not convinced – yet – that he hasn’t still got a howler or two in his locker. Howlers that could cost us big time.

For now, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt – but if we’re all here in a week or two bemoaning another daft tackle resulting in a needless red card or opposition assist of the Burnley variety, then don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

Martin R

He’s hardly put a foot wrong since his return from injury so please leave the guy alone and want him dropped for something he has t done for a long time. He’s a key player now, so just accept it.

Santi's Thigh Grab

Basically what he is saying he likes to sit on the fence. He gives qualified support which is not really support at all.


Can we acknowledge his recent improvement and still believe he should be upgraded in the summer?


Just like Lacazette for instance. Great servants of the club, big recent improvements, useful squad members that I wouldn’t mind seeing staying, but not first-team material for a title charge and a CL campaign.

Martin R

Why is Xhaka not good enough for a title challenge?

Man Manny

Something incredible is brewing at the Emirates. For the first time since the dark days of Arsene’s last years, the sombre clouds have drifted away; the stadium is gleaming with bright rays of sunshine.
Pundits are beginning to take note.
The most satisfying part of it is that none of the central figures bar Partey is in their prime yet.
These boys in the next three years of playing together! are going to take the EPL by storm.

Cranky Colin

After the first 3 games of the season , I got a what’s app from the worst of everything type person………a spurs fan…….he said “ arteta could be gone”.
I did what any self respecting Gooner would do………………
Ignored him.


Loved how, at times, we exchanged passes in the midfield with such a natural ease. This is what the best teams in the world are renowned for. Leicester did not make it too hard for us, but no one can deny the progress this team has made. Now onto Liverpool and let’s smash the Mugsmashers!


I liked how we controlled the game, pass pass pass 30 000 passes, Arteta mentioned it last week that we needed to keep possession and pass it around to regain control in moments. I saw it happening in patches and I sense its a start. we can only get better COYG.


I was watching and thinking the exact same quote once we got to 2-0. They learnt from the mistake of last week and it’s great to see


I think the benefit we are seeing is due to the fact that we are out of other competitions. Edu and Arteta failed to ensure we had enough strong assets last summer to compete on 3 or 4 fronts. But since we are in effect in ONLY one remaining competition (for 4th), he has had less need to rotate and has been using a more stable starting 11 to overall benefit of intuition within the team. This has been a chief peeve of mine last season with Arteta over rotating (even if some of it was due to injuries) But… Read more »

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