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Sublime midfield duo react to Leicester win

Martin Odegaard and Thomas Partey spoke to Sky Sports after Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Leicester at the Emirates this evening.

Here’s what they had to say.

The players now believing in Champions League …

Odegaard: I think we have a very strong belief in the group. And we play with a lot of confidence at the moment. We just have to keep going, as we said many times, take it game by game and keep improving. And we’ll see in the end, but we’re happy where we are.

With games in hand, is destiny in your own hands?

Partey: Well, I think we have a couple of difficult games coming. Almost all the games are difficult. As Martin said, we have to work game by game. And that’s the mentality of the team. We want to keep improving, and that’s our mentality now.

Does this momentum help you?

Odegaard: I think it helps a lot? I think we have a lot of confidence in the team now. Everyone believes in what we’re doing. And yeah, as I said, we just have to keep going keep improving, and we’ll see where it takes.

Your job is is the defensive screen but you scored today, and could have had a couple.

Partey: Well, I’m happy, I want to score more but I want to always help the team and for me, it feels good to score in our home and I feel happy and happy for the team.

On the VAR check, how confident were you?

Odegaard: I was pretty sure to be honest. I don’t know who it was but I just thought it was a touch so I was pretty sure. So yeah, I’m happy to the ref decided it was a penalty and it helped the win for us.

You are in the groove, so many passes and assists…

Odegaard: Yeah, I mean, I’m in a good shape. But it’s all about the team and the team is performing so well, and that makes it easier for us players. You see Thomas and Granit the job they do and they make it so much more easy for me in the middle there.

We’re strong as a team, and that’s the most important thing and then it’s easier for everyone to play.

Arsenal 2-0 Leicester – player ratings

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Tomaury Bischfeld

He’s Norwegian
He’s having a hell of a season
Other teams shit themselves when they see him
He’s O-de-gaard


Viking/Pirate voice. AOoydrgaard AOoydegard
kicks like a mule
and he
makes the women drool


Odegaard I can’t believe it…
Oh-ma-god he’s such a leader…


Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Everything is clicking at the right time

The manager is making the right calls, the players are enjoying themselves, the fans are loving it and most importantly, spurs and united are so damn scared, and the sky sports pundits most be wondering what’s going on!

I love this club, I love this young team, Saka, Martineli, Odegard, ESR, Gabrielle, Ram the super man!

Long may this run continue, we will beat Liverpool come Wednesday

Teryima Adi

Amen 🙏🏻


In nomine Partey, Saka and spiritu Santi…..


Ode and Partey have really raised their levels since early in the season. It is so exciting to watch their development (along with the others like Saka, ESR, etc.) and I get goosebumps thinking how high their ceiling, and the team’s, might be in the next few seasons. Strong, silky, and dangerous. COYG!


These two combined cost us less than what Leicester were demanding for Madison.


They were demanding more than 80 million? Wow!


I don’t think they were quite asking for that much! It’s funny though, there are parallels between Ødegaard and Maddison this season. Both had slow starts with form and fitness and found themselves out of the team, before coming through strongly in the middle and now end of the season. IMO Ødegaard has now surpassed Maddison in terms of all-round game, especially since he’s dropped from 10 to 8. And the price for just made it a no brainer, will be a very stronger contender for signing of the season.


Last match we saw odesaka, today we saw odetey. I swear odegaard’s technical skills are on par with ozil at his best. I never believed in odegaard’s potential, but damn is he proving me wrong and am so glad about it. This guys were running circles around lei midfield with one touch passing and it was glorius.


One certain MK saw the talent and told us

Brady’s bunch

He brings more to the team than Ozil ever did.

Martin R

You obviously have a very short memory. When Ozil first joined he was the fastest player to 50 assists in the Premier League. Was a key player in our winning 3 FA Cups in 4 years and one of the most creative players in the country. Yes he stayed too long and at the end was a shadow of his former self but please don’t underestimate how good he was. This is no way to lessen how good Odegaard is for the team now, but don’t belittle one of the greatest players to wear an Arsenal shirt.

Brady’s bunch

You’re misplaced if you think he was one of the greatest we ever had, yes he started well but that dwindled fairly quickly and he became a passenger and liability thereafter.


Mate. If you’re old enough to remember Liam Brady – and by your name I’m guessing that it’s related to Arsenal than a corny 70’s American sit com, then you’ll appreciate how Brady controlled the games that he played in – and Mesut Ozil did the same. Bergkamp was another. Slagging the man off is your opinion but it won’t alter the facts – when he joined us he broke Premiership records and helped put this club back amongst the trophies after a nine year drought. His play at times was breathtaking. Hating on him isn’t going to erase that.… Read more »

Brady’s bunch

Yes I’m around long enough to have seen all of the above and he was a very good signing for us at first but the memories I will have of him will be the way he downed tools and absolutely rode the the club at the end and for me his name is not anyway close to being mentioned in the same sentence as the others you’ve mentioned.


Well said. 👍🍺


Nothing Spursy here. we move on to the next one. COYG


Personally, my favourite performance of the season, I never felt at any point we wouldn’t pick up 3 points. Some of the play by Partey & Odegaard was an absolute pleasure to enjoy. I’m really going to enjoy Wednesdays game. Liverpool will be under immense pressure to stay close to City. A fast start by us an I can see us getting a positive result.


I would actually hate an fast start, We go into shell if we score early, Hopefully game flows like the man-city one.


I think a slow start (defensive) could even work in our favour. A draw is fine for us but they really NEED a win!

Also if our pressing game is on point they have made mistakes in the past that led us to victory!


Using the match against City as an example, I think we can be optimistic of a good performance against Liverpool.

That doesn’t mean I’m fancying a victory, but for sure we shouldn’t be scared of Liverpool. Let’s have a real go at them and show them what we’re capable of!


TP5! Ghana power!
We need you for the next game!

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

The real Partey has arrived and I absolutely love him!
Odegaard is the engine of the team.



I’m hoping it’s genuine belief and buying into the philosophy rather than they’ve been firm briefed by the PR team because damn I like hearing our boys saying what they’re saying!

Teryima Adi

The midfield combo is clicking.


Gotta give Xhaka some credit too, but most of all Mikel for finally moving him upfield.


just feel that I need to say something. I wasn’t nuts when the circa 40m transfer was mooted after his loan. I am an idiot. my favourite player hands down.

Man Manny

I am thrilled by the turn around after the dreadful start.
The pieces are all falling in place.
Top 4 is key to the next step in our development. We’ll attract the players that will make us even better.
With Chelsea facing an uncertain future, we would make top 4 ours as it was before.
And it 2 seasons, EPL Champion noises will begin to echo at the Emirates.
Happy days.

Petit's Handbag

These two are Champions League Players. They’re Champions League later stages players. We’re lucky to have got them when we did, we’re lucky they’re both giving their all also. All down to the man in charge, well done Mikel Arteta. Leaving a lot of fans with egg on their face.


“You see Thomas and Granit the job they do and they make it so much more easy for me in the middle there.”

This right here, is how you share the spotlight with the people who contribute to your success.


I thought Odegaard was great today. tireless effort but also now confidence is up, he is attempting the unexpected. Partey had some good moments including the goal, several well committed recoveries or intercepts but also had a couple of stray passes he needs to work on. The midfield is working as a unit and that also includes Xhaka. As mentioned before, Partey-Xhaka seem to get the best out of each other. What worries me is the depth beyond the main pairing. This should have been addressed last summer and will have to be seriously addressed this coming one. Elneny and… Read more »

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