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Elneny open to Arsenal stay even if playing time is limited

Mohamed Elneny says he’d sign a new deal at Arsenal even without the guarantee of regular football.

Having spent most of the season on the bench, the Egypt international has come to the fore in the last week, helping to anchor the Gunners midfield in the absence of Thomas Partey.

His assured performances in the wins against Chelsea and Manchester United have served as a reminder of his understated qualities and given his profile a timely boost two months before his current contract at Emirates Stadium comes to an end.

Last week, Mikel Arteta labelled Elneny “one of the most important members of the squad” and promised he would talk to the player about his future at the end of the season. All the same, the Spaniard, who played alongside the 29-year-old under Arsene Wenger, was non-committal on the prospect of a new contract

Quizzed on whether he’d stay at Arsenal even if game time was limited, Elneny said: “Of course. I always love a challenge and give 100 per cent all the time.

“I don’t decide who plays but I keep going in training to show how good I am and to make him play me.

“If I don’t play I keep going until I get my chance. If Arsenal say ‘we want you’ I don’t think about leaving. It’s my family for six years. I love this club.”

On the opportunity to make his mark in the last week, he continued: “I’m really happy to be one of the starting XI for these two games.

“I gave everything in training to be one of the starting XI every game and I got my chance and I think I did well. Most importantly, we won the two games.

“It’s been a long wait for me but you have to believe. I have to train hard every day, focus all the time to wait for a chance and when it comes you have to give everything just to keep it.

“He [Arteta] just trusts me and he put me in the big games, and I have to thank him for that.

“I will keep going and not think about anything else, just focus on my performances to help the team reach our goal.”

While Elneny wasn’t Unai Emery’s cup of tea – the Spaniard happy to loan the midfielder to Besiktas in 2019/20 – both Wenger and Arteta have always praised his attitude and the positive influence he has within the dressing room.

We actually wouldn’t be against Mo sticking around. However, we suspect, in spite of all his current enthusiasm, when push comes to shove, whatever Arsenal offers – if anything – it won’t compare to the offers likely to come his way as a free agent.

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Love you elneny
If we can, keep him

Johnny 4 Hats

Biggest social media following at the club too. So makes sense from an ‘international reach’ perspective, or whatever bollocks they call it.

I’m always reluctant to make a decision after one or two good games. We would’ve given Laca a new deal a month or so ago. Eddie, Laca and Elneny should be sorted out at the end of the season once we’ve had five more games to get a clearer picture.

Zadok the Regular Priest

I see you also watched that quiz video with Ramsdale and Holding.

Johnny 4 Hats

No. I just…



I think Elneny is unique compared to Laca and Eddie situations. Laca was patient with Auba while getting some minutes. Eddie is young and basically saying no minutes no deal.

Elneny sits out even when Lokonga and AMN were ahead, he sits out formation changes to bring Ø further back and when we have no option left he’s happy and ready.

Good luck to us finding an experienced international pro ready, capable and that patient. If the money is right, sign him up

Johnny 4 Hats

Perhaps. I suppose he wouldn’t be expensive.

I just think that after a good performance or two, it’s very easy for our brains to forget the plethora of mediocre performances we’ve had from Mo. There is a reason he was behind Lokonga. And I don’t remember many people championing him up until now this season.

Really great stuff from Elneny. And maybe this is a no brainer. But the idea that we will get this level of performance from him on a consistent basis is a little unrealistic in my humble opinion.


Elneny is consistently consistent. Always gives 100% for the club. I think because he doesnt do more than the basics, which he does very well, he doesnt get recognised. I cant really remember him putting a foot wrong too often, and he always tracks back like a beast and puts his heart on the line when needed. For the club to get better i think we need a better player to take us to that next level, but for a back up i think hes great.


“Championing” is a very fancy word for the position of the backup of the backup if the CM.
Also Elneny is limited when we dominate games while he is more useful when we are sitting back.
I would keep him as a safe bet but only if he is not deemed obstacle for Azeez and Patino


I have always said he gets a bad rap and is under-rated. There has be no ‘plethora’ of mediocre performances?? He has had a few iffy games, many of these when playing in front of the comedy-show of Mustuffup, Kola, Luiz, Sok and co!
90% of the times we really needed him, he’s shown up – you are being very unfair, Mr Hats.


Noticed his sholder drops and tackling. Seems hes even now learning from partey


Agree, he never gives stupid free kicks on the edge of our box and can’t remember him being red carded or having many yellows either


The point is, though, that he deserves to be given those 5 games to build a solid rhythm with his team-mates. Like Pepe, so difficult to judge a bloke who gets dropped in and out of the squad in an arbitrary way that seems to have little bearing on how he’s performing.
Pepe has put in some great performances, only to be immediately dropped again… for Willian, ffs!!!!


Drop AMN, he cries into Instagram.
Drop Enleny, he comes back harder and happier.
I know which one I’d prefer.


Decent squad player, though shouldn’t be a first choice. Would keep him if possible.


Yeah I second this, for a ‘third choice’ central midfielder, you cant get much better. His security on the ball is an attribute that is hugely overlooked, and in my opinion he’s a far better midfielder than a lot of the fan base and Arteta give him credit for. Anyone who’s played football at a decent standard will know, that one of the hardest things to do is, deliver quality performances when you are not getting regular minutes. Being in and out of the team is one of the most challenging things to manage not only physically, but psychologically as… Read more »


Top comment brother


Amen… he’s always being asked to be a bloody fireman – and with precious little cutting-edge preparation.

Bleeding gums murphy

What an intelligent piece. Excellent


Just brilliant 👏🏼


Thanks all —

It comes from experience.

Vincent Ives

He’s EXACTLY the sort of player Ferguson would cram the United midfield full with in big games, which I think is high praise. Solid, gives everything, incredible stamina.

Cliff Bastin

Like Ray Parlour was.


Unreal player


If he’s happy on the bench, we could keep him and send Sambi out on loan maybe? He just needs regular game time, either in Germany or the Championship.

Would still love Neves and/or Paqueta next season ….

Merlin’s Panini

Cue the down votes for mentioning Neves…


Neves is a Twat.


Troodat – would take Renato Sanches over Neves 8 days outa 7.


Don’t want Neves. But Paqueta doesn’t play in the same position so it’s AND not OR


I think Neves could, and does, play on the left of CM sometimes?

Whoever we get in, be it Tielemans/Neves/Nunes/Luiz etc etc, I think Sambi could do with serious game time on loan so he is pushing to be a starter the following season. Keeping the safety option of Elneny would allow that….


I would play him above Sambi on experience alone.

John C

“whatever Arsenal offers – if anything – it won’t compare to the offers likely to come his way as a free agent.”

I couldn’t disagree more, my guess is whats on offer, especially from abroad is probably a fraction of what Arsenal can offer. Which is probably why he’s happy to sit on our bench and start 3 games a season.


well, it will be impossible to find a player better than Mo who is more reliable when called upon and willing to sit on the bench. as far as squad players are concerned Mo is one of the best options to have around. if possible I wouldnt mind keeping him around for another two years.


Mo and Rob steady reliable subs

Artetas Assistant

Training with Partey and under highly specific Mikel must be iron sharpens iron for Mo. He’s the stuff of Salah and this is not an Egyptian analogy . If he works with a mentality expert he can unlock and go to another level fr

Mr November

It is admirable that he loves the club enough to stay in that capacity but surely the fact he’s willing to stay in that capacity in his peak years is a bit of a red flag in itself?

Announce Bendtner

I think he emphasises his desire to force his way into the first team but at same time being respectful and patient.

Dennis Elbow

And loving the club.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Solskjaer was good enough to start at most clubs, but he stayed to be a squad player. Teams need players like that, our Edu and world cup winner Wiltord were others who could have started at lots of other clubs.
If Elneny’s last 2 games are what to expect from him, I would be happy to see him stay


If he leaves he’s only going to go to a smaller club though – would you rather be a squad player at Arsenal or starter at a smaller European club? He clearly likes it here, family is settled etc


He’s getting international games. He’s at a club he likes, his family are probably settled in London (does he have children at school who he’d rather not disrupt unnecessarily?). Just like any of us in a “normal” job who get an offer that would mean relocating, there’s more than just the bottom line salary to consider.

Merlin’s Panini

He’s such a professional and a likeable guy, Mo. Whilst not someone you want as first choice he’s just what we need for closing out games because he’ll run and run, put his body on the line, even play CB if needed.
While we can improve on him I like him as a squad player.
Never dreadful, mostly decent, with the occasional amazing performance.

Announce Bendtner

If we get champions league, and it’s a big if, Mo is the player you want to come one to help close out group games. He’s solid and can be trusted not to do anything too silly. Help rest legs for PL matches.
If it’s Europa, given the level of competition at group stages, I’d want Sambi playing 90 mins to build experience.

Andrew rowberry

Interesting that people don’t see him as a first choice. He just played possibly two of our most important games of the season, and that’s the most assured the midfield has looked in a very long time. He was immense in both games. I’d love him to stay, underrated for sure.


If you’d watched him over his previous 5 seasons, you know why he is not a starter. Two games…(likely more to come) and hes playing the best he ever has for us. I dont know where this Elneny came from, I love it, but its not normal.


I think that’s a little harsh, he has made some great performances in the past also. He’s maybe not one for a glamorous pass, and not as good as Partey at progressing the ball, but you know pretty much what you are going to get every time with him.


Tbh I dont think thats harsh and if you went back to say… 2018ish few would disagree. Personally Ive always liked him and always thought he was a good squaddie to have when needed, its very hard to find that type of player and someone who remains at least semi consistent. I wont deny though, that his appearances as that squaddie, have been patchy which is exactly why Hes not s starter. Thats just real. Eye opener was end of 2018 season when he came in for like the last 5/6 games of the season and was brilliant, similar to… Read more »


Bollocks…. you’re saying whenever he’s had a decent run of games, he’s delivered the goods. But when he’s been tossed in and out of the side, he’s been a little shaky.
That is EXACTLY the point mate!! Give the bloke a run – allow him to sharpen his match-senses/skills to their peak, bed in his understanding with team mates and then – only then – can/should you judge him.
As it stands – whenever he’s been given a proper opportunity, he has performed.


Two times off the top of my head i can remember him being thrown in (2018 mentioned above and now/recently) and he’s sparkled! All other times he’s been thrown in, he’s been 50/50 (maybe grade him 60/40 benefit to be more fair, but hes more like a 56/44 lol). All players benefit from a run of games (thats a given) until some players cock up and their confidence disappears… There are squaddies out there who have the knack of being thrown in and you barely miss the first choice (Milner for example) Some squaddies do not have that knack but… Read more »


Arteta accomplishes two things… he makes players better and smarter. He requires players play his style. Mo is a really good player for this environment

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

So transfer window closes in September. We’re now a Champions League team, would you prefer to see Partey and Elneny start, or Partey with an upgrade on Xhaka/Elneny?


We’ll need Elneny next season because of the European matches. Partey will inevitably be rested or injured on occasion. And in those instances, I think the team will need to adapt to multiple formations (single pivot when Partey plays, double pivot when he doesn’t).


Very underrated player I’d deffo keep Mo. ! We wouldn’t get anyone in his price range better than him and he is genuinely proud to represent our club Next season squad depth must be better & I see him having more of a role Yes get more quality in to move us forward but Mo is a bit of a Miner 7/10 player so he deserves to stay ! Great example to our young guns too !!!!


Or even a Milner ? Miners struggle in big games especially the floodlit matches !!!


In my experience they also don’t like coming out of the tunnel


Always on hand to pick though.

North Bank Gooner

Solid pro, would run through walls for the team. Wouldn’t mind another couple of years of that big smile! Great to see him getting some credit, one of the good guys


Surely it’s a no brainer keeping him. A very good squad player who is actually willing to be a squad player is hard to find

Man Manny

If we sign another top quality midfielder as proposed, and the recent noises from the Xhaka camp is anything to go by, I don’t think Elneny will even make the bench next season.
His heart may be at Arsenal, but he needs to use his head.
If we have Xhaka, Partey and a new signing to choose from, Lokonga takes the fourth spot over Elneny. Lokonga is the future.
He needs to move on for his sake, and that of Egypt.


Sambi has a long long way to go.

In terms of experience, Elneny is the finished product. What we need at the moment in the centre of midfield is experienced guys who have been there, done it, seen it and got the tee shirt. Mo and Xhaka are exactly that. We were a different side against Chelsea and Utd, mainly down to Mo’s presence.


Never understood why teams like Villa didn’t snatch him up couple of years ago. He’s not good enough to start for a Top6 side but a very reliable performer.


He’s certainly good enough to start in this top six side….😉


Playing against Chelsea and Man utd while fasting during the ramadan and still produced top class performance. Extend his contract. He deserves to be part of the 25 men first team squad.


I’d love to keep him, a real professional who doesn’t let you down. Also, players have a life away from the club. Mo’s been in North London for some years and has two kids who’ll be at nursery/school. A good life earning 2-3 million a year is something to hold onto.


Now this guy is a keeper – giving this guy a new contract is an absolute no-brainer.

He has the right attitude, the right commitment, he works his socks off for the team and is a steadying influence in the middle of the park. He slots in perfectly alongside Xhaka – and his recent contributions and performances have been absolutely priceless in the continued absence of Thomas Partey.

I would say it’s imperative that we keep him for at least next season.


Plent of football to go around next season with either the CL or Europa League, would love him to stay


This is a difficult one. I like him a lot, Saying the right things. Committed, knows his place regardless of being down the pecking order. Never complained, would likely re-sign on similarly lowish wages…Why shouldnt we extend him? Personally I wouldnt because we have an opportunity to move on. Refreshing the Wenger era legs is still a priority for me. He has been impressive these past two games, plugged the gaps very well but this past week Elneny is not the Elneny we are used to. This Elneny seems to be motivated to make the best of his last chances… Read more »


One of the things I love about Elneny is that he sees the entire first-team squad as “the team”, and the eleven on the pitch as its representatives. He can be warming the bench for weeks on end, without a sniff of playing time, but when we score a goal, he’s joining in the celebrations with a huge smile, and not a trace of resentment. He finally got a couple of games and he has shown how committed he is to the cause. A model pro, a good footballer, and a great guy.

Runcorn Gooner

As it’s looking very likely we will have some European football next year we will need players like Mo in the squad.


What an attitude. I would love for him to stay. He doesn’t get pissy when he’s not in the team, and when he is he gives 100% and never drops anything below a 6 performance. He’s an ideal role player and a new contract for him would be a good thing for the team.

The Far Post

Is it my imagination or is Elneny playing more aggressively now? I mean, he used to play really safe: back passes, sideway passes. Now he’s doing more forward passes, swivel and drive. This is not to say that he’s a new Partey, because I think there’s always a little constrained, by-the-book nature to his football that gets caught out when on regular display. I like what we are getting though!


Agreed. The last 2 games he’s been a better player than he ever used to be. He gets the new way of playing, he helped push the team forward while still staying solid. With hindsight he should probably have been brought in ahead of Sambi (who has a bright future but isn’t secure enough with the ball yet).
There will always be injuries and not everyone has to be a superstar, the water carrier also has an important role.


You have to look at the bigger picture here…
For much of his Arse carreer, he’s been tossed into a maelstrom between a chaotic defence and a tactically-schizophrenic front line who have been very static (Willian on the wing, ffs!).
It’s only in the last season that Saka, ESR, Gabi and, of course, Ode have really come to the for as energetic, mobile options in attacking mid and front line.
And the poor fella had Sok, Musta, Luiz and Kola behind him, God love ‘im!


Top post, well said. 😊🍺


I’d be delighted to see him stay, his recent displays have been very professional. I complained recently about our input transfer dealings, the outgoing ones have been no great shakes, players running down contracts, lots of free transfers, but yesterday we saw one of our greatest ever transfer transactions in what he probably calls action, Iwobi, we got a lot of money for someone who basically runs about a bit achieving very little.

Mo 4 Life

I absolutely love this man. He’s the perfect example of a true professional footballer. If every player shared his attitude the squad would be better off for it. I hope management decides to keep him around – obviously not with a starting position in mind, but as a solid backup, someone who can lead the team in cup competitions, and you know he’ll always put in a solid performance whenever he’s called upon.

Teryima Adi

Love you, Mo. You’re a good person.


He’s a bloody diamond geezer. Just puts his head down and gives everything for his club, no complaints or fuss… ever!

EverReady-Mo’Nenny… love the bloke.


Mo is one smart, intelligent and humble being. It’s important for one to understands how he/she fits in a system. Mo gets thats… and just get on with it.


So humble. The polar opposite of some of the players we shipped out.

A great example to our strong young gunners. Even at 29 he is still striving to impress in training to even get two starts and then delivers on the pitch.

The method for greeting into the first team is simple, but not easy at all…. As it should be.

Well done Mikel for finally fixing our biggest issue. Now we can sit back with the popcorn and watch United


If we got into the champions league, you can guarantee Mikel would want to compete on all four competitions.

Laca and Neny would make the transition for new players easier and still accept a 1+1 contract

Kevin B

He loves Arsenal. Popular. Dependable. Stable. And progressing the ball now more frequently. We will need him in the squad for Europe one way or another, so I say keep on keeping on.

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