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“For me, it’s chapeau” – Arteta on Saka’s courageous penalty

Mikel Arteta paid homage to Bukayo Saka for the courage he showed in taking responsibility for the last-minute penalty that sealed Arsenal’s stunning 4-2 win against Chelsea.

Hauled to the turf by Cesar Azpilicueta in the final minute at Stamford Bridge, the winger first ignored a barrage of abuse from the Blues captain, who disagreed with the decision, and then put to one side the painful memories of the summer, when he missed the decisive spot-kick in the European Championships final, to hammer home from 12-yards.

Facing the press after the match, Arteta admitted that when the dust settled on the situation, he wasn’t expecting the 20-year-old to be the one standing over the spot-kick.

“No, I thought that Gabi [Martinelli] was going to take it,” said the Spaniard.

“When I saw that Bukayo took it, honestly, the first thing I thought was back to the summer and what happened [in the Euro 2020 final against Italy].

“Again, I said to you guys, when that [his miss] happened to Bukayo it happened for a reason, he learned so much and he’s matured so much. That’s why he’s having the season he’s having.

“For him to have to the courage to say, ‘I’m going to take this’ – because I’m sure it was in the back of his mind – for me, it’s chapeau [hat’s off], even if he missed it.”

After three consecutive defeats, the win at Stamford Bridge ensures the Gunners head into next weekend’s action level on points with Sp*rs having played the same number of games. Everything is to play for and the boss insists his players won’t give up on their dream of playing Champions League football.

“They have been really disappointed because they have the hope,” he said of the last few days.

“They can see it there, that after a long time for the club they can see that we can achieve it, and it’s there for the taking.

“You get one disappointment, two, even the third one you say we don’t deserve to lose the matches, why? We had 23 shots, they had two and we are losing matches.

“For some of them it’s difficult to understand, but the guy who invented this game, he wanted to make us suffer. Because when you expect something, something different happens, and this is the beauty and why we are all here probably.”

Arteta was also quick to praise the way his players implemented various tactical shifts throughout the game. The Gunners started with a three-man backline and wingbacks before switching to a flat back four as they sought to gain an advantage over Thomas Tuchel and the German’s own in-game tinkering.

“We tried to simplify it as much as possible,” said Arteta.

“It was still complicated because it was in attack to something, in defending high it was to do something, in deep it was to do something, in deep it was something different if they were doing something different.

“That’s the game, and that’s the way the game is evolving, and that’s what this type of management demands you to do, and if you are unable to do that, it’s difficult to control the match.”

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Mayor McCheese

That goal really capped off a great performance. Hopefully, he’ll be brimming with confidence on Saturday!


I love arsenal. I love Saka. That is all.


Should say I also love arseblog


I love everyone on this website. I’ve drunk quite a lot.

Too Drunk To…

And I love all goners!

kampala gooner

Seems that’s the case. Love it.


There’s an Andre Santos quote around here somewhere….

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)


Cliff Bastin

Tuchel moaning that the pitch didn’t favour them is hilarious lmao what did WE play on?

A Different George

You might not think it, with all the talent they have (plus their 348 loanees), but they are pretty crap without Rudiger. Who is leaving.

Emi Rates

I don’t mind Tuchel. He seems an earnest sort and it sounded like genuine heartbreak from him during the post match interview. Like every proper manager with a winning mentality he was really hurt by yesterday’s loss and i can’t fault him for that. The club he coaches is a different matter though. Fuck them!


He looks like he’s just been dug up 😂 He chose to go to that club with all its millions, he gets no sympathy from me, the miserable fucker.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

I have had way too much but can I just say the way the lads wore the shirt tonight was ace. When they made it 2-2 I thought “ffs we blew it to the point where a draw would be bittersweet” but the Hale End Gunners supported by none other than Granit Xhaka and the Piramid Pirlo Himself Mo Elneny stuck it to them proper. Loved Ben White combining with Saka in their box! For all his faults and crotique for playing sturgid predictable footy earlier the season, Arteta’s system is starting to deliver on its promises and stated philosophy… Read more »

Frog In Ze Room

Anything and everything is possible. I love that team and I’m enjoying the drama of this season. I love football again.

Reality check

I think we have seen our new Captain or vice-captain today. MÖ was given the arm band over our previus vice-captain Holding. This will only be settled once KT comes back.


Penalty or no penalty, I found it hilarious that Azpi, one of the oldest, slyest fuckers in the league was outsmarted by a kid.


Served him well for faking head injury earlier in the game.


Maybe he really had a brain damage… who knows

Emi Rates

I watched Ljungberg himself comment in the studio on how that penalty was procured. Something along the lines of: “OK I see what he’s doing there. I taught him that.”.


Not on point but anyone feel like there was a lot of slipping? Any truth to the idea that boots with blades (instead of studs) are the root of this? Apparently Alex Ferguson banned them at Utd….felt to me like a couple of times we would have had chances if not for slips.


We banned them for our lads ! Too many sliced shins and ankles & may I say ligament injuries !!! Those Copa’s have stood the test of time for a reason !



F that guy. He can cry all he likes. He should have received a yellow earlier for faking things trying to get other players a yellow…

Allen T. Sumo

we will make it to fourth place. let us trust the process .Let the coach use the same team that he used against Chelsea.

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