Thursday, February 22, 2024

Tavares starts, Lacazette absent: Southampton v Arsenal team news

Arsenal take on Southampton at St Mary’s this afternoon, looking to ensure it’s not three defeats in a row.

Here are the official line-ups.

Southampton: To follow


Arsenal: Ramsdale; Cedric, White, Gabriel, Tavares; Lokonga, Xhaka; Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli; Nketiah.

Subs: Leno, Holding, Ogungbo, Swanson, Elneny, Azeez, Smith Rowe, Hutchinson, Pepe

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Patient Gooner

Azeez to score off the bench, COYG!!


I dont understand why Nketiah gets so much game time?

Because he’s the only senior striker we have now after Auba has left and Laca has covid.


I must be very delusional thinking Pepe or Martinelli could make better runs than him.

Martinelli is too important running at players on the wing.


Give Pepe a bloody chance…


Appearances not game time. How many minutes has he had?

It’s hard to judge a player who has featured so sporadically. Maybe a mini run in the team will improve his form, some players need that.


Indeed, look at his international youth level goals where he gets whole games.


Lets hope Nketiah shows some hunger! COYG!!!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

He just needs to be a poacher and get on the end of the chances Martinelli and Saka create for him from the wide areas.

Bleeding gums murphy

That’s his level me thinks.

Give youth a chance

A lot of young talent on that bench.

Hope we get to see a couple of them come on

I wouldn’t worry too much about that. They’re there to make up the numbers.

ESR and Pepe will come on if we need a goal, and Holding will come on if we need to defend a lead.

That’s exactly the 11 I wanted to see start. Nobody out of position.

Possibly our average youngest starting 11 of the season in the League?

Nevertheless let’s get fully behind Tavares, Lokonga, and Nketiah.


Especially as Brighton completed Noth London double today.


Fuck me!


The team I think we all wanted to see. Right decision by Mikel, now its up to the men to put a performance in , and not to let him, and us down. Coyg!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I wouldn’t say ‘all’.

There has been all sorts of crazy musical chairs talked about this week; moving White to right-back, Cedric at left-back, Saka at left-back, Holding in a back 3, Pepe up front, ESR as a false 9.

But you’re right, right decision by Mikel to keep things simple with this line-up, which is what he should have done against Brighton.


Glad someone said “…which is what he should have done against Brighton”

Hank Scorpio

I like it but hopefully it doesn’t backfire on us especially given Spurs have hilariously lost to a 90th minute goal and without mustering a single shot on target.

Give youth a chance

Having lost 6-0 last time out, Southampton will be desperate to make amends. However if we can score early, their confidence will collapse

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Spurs losing.
Lets do this!!!


3 points today and how different it all becomes. A bad couple of losses but we had games and points in hand to allow us to afford them.

I still think if we beat Spurs we’ll get 4th. That’s how close it will be.

Come on Nuno. Massive game for the lad.

Just like last week with Manure dropping points. Hope we have learned our lesson and get the right result this time.

Not celebrating anything until 5pm.


Haha full time! Spurs went and spursed at the toilet bowl! Coyg!


It’s obvious Arteta realized his mistake last week by starting Xhaka in midfield and using Tavares today. It also means he was in large part responsible for last week’s loss

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Not sure it made a massive difference as the likes of Odegaard and ESR and Laca all had a poor game anyway.


True, but largely because Xhaka’s absence from midfield disrupted the rest of the team!


Let’s hope that Nuno comes good today. Seems an odd thing to say, but if Tavares can learn to defend, he’ll be a great left back!

I really like Tavares and I have complete faith in him but I can see Xhaka staying back in that area of the pitch to somewhat protect him.

Crash Fistfight

When the hell is Tomiyasu going to come back into the squad?


I’d imagine when he’s no longer injured, but I must emphasise I am not a medical professional.


Your comment has made me laugh so much, love it


Hoping Cedric has a blinder after all Southampton didn’t rate him.


Maybe, this will be his defining game, we will all remember. He is such a good utility man, he reminds me of Gilles Grimandi

Not sure he’s even back in full training yet is he? Which would pretty much rule out Chelsea and United in the next 7 days.


Eddie with a 4 yard screamer in off the shin. You heard it here first.

He could be our 1998 Christopher Wreh with a 1-0 winner.


Eddie with a 40 yard screamer in off the bar. You also heard it here first.

He could be our 1998 Gilles Grimandi with a 1-0 winner.


Eddie with a perfect hatrick, heading in a lovely cross from Tavares after his right footed 40 yard and the deflected accident off his left in the 6 yard box.

I can dream. Let me dream. COYG

He could be our 1998 Dennis Bergkamp at Filbert Street.


Get well soon, Laca.
Let’s do this, as the Spuds have just lost to BHA. COYG!


We’ll done, Brighton!!!! We’re back in this!!!!!

Now fucking come on you Gunners!!!!!


Cannot wait for your rant. I’ll agree with everything


Good work Brighton!


go on Tavares hope you have a good game all the best .


This team looks balanced to me


It’s just we fans who are unbalanced!


Last week after seeing the team Mikel named I foolishly proclaimed “it’s only Brighton”. This week I am keeping my trap shut.

Well done the Seagulls for beating Spurs today and COYG!!!


Brighton have beaten the dirty Spuds.

If that doesn’t give our lot an incentive to move the ball quicker and get some fucking goals, I don’t know what will.


So we’re 3 points behind ‘them’ with our 2 games in hand today and Wednesday.

A win today and a draw at the bridge would be a decent return.


I’m just working on a win today🤔

You’re fond of my lobster

Just watched the Brighton game alone in a pub in Tokyo wearing my Arsenal shirt. Ready for a Tavares hat trick to to compliment the evils I’m getting from all the… oh wait no Spuds fans came out


Enjoy your time in Tokyo.
Plan to visit there myself next year.
I would avoid the Arsenal game – it will just spoil your day…


After losing to Brighton, all of a sudden Spurs have some difficult looking games: Leicester at home, Leicester’s players looking to build confidence for Europa Conference semi, Liverpool away, Liverpool going for the title and are strong and powerful against a SPURSY outfit. Us at home, 1st time we will be playing in front of our amazing away fans at their place. Burnley at home lets hope they are still in a relegation battle. I’m optimistic all of a sudden, last week when i looked at the fixtures i thought their run in looked easy, but now it looks so… Read more »

Emi Rates

Spuds v Brighton LoL


Arsenal bottling it against the mighty Southampton.

Emi Rates

Aye. We’re no better.
Way to go though when Spuds offer us a fig leaf and we go all spuddy with it.

Malaysian gunner

At the rate the gunners ar eplaying,theyvwould be lucky to get a draw.


Too slow


Still much better than the last shit at Brighton.

Bleeding gums murphy

Oh yep much better 😂😂


Look at Ben white.. taking ages to pass the ball..i dnt understand why so..its killing the like waiting for someone to disposses him and start a turnover!


Third time again we will be behind 3 weeks …i dont see us getting top 4 with this ..this is looking like emery all over again


All those injuries and sicknesses have come to ruin our season. It’s painful!


We have had three injuries – one of whom has been injured for over four months.
I’m sorry but that number of injuries would not impact any of the other teams we are supposed to be competing with.
The fact is that Arteta’s management of the squad has caused this.
He is responsible for this.
We could have Saliba and Maitland Niles in the squad and creating competition.
Arteta is the the reason this season is over for Arsenal


No its not.
Its looking like Mikel of last season.
Perhaps I am being too hard.
Perhaps the run of form we had was just us over achieving.
What ever the problem is it is clear that this “project” has failed.
He has had two and a half years and there has been no improvement at all.
Its the same old fucking garbage as last year…

Cup Final territory now, 2 goals needed.

I would take off a full-back and put ESR or Pepe on at half-time.

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

Mikel, is that you?😁


Cedric just FUCK OFF set pieces

Malaysian gunner

Arsenal aint ready for the cl .They will be the whipping boys.And the
defence has suddenly been exposed as brittle.
Even Ramsdale has lost a bit of his edge.
With saints 1-0,the most the gunners can do is draw unless someting dramatic happens

Bleeding gums murphy

Don’t worry artetas record when losing at half time is superb. Just like Xhaka playing left back, 100% successful. Check it out 😂😂

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

I understand your reservations but financially it’s much better to get the UCL qualification money and get demoted to the Europa League after the group stages.

We won’t get as much if we only qualify for the Europa League.


Staying awake up to 2am (here in Sydney) to see this game? Not a good deal.

Bleeding gums murphy

We have taken 4 points from games when losing this season. Just digest that for a moment. Only wolves have worse record. Trust the process


What the team is doing is shitty


Pepe on the bench is criminal. I’m so tired of watching Cedric cross it. So fucking shite.


We won’t score today.


Mark my words.


Why on earth Ben white is taking so much tike to pass the ball? Its killing the tempo..just too slow! Can someone tell him that?

Public Elneny

Same shit as Luiz was doing last season


Maybe I was blinded by two great months. And of course, we are missing Partey and KT.

But come on! No clever and good runs, no drive forward, doggy passes and a lack of character.

Slowly but surely I’m starting to blame Mikel for this shitshow.


We are our own worst enemy


What’s happening?

Emi Rates

We happened.




Garbage can be recycled.


Another team towards the bottom of the table and another banana peel slip up from Arsenal. Arteta has no clue how to solve this. He’s using tried and failed systems hoping for better outcome.Last game we tried Xaka at LB and it predictably didn’t work. This game we tried old “just cross it in the box” approach again and predictably that didn’t work. I’m concerned about what comes next. I still maintain 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 variation and just attack. Don’t cross it don’t make it pretty don’t play for absolute posesion like you did past 5 games. Be direct and… Read more »

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