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Arsenal confirm kit launch details as pre-season plans take shape

Arsenal will launch the 2022/23 home shirt two weeks today (19 May) with the players set to wear it for the first time against Everton on the final day of the season.

The timeline for all three kit launches was discussed during this week’s Fans’ Forum meeting alongside details of the first team’s pre-season plans.

The new black away shirt will be launched in the United States in late July when the club travels to Florida for a training camp and friendlies against Orlando City and Chelsea.

The pink third kit should go on sale in advance of the Emirates Cup, which is due to return, albeit in a one-day format, for the first time since 2019.

In a throwback to the Arsene Wenger years, the players are also due to train in Germany. We suspect this will be the first tranche of pre-season training (the hardcore star jumps and shuttle run stage) and will take place in early July.

In addition to the new kits, we can expect a raft of new Adidas merchandise in the build-up to the new season.

The @ArsenalShirt account on Instagram has already leaked a few images of the new training range which seems to take its colour inspiration from the tracksuits worn by George Graham’s sides in the late 80s and early 90s.

Pictures courtesy of @ArsenalShirt
Original Adidas merchandise from the late 80s / early 90s

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What’s with TWO novelty coloured shirts?…ffs


Come on dude. No one’s got a gun pointed at your head demanding that you buy them…..?


I know that mate…

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m loathe to agree with you. Arsenal are almost as iconic in yellow and blue as red and white. So many of my Arsenal memories are in yellow and blue.

I really don’t understand why they can’t always have the same away colours and then go crazy on the third kit.


If we’re saying things that we all want but will never happen, I wish the atrocious Emirates Fly Better would fly off the kit for good.

Johnny 4 Hats

In that vein, I would like a statue of William Saliba riding the goat of destiny into the stadium while holding aloft the gearstick of a Nissan Micra. But not the old shape Micra. The 2013 model where they added a fuel capacitor to the cylinder rod.


I know it’s great for marketing but teams shouldn’t be allowed to wear the new kit in the last game of the season. Actually ridiculous.
I know we had to get special dispensation for wearing the white kit in the FA cup game but that was for a great cause.


It’s a bit Spursy as well.

Those cunts were always giving it the ‘Get Us In Our New Kit For Next Season’ bollocks.

They did it at the 1987 FA Cup Final and it backfired on them spectacularly. Not only because they lost – Coventry’s winner, a Gary Mabbut own goal is truly a thing of beauty – but because only half the team came out with their shirt sponsorship (Holsten) actually on the fucking shirts….!! 😂

Don’t believe me? Go online and check out the highlights.

Spursy as fuck. 😊

Johnny 4 Hats

Haha! I love how far this grievance goes back for you Qwaliteee. Respect. Hold onto those resentments. Never forget.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Underrated little car, the micra. Surprisingly fun to drive.


Spot on mate. There really is room for everything – just keep the home red and white and the away yellow and blue. Then do as please with the third kit. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to work this one out – give the fans what they fucking want. And I would say that at least 60% – 70% of our global fanbase and probably about 90% of our UK fanbase would want the yellow and blue to remain permanently as our first choice second strip colours. We have a beautiful yellow number at the moment. Keeping that for… Read more »

A Different George

Well, I’ll mention my own pet peeve yet again. Wear the red and white at all away matches where it doesn’t conflict with the home side’s colours. Chelsea, Leicester, Everton, Man City, Wolves, etc. The fact that we do it at Spurs tells you how that even the marketers know that tradition ought to trump marketing.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I assumed it was for PR or marketing campaign with the pink shirt being for the LGBQT movement and the black shirt for BLM.


I assumed the blue and yellow kits were for the climate change movement, since blue and yellow make green. But that would mean the red and white kits are also for the LGBQT movement! Thanks to your assumption (I would call it genius level deduction), I have something new to be outraged about. I wonder what colour they will used for the Dumbassery movement? When they come out with it – maybe you and I could wear them in unison, Nainsley. Purple always seemed quite dumb to me, cos you know – blue and red, who does that?! Colours!!! Collars!!… Read more »

Chuck Felsea

Then why don’t we have a yellow one for making peace again with the Chinese after Özil?
Not that I care about the Chinese, but I do about yellow away gear.


God forbid the club sticks to red/white yellow/blue, garish, simply garish


As long as they return to yellow and blue occasionally, I don’t have a problem with a bit of experimentation – although I would prefer the club kept that sort of thing exclusively for the third kit.

Bigger fish to fry – namely a world class striker and a left back.

Group Captain Mandrake

This right here. If they always stick to red/white for home jerseys, I think they should stick with yellow/blue for away jerseys. Go nuts with the alternate shirt. Hell, do a new alternate every year if they want. Maybe even two.

Eazy Deezy

Unpopular opinion, but I’ve never thought yellow and blue is a nice colour combo.

Sometimes it works if they get it right – the pale yellow and touches of blue on the current away kit is nice. But I’ve always thought most our yellow and blue kits from the 70s/80s/90s are just pretty ugly … Especially compared to our beautiful home kit. Anyone else? Just me?!


Bottom right Adidas Tracksuit Top was from 1986/87.


No it wasn’t..!!


The home shirt is decent and the 90s Original gear is brilliant. I think it’s now time all the shirts had the simple cannon instead of the modern badge, which we should probably just keep on the face of the stadium.


Would get my vote 100%



They could put the modern crest on all the training kit and leisure wear – but the single canon would be great on the kits.

And a nice gold single canon on the chest pocket of a navy blue club blazer. Let’s bring the class back and start travelling to and from games as The Arsenal. 👌


Like that idea!

Personally, I think the red home kit is a horror….


Gonna miss this year’s home kit, which was a tad Ajax ❤️


That collar is a 90’s nightmare.




The whole lightening thing was done by Nike – like WTAF are Adidas up to….? Never mind the zig zags – bring back the Trefoil logo..!!

Group Captain Mandrake

I’ve never been a fan of the polo style collar and the lightning bolt pattern isn’t making it any better.

Billy bob

I actually preferred seeing the cannon point towards chavski/manure/Liverpoo than pointing in the direction of Norwich city!!!!

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

This x10000


*Wrong yet again. I meant to say 1988/89. Sported by Merse on the pitch at Anfield during the after match celebrations of May 26th 1989.


Hope one of these could be worth £7.2million in a few years time…


I once had a chat with Kenny Sansom about that goal and Maradona’s second.

I said to him half-jokingly “Why didn’t one of you boot him in the air and take one for the team?”

Kenny replied “We would have done mate – if we could have got anywhere near him!!”

Maradona’s pace was incredible. But what a cheating cunt he was too.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Honestly if you watch that match in full England were pushing fouls to the limit against Argentina and especially Maradona. He was being kicked all over pitch even before he scored.


I have a voucher for arsenal direct so I’m really hoping they do the largest youth size, as it doesn’t even seem to be an option on current kit on the site, the largest is 13/14. the one i have now i had to get from sports direct. I saw they want to encourage people to buy direct from arsenal – but if they don’t stock all the sizes, that doesn’t help!

Good Ebening

For a second I thought the jackets from the 80-90’s where also rumoured to be launched, hope they do more of these relaunching of classic shirts and tracksuits!
Also can’t wait to see our new marquee striker banging in goals left and right in these kits!

Bill Hall

Who the fuck thought *let’s have a soft pink third kit”?


Palermo have rocked a pink kit quite a lot in recent years. I think this one will look better on and in the flesh

Chuck Felsea

Palermo play in pink for more than 110 year and are known as rosanero a.k.a. the pink blacks. I got no issue with pink if it’s a club color somehow, they even got the colour in their logo. Our pink shirt looks ok, but what is the connection to AFC?

Better comparison would be Juve, who had a pink shirt for some time, even though their club has no connection to that colour as far as I know. Don’t know how that was received by fans, though.


You won’t be able to tell it from the flesh, the kit and the flesh are both the same colour. They’ll look like they’re running around naked.


Assuming you’re pink…. 😉x

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

..sudden Wayne Rooney nude image

Old Stimmo

Red and white kit – good it is red and white
pink – ugh! Should be blue and yellow
black – passable, looks smart (but will it stand out to the players? Also is the colour for referees)

Tracksuits look really retro to me, not sure if I like them or not time will make up my mind


Maybe the refree color is to finally get favorable decision from them?

Chuck Felsea

VAR to field ref “Dude you can’t book him, don’t you see, he’s a colleague.”
Smart move, really smart move.


All that an extra eleven referees on the field means is that there will be eleven times as many bad calls made against us each match.


The black and gold will look beautiful in the champions league


Firstly, I love the black kit! But I agree it should be our third kit. Away kit should always be yellow shirts and blue shorts. The whole releasing it easy is an Adidas thing of recent years. Completely unnecessary. The home shirt is ruined by the collar IMO

Mark Hazelwood

I find all the kit stuff really boring. Even if there could be more stuff about boots, studs or even sports drinks it would be more interesting.


I love the black and gray shirt. I’ll be getting Tomiyasu on mine.


Hopefully available with the champions league patch on the sleeve 👀


For me, 1st place goes to the black and gold away jersey. 2nd place goes to the Home jersey. 3rd place goes to the, well 3rd kit


Can anyone give me a guesstimate of how much the new ones would cost? (Not matchday shirts). My friend would be in London for the last week of May.
Would love to get the Black kit if it is below 100GBP


Normally around £70 if I remember correctly


Black kit is straight fire.

But as has been said – should be the third kit. Give me a saucy upgrade every year on yellow and blue and I’d buy it.

Did anyone notice three distinctive collars for each jersey? My most unpopular opinion is that the collar looks out of place on the home kit. I like the 19/20 and 20/21 collars better.

NOLA Krewe Gooner

Would this not be the exact time for our traditional yellow/blue away kit to make a statement as well? The jersey yellow from the top to the bottom of the rib cage with blue below, and the same pattern for the shorts– as in the Ukraine flag?

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Agreed I’m open to new colours if it’s a 3rd kit but like yellow with some blue on it for the away. I’ve still got my away blue collered pinstripe from 2009/10 which I like, the ‘fly emirates’ has peeled off but still wear it on match days.


New kits should be for the NEW season


I don’t like yellow as a colour but we’ve tended to have a better season when we have yellow away kit. For superstition sake, please just have it.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

No nothing’s changed. That home kit still looks horrible

Andrew Heasman

Home is great, not in favour of black or pink ls our colours at all

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