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Arteta: The fans are lifting us

Mikel Arteta was once again keen to highlight the importance of fan support as he spoke ahead of the visit of Leeds on Sunday.

It’s been a consistent message from the manager since he took over, but even more so this season when stadiums have been full again. He has worked hard to cultivate it, through what he has said and what he’s done with the team this season, and he made it abundantly clear again how crucial he views their role.

Asked about the backing the team get from the terraces, he said, “It is lifting us. That chemistry and that connection is growing every single week, and you can sense that the players certainly do too.

“They talk about the difference that it makes to play in the stadium, but even when we are away from home the incredible support that we get. That was something that we were missing in the last two years, we discussed that many, many times.

“In my opinion that is the game changer, it’s their energy and their emotions towards the team that is really contagious.”

Earlier, as he discussed his new contract with the official site, Arteta sang a similar tune about the fans.

“For me they have been the tsunami of this project,” he said.

“For two seasons we haven’t had them, so with the way I want the team to play, with the balance we have established, and I want people to lead the club in the way I believe we should be leading it.

“Without them it was impossible to do it. So from the moment we have had them close to us, they have sensed and felt that energy and that way of now representing the club to a much deeper level.

“That’s when a sense of belonging from the fans becomes natural, and that’s why everything clicked in my opinion to go and perform to the level that we are doing now.”

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A Different George

Another huge advantage of having the fans back, from the players’ point of view, is that they can easily pretend not to hear whatever instructions are being shouted from the touchline. Seriously, one of the strangest of the many strange things about watching the closed-door matches was hearing Arteta (and other managers) actually being able to tell players all over the pitch what they should do during a competitive game–something that most of these players hadn’t experienced since they turned professional years earlier.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

It depends. When Henry was the coach of Monaco at a time when the team was full of losers, they really did not appreciate him telling them even demonstrating to them what to do.

Johnny 4 Hats

It’s funny because it seems like it’s not just the fans in the stadium that are feeling this run in more palpably than many others. I can only speak for myself but this last few months especially I’ve become obsessed, besotted, inebriated… by Arsenals fortunes. I’m hovering up content and opinion like a football smack head. I feel physically sick watching most games because I just care so much. I really can’t remember when football has become this all consuming for me. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing. But it’s a very intense thing. And I like it.… Read more »


Exactly this – and I truly believe this was a significant part of Arteta’s blueprint. ‘Get EVERYONE on board’. And I think he’s managed it and directed it superbly.

Johnny 4 Hats

A mantra shared by all cult leaders.

And if Tottenham pip us to fourth, I’m drinking the Kool-Aid.


Remember Harry Kane is only one letter away from Cult status !!! COYG


Ok, I’ll be with you in this one. Fingers crossed we’ll drink something else 🙂


Totally agree. It’s good to care again about something that really matters


We all want St Totteringhams day. Make it happen please. You and all the players.


And speaking of Arteta, the club website has reported that both he and Eidevall have signed new contracts.

LADS – like a double signing.

Teryima Adi

The fans are the 12th man.

Mayor McCheese

To watch or not to watch the Liverpool game tomorrow?

Watch obviously. These are exciting times. And it’ll be good watching knowing Arteta and the team are all watching too.

If the weather is poor I may even stay home in the afternoon and watch Chelsea hoping they drop points against Wolves.


Watch it.

And laugh at Spurs losing.



Things are becoming chillingly simple.

A Liverpool win today and victories for us tomorrow and Thursday – and top four is OURS.


Nainsley Aitland Miles

Things are never simple with Arsenal!

I’m convinced we will get 4th but there will be another twist or two.

Maybe at Anfield ‘they’ will put 9 men behind the ball, leave Son and Kane up top, and somehow nick a draw. Maybe we only draw at SJP. And the NLD could really go either way.


Liverpool 1 – 1 Cunts.

Well, that’s another two points the muggy twats have dropped.

It’s up to us now; beat Leeds and we take a four point lead into the NLD.

Game on.


Totally unrelated but Blogs, I was logged out of the arses and can longer login using Twitter. I’ve cleared cache, deleted all cookies and data (accounts, Vickie’s, et al) restarted device (mobile android) and checked for any Playstore app updates (of which there are none)… Still not working.

Anyone else?


+Cookies 😂

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