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Betis confirm Bellerin’s Arsenal return

Real Betis have confirmed that Hector Bellerin will return to Arsenal when the season ends although they haven’t ruled out a reunion with the player at some point in the future.

“Hector is a fantastic player and a very good person,” Betis president Angel Haro told Marca.

“It was a loan that we had from Arsenal, now he returns to Arsenal and from there, we’ll see.

“It is true that he has been very taken by life at Betis and that his parents are Betis supporters. Hopefully we will cross paths again.”

The right-back bid an emotional farewell to the Betis fans following Sunday’s final home game of the season against Granada.

Joined on the pitch by his parents, his tears seemed to suggest any hope of a permanent move – wanted by both parties – has been extinguished.

Fuelling speculation that Betis can’t afford to pay Arsenal’s asking price, teammate Borja Iglesias later took to Twitter calling on teammates to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds.

You can understand why Hector is sad to leave. After a tough year at Arsenal, he was reinvigorated by his loan, quickly shaking off the cobwebs to become an important member of Manuel Pellegrini’s squad.

That he won the Copa del Rey – Betis’ first major trophy since 2005 – and helped them qualify for the Europa League, capped off a memorable season.

As things stand, Hector will be expected to report for pre-season training at London Colney in early July, however, with his contract ending in 2023 and his stock on the rise again, we wouldn’t be surprised if the club decides to cash in this summer.

Whether Betis can find the necessary cash, remains to be seen.

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FFS another thing to deal with 🙄



Cedric or Bellerin.

It’s a poser, isn’t it mate….? 🙄


Obviously not Cedric but we sent Bellerin out on loan for a reason, remember?

I’m very fond of him but we have to be ruthless this summer. I’m not sure Hector is gonna be any better than when we last had him.

A Different George

I don’t think we did. I think he wanted to go.


Who set up Auba’s winner in the 2020 FA Cup Final…..?

Sean Johansen

Tell me about it. A football club with… players to manage?! Perish the thought.

The Arsenal

Arteta is that manager.


It’s always nice when good things happen to good people.

Personally I would keep him at Arsenal next season instead of Cedric.


It’s a no brainer.

Woolwich Tiern time

Bellerin isnt a back up and he’ll command a decent fee. Both to be moved on and a decent understudy to Tomi to be found.

Djed Soence from Foresr looked the business when helping dumping us out the fa cup. Perhaps depends on whether they get promoted ir not

Naked Cygan

Agree, he has Arsenal DNA, but if want to fight for top 4 again then he is not good enough. We need hungry players who will fight and play the same way Newcastle played against us.


Exactly. Need to be elite not sentimental.


What??? Molina surely…..


Agree. Looks like the player has other plans.
Good on ya Hector.

Lots of our players go out on loan, and don’t get much playing time and accomplish little. Hector took care of business. A professional and top footballer.

The fan boys on here touting the latest “youtube highlight” rumor bauble are just hard to understand.


Molina is a solid Argentinian who scores great goals, definite upgrade on Bellerin. Juventus want him. Whether he’d come to us now is another matter, but it’s not being a fan boy to want brilliant players….and I don’t just look at 5 minutes on You Tube.

What next, take Nelson back because he’s had a good loan?

El Mintero

Yeah, we should!


100% agree.


Ok. Here’s a plan. Let’s actually do something constructive and keep Hector as part of the squad and have him as back up for Tommi. I know it’s crazy, but, you know, let’s actually strengthen the squad. Europe next year, Tommi is not going to play every game and Cedric, as I kept warning you guys on here, is a 24/7 accident waiting to happen (don’t believe me, check out our last two games – and weep again) He (Hector) can only say no, in which case move him – and Cedric – on. Bellerin in the absence of Tommi.… Read more »


There’s only one scenario in which we should sell Hector – they should also buy Cedric! Hector didn’t want to stay so forcing him to, this season wouldn’t have been fruitful. But letting Chambers go during the business end was stupid. He could at least cross well and with Ben White next to him, his lack of pace may have been mitigated. Or his passing would have made Saka better. But if Hector would stay this season then it’s a no brainer. We could even have Cedric star in Peaky Blinders if no club would pay for him to recover… Read more »


Why would Bellerin want to stay at Arsenal this season when he didn’t last season?


To be honest Arsenal are in need of a 2nd RB as Tomi appears to have got d Arsenal bug and has become injury prone! Plus in order 4d team 2 become a force 2 reckon with…They’ll require 2 players of equal status 4 each position.


Better he comes back than to give in to a cut price deal because they say they don’t have the green….which I believe is probably BS considering all the players in the rumor mill tied to interest from Betis would all cost WAAAAYYY more than Bellerin.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Wasn’t he in Narcos Mexico?
Maybe Tomi’s backup is sorted for a year, while other area get improved


Hilarious 😂


Google Mark Lawrenson Liverpool my friend!


I don’t understand, if we had Auba and Hector both playing as they have in Spain we would have made top 4 comfortably. What happened?


We didn’t.


I know. So ‘what happened’ was the question, I’m curious.

Point Percy at the porcelain

They were both playing in a sub standard league where you don’t have to be that good to look great. Oh wait Bale couldn’t get a game for Real Madrid……

My Arse-nal

The Premier league is better than the Spanish league, it’s a much tougher competition.

A Different George

Yup, I was very impressed with the way the current and likely repeat champions of England easily brushed aside Real Madrid.


Different leagues, different teams, playing different ways. Two players for whom where they were had gone a bit stale. Auba had checked out after the end of the previous season. It was pretty well acknowledged he was looking for a move then. He was uninterested and non-existent for us this season. It is probably best to ask him why he couldn’t perform here but I’m not so sure the answer would be helpful. Hector needed some fresh scenery. Been with us his whole senior and much of his junior career. It probably did him a world of good to branch… Read more »

Brady’s bunch

Talk to Mikel he might enlighten you 👍🏻


Welcome back Hector. ..

Brazilian gooner

Hector is a pretty good backup RB, would give us more money and time to deal with the other priorities


Yeah. He’s a good RB generally.
Either way, can we please get the hell rid of Cedric, please????


I wouldn’t mind him as the second option. Tomi seems to have a bit of an injury issue going on right now, and Hector is quality cover – not to mention fucking class.

Unless we’re concerned his comeback would “kill” Cedric.


No more soft conceded penalties, endless useless crosses, thirty five yard pot shots into row z and photobombing everyone and everything.

How are we ever going to cope without him…..🙄


No more useless crosses as Hector does not have that arrow in his quiver. Unfortunately he no longer has speed, either. I’d like to xxxx that Alonso scum for the head injury he inflicted on Hector. At least Hector lived!

Daz Righ

I think we need to sell. His contract not likely to sign an extension so he has to be sold. Now if he did sign a one year, I’d be happy to have him in the squad for sure.

Bye bye Cedric!


Welcome back Hector. Top class guy, experienced and will be great backup for Tomi.

El Mintero

He’s too good to be a back up. He’ll never accept that. Sell him while we can.

Giuseppe Hovno

we must sell him for a profit – we can’t afford to keep losing players for free (or worse paying them to go). he is a good asset to sell


Well, that won’t be hard considering he didn’t cost anything!

Giuseppe Hovno

what i mean is, he is an asset worth maybe £10mil? or something? we would do better putting that towards a new player than having him leave next year for free


So heartwarming to see this and I’m genuinely super happy that he’s had such a great time at Betis. Top man in every aspect. In regards to the future, yes, I’d love to have him back since we will absolutely need 2 quality players in every position. He might have faded a bit before his loan to Betis, but for me he’s a clear upgrade to Cedric; and while he might not exactly be the world-class player, it’s hard to imagine that any new potential (backup) RB will do a better job than him. Experience, knows and loves the club,… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

He’s happy there, it’s his boyhood club, and a section of the Arsenal fans were horrible to him. If ever I was to approve of a trademark cut price deal for an Arsenal player this would be it…..once he doesn’t end up at Barcelona a season later for £50m.


Exactly this, he cost us nothing, he’s a lovely person and he had some really difficult times at Arsenal. He’s always been professional, I’d really like for him to be happy and if that means a cut price deal to Betis then the club should just do it. If we can write off contracts for lazy troublemankers then surely we can be classy and do it for one of the good guys.


Hector, I mustache you a question…

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Before you answer, take a moment to mullet over.


Top punning there; came within a hair’s width of great.


This is one of the reasons I love the internet. 😁

Roy Pilott

It’s always a great follicle point of debate


Hector will have no problem fashioning a response


If Hector says he wants to stay with Betis, he needs to explain how they’re going toupee.


Love Hector.

Bergkamps boots

Tomi’s backup sorted for next season, now to just palm Cedric off on some unsuspecting club.


Last season, I kept reading on fan sites how useless Bellerin was. And when Cedric got a few games, how those same fans preferred him to Bellerin. No respect for a player who was one of the best, until he suffered a major injury. As far as I am concerned he is an Arsenal hero, but sadly a member of the Wilshere-Diaby-Eduardo club. What I would want to know about Bellerin, is, following his injury a couple of seasons ago, and his year in Spain, has he managed to get his speed back? Or is he quick enough for over… Read more »


I bet you a million pesetas that he’ll be off the Arsenal books by the start of next season. Arteta clearly doesn’t fancy him and will get rid of.

Man Manny

Quite uncharitable to put Eduardo on that list. He was not injury prone; he suffered a leg break for Christ’ sake, and things went south for him. It could have happened to anyone. Same goes for Diaby.
Substitute Eduardo for Van Persie: he had only one fit season with us.
Rosicky – my favourite player in Arsene’s later years – should make that list ahead of Diaby whose career was cut short by a near hopeless journeyman, Dan Smith! Before that life-changing encounter, he did not look injury prone.

Baichung Bhutia

All our loanees seem to have good seasons. The logical thing to do would be to integrate them back or to sell them and get some money. We would probably pay them and end their contracts.


More reliable than Cedric but still not a top 4 fullback. Considering how much pace he has, he should get many more assists.


He could be the next Elneny.
Might meet AMN, Guendozi, Torrera at preseason too.

Ant Lester

That video and music made me laugh, was it serious? More like “man-boy, with tired feet scratches itchy moustache in empty stadium” than “tearful goodbye to the Betis faithful from homecoming hero”


People crying out for him to stay as backup. But will they moan when he joins betis on a free in 12 months time?


Probably not. They might even wish him Good Luck and thank him for all that he has done for the Arsenal.

One final season as back up for Tommi. It would be great to see him back in the red and white and, at seasons end, a perfect way to bid him farewell.


yeah im with you on that, love me some heccy B.

But i think the club will be more financially savvy, sell hector and keep hickey and cedric(*shivver*) as cover for tomi


As much as I like Bellerin as a player, those days when he is wanted by Barca for 50M, I still think we should let him go ultimately. He is unlikely to sign a new contract, and with a year left running, we should get back as much as we can for him and use that to further rebuild the squad
So sick and tired to be giving out players for free, be it given free transfer or having contract terminated. Isn’t it time we sell players and getting back some values??!!!


People want him to stay but pretty sure he was the one that put in a transfer request this time last year so why would we keep someone that A) we didn’t pay for & B) who doesn’t want to be here. Move him on & put the fee towards an upgrade

Inflamed Pulis

I love me some Hector. Would just like to see him happy.


If Tomi keeps getting injured,maybe Arteta will try to use him as a CB (where he won’t have to play with quite the same intensity as a RB/LB).

Determination Cultured

We all know what edu is gonna do. The same easy thing he did for auba, ozil, mustafi, kolasinac. Give away for free. We are clueless as to how to sell players. We need that Liverpool guru in


Can he play this week?

Alan Green

Great player always worked hard for the team and made a big difference to the supply to the front players. I put him in arsenal side…

Viv The GOAT

I would be staggered if I saw Bellerin in a Arsenal kit next year. He was sent on loan, because he was stuck here. And I prefer Tomiyasu over Bellerin from what I have seen. And he is above 100k in wages. I don’t think that makes a good backup. He does not want to be a back up. He shouldn’t be a backup. He should go somewhere he is happy. And that is Betis. F.e. I think they will do a long term structuring of the fee or maybe a player swap. (Would be interesting)


He is such a nice lad. All good to him whatever he chooses


awk …. breaks your heart … he a good lad


Should give him a new contract. He is a good player and an even better ambassador for the club.

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