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Arsenal launch new home kit for 2022/23 season

Arsenal’s new home kit for the 2022/23 season is now available to buy via the club shop and the adidas website.

Taking its design inspiration from Nike’s first Gunners shirt released in 1994, it features a lightning bolt motif on the polo collar and a red underside to the white sleeves.

The white shorts feature red adidas stripes and a red trim while the lightning motif continues on the socks which come in both red and white. The shirt is also made with 100% recycled materials. All in all, it looks very smart.

The hook from the club on launch day is the fact that £5 from every home bought directly through Arsenal ahead of the new season (19th May – 5th August) will go directly to The Arsenal Foundation to support local community initiatives. We should point out that the fan kit is selling at £70 this year compared to £65 last year. The authentic version continues to retail at £100.

The club have also released a rather lovely promotional video which continues the ‘Arsenal Supporting Supporters’ campaign that has proved so popular this year.

Soundtracked by ‘We could have been anything’ – the song made famous by Bugsy Malone – and featuring a voiceover by Arsenal Vision’s Clive Palmer, the film features Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe, Gabriel Martinelli, Granit Xhaka, Viv Miedema (hint, hint), Leah Williamson, Lotte Wubben-Moy and Stina Blackstenius as they ‘give a little love’ to nearby clubs, businesses and fans.

We’re sure it’ll prove popular.

Arsenal are set to wear the new home strip for the first time against Everton on Sunday. Here’s hoping it miraculously guides us to the Champions League.

Arsenal Home Shirt 22/23 – Men’s, Authentic
Arsenal Home Shirt 22/23 – Women’s, Replica
Arsenal Home Shirt 22/23 – Men’s, Long Sleeve, Replica
Arsenal Home Shorts 22/23
Arsenal Home Socks 22/23, Red
Arsenal Home Socks 22/23, White
Arsenal keeper shirt 22/23, Men’s

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Yikes, not a fan of those collars. Bring back the purple kit from 05/06 was it?


Redcurrent, white and gold trim. That was a nice kit. The Farewell Highbury kit.


Bill Hall

The redcurrant (farewell Highbury) kit was really nice!


Collars are only meant for rugby shirts.

Cooked Patino

It looks so good on the lads. I’m never judging the kits through leaked images again


Great video I must say

Chuck Felsea

Damn, they wrongly tagged the proper yellow away kit keeper shirt. Oh wait…

Crash Fistfight

£70 for a t-shirt that stinks of BO after a few hours of use.


I take it you have never heard of deodorant then?

Crash Fistfight

Very much so. Has never made any difference when wearing any of my Arsenal shirts. Unless they’re making it out of some super material these days (I haven’t bought one in a few years). I always have to take them off the moment I get home and wash them by hand.

Whereas a full day’s wear of a regular t-shirt leaves it smelling of the aforementioned deodorant.

Scott P

I actually get what you’re saying, as similar has happened to me. I’ll often wear an undershirt if I’m wearing an Arsenal shirt, especially a long sleeved one. Ends up being much more comfortable.

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

Football shirts are usually made from polyester, nylon and elastane. All are polymer based fabrics derived from petroleum products. Oil is naturally hydrophobic, so polymer fabrics repel water but absorbs bodily oils. These are conditions that are more favourable to growth of bacteria. Manufacturers claim these fabrics are breathable but because they are oil based, they have poor breathability in real world use. No amount of deodorant will stop a polyester shirt smelling worse than a cotton or wool shirt, as the polyester shirt will usually have more bacteria build-up. I would never recommend anyone with perspiration issues wear polyester,… Read more »


Stand nearer to the shower gel, sunshine. And try something called a deodorant. You’ll be utterly amazed. 😉


What a bizarre criticism …


You probably won’t take this advice, but vitamin B-complex everyday will ensure you smell human no matter how long you sit in your sweat.

Talk to your doctor before taking medical advice from the internet.


Such a lovely launch video, it made me quite teary. Arsenal still do some seriously classy things and make me proud to be a Gooner.


Nice work on the video. I don’t want to throw shade on that Angel song, but I would much prefer to hear ‘You Give a Little Love’ sung on the terraces at Emirates Stadium 🎶🥰


Lovely video ❤️


The collars look frilled…like young girls school polos.

Also the replica is a different shade of red to the authenticity


Appropriate, as that’s how we played on Monday night


Fuck, that video made me emotional. Makes you realize what the lads, ladies and club really mean to us.

Ant Lester

Gonna wait until Sunday when I can buy it with the Champions League patch… 🤪


So they make a £5 donation but they’ve raised the price £5? So I fact the club aren’t donating a penny, they’re just requiring you to do so when you buy a shirt? Shame, would’ve been nice if the club was matching that donation to such a great cause.

Bill Hall

The away kit is nice, the home kit (nasty collar) and as for the abomination that is the third kit!


Hate that polo collar. Rest of it is very hot! Excellent socks!

Bill Hall

Great video though!

Teryima Adi

Not bad. We may be playing with them in the CL next season.


i do like the kits. but here… those media folk that put the videos together dont know half how to pull on your heart strings! Just wish the those lads could do it on the pitch and be remembered!


Seriously dig that keeper jersey!


And the video is great! As an editor though, I gotta say, I absolutely hate social media cropped video. Just annoys the crap outta me. I want cinematography vistas. VISTAS!!!!!


Love it. The bolt gives it personality!


The collar is hideous. Suddenly I feel £70 better off.


Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey, that is an abomination of the highest order. Instantly forgettable and should be consigned to the bin, along with those dreadful away kits. Adidas missing the mark entirely this time, for me.

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