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First image of Arsenal’s adidas 24/25 third kit leaked

The first image of Arsenal’s new third kit has been leaked by Twitter user @NathanPanter_52.

Thanks to @ArsenalShirt, we knew it would feature a purple, turquoise and navy colour scheme but the end results are slightly more out there than people have predicted.

The design bears similarities to the Hypercolor t-shirts of the 90s, Sulley from Monsters Inc. and the dancing patterns of the Northern Lights.

Coupled with navy adidas branding and a retro crest, plus the simplified cannon badge, it strikes a decent balance between fun and smart. We suspect it’ll be popular.

We’ve not had confirmation on the colour of the shorts but it would make sense for them to be navy.

Usually, the third kit gets released last so you may have to wait a couple of months to get your hands on it.

Arsenal’s new home strip went on sale last week and the away kit, designed in association with London-based designer Labrum, is due to be launched when the club heads to the USA on tour in July.

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Like it!


Ok, but anyone seen my purple sock?

So the “Palestine” shirt is actually our away kit. I loved last year’s black and gold but Adidas needs help especially with this season’s radioactive zebra kit which has been difficult on the eye


I king of liked the “seen from space” away kit, but liked the women’s away kit better. This second kit…pffff


Looks like South Sydney Rabitohs


Away shirt looks like a rebranded Mexico strip


2nd kit is fire

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Nice plain design, but that colour pattern is horrid.
Not impressed with this season’s kits, but I’ll probably still get two

Gooney Tunes

After the past 2 years, these are a bit of a let down. Already got my home shirt, which is actually quite nice, and I’ll probably get the 3rd… but that away doesn’t tickle my fancy. Hopefully it’s like this season’s away and I like it once I see the lads wearing it and swatting teams aside.


Palestine away kit.



Death by 300,000 Passes

I didn’t really like any of our away/3rd kits since Puma, but… this purple one is REALLY nice!

Mayor McCheese

I always like the kits, but none of them fit over my head.

Yankee Gooner

Have you tried stepping into them?

Dannie pk

The jersey make sense


The away kit has significant African vibes. Kenya, Libya, Ghanaian colours.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

That’s definitely an AFCON kit


As the article says, the away kit was designed with Labrum, which is “London menswear brand, combining West African and western heritage by telling the untold West African story through clothing”


Fuck me! Are they professional bullshitters or just incredibly gifted amateurs?


Bloody hell! I thought the away kit was awful! Just no!!!


The away kit is so so bad


The away kit could have done without that silvery strip under the armpits and what looks like dribble down the side. Otherwise both look decent to me. Just strange seeing Arsenal in those colours…….


I like the fact we’re back to a cannon and prefer the trefoil on the third.
Don’t like the larger adidas logo on the shirts.
Maybe I’m just old. I got the ‘Lifestylr’ third kit last year because it had no Emirates on the front.
I just want a shirt with a cannon.


I’m sick of walking around as an Emirates billboard. They’re our sponsor until 2028 apparently. Maybe it’s better we don’t open it up to new sponsors. Emirates is still better than “Uber Eats in partnership with Pizza Hut and”


Serious question now, is it possible to get a kit without sponsor? I will not wear any ads for Rwanda, this really should get people up in arms

El Mintero

Would love a sponsor free jersey with no Rwanda bs.


Surprised in a good way by the third kit.
Can we retire that away kit right now? Green has no place on an Arsenal shirt.


Thank God the football this coming season should be quality, because the jerseys certainly are not. Though I might grab the away kit for Oktoberfest celebrations….


I don’t know why the away kit reminds me of Bob Marley!


Awful, surely Miki’s attention to detail with never a stone unturned must have alerted him to the fact we hardly lost a game playing in our electric yellow 2nd kit, they must have some stats to back this up, whether it was perifusual vision from our players knowing when to pass at speed or the opposition panicking with us flooding forward im sure that kit did have an impact, I was disappointed when we turned up for Bayern game in the dull green/blue 3rd kit, there must be some kind of stats where identity, visual impact of players under extreme… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

I hate both of them. Look absolutely terrible

El Mintero

All 3 are dreadful. Time to bin adidas.


Well, I wont be wearing light blue…


Absolute trash. Designed by a 10 year old I guess

David Hillier's luggage

Third kit looks nice, placement of the pattern on the away kit is awful.


Well it’s the 3rd kit for me. The first kit from behind looks like a tabard and a nappies, the 2nd – how have they managed to mess up a black kit? Green stripes? The third kit I like.

Bill Hall

They get worse every year

Bill Hall

I don’t see why any team needs a third kit, it’s just a way to milk the public of money.


Well, yes, but also, if we were to play AC Milan next season, say, or Bournemouth (both red and black), we’d need a third kit. To take just one example. So you can see why several teams might need third kits.


This looks like something those cunts down the road would wear (and lose in). Awful colour. Ffs, keep it simple for once.


not really


Didn’t like the first kit (way too much navy blue) – but compared to the ridiculous and repulsive 2nd and 3rd, it truly is a masterpiece! I believe that a classic, unspoiled (no fancy stripes or patterns) would set us apart and reflect what we truly are – the classiest team on the planet.

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