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Arsenal players and coaches share their post-season messages

Arsenal may have come up short in the quest to end a 20-year wait for a Premier League title but the 2023/24 campaign will live long in the memory thanks to beautiful football, goals galore and a series of epic wins.

Yesterday, the club released a short film thanking supporters for their efforts over the last nine months; a two-minute montage of memorable on-field action, behind-the-scenes footage and iconic moments shot throughout the season by fans.

It’s a fantastic piece of #content, even if the cynics point to it being released as season ticket renewal emails dropped into inboxes!

Soon after, several of this season’s key protagonists – players and coaches – shared reflective messages of their own.

Some took to social media to focus on the positives, while others reflected on the challenges they faced. All paid tribute to supporters.

Here’s what they had to say…

Martin Odegaard (Instagram)

This one hurts, but I want to say thank you Gooners. Your support has been unbelievable and Sunday was still special thanks to you. We’ve had so many beautiful moments together this season and we came so close. I’m proud of what we’re doing, the progress we’ve made and the football we play. We will keep pushing and we will use what we’re feeling now to come back stronger and better again. The future is bright for us, I’m sure. I believe so much in this team and what we will achieve all together. Thank you for being with us every step of the way. Whatever the weather! Time to rest, reflect and reset. We’ll be back soon, stronger. See you ❤️


Bukayo Saka (Instagram)

We’ll be back and we won’t stop until we get there. Thank you to Gooners worldwide who’ve supported us all season long, your support means everything to us. See you soon ❤️


Declan Rice (Instagram)

Debut season with The Arsenal. I want to thank the fans for making this club feel like home since I arrived. We did everything we could this season but unfortunately, just came up short. It hurts to miss out but we will use that to push us into next season and beyond. I know that success is very close at this football club. I can’t wait to get going again. Until then… enjoy the summer, Gunners. ❤️


Gabriel Jesus (Instagram)

Not the best season for me personally, things didn’t go as i planned, but i couldn’t be prouder of the team i’m part of. This group is amazing and we’re showing that season after season. Now it’s time to rest and prepare to be healthier next season. We’ll be back stronger and ready for it! Let’s go, Gunners! 💪🏾🤙🏾


Oleksandr Zinchenko (Instagram)

Proud of the team and happy to be one of you Gunners @arsenal. The clubs season is over now and unfortunately we didn’t get what we wanted but I am sure this club is on the right way to achieve everything. Personally I completely understand that it wasn’t my best season so far and I promise first of all to all fans and doubters that I’ll be back much stronger. Thank you so much for your massive support and see you very soon. #COYG


Kai Havertz (Instagram)

Where do I start. My first season has been one which has helped me grow as a person and a player in many ways. Very grateful for all the support this season, from fans, staff and my team mates. It’ll take time to process everything but I know with this club we can achieve big things.


Takehiro Tomiyasu (Instagram)

Thank you for your support through the season. We will be back stronger. See you soon @arsenal


Carlos Cuesta (Instagram)

Forever grateful for all those beautiful moments together during this season.
Whatever the weather, privileged to be part of this incredible team. We will come back stronger.


Inaki Cana (Instagram)

THANK YOU. Proud and grateful to be able to share special moments with wonderful people. We will come back stronger. TEAM @arsenal 🔴⚪️❤️


Miguel Molina (Twitter)

Proud of this family…We will come back stronger! This has only just begun! @Arsenal

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kai havertz – where do i start?

I’m sure he asks this question everytime arteta calls out the 11!


‘We will come back stronger’. Very consistent message from all!


Can’t wait for the new season lol!! We will win it next year fellow gooners xx

Dr. Gooner

My heart breaks for them all.

Adney Toams

And we will all be with you through rain and sun, through the good times and the not so good.
We are ARSENAL through and through!💖


Odegaard said in an interview: “I wish we can go again tomorrow.” The boss talked many times during a couple of press conferences how he had to stop them in training because they wanted to just go on. He said it before the City game, just after that internationals that they came in that day and wanted to train, but he had to stop them. I read into things like this A LOT. Mikel Arteta changed the culture of this club, he brought in players that bought into his ideals and he deserves to his excellent team lift trophies to… Read more »


The sad thing is I just feel deflated and keep asking myself, why? Why bother. We all know nothing will happen to cheating $ity. The UK Govt. is corrupt and totally controlled by interests in Dubai oil – if $ity were charged, UAE would just sell oil elsewhere or start overcharging the UK. Nothing will happen. The case will find $ity to be clear of like 110 of the charges, and they’ll receive a slap on the wrist and some measely fine and probably be told to host PMGOL training events in Dubai for the next decade. The UK Govt.… Read more »


Why bother? Because DESPITE their cheating we’re actually getting closer and closer every season. We’ve made progress each and every year under Arteta, and so many reasons to believe we could be even better next year. So why bother is that imagine if we beat them *in spite* of all of that. How incredible an achievement will that be? And we *can* do it. And they know it too. All empires fall, even Pep knows his time on the iron throne will come to an end and all his mighty petrol-fueled dragons won’t keep his student away forever from claiming… Read more »


I was waiting for someone to say Fuck Man City!

Death by 300,000 Passes

Man City? What is this? Is this a football club? Nobody cares, it seems..


… and his hobby-psycologist rodri! we will proof you wrong! 💪🏻

Heavenly Chapecoense

So proud of this team for demonstrating such a strong winning mentality. Six wins in a row in the PL with the toughest run of all the teams fighting for the title, absolutely magnificent!!!

I miss santi cazorla

How do you pronounce your last name?

Arkansas Gooner

Feel ridiculous saying this but watching that short film yesterday brought a literal tear to my eye. So many wonderful moments from this past season and so much to enjoy and be proud of!

The players, the manager & assistants, all staff, and all the fans seem to be pulling in the same direction these days and it’s something I love to be a part of!


It is al very well keeping on about Manchester City but just like Mourinho’s Chelsea before them they bought Premier League titles and if the 115 charges is the way to correct this finacial unfairness then unleash the dogs of hell and let’s see them justly pinished. Let’s hope no other team/club tries to buy the league.

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