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“Hopefully everything goes as we want” – Bellerin pushing for Betis return

Hector Bellerin may have bid a tearful farewell to the Real Betis fans but he has made it clear that he wishes to return to the club.

The right-back played an important role in Betis’ Copa del Rey-winning season and it’s understood coach Manuel Pellegrini would love the club to complete a permanent deal.

Having taken a wage cut to secure last summer’s loan move to the Estadio Benito Villamarín, it sounds like Bellerin, who is under contract at Emirates Stadium until 2023, will have to do the same again to facilitate any negotiations while simultaneously hoping that Arsenal don’t set too a high transfer fee.

Acknowledging his close attachment to both clubs, he told Betis TV [relayed by Sportshala] that he faces a summer of uncertainty.

“For now, I have to go back (to London)”, he said. “I have spoken with the two clubs and I have made my position clear to them.

“There are two months ahead to look for the best start for everyone. I made an effort to come and I am willing to make any effort so that this continues to be my home because I am happy.

“It is also true that I had very nice moments in London, in England. Arsenal has given me a lot; the opportunity to be a professional.

“If I leave it, it will be difficult, but hopefully everything goes as we want.

“It has been a season that I have enjoyed a lot. I now have a few days to digest everything that has happened this year and to prepare myself for what is to come.

“In my situation, there is a bit of uncertainty and I want to be prepared for it.

“When I stopped in the street I’ve always shown and said that I feel very comfortable here and that I want to be here, but it is not as easy as that. So, let’s see how the summer goes and hopefully it can happen.”

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Hopefully this goes through, as Hector showed willing by giving up a big chunk of his salary.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

I love Hector and will forever have a soft spot for him, but I reckon it’s best for all parties to have him return to Betis. He seems genuinely happy there, and with Tomi and the rest of the new crop settling at Arsenal, I can’t help but feel that having Hector sit on the bench and play backup would be a waste for everyone. Vamos, Hector!

Lord Bendnter

Man has good sense of Retro fashion. I like 👌


I’m not sure if that mullet hairstyle he’s acquired is doing him any favours though, hehehehehehehehehehe.


That’s just him paying homage to his hero….Pat Sharpe


The last guy to be able to get away with a mullet AND a tash was Ian Botham.

A streaked blonde mullet and a tash, no less. My missus had the right hots for him back in the 80’s. The classic ‘older guy’ thing.

“That Ian Botham, oh there’s something alpha male animal about him” she’d swoon, whilst I’d be trying to concentrate on the test match….

Needless to say, she doesn’t feel quite the same way about Hector….😂


That ‘tash is rather Kenny Sansom though.

John C

Hector’s time at Arsenal is over and now the only real issue is to negotiate an acceptable fee. That’s easier said than done when the player wants to leave, has a year left on his contract and we’re happy to sell but similarly we also want to shed the perception of being willing to let contracted players go for little or no fee. My guess is with all that considered, Betis either want to pay a very low fee or none at all, which will probably see this drag out over the summer. I can also see similar problems with… Read more »


Meanwhile, we’ve got Cedric giving away soft penalties and aimlessly crossing the ball to a non existent Olivier Giroud type centre forward that isn’t there….

Yeah, he had a good game against Everton. Spiffing.

I would have Hector back to cover for Tommi in an instant.

The thing directly below ‘Top Drawer Striker’ at the top of Arteta’s Summer To Do List has got to be finding a replacement for Cedric – and moving Cedric on.

Blogs isn’t the only one who can’t take any more of him…..


Hector cost us nothing, gave us his best for so many years he deserves to be happy. I’d have no problem if the club let him go for a nominal fee, he’s earned the right. Cedric can be really annoying, stupid crosses, playing the opposition onside because he’s dithering about and can’t keep a defensive line, photobombing at every opportunity. He may be useful to bridge the gap until Norton-Cuffy is ready though, and hopefully Tomi keeps fit and we don’t get to see too much of him in the big games.


arent we signing hickey as a wing back support for both sides anyway? (rumored)


Cedric is this season’s Willian. Played well below par all season. Was obviously our weak link in many games, but carried by the rest of the team during our winning spell. Then scored a nice goal on the final day of the season. He plays with more passion than Willian at least, but I hope we have a better backup RB for next season. He’ll be getting older and slower next season too. Bellerin would be an excellent backup/squad player for the formation Arteta uses, but I wish the lad well and hope he gets his transfer wish this summer.


Please stop the scapegoating of player yes cedric hasn’t played the best this year but he’s been a great back up, and he has never complained and gave it his all each time.


Cedric was not great, some skills but lacks conviction often nervous. Comparing him to Williian is over the top.
Willian was a 2/10, Cedric for me a 5/10.


Bellerin has done well in Spain, but in a weaker less physical league. There were signs previously that he was struggling in the Premier League, and not the player he was. Not sure he would excel if he returned. Cedric gets a lot of stick on these chats, but the big problems generally happen when he is played alongside Tavares, another attack minded full back who likes to bomb off down the pitch. He would do better when paired with a left back who tucks in when he goes forward.


Ben White can cover RB if Tomiyasu is injured with Saliba back.
Tomiyasu can cover LB if Tierney is injured with White sliding to RB and Saliba in the centre.

Tomiyasu can cover Lcb also.

Gabriel is a key player. We cannot lose him. He is a beast.

Tavares can play as an attacking Lwb if that is the objective of the particular game.

I don’t think we need to sign any defenders.


And all our defenders were injured by the end of the season. We’re back in Europe and hopefully get further in the cups, we need depth across all the squad.

Pat Rice and Beans

Kinda sad, coz he was one of my favorite players since the late Wenger era.

But I hope he gets what’s he wants, always honoured the red and white shirt – on and off the field. See him playing and winning in dad’s team brings a “feels good vibe”, a throwback to the days when it’s not all about the money.


Ah this is so well said. Hector was one my favorites too ever since his debut, used to refer to him as our “Superboy”. Showed his real talent when Debuchy got injured, and peaked for us during his performance against Bayern in the UCL. Nothing but best wishes for him.




Such a vast difference between Hector/Betis and Torreira/Fiorentina. Hope they both manage to get moves sorted. They are both at an age for their respective positions where they are coming to the peak of their physical being. It doesn’t help Arsenal either to keep them as squad players during those peak years. Will be interesting to see what happens with Niles after the Conference League final. He actually has good form in cup competitions and especially finals, my motm in our FA Cup final win. Would be a shame to see him disappear under similar circumstances at his still young… Read more »

A Different George

Keeping Bellerin for a year because Betis can’t or won’t pay a reasonable transfer fee creates other problems. (I don’t think he would be willing to come to personal terms with any other club, so that’s probably not an option.) Almost certainly, he would leave on a free a year later. And while I am certain he would be professional and never consciously give less than his best, it’s still not great to have a player in your dressing room who does not want to be there–especially a player as influential with his teammates as Bellerin has been. He has… Read more »


Really well put. I hope he can be convinced to have one last season with us and then join Betis after on a free. But think his journey is elsewhere now. Good luck Hector and all the best my guy!



So, next season starts with only Xhaka left from all of Emery’s five captains.


he was always a credit to the shirt and never let the side down. loved seeing him with the armband on the rare occassion he captained the side. he gave his all and the best way to pay him back is to let him leave on good terms.


He was never the same after being knocked out by Alonso.

John C

He was never the same after he became vegan


ridiculous statement


THAT clean tackle on Pedro! I wish Hector nothing but the best! I wish he would stay at Arsenal but if he is happier elsewhere, I hope he gets to make that move.


this is the one (1) instance in which the club should be nice and let hector do what makes him happy- he’s a nice guy with and deserves nothing but happiness (unless betis are playing against us)

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