Thursday, May 30, 2024

Confirmed: Marseille sign Guendouzi on permanent deal

You’d be forgiven for thinking this had already happened but…

*drum roll please*

Marseille have confirmed the permanent signing of Matteo Guendouzi on a three-year deal.

The move was effectively ratified in March when the France international completed his 38th game for Les Olympiens, thereby triggering a purchase clause in his contract for a  fee, thought to be in the £10 million region, that was pre-agreed with Arsenal.

Guendouzi made 55 appearances for the Stade Velodrome outfit last season, scoring five goals and making 14 assists. After a difficult period in the aftermath of his massive fallout with Mikel Arteta, he seems settled and is delivering on his potential. Good for him.

Guendouzi’s last match in Arsenal colours was against Brighton in June 2020. His behaviour in the aftermath of the stoppage time defeat earned him the wrath of his manager who banished him for the rest of the campaign. He subsequently spent the 2020/21 campaign with Hertha Berlin.

Guendouzi is one of a number of fringe players who are set to leave the Emirates in some capacity this summer; returning loanees Lucas Torreira, Reiss Nelson, Hector Bellerin, Alex Runarsson, Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Pablo Mari are all thought to be on the lookout for new clubs.

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Runcorn Gooner

Au revoir actually


Adieu actually


Bon voyage actually


Bon débarras, actually.

Dave Roberts

Bye-bye, cheerio, good day, goodbye, so long, and “see you later.

Finsbury Park Gooner

You’re all wrong, it’s good riddance

Heavenly Chapecoense

He will play in the CL and we will play in the Europa League.

Merlin's Panini

He will play in Ligue 1 and we will play in the Premier League.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Mbappe, Neymar and Messi play in Ligue 1.


It’s okay, Heavenly C; you can wear your Matteo shirt at the games with your 1/2&1/2 BHA – AFC scarf – nobody will laugh at you.

Emi Rates

Mbappe – Wanted real football but took the money. Neymar – Delusions of grandeur anyone? Messi – A lost soul who would have done anything to stay where he was. He’s the one I feel sorry for out of the three. Ligue 1 – A subpar league with one spike of a disgusting club owned by an oppressor oil dictatorship with an appalling human rights record flashing some spare billions on a football team. They walk Ligue 1 every season only to be showed up by the real teams of Europe year after year. Ligue 1 is a joke! Having… Read more »


You got it right!!!


Hypocrite 😂🤣, an English complaining about the French collecting money to improve their league. Which country did Abramovich invest in with oil money all these years…oh let’s forget about Newcastle who just collected money or Everton ?. Please y’all should enjoy the game and forget about trying to bring morality it.
The English league is worst than the French league if you are going by that

Emi Rates

I’m not English.

The debate is about the overall standard of football in the league Guendouzi will be playing in, which is dogshit, not which league is the most rotten and corrupt.


Yeah the best league on earth

Alan Sunderland

He’s a tool that’s played for 5 clubs already. And he’s not that good. If you think we’re going anywhere with guendouzi in midfield then I don’t know what to say.


See ya

Cygan's barber

Good riddance.

Johnny 4 Hats

Mau money
Mau problems
Mau bills to



Many things unpleasant begin with Mau

Tasmanian Jesus

Isnt it Mourinho?
Still agree tho..

Emi Rates

No it’s Maureen. Utter cunt he is too.



Chuck Felsea



And in Guendo’s mother tongue… mauvaise – which kinda sums up his early years.
Hope he has indeed grown out of his silly bollocks ego and pushes onto to use the talent he undoubtedly possesses.


Totally forgotten about Alex Runarsson


So has Alex Runarsson…


Plug from The Bash Street Kids.


Could of been good, for us.


*could have

Tasmanian Jesus

Yes, yes.


Wish I could upvote this twice

It Is What It Is

Is this banta?


I’m a big Arteta fan, but this one has to go down as a learning curve failure.

Yes Guendouzzi was/is a prick, but surely he would have come good for us, or at least ended up moving for the standard £30m-£50m cost.


If we had kept him he would have run down his contract.


No doubt, he has something similar to nasri’s personality


So, in his mind, without a transfer fee Real Madrid or Barcelona could pay him a higher weekly wage…


That’s assuming his personality wouldn’t have disrupted the team spirit Arteta was building.


100% this!


That’s a really fair point.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Anelka had a big attitude problem, Wenger wanted to keep him. Bendtner had attitude problems, Wenger kept him for a long time. Maybe Arteta too need to learn how to manage difficult personalities.

John C

What a master stroke keeping Bendtner was!!

house of goons

Meh. Get rid of the cunts.

Someone said that once. Can’t remember who.

Bleeding gums murphy


Q3 Technique

Potentially right player, wrong time. Arteta doesn’t seem like the sort of manager to tolerate moody entitled youth players. Guendouzi might learn and improve as a person to make the most of his talent but at the time of his falling out with arteta he would have severely tested even the most patient, calm, and understanding manager.

Brady’s bunch

What’s the possibility of us coming up against him in the Europa next season?? 🤔

Well they’re in the Champions League right, because they finished 2nd in their league. But I guess they could finish 3rd in their group and drop down into the Europa.

Heavenly Chapecoense

We have no tough man in our squad. We only have molluscs. Nobody can stand his ground. Four points ahead, three games to go and we failed. I am still hurting and refuse to move on.


There’s more than one measure of toughness. Although I agree, we could do with a bastard or two

Bleeding gums murphy

I hear you, I find heroin can ease the pain.

Noob to commenting

Last season is water under the bridge. It was tough but if it could turn out to be a reminder to the staffs and players, we would do well in years ahead!


Mate, that season has finished…
As Buddha said, anger is like a hot coal; the longer you hold it, the more it ends up hurting you


I wish he didn’t have an attitude problem, as I feel he could have been a good player for us!

Good luck to him!


14 assists?! Never imagined seeing a stat like that next to Guendouzi, we evidently weren’t utilising him properly as for us his role was always to sit fairly deep and just move the ball on to more creative players, as far as I remember. Fair play to him & Marseille – hope we have a sell on %…


Six of those assists were in the Coupe de France (against one club, first round) and Europa Conference League. Eight in Ligue 1 (none versus a top-7 team).


Coupe de France (*3 against one club, first round) 

Emi Rates

I reckon it’s relatively easy for a half decent player to look like a world beater in the mostly dogshit Ligue 1.


*cough* Pepe *cough*

Chuck Felsea

I don’t like him and I am glad he is gone, but we should not forget that he is a France international, one of the best national teams in the world. I agree that it is probably easy to look good somehow in Ligue 1, but I would not say that about somebody who is in the France squad.


Just because he plays in meaningless friendlies for the National Team because the 8 guys better than him are all hurt or passing on playing in said friendlies makes him next guy up, not good. He will never start for the National Team in a meaningful game.

Emi Rates

You’re right and it’s not to write him off as a player, because he displayed plenty of quality when he was with us regardless of how things ended. What makes me laugh is the “oh my gawd how could we sell this once in a generation player, the French midfield answer to Pele, we’ll never win anything sgain” crowd.


Never rated him any higher technically than Elneny. His ego and pride were not very endearing to be honest. Hope he’s happy and matures a bit at Marseille.


I agree. And I doubt he’ll become a top class player.


Honestly, at this point I’d rather have Mo. He’s in form, great attitude and loves the shirt.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

We can’t sell our mediocre fringe players for good money or nobody will accept their wages. This one should have brought a lot more money though. Already a French international and still very young…


14 assists….impressive, but sold in the region of 10 million is severely undervaluing a player with all the potential to be a top class midfielder in the years to come.


Sell-on clause?
That should be automatic with every young player we sell.

Man Manny

You wouldn’t pay top dollar for an item the owner evidently does not want and is desperate to sell, would you?

Alan Sunderland's Afro

Regardless of his talent he was trouble and undoubtedly would have caused problems in the dressing room. The shower plug holes certainly won’t miss him.


Guendouzi is a great example of the kind of player who flourishes under the right manager. Would Anelka have been the player he was at Arsenal if he was playing for anyone other than Wenger? I’d say no. I’d hazard a guess and say he’ll blossom at Marseilles and we will wonder why the hell we got rid of him at some point in the future.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Marseille’s manager quit yesterday, so we’ll see how he gets on with a new manager

Chuck Felsea

And after Marseille, he might join another club and we might not wonder after all anymore. I agree that it is going well for him there, but I would not be surprised if he fails at another club, where the setting is not to his liking. And, as written above, let’s see how it goes under the new manager, whoever it will be.

Charles Charlie Charles

Another loser out of the way. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


I like the way that people who have never met the player can come to the conclusion that he has an attitude problem. No one has ever noticed that any player who happens to fall out or disagrees with the manager falls off the face of the earth? Whilst it might be true that he does have an attitude problem you cannot deny that MA lacks crucial management skills when it comes to dealing with personalities. If he could have managed Aubameyang we could have been talking about champions league football this season. The bottom line is he could have… Read more »

A Different George

You may be right about Arteta, but as far as Guendouzi is concerned, there were problems both before and after he was at Arsenal. It is possible that those problems are now a thing of the past (as indicated both by his success at OM and being called up by France). Does that mean that if Arteta had been more patient, we would have a newly-matured excellent midfielder? Maybe. Or maybe not.


I totally agree… Mikel has wasted so much of thr clubs’ resources, namely Pepe, Saliba, Guen, Auba, I’d even add AMN and Bellerin to the list… I know some were not rated before but you show how good you are by working with what you have and developing the players, instead Mikel has acted like he is at city, with unlimited resources… That will be his undoing.

Tripitaka's Hat

oh, do just phuk off with this false praise bollocks of disruptive bell-ends as a stick to beat the manager with. Wish him the career he thinks he deserves but phuk him for all the shit-stirring and mouthing off about AFC during both loan stints; entitled prick mentality. Let’s see if whoever replaces Sampaoli also indulges MG and what MG’s response as soon as he’s asked to play another position.


You phuk off you little phuker

Tripitaka's Hat

that’d be ‘phukker’.


My god, but you’re talking some serious bollocks here!


Bellerin couldn’t even master the supreme skill of taking a throw in.


Agree with the assessment.
It maybe that these were the first ones to challenge his authority so had to be sacrificed in order to establish himself.
In war times they kill the first ones to flee in order to maintain coherence


Pretty much all of his coaches said he had an attitude problem – it’s not guesswork. But Marseilles are such a thuggish club that he actually fitted in.

Chuck Felsea

They can handle Payet too, apparently. Good for them.


I hear you but I don’t think people need to meet someone to come to the conclusion that they have a management problem or that they are a certain type of personality. Lord knows that you, me, and everyone else has had opinions on this site about players and staff, and I don’t think any of us have met any of them. In Guendouzi’s case he reminds me a lot of people I’ve known in my life and career who have needed attitude adjustments, so I’m relying on my experience with people when I judge someone. Lord knows what happened… Read more »


This is a total BS comment, full of nonsense, and whataboutery.


Not sure if I’m more excited by this or Jesus’ arrival


He must have got lost on the way considering he supposedly had his medical on Monday.
They agreed a fee with Everton for Richarlison, negotiated the players salary and completed his medical, registered the player and announced the signing in just three days.
I’m not even sure Jesus has signed for Arsenal at all.
Arsenal’s way of doing business is not very good…


Arsenal get works done – Sp*rs try to placate their fans. They have all summer with their attempt at transfers. 100% confident Sp*rs ramped up this pursuit when they realized Raphina wasn’t coming to Arsenal, for fear we’d take him away. All I’ve seen for the past 2 windows is Arsenal pursue needs, and get them filled; while Sp*rs for decades have chased profile names, that typically flop. Who cares when he’s announced, that stuff is for us, not the team. If they are working on moving onto the next targets (which it sounds like they are), I’m happiest. I… Read more »

Tankard Gooner

Calm down mate.. Edu’s just trying to pick out the perfect blue shirt for the unveiling.


Personally I’d pick the blue one – but I bet he goes with the blue one instead.


I reckon you are probably right !


Bore off to the lane then, if they impress you that much.

Sick to the back teeth of hearing about those cunts.


I think there’s something big coming. Like a double signing. How else can you explain the delay? He was at the Emirates…

Nainsley Aitland Miles

It was Everton that pushed through the Richarlison deal so quickly. They needed the transfer to go through before the end of June in order for the £60m to be credited under the previous financial year to help balance the books for financial fair play regulations.

Chuck Felsea

I heard in the medical they found some wounds on the hands and side as well as some minor head scratches.


He shoulda stayed – Jesus woulda saved him from himself.


Guendo spent quite some time praising how good it was for him that his new coach believed in him and was a better coach than Mikel…. yet the first thing his new coach did on the day he signs a permanent deal was to hand in his resignation. Great start! 🤣


And all because we refused to sell them Saliba on the cheap & he wasn’t happy that Marseille didn’t push us further 🤣


Whilst I agree that he needed to be loaned and then sold as too many bridges had been burned…I cannot possibly understand how Edu managed to include a sell-on clause that only amounted to £9m…Here is a player who consistently played for Marseille and is on the fringes of the French national team yet sells for less than Brighton just paid for an 18 year old Paraguayan who’s played 5 times for his country!!


I believe the fee was agreed prior to the last season when he was coming off his moderately (at best) Hertha loan spell in which he clashed with teammates and the coaching staff yet again. I watched Marseille a few times this year, mostly to see Saliba, but Guendouzi did show much better passing range and incision than I remember seeing him display at Arsenal. The other thing that struck me about those games was how much time and space players had on the ball and how slow everything seemed compared to the Prem. I personally had enough of his… Read more »


well… bye


One of the few incidents where we managed to recoup the money we paid for a player


Just sorry we got so little for him. I guess when the deal was struck, he could have ended up being worth even less if he continued to be a problem with Marseille.

Chuck Felsea

I believe we got what he was worth when that fee was agreed, which was before he joined Marseille. They made him better, he is worth more now, so good work by them.

Chris K

I’m surprised he managed to squeeze his ego through the door on the way out. Laters overrated.


And Jorge Sampaoli walked away this morning. 🤣 🤣 😂 🤣


Yeah, funny one with Matteo really, one of Unai’s first buys I think, as one for the future a bit like Saliba was a year later, however rather than going straight back out on loan he stayed, shined in pre season and played pretty much straight away and looked the part, maybe that early success added to an already existing jack the laddishness, who knows but there were signs on the pitch before Arteta arrived. He actually played quite a bit for Arteta before the fall out, I particularly remember the game at Portsmouth on the way to our Cup… Read more »


Glad to see the back of him.


It is a shame that we couldn’t tame him. Because he is a great talent and has a very strong personality.

Mesut Ö’Neill

Matteo has the potential to be a very good player.

Remember watching him early in his Arsenal career. There was a game where we as a team were being bullied by the other team, Matteo was the only one who wanted the ball, everyone else was playing scared.

I think he did lose possession which lead to a goal but he still was demanding the ball. Takes cojones from a 19 year old.


The other side of this coin is the fact that he arrived into one of the worst performing Arsenal sides in decades—standing out in that crowd doesn’t say much, imho.


Well let’s hope he doesn’t let the door hit his arse on the way out.
If it did he’d lose his shit and smash the door to bits.


A few comments pointing at Arteta’s man management and how he could have dealt with Guendouzi better and developed him in to a great player etc. According to many, not just at Arsenal, the player was a prick. I was a prick well in to my late 20’s and got refused/fired from many jobs. Now I’m not a prick, I very much doubt my previous employers bemoan the fact that I was let go. He might end up great, he might not. We got some money, let’s move on


And he is good for the French team. What a prick. Or the French are selecting directly pricks.


100%. The Hertha manager at the time literally called him an “immature dickhead that has a lot of growing up to do”. Personally I’d love to know how people can make that Arteta’s fault. Ego the size of Pogba’s so if we’d kept him & got to contract renewal time, his agent perma blowing smoke up his arse, would’ve probably had him demanding top whack on his pay grade. Good riddance tbh

Chuck Felsea

Thumbs up, very reasonable view.

Yellow Ribbon

Good riddance. Piss off and please make sure that the door doesn’t hit you on your face on your way out.


Cheers all the best!

Emi Rates

Well there it is, Spuds signed Richarlison for 60 million quid. SIXTY MILLION SMACKEROONIES FOR THAT OK AT BEST PLAYER!!! I hope he settles right in there. He has the face for it.


Spursy Days are here again; panic buying at it’s very best. Kane and Son, currently at full throttle, will both hit 30 within the next year or two. All downhill and trophyless angst from there. More panic buying from Conte – assuming he hasn’t already pissed off back to the continent, once he’s finally sussed what a ship of absolute fools he’s being made to look the proverbial dick by managing – just like Mourinho, Poch and all the rest of the gullible muppets. Our lads meanwhile – Jesus, Eddie, Martinelli, Saka, ESR, Vieira and Odegaard will just be easing… Read more »

Emi Rates

I seriously hope that happens. The one thing that makes me feel uneasy is Kulusevski. A great player I really wish they didn’t have. The rest they can keep. Especially the diving lump with the perpetually open mouth.


Well, he’s a divey, cheaty, fouly little bastard, so he should fit right in.

Emi Rates

I would like to like your comment 100 times over.


Good for him and Best for the Club…bye bye.

The Real Vieira Lynn

minus our propensity to tip over our organizational dicks when to comes to all things asset management related, I wouldn’t have a problem with Arteta’s excommunication of Guendo, if it weren’t for the manner in which he’s given a pass to our thirsty wantaway, bird flipping, accident waiting to happen, 3-wheeled shopping cart of a midfielder, Xhaka, no matter the prevailing circumstances…this sort of hypocrisy appears to be lost on those most ardent members of the Kool-Aid crew

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