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Gabriel Jesus: I’m the number 9

New boy Gabriel Jesus says conversations with Mikel Arteta, and his own perception of Arsenal as big club convinced him that North London was the right destination for him after he’d decided to leave Man City.

The 25 year old worked with the current boss when he was Pep Guardiola’s assistant, and that time on the training ground was valuable to his development in English football.

“He helped me a lot,” said the Brazilian. We would always stick together after the training sessions and do some finishing or something. He’s a very intelligent guy and was an amazing player, so if he knows something he can teach me or the young players.”

“We spoke a couple of times about the club, the players, the project and the future. I believe 100 per cent in Mikel.

“I had a very good time with him before, he’s a very good guy and a very good coach as well.”

He also made it clear he’s coming to be the main man up front. Asked about what kind of role Arteta had earmarked for him, he said, “I’m the number 9! I’m a striker, you know.

“I thank God every day I can be alive, and that I can play in three or four different positions, but I think my position is 9!

“I have come to score goals.”

As for his feelings on signing for the Gunners, he said, “I’m so happy to sign for this big club. Since day one when I knew I could come to play for Arsenal, I was happy.

“I know the staff, I know some players, the Brazilian ones. I know there are a lot of top players. They are young and I’m still young as well, so I am so happy to be here to help.

“I come to help, to learn as well and to try to do my best.

“We have to go at it with everyone together, there’s no other way to win things. When you have a good relationship outside of the pitch, inside works automatically, and that’s my mentality.”

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He has a great mentality.


Totally agree. For someone who have won quite abit with City and still remains humble. Top lad

Mayor McCheese

“I thank God every day I can be alive…”

Great attitude as well, thanking his dad like that.


His chant should be Revolution 9 by The Beatles


Top lad.

house of goons

Top, top, top lad


Excellent acquisition, hopefully our mainstay no9 but versatile to play anywhere up front and even emergency cover for Ramsdale.

Kevin Quigley

Cover for Ramsdale; as in Jesus Saves……..


Believe it brother


Heard he’s not so good on crosses though…

Merlin’s Panini

Heh 😈

Announce Bendtner

He rises well.


I thought he was shorter than his 175cm stat! I’m sure he’ll nail them in…

Very stoked he is on board 🙂 the three G’s of Goonerville fit in perfectly!


We’ve got Cedric for that!


nailed it


Great attitude, hope he stays fit and succeeds with lots of goals!

Ex-Priest Tobin

Good to see our transfer policy has developed.
We’re now signing Manchester City rejects instead of Chelsea rejects.


Like Bergkamp was an Inter reject and Henry a Juve one!

John C

and Vieira an AC Milan one!

Ex-Priest Tobin

Let’s hope he”s better than the last premier league winning Brazilian international we signed. 🙂


In my humble opinion… I haven’t seen a better transfer than this for a while… At any club. No immediate champions league atttraction and under 50mil pounds for a great quality, versatile and proven young striker, and its the year 2022. Top deal. He could have easily gone elsewhere… Bravo Arsenal!!
(Yes, Willian was disappointing for us)

John C

Signing 33 year olds is always 1, short term fix and 2, a gamble.

I’m personally nowhere near as wound up about the signing of Willian because it appeared expedient at the time especially as there was so much work that needed to be done to the squad.

Jesus on the other hand is a 5 year purchase, theres no comparison to their circumstances

Yellow Ribbon

Ah! He is the evil Priest. No wonder.

Kevin Quigley

Yes. A better quality of reject.


This might come as a shock to you, but there is a bit of a hierarchy in football. There are teams better than Arsenal, and there are teams worse than Arsenal.

Do you think if Fulham sign Leno their fans will be saying ” oh brilliant, signing Arsenal rejects now”?

Master Floda

I am 100% sure there are some twat Fulham fans saying exactly that.

Cooked Patino

You’d think someone who’s been a priest would love Jesus around

Saka and Smith-Rowe, they need their own songs

At 25 hes not young enough


Bore off back down to the Lane with your loser mates, troll.


That’s rich coming from you


Yeah course it is. I’m on here declaring my love for Spurs and dissing Arsenal every day.


Charles Charlie Charles

Yeah. When all else fails, insinuate that Q is a Spurs fan. Highly intelligent. The fact that he has probably forgotten more about Arsenal than you will ever know is neither here nor there.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Bloody kids on the internet!😤

Charles Charlie Charles

Bloody Tottenham fans on the internet….


“All else fails”, yep I made many comments here, I just couldn’t stop trying and failing!

How about, “when all else fails, pull out the asinine fan purity test.” It doesn’t make you look like a 7 yr old child, I promise.


Did you think we were in a position to go for Haaland or Mbappe?

Announce Bendtner

Don’t think he wants Dortmund or PSG rejects.

I think he expected Edu and Arteta to pull the greatest striker that has ever lived from out of nowhere.


Instead they signed Jesus to perform miracles for them.


Am I inferring that Bendtner might be coming out of retirement?

Maul Person

Which Chelsea reject would you want instead…?


I kinda had a soft spot for Lukaku.


Yeah you can keep that soft spot.


So did I.

A quiet little stretch of quicksand.


Or we’re now signing City players in their prime, when they used to do that to us

And priests that reject Jesus very quickly become ex-priests.

It Is What It Is

Yee of no faith, little wonder thine cassock was revoked.

PS I only know of the Renford Rejects

John G

This is why I don’t like Arsenal fans and I’m an arsenal fan. This man is world class. You should seriously give your head a shake.

El Mintero

So we’re not allowed to question this guy’s true talent? He scored 8 goals last season in 28 starts, 4 of which came in one game. He rode the bench most of the season because he’s not a reliable goal scorer. He was Brazil’s striker in the 2018 World Cup and scored zero goals. Zero. He then unsurprisingly got dumped out of the Brazil squad. He could be a great signing for us if he’s our second striker playing off a big lead the line 20 goals plus target man. But if we think this guy is our answer to… Read more »

It Is What It Is

If Arteta and Edu, both having worked in close quarters with GJ, are willing to put their necks on the line, then all I can say is Hosanna! Hosanna!


Necks on the line? When ever were their necks on the line?

Apangu iddi Amin

You can call him a reject but remember man City didn’t want to sell him it was us who forced them that’s why his price went up.



Left Testicle


Charles Charlie Charles

Zow-weee Cavey!

Left Testicle



yep America
independence day

Left Testicle




Left Testicle

Showing you’re age there Parteylikeits2001! 🙂


Let’s hope he is indestructible ?RockyRog58 age 97 & 3/4s


I hope he’s indestructible

Left Testicle




Left Testicle

Roger the cabin boy!


Seaman Stains and Master Bates

(An urban myth by the way – those names were never actually used in Captain Pugwash)





Hook, Haddock or Horatio Peter McCallister (Sea Captain)??

Charles Charlie Charles




Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)



This is a fucking awesome signing.

When you watch this and realise he’ll now have Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli, ESR and Vieira putting them on a plate for him, there is a lot to like.

Kudos to Arteta and Edu for making it happen and kudos too to the lad for turning down those fucking trophyless, utter eternal losers up the road.

Congrats Arsenal. You have signed a winner.



I am excited too, but to be fair, it’s not as though City want for plate putter-onners


What that de Bruyne scrub?

Charles Charlie Charles

To be fair, you’re nit-picking.

Christian Williamson

Am I dreaming, but I didn’t notice a single goal scored against Arsenal in that video. Is that possible??

Charles Charlie Charles

He scored a beauty against the scum though.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Haven’t watched the video, but he scored a header when they beat us 5 nil last season


I’m fully aware of the spiel that players say upon joining a club, and am sure that they are told to say an awful lot of it, but I do find it interesting how highly incoming players speak of Arteta

Merlin’s Panini

Well Arteta was a fucking good player to be fair. He’s also proven to be astute in his assessments of players and is gifted at detailing exactly what he expects from them. The players who don’t like him are invariably the ones who don’t take things seriously enough and while some of them are excellent players themselves they lack the tight mentality.


I think this is a great point.
Arteta has been chosen to be the manager so it really doesn’t matter how talented you are, if you are not adhering to his instructions you have no place.

We tend to put a lot on what the player wants to do and what is best for him but if you had a company with this principle it would be carnage. Part of any job is sometimes doing what you don’t like doing.

John C


Believe it or not but some players take there jobs seriously and will look at how Arteta treated Ozil, Auba and Guendouzi and see it as a positive thing. They recognise they have a limited career and will see the antics of the aforementioned as not only disrespectful to the manager but also their teammates.

A lot of players don’t want to waste their careers playing alongside dozer teammates.

Pete Plum

Guessing that Jesus would have liked playing alongside Ozil

John C

I don’t know Jesus but i’m guessing it’s not the who he’s playing with that really matters, it’s the results

Alan Sunderland

Was interesting to me what rodri sayed about arteta after the city game. Players that worked with him at city think he’s good.

Kevin Quigley

Wonderful addition to the team. St least 20 goals a season and an aerial target up front at last.
Should send a message down the seven sisters road!


He’s better in the air than people give him credit for

El Mintero

Aerial target?!! He’s about 5 ft 3 mate…


And still scores with headers.

Wrong yet again Mehnty.

El Mintero

Oh he scores now?

So gramps, you fully onboard the arteta express these days? Given up the one-man hate campaign from last season have we?

Yellow Ribbon

Jesus, you are Messiah!🙏

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Eddie and Jesus making it so the phones won’t stop ringing


Great signing, I believe that he and Eddie will share a lot of goals this coming season, playing together at times, replacing each other during a game at others, hopefully Balogun will come back into the squad to back these two up whilst developing but maybe we still need one more up front, more of an old school big guy but good with his feet too, coming deep, linking up etc. Might not start too many but as an option when needed, so probably not a currently hot name but someone with a bit of experience to fully strengthen the… Read more »


Are you talking about Luuk De Jong on a free?


I think I read that he’s just gone to PSV but yeah, somebody like that to complete the squad in that position, we have plenty of wide men in the squad assuming Pepe stays and Nelson comes back into contention, started last season with 4 strikers, had to play the 4th choice in the opening game and finished the season with not many options up there and simply didn’t score enough goals throughout the season, so I think we need that option on the bench at least, maybe Ollie coming home as AC have just signed Origi!

Alan Sunderland

Ollie ” thank you arsenal ” Giroud can go get fcked. Not least for the hes well past premier league level. I don’t get this giroud fetish.


As fetishes go it’s a pretty poor one from me really, “somebody like”, option on the bench” and “maybe”

Giroud is definitely not at week in week out 95 minute a game level but has just scored 11 in 29 games for the Serie A winners, so not exactly past it either

I agree it’s unlikely though


Raul Jiminez. I’m surprised we are not I’m for him, really


That’s a decent shout Jackie. In my head I can’t get past Mikel knocking on the Morata door again though, maybe late in the window, maybe on loan for a season, his loan at Juve has just come to an end and I’m not convinced Atletico want him back in the team, we’ll see

Alan Sunderland

It’s a good shout that we could use that sort of player. I just don’t get why people seem to post about bringing back giroud every other day. He’s no different to cashley and van Persie in my book.

Martin Jelly

Can’t wait to see how this goes. I hope Nketiah still gets his opportunities and isn’t solely league cup / europe. I’d like to see genuine rotation and competition like at City.


I am happy with his signing because:

  • Someone the manager wanted
  • Someone from the PL so, lesser adaption time required
  • Offers flexibility to the team
Guns Up

• scores goals!!

La Défense

Now that we have Jesus and Mohammed in the team, if we don’t win there’s no recourse.


Just need to get God back – maybe as a coach this time? (Although THAT penalty at Villa Park….)


The best part of the news is that he rejected Shittingham and Chelshit with UCL football. He chose the Arse instead. He’s already a legend in my books!


“I have come to score goals”. Music to my ears.


Definitely more persuasive than Yaya Sanogo saying it!

Once a gunner

For him to reject 3 clubs especially sp*rs for us shows he respects MA and the vision of the club. may it end well


Fuck aye

Goodly Morning

World Class tactical and technical ability. Will create and score goals and versatile! Just coming into his prime as well. What a signing!


Number 9, number 9, number 9…

Charles Charlie Charles

The Beatles’ White Album, 1968. Lennon stoned out of his nut on heroin and bringing a somewhat unwelcome new missus to work. Spurs hadn’t won the title for seven years when that piece of ground breaking avante garde sound collage was made. In fact, the last time Spurs won the title, The Beatles were an unsigned local band who no one outside of Liverpool and Hamburg had ever heard of….


“I’m the number 9” took me straight back to Sesame Street and the Count. And now I’ll see myself out…

Naija Gunner

Good mentality you have there Jesus. COYG!

The Real Vieira Lynn

No one is disputing the fact that Jesus has something to offer, it’s about whether he’s the right individual, up top, to move the tactical needle, especially under our present manager…if he’s here to run around like a headless chicken, with very little service, then wait in the box for a myriad of crosses from wider positions, the chances of him coming good are slim to none…now if MA’s going to make some rather significant tactical adjustments, then maybe a rethink is in the offing, but from what I’ve witnessed thus far, we needed a CF with some size and… Read more »


Hope he can get 15 league goals a season, 3 mill a goal would still be pricey.

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