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Guardiola thanks Zinchenko, confirms Arsenal move

Pep Guardiola has praised the efforts of three of his outgoing players as Oleksandr Zinchenko left Manchester City’s US training camp to undertake a medical with Arsenal in Orlando.

Having already parted ways with long-standing players Raheem Sterling, who joined Chelsea, and Gabriel Jesus, it’s been a summer of farewells for the Premier League champions.

While the attacking duo departed prior to pre-season, Zinchenko’s presence on City’s tour of the US afforded the club a chance to give him a proper send-off.

Asked what message he has for those leaving, Guardiola said: “From myself, and I think on behalf of the club, our gratitude for the effort, for how they behave on and off the pitch.

“It was nice yesterday with Alex [Oleksandr] to say goodbye properly.

“Unfortunately with Raheem and Gabriel, we could not do it because it was the summertime but yesterday at dinner together we could say bye to him as he moves on to Arsenal.”

Zinchenko should be announced as a Gunner in the next 48 hours.

While Jesus may not have said his goodbyes in person, the striker says his parting conversation with Guardiola was typically positive.

“It was good, the conversation between me and him was really good,” he told Hayters.

“I expected that because we have an amazing relationship, you know, he called me when I was young in Brazil, I accept to come and work with him; one of the greatest managers of all time. I have a good, good relationship with him.”

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Johnny 4 Hats

I think you got the quote wrong. I’ll fix it…

“It was nice yesterday, so so nice, with Alex [Zinchenko] because we could say goodbye properly.”

Merlin’s Panini

You missed the “so so nice you guys” at the end.


“So so nice, more than you believe…”


So so nice…😊

Lithuanian gooner

Alex is a short name for Oleksandr. So unless you want to add a surrname for clarity its fine 🙂


What’s going on with our PR department?

First arsenal edge us by taking 4 weeks to announce Jesus, now Pep makes us premature with Zinchenko. Hope we’re not dysfunctional with Tielemans. Woodward

Does it matter how/when they announce so long as we get the signings?


Can’t you just be happy with the signings? Some people always find something to complain about


Not a fan of sexual dysfunction jokes? Understood my man.

Artetas Assistant

Premature or delayed ?

Johnny 4 Hats

If Brendan Rodgers does a ‘Tielemans is leaving’ tiktok dance before we announce, I’m with you Fezec.


If a new player announcement lasts more than 4 hours, please call your GP immediately…

Man Manny

People are becoming so serious minded on this forum humorous posts are regularly misunderstood and taken at face value.
I suspect this is one of them.

A Different George

They’ve done a brilliant job keeping the deal for Mbappe quiet.


Welcome to Arsenal, Zinchenko! #COYG


Arsenal announce players when they like… 👌
It’s cute of Pep trying to get some attention, don’t be surprised to see Pep snapped in our away kit – the man knows style and where the hype is


Zinchenko is fantastic news because for the first time, Granit Xhaka does not NEED to start games.


He hasnt started many games, we have a worse win % when he doesnt play…….some people need some perspective.

Great signing however and will give opportunity for rotation between Kieran, granit and zinny throughout the season.


Xhaka is not special. He was only deep ball progressor in the team for a long time, and hence always played as he logically should’ve.
Zinchenko is an easy upgrade.


Surely he is coming in primarily for the LB position. Either to usurp Tierney or to provide intense competition.


Zinchenko will invert inside, and occupy Xhaka’s space when starting as LB. Become our deep distributor. Stats show he is like Kimmich and Alexander-Arnold.
Xhaka’s position, the midfield number 8 then can be given to left-footed Vieira who is much more likely to score and assist.


Not sure about that. Did you see his performance against Scotland for Ukraine at center mid. I’d be very surprised at signing another CM like tielemans after this.


I actually think the opposite- I think we’re signing him with the intention of him being primarily LCM as original poster suggested. I just can’t understand why he’d leave City as back-up LB to come to us as back-up LB, and he was only playing that role there as emergency cover- he’s naturally a central midfielder.
Of course, KT’s fitness will dictate largely whether or not that happens. Not looking great right now.


Arsenal Midfield 22-23

DM/CM = Partey/Mo/Sambi
RCM = Odegaard/Viera
LCM = Zinchenko/Xhaka


That’s a good shout.

And no disrespect to Xhaka, we need strong cover in all positions now.


Let me be clear, I rate Xhaka highly, but the number of time his inner idiot has come out and fucked is over in games that we could and probably should have won, we need someone with a cool head on his shoulders. Zinchenko is all that and so much more.


From taking Chelsea’s elderly in previous seasons, to now raiding city for young talented players who I’m sure Pep would of wanted to keep if they weren’t demanding first team football (Jesus atleast). Also these very same young players being drawn in by our project and the fact they rate Arteta highly as a coach. The positivity surrounding the camp right now is immense. It’s been a great summer, apart from global warming.


Back in my day it was called “summer”


40 degree heat wasn’t something we had back in the day.

Not in the UK anyway.

That’s global warming and it ain’t good.

Morrisey Fan #1

Are you a scientist? Apparently to make a comment on an issue these days you must be an expert in the field or your opinion doesn’t matter.

On the global warming front, good luck stopping China or India in their use of fossil fuels.


In China and India we are moving towards more more electric vehicles.

Alan Sunderland

USA is the biggest user of fossil fuels per capita.

Alan Sunderland

Two fuckn morons downvoted a fact. Why?

Crash Fistfight

What was?


Car engines get hot when you use them. But if every day your car engine got 1 degree hotter than the day before, pretty soon your engine would stop working (or worse). Geddit?


From the days of signing rubbish from our rivals, Luiz, Willian, Syilvestre, Welbeck to finally taking promising and proven talent from the champions. We are moving in the right direction

Goodly Morning

Harsh on Welbeck.


Good deal


Superb stuff.

Hats off to Edu, Arteta and – credit where it’s due – Stan and Josh for making these signings happen.

At long last, this club is showing some real genuine ambition.

Long may it continue.


WE’VE FOUND OUR NEW LEFT BACK! (in the voice of ‘we’ve found our new Fallout boy from The Simpsons)


I think you’ll find he’ll play alot more center mid for us. Not only did he get signed at city as a center mid, or peps system allowed him to not overlap but slot into center mid as a left back due to his skills, but apparently he prefers it and plays there as captain for Ukraine.


Great signing. Now if we could just add one more top winger to compete and rotate with Saka I think it would be the perfect summer.



Brady’s bunch

Delighted to have this lad on board, could be the signing of the window for me.


G Jesus?
Don’t get me wrong, I rate Zinchenko, but …


He Zinchenko has the better left foot delivery than xhaka so i expect him to compete for midfield role and cover up for Tierney or even take the pos if the other lad doesn’t stay fit….And Viera will be battling too.Arteta its now or never….


Happy with this signing. He always did a solid job when needed at City. Not a glamour signing but seriously useful.

Gunner J

All those years of City buying our talents, now it’s pay back time!
We should drop them a bid for KDB and
Looking forward to seeing Zinchinko in the red and white.


City are our feeder club!

John C

The most important thing about these 2 signings from Man City is how much they both clearly rate and trust Arteta.

Not only do they bring depth and quality to the squad but show we’re not just content with being in the scrap for 4th but are actually trying to elevate ourselves out if it.

Another signing like Tielemens or Paqueta and i think we’re really moving in the right direction


Fak yeah

Frog In Ze Room

Great player! Welcome Alex.


A really great signing that shows a well thought out recruitment approach. Zinchenko at getting on to half he price of Martinez covers a lot of the same ground.

Both cover the left back role, but more importantly the Premier League ready Zinchenko is comfortable in midfield where we are shorter. Martinez is more of a centre back where we have plenty of strength.


Plus United are clearly now overpaying for Martinez.

Why change the habit of a lifetime? 😂


I find it hilarious how much they’ve actually overpaid for him. Did they learn nothing from overpaying for Slabhead?


Another very good signing in my view, the guy’s got 4 Premier League medals predominately playing at LB, I don’t think he has come as cover for anyone I believe he will start the season as first choice left back. He obviously plays that position in advanced way and as the base of our midfield is likely to start as Partey & Xhaka I think Xhaka will cover the left defensive side when Zinchencho goes forward, just as he has been doing for our existing left backs, that’s how I see it at the moment anyway but will find out… Read more »


It seems like we were always in for Zinchenko. Was the Matinez offer a smoke screen?. Edu is working so efficently; Jesus, Zinchenko & Veira, we have not been pulled into a bidding war. The 3 were taken by the project. I can’t believe that these 3 would not be wanted by other clubs. All 3 are really reasonably priced, 2 Zinchenko & Jesus both Premier League hot, ready to go straight into starting 11 vs Crystal Palace.
I am still interested to see if Tielemans is on the agenda.

Cranky Colin

I’m wired already about Palace …… expectations are dangerous.
Overall, I believe we’re in with a top 4 shout, but let’s not be naive….. it’ll be difficult.

Man Manny

We’ve not seen the best of this guy yet. 15 games a season is diabolical for such a talent. I have a feeling he can’t wait to be unleashed.


Another superb piece of business. For any faults arteta (and or edu) may have this is some great work and very likely wouldn’t have happened without them. Both seem like transfers we would have missed out on in the past. Exciting times!

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