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Jesus details ‘amazing’ Edu conversation as he opens up on Arsenal ambitions

Gabriel Jesus says the challenge of helping Arsenal win silverware was a big factor in his decision to join the club this summer.

The Brazil international won everything going during his five-year stint at Manchester City – 10 major honours in total – but joins a club without a league title in 18 years and no Champions League football since 2017.

“I always like projects in my life, I like to do things not only thinking about today, but thinking about the long term,” the £45 million signing told TNT Sports.

“I came here not to stay one or two seasons, but to stay five. So that’s my thought. That’s why I chose to come to Arsenal, a very big club in England, where they have a very beautiful history, and who unfortunately is dormant a little bit.

“So that also counted, I have this challenge of winning. Coming to a club that haven’t won a league for a long time and that has been improving every year. The decision was also very important.”

In a separate interview with Hayters, Jesus also touched on the important role played by technical director Edu in persuading him to move to the Emirates. The two have a relationship dating back to 2016 when the ex-Gunner, as general coordinator of the Brazil national team, oversaw the striker’s integration into the team.

“First of all, when was when Edu came to talk to me and ask me how I am, how I’m feeling as a person and after as a football player, what I want in the future. Yeah, the conversation between me and Edu was amazing. I was so happy with the project of the club and straight [away], I said ‘Yes, my way is in London.'”

“I don’t want to be the main man here, I don’t want to be a superstar, I don’t want to be these things. I want to play football, enjoy football, what I love to do, you know. I’ve come to help and to learn. Here there are amazing players as well, so I come to a club where everyone wants to win together.”

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Perfect attitude, really excited to see what he and Zinny can bring from a mentality perspective, which we know Arteta rightly places emphasis on.


Yep, top man that Jesus fella.

Johnny 4 Hats

You know he’s got a clause in his contract which states that every time he says “project” he’s allowed an extra Kellogg’s variety box for his breakfast.


I used to eat two of those at a time – not because I was particularly greedy or even hungry – but because my sister used to lose her shit with such comedic melodrama.

“Mum!….MUM!! He’s eating two!! He’s eating two!!”


Alan Sunderland

In our house the only time I was up early was if it meant my sister was left with the special k.


which idiots throwing shade on this. Totally agree bob


Minty, Fats, John C, the usual suspects…..


That’ll be the 5 that downvoted his response, then… lol


jesus is evangelizing for the club now!

Mayor McCheese

I really love that statue of him in Rio, even if it was made when he was playing mainly as a goalkeeper.

Brady’s bunch

Seemed a lot taller back then.


Nah – he’s always had great stature as a player.


Definitely a winner and a step up from Laca, who was OK last season but could so easily have got us into the CL with a few more goals.

Hope he stays fit and scores a lot this season, he has some excellent teammates eg Saka, ESR, Ode, Martinelli to help him.

John HanCock

Some are born superstars; others have superstardom thrust upon them (via their performances). I hope by season’s end we’ll have our very own Jesus Strike(r) Superstar.


Does anyone get the feeling these superstar comments derive from the auba incidents?

Luton Gooner

No. I think they’re derived from the question he was asked by the interviewer

The Far Post

My cynical side thinks you are on the right track here, friend. After Auba signed that contract extension, he said things like, he wants to become an Arsenal legend, etc… but he looked so awkward saying them. I thought to myself at the time, someone in PR must have written this. Hope Jesus is expressing his own sentiments here, and not being coached to say these things.


Not this time, no


Maybe more Neymar than Auba.






Anyone following hayters rise? Quite a small following comparitively on YouTube but manages to secure really interesting interviews! There was one with Per the other day too.

Luton Gooner

Off topic, but with the imminent signing of Zinchenko. What do we do at LCB – as our first choice signing (Martinez) would have covered that role. Do we need another LCB or can Saliba be cover for that and Holding cover for RCB. I don’t think Mari is up to scratch with our style of play.


I think Saliba + youngsters should be enough for EL, but if we reach CL next season we will need either a solid backup option, or maybe even a Gabriel upgrade.

Jamie wileman

A Gabriel upgrade, please give any ideas you have, imagine the cost 😆😮‍💨


Gabriel is getting better season by season by next year he will be a TANK.




Holding played LCB for Wenger most of the time. I know Arteta wants that balance (lefties play left/righties play right) but we also all know Holding will be the guy to play when protecting the other 3. FA/Carabo Cup games he’ll play. Maybe some early Europa games. If he gets more than 4 starts in the PL it’ll be because we have injury worries. Mari is also a potential option to keep for half a season. Neither are great but both can do a job in a pinch. Would love to play FIFA and just sell them both and bring… Read more »


I suspect, if fit, Tierney can slot in at left center back and Zinchenko at left fullback. Xhaka has also filled in at left center. Elneny, even. In a pinch, we have options. Versatility seems key to Arteta’s plans.


I’m not a massive Mari fan, but I personally wouldn’t be too concerned with him being (hopefully) dead rubber European and Cup games stand in. Yeah he got roasted by Lukaku, but for the first few weeks of the season it looked as though he was going to be an animal for Chelsea. Then they decided they didn’t fancy passing it to him anymore and he lost interest. I remember a whole lot of people on here saying that they’d be happy to him to start (vaguely even remember Blogs himself but may be wrong on that) at points in… Read more »


If none of the players from last year improved and gave the same levels we are instantly better with Jesus and zinchenko in the team, but the likely hood most of martinelli, saka, white, gabby etc will improve which is very exciting


Definitely. Just about every player in the team has a significant amount they can improve. Exciting time to be a gooner


Spurs fans come on here just to down vote you. They are worried about what we are building

Teryima Adi

Why won’t they mind their business – the Spurs fans.


They do their business in their new Stadiatory


100% they’ll all improve. IF we take a sensible view of our starting XI on opening day (I really don’t think Zinchenko would have moved purely to be back-up LB, and by all accounts regards himself as a CM): Ramsdale – 24 Tomiyasu – 23 White – 24 Gabriel – 24 Tierney – 25 Zinchenko – 25 Partey – 29 Saka – 20 Odegaard – 23 Martinelli – 21 Jesus – 25 An argument can be made for Xhaka, but for arguments sake if we assume the above our average age is 23.9. That’s absurd. I’ve got this feeling Saka… Read more »


Simple Jesus, with an attitude of lions heart


This guy says all the right things without sounding cheesy.

You can tell that he really means what he said.

Nick Nightingale

Wow…just wow no words


Like what I’ve seen and like what I’ve heard from Jesus, lets hope he doesn’t fall under the Emirates curse, out injured for most of the season until he resurrects his career in Easter


How do you guys feel about edu now ?

Man Manny

He is a man who is gradually growing into his job.


Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s taking shape now though.


I like how he’s using his strength in knowledge of the Brazil team to his advantage, in a similar way Wenger for a period used his knowledge and relationships with French players.

Soon we will have 11 players called Gabriel and if they are all as good as the current Gabriel’s, I won’t mind lol


He has slotted in brilliantly.

I predict 20+ from him this season.

And if Eddie, Saka, Martinelli, Odegaard, ESR and Vieira can all hit between 5-10 each plus 5-10 from the defence, that’s top four, maybe even a spanner in the title race.


3 Stonkers from Mo-Nenny at least!!


Thinking about it:
24 from the Messiah;
12 from Saka
12 from Eddie
9 each from Gabi and Smithy
6 from Ode
3 each from Viera; Mo; Gabriel, Thomas
1 each from Tomi, KT, Saliba, Holding and Sambi (yes!)

There’s yer 80 for the season, lads.

Teryima Adi

The guy has a sound mind- he knows where he is going.


Bloke seems like a bloody diamon geeza…


Gentle Jesus, meek and mild.

Mad Mick Madison

Ok I love him.

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