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Zinchenko: I was a massive Arsenal fan as a kid

Oleksandr Zinchenko says that joining Arsenal is a ‘dream come true’ after he grew up supporting the club from afar when he was young.

Speaking to the official website after his £30m move from Man City was made official, he cited some legendary players of the past as ones who excited him when he watched the Gunners on TV in Ukraine.

“First of all I would like to say this is a boyhood dream come true, because I was a massive fan when I was a kid,” he said.

“Since Thierry Henry and young Cesc Fabregas was playing here, I was just enjoying watching those games, that Arsenal, and obviously I started to love this club, so I am so excited and I cannot wait to play for this amazing club.”

However, he has more to offer than simply being a fan, and while he admitted he’d had discussions about Mikel Arteta regarding his role in the team – he played his cards close to his chest.

“Yes we spoke about my role in this team, but I would like to keep it private and then we are going to see,” he said.

“Wherever the manager is going to see me on the pitch. It’s the simple answer but it’s true, even if the manager tells me one day I need to be goalkeeper, I will be there.”

Describing Arteta as the most important factor in his decision to join, based on their work together in the past, Zinchenko is also looking forward to teaming up again with former City teammate Gabriel Jesus who followed the same path earlier this summer.

“To be honest we are close to each other and I love him so much,” he said.

“He’s my big friend and I would like to say he was also involved in the discussions and all these things, so he’s told me a lot of good things about this amazing club and about this atmosphere, and the guys and everyone here, so I’m really impressed and so excited.”

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Morrisey fan #1

Pretty excited for the new season. Think this lad offers a lot, most importantly he’s competitive and hard working.

Johnny 4 Hats

Doesn’t Morrissey have two S’s?


Doesn’t Johnny have 5 hats?


He’s obviously the top fan of American politician Patrick Morrisey….


Well he originally had just the one but then his political bent changed


This feels so good. Not been this excited about a season for a long time. It’s more than just the joined up thinking on recruitment, it’s more than the mix of exciting superstars with home grown talent, it’s more than a club back on the up. As a lifelong gooner, I just want to love the club. Win or lose I want to feel connected to the players and my fellow gunners. We’ve had so long with in fighting and a disconnect… to be finally growing something again, to be fighting the world instead of each other. I’m fucking here… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

Sometimes we think that we’ve been totally gazumped by the City’s and Chelsea’s and Newcastle’s of this world.

But no fucker they are signing ever say this.

You can’t buy that.


Newcastle are absolutely hamstrung by FFP and their complete lack of global brand. They may have lots of money but their spending cannot exceed their income which will be low for a long time because no one outside of Newcastle gives a shit about them…

Johnny 4 Hats

I wish that were true but I’m sure they’ll find a way. They’ll probably auction off hairs on Chris Wood’s back and a mystery Saudi investor will purchase each one for £10m.

And besides, as fucking irrelevant as Newcastle are, City were way more so. And now listen to everyone nosh them off.

So well run. So well run 🤮🤮🤮

Heavenly Chapecoense

Yeah, FFP is a joke. Barcelona said to be completely broke is spending more than Arsenal. They will take a two-year ban that will be reduced to one year knowing they already signed Lewandowski, Raphinha, Kessie and have a crop from their academy. All is planned for.


Spot on mate.

Sponsorships through the back door and all the rest of it.

They’ll find a way to screw FFP, the same way as City and Chelsea.

We, on the other hand are spending big, but there is something far more organic, far more tangible, about how this relatively young squad of ours is being assembled.

I think we are going to make a lot of those cunts in the media sick with envy. Might not even be this season. But it’s in the post. I’ve got a good vibe about this club that I haven’t had since 2006.

Alan Sunderland

They don’t have ffp problems, Ashley milked the club for years. We’ve spent around 210 million the last 2 summer windows after running for a loss due to covid. They won’t be able to spend like city did to begin with, but they will be able to upgrade their team big time.


Not if they use overpriced sponsorship deals to circumvent FFP. It worked well enough for City

Scored at the Clock End

Needless apostrophes pedantic spellchecker


Hard worker and a boyhood Arsenal fan. He is going to be a fan favourite.


Don’t know why but this has put a massive smile on my face!

Mayor McCheese

As far as first interviews go, this one has to be up there with the best. Love this signing and player.


The legacy of Oleg Luzhny


Old One Leg.

Not as awful as Mustafi, Stepanovs or Senderos but not a patch on Adams, Campbell or Toure either.


Super agent Gabriel Jesus


Come on over to Arsenal Jesus, and bring your friends!


Yeah. Can we have eleven more ‘disciples’ from Manchester City? 😂


Just bring 11of them


Zinchenko is not only a technically gifted player, he seems like a genuinely great person and should be an excellent addition to the clubhouse. He can be a leader as well. I’m looking forward to seeing him out there battling for the red team.


He broke into the first team before Mikel arrived as assistant manager but continuously improved during Mikel’s time there.

I’m sure there is still plenty for him to learn with such an attitude and appetite for growth.

Seems like an ideal Mikel signing as well as one who will integrate into the club.


Arteta joined City the day before Zinchenko signed for them. Very happy that Arteta is draw for top players. We’ve missed that advantage in the last few years.

Naked Cygan

Nothing better than signing players that are Arsenal fans. Halland and Kane should follow Zinchenko.


I never like ‘I was a fan’ stuff, we aren’t in any doubt any move is about a combination of appearances/money/exposure etc


Yes, but you can get a combination you like and still have been a fan


I love it when we sign players that are fans.


very good signing. Saw some videos of him playing for Ukraine, hes combative, technically great, and has an eye for line breaking passes. He has a bit of the same style of dribbling as Jack Wilshere, I see a lot of the same attributes.
very excited to see where he plays, hopefully more at CM and just LB cover.

would love to see maybe one more CM/CDM, and a Wide Forward.

Move these players on as well:


How can you not love this? He’s going to be a great addition. As Larry David would say, “Pretty pretty good!”


My son is in U13 and up to now has been used by coaches in just about every position, and I think we’ve had about enough of it.
For a 25 yo top pro with PL titles to say “I’ll play wherever the coach wants me” is pretty amazing, especially considering MA is a rookie coach.
AMN take note!


Ask your lad what his favoured position is. At the end of the day, he’s got to enjoy his football first and foremost.

Then put your foot down with these coaches. Half of them haven’t got a fucking clue what they’re doing anyway.

Good luck. 👍


Thanks 😊


The Arteta pull.

We are doing pretty well at attracting top players when we don’t have CL


You know what I love? He’s clearly just a really decent, nice guy. How can you not love a man who describes his teammate as “my big friend”?!


I Was a Teenage Armchair Honved Fan


Wow, Henry and Cesc- couple of really obscure names. This boy clearly has deep deep Arsenal knowledge.

Couldn’t care less honestly. I hope he is good at the football.

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