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Bournemouth 0-3 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal’s impressive start to the season continued at the Vitality Stadium this evening with a well deserved 3-0 win over Bournemouth.

The Gunners took a 2-0 lead into the break thanks to two goals from Martin Odegaard, and it was one way traffic in that first period. The home side were a bit better in the second half, but a superb first Arsenal goal for William Saliba extended the lead and in the end the scoreline could have been even more comprehensive after Gabriel Jesus had a goal ruled out for offside, and Mark Travers made a couple of good saves.

The win puts us top of the table for now, and the feelgood factor around the club right now is indisputable.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Bournemouth 0-3 Arsenal report and see the goals here

Bournemouth 0-3 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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10/10 for 3/3, a beautiful sight COYG!!

Mick Malthouse

Away fans were unbelievable!


10/10 for Saliba’s face at the end as the fans serenaded him. Man didn’t know whether to smile or cry… ended up looking as though he was doing both! Haha

Just love this squad… love the energy around the team right now. Long may this continue!


Let’s make 5/5 W before we meet United.


And then let’s make it 6/6!


I love you all.


we love you too


11/10 Arteta. Things are finally getting to where he’s always wanted them, and credit to him for sticking to his plan.


Some credit to Josh? 😀


With the ownership, we have to wait and see whether they’d be satisfied with just a return to champions league, or whether they’d want even more. But of course, he’s kept us “excited” lately and that’s nice.


KSE has won two of four major pro championships in the USA. 2/3 they compete for this year Plus indoor lacrosse.
They will push but one step at a time. Which they learned from the early years with the avs and the nuggets

A Different George

The differences in structure between American team sports and European football leagues make this comparison meaningless. To take the difference that is most relevant to your statement, no one cares if you come in first in your league. What matters is qualifying for the “post-season” and winning that competition–effectively a cup competition. Most hockey fans, for example, don’t even know who had the best record over the 82-game season (the winner of the “President’s Trophy”). But they all know who wins the Stanley Cup.


You missed the point here bud. Point is, kse are demonstrating ambition in other sports and it’s clearly Arsenal’s turn to get some love from the owners. They have spent the most in the last two windows and supported a really great team culture.

Mister T

Love when people take an L when they try and demonstrate they are the smartest in the room. STFU and be happy for our team COYG


I pity the fool who falls afoul of Mister T




How is 25 minutes not long enough to rate?


I still say a 0 is harsh even if you’re on for 2mins. Default a 6, regardless of time spent on the pitch.

Zadok the Regular Priest

They deserve a 0 for me. If all the players only spent 25 minutes on the pitch Bournemouth would have got at least 1, maybe even 2, touches in our box.


Wow tough crowd. Think everyone still wishing the substitute priest was here so we could smoke and hang out the windows like last week






Fantastic play


What was the xhaka song? I missed that?


Me too

VAR will solve all the problems



I enjoy this chant and sing it often ❤️

Master Floda

Ben white deserves a mention – not naturally a RB but has made it look like his position. Great contribution for the second goal. Tomi has got some competition


Basically White suits better imo , he ain’t Walker but very effective in spreading the game from midfield. I like how White and Zinchenko make us unpredictable. Long may this continue.


White has been great, nice to have depth at RB. But you’re forgetting just how good Tomi is. Jesus has transformed our front line. Tomi did that for our back 4 with how exceptional he is.


he might not be as quick as walker but he’s pretty close on everything else


Got a lot of red thumbies last week for commenting that White seems to sporadically lose focus and give a very loose pass. He’s looking very solid on defence out on the right but seems to be curiously nervy going forward. 3 really sloppy passes that should have gone to feet and numerous times he hesitates and ends up standing square of Saliba when there’s at least 10-20m of open space in front of him to run into for a more diagonal ball. He also tended to reverse it to the CB’s far too often. Could be down to him… Read more »


You maybe misreading ‘pausa’ for hesitation here. Also the passes back are a feature of build up not a bug; up, back and through. The only reason I would consider Tomi over him is diagonals over his head. Tomi doesn’t lose those duels, White doesn’t contest them.


Fair point – however, I think Saka’s relatively ‘quiet’ start to the season is also partly a function of White’s needing to settle into a more attacking RB style of play


Think all 4 of them: Tomi, White, Saliba and Gabriel are fighting for places in the starting Xl.


Tomi still looks rusty. That ruthlessness of last season is missing in his cameo so far


Lol yes, technically all of them are CBs and I love the fact that they all are top international players for their national team <3

VAR will solve all the problems

It’s a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” currently. Don’t think there is a clear choice between Ben White and Tomi at this moment. Only nailed on starter is Gabriel and that’s only because he is left footed which Arteta seem to prefer.


First time we won three games in 18 years, I haven’t seen an Arsenal striker do what Jesus did for the first goal in years. Can’t think of any much better goals by a defender for Saliba’s. Clean sheet. Zero Bournemouth shots for about 35 minutes or something.

I’m going to say these ratings are harsh and there’s room for some 9s!!

Simon H

What a performance great start to the season playing like the Arsenal of old

Man Manny

Maybe not this season, but we need a striker to bridge the gulf in class between Jesus and Nketiah.

Mick Malthouse

Thought Eddie looked lazy when he came on.

Bleeding gums murphy

I thought so too. I guess the hounds will be released with any perceived negativity 😂

Morrisey fan #1

Yeh we lost all momentum when he replaced Martinelli. Still he has some time and needs some games.

Give youth a chance

Youre comparing him to Martinelli, of course he’s going to look slow.

I thought he was pretty good. Not exceptional, but pretty good. A couple of decent chances and could easily have been on the scoresheet


Agreed – just hope he’s not reverting to the iffy player he was earlier last season.

El Mintero

You mean the iffy player he’s been apart from 6 weeks last season. We need an upgrade on Eddie to complement Jesus.


The feeling is fantastic. This Arsenal team is destined for greatness!

Guns Up

10/10 for the Saliba song being all you could hear for 10 minutes straight, and that was before THAT goal!! Was laughing out loud. Pure joy.


Rivals fans were crying about it on Twitter. What a spectacle!


My mate said Efan Ekoku on the Premier League broadcast was incredulous, ranting about how it wasn’t an original chant & that we’d stolen it from Brighton like no other chant has ever been stolen before


When Ekoku said that, co-commentator said our lads were doing a better job!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

F’ing Ekoku.


Regarding Jesus,
What it the definition of when played these days. VAR is focused on the offside line but on my broadcast his run showed the ball behind and darn it sure looked played to me.


It is spiritually impossible for Jesus to be offside. Ever.


Well done lads


Everyone seems to be getting a little bit over excited about beating the little teams

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Liverpool and United, in two games each, have failed to beat the ‘little’ teams.

It’s not just the results that we’re excited about, it’s the performance and style in which we’re doing so.


And you can now add Chelsk and Citeh to that list.


100% passing from william saliba, and jesus has a goal ruled offside because the ref couldn’t see some bournemouth bloke’s ass playing him on

VAR will solve all the problems

Fucking Tierny was in VAR. We seem to lose when that cunt is in charge! Seems like he is trying to be Mike Dean going full bald and all!

Aleksander Włodarz

Great start to the season

The Arsenal

Xhaxa’s redemption arc would be the greatest tv show ever. It could surpass the Wire and Breaking Bad

The X-Files.


I would disagree, breaking bad is the best one unless Xhaka is into manufacturing and distribution of some sort!

Dennis Elbow

Better Call Saul is better than Breaking Bad, so is The Wire.


Finger guns


Sandman is better than Buffy


This team is special, whether they’re consistent enough to go on and win anything remains to be seen, but don’t ever doubt there’s something special in that team right now.
We’ve seen a few brilliant individuals but this is the most enjoyable team to watch since the invincibles.

Me, Magalhães and I

Credit to calling out the doubling/tripling up that Saka now demands of the opposition all game. Thought he retained possession and moved things on well given all the attention he gets. Really exciting to see the strength across the front line now knowing that if the opposition start to leave any side with more space – we can hurt them. It feels very far away from the attacking horseshoe we had to endure watching for so long.


My ratings are awful. Watched the game. Brilliant. But did ratings in two or three sittings. No continuity. I thought the non-scorers were all brilliant. Totally an all for one, one for all performance. Love it!


Tomiyasu has to come back in tho.
White has been okay …. Bit we need the big man back.
White seems uncomfortable at times and makes ridiculous decisions, gifted one ball to a Bournmouth player under no pressure. Maybe tommy is the key to unluck saka.


Seems we are playing with a shield (R)and spear model (L)
The left side is dynamic and flexible that for highly tactical team it can be unsettling.
The right is basically full of defenders and saka (doesn’t joke with his defence responsibilities being a defender in his previous life)
The model give us some stability however it will affect saka output in goals.
He’s a smart boy, I’m sure he will find a way.

But all the joy seems to be on the left right now 😃


See my comment above – downvotes aside, White certainly has some settling to do at RB. Fair enough – give the lad a break (and a few more games to find the groove there).
Hopefully the nervy forward play and overly cautious reverse passing will become less frequent as he settles. His been great on defence – just needs to get his attack/penetration mojo back.

Merlin’s Panini

Amazing! What’s even more amazing is I took Odegaard out of my f’in Fantasy team yesterday and replaced him with Martinelli. That comes after removing Jesus as my captain for the previous game. Next game I’ll remove Saka and he’ll hit a hat trick.


Keep it up mate, you’re apparently our good luck charm.


Same as you, I even transferred out Saliba for some bloke, 😂


Ramsdale is worrying me. That miskick where he rushed the ref was just a symtom of his strangeness lately.


He need tougher competition than Turner

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