Friday, December 1, 2023

Arsenal Women confirm signing of Gio Queiroz

Arsenal Women have confirmed the signing of Gio Queiroz from Barcelona and that she will immediately be loaned out to Everton for the 2022-23 season, as revealed exclusively by Arseblog News on Tuesday.

The highly rated 19-year-old arrives from Barcelona after attracting interest from several other clubs across Europe and the WSL. With her eye on earning a starting line-up place for Brazil at next summer’s World Cup, Gio will join Everton on loan.

“I’m very excited. I know Arsenal is a great club – it’s one of the best clubs in Europe,” said Gio. “All of the players here are very competitive and have a lot of experience, so I’m excited to learn from them and develop. Arsenal is a club that belongs at the top and with hard work we can make sure we are there.”

Head Coach Jonas Eidevall added: “We’re delighted to have completed this transfer. Gio is an exciting prospect and we believe she has great potential. We will closely monitor her development this season and look forward to watching her progress.”

“We have been monitoring Gio for some time and are delighted to have brought her to Arsenal,” said Head of Women’s Football Clare Wheatley. “She will now spend time on loan in order to continue her progression and adapt to English football. We are confident that her time on loan will be provide her with valuable experience at this stage in her development.”

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There should be a separate section for women’s news. It’s not of interest to 99% of readers.


Then don’t read it

Left Testicle

Well said.


Arseblog News should be relevant to the, you know, Arsenal team, with a tab at the top to access women’s and or youth team stuff if they desire.


Arsenal Women are an Arsenal team. There is also a separate section as you can see. If you’re talking about the app or the mobile site, they display the newest article first. If an article is not to your taste, simply don’t read it. But if you’re trying to wind people up by being ‘edgy’ and saying you don’t like women’s football, that’s not showing a great deal of respect to the many readers who do. With all due respect, nobody gives a fuck if you like women’s football or not, so stop spoiling a section of the site… Read more »


If ur so averse, why open the article and bother to comment? Just scroll past. Not everything has to be for you.


I care because you care.


I genuinely hope Everton can have a better season. It was sad to see them make a real go at becoming a “top four” side ( not sure why this term is used in the womens game as it doesn’t really apply) and then fail so utterly. So hopefully they bounce back from all of their struggles.

Fun Gunner

Same here! And with the players they had, they really should have done better. Perhaps their fortunes will change.


Just like our Arsecast, can someone suggest some rival team’s podcast as it is interesting to know what fans of other clubs are thinking?


Arsenal Fan TV

Gaby! Gabi! Gabé!

Pretty well every team has a dedicated podcast on the Athletic, which is worth the subscription fee. High quality journalism worth supporting (and they do great stuff on Arsenal, too).


Being a regular listener of Handbrake Off, I agree with the opinion about The Athletic doing great Arsenal stuff, only second to this sites very own Arsecast imo

Fun Gunner

Good stuff! *rubs hands gleefully*

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