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Jesus: If you don’t kill, you have a problem

Gabriel Jesus couldn’t hide his frustration after Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to Manchester United but says his teammates must stick together and learn from their first defeat of the season.

While the Gunners remain top of the Premier League, a second half brace from Marcus Rashford saw off Mikel Arteta’s side who should have made their dominance pay after Bukayo Saka cancelled out Antony’s opener.

“The feeling is frustration because we control the game and were better than them,” Jesus told the Evening Standard.

“And then we just concede. But now is the time to learn from it and improve.

“We are doing so well this season, but there are still things to improve for everyone. Everyone is together and we stick together until the end, and that’s it.

“We came to play against a strong opponent and it’s always hard, it’s the Premier League. So we are not happy, because we played so much better [than United].

“But that’s football, if you don’t go there and kill, you are going to have a big problem — and that’s what happened today.”

He added: “If you look at our team, you can see we are still young. It is the youngest team in the League, in the toughest league of the world.

“We are playing so good and then we play against an opponent, who is young as well, but we have to learn from it.

“We have to, like I said, stick together and improve as a team and don’t think about this one. This one is gone. We have to learn and then do better next time.

“We are playing so well, so good, but no one is perfect. No team in the world is perfect and we have to play to try to score and don’t concede.

“That’s football and we are doing this, but sometimes the opponent has quality as well. They come and they can score. I think now it is our challenge to improve a lot of things and come back strong.”

Arsenal have 48 hours to regroup before travelling to Switzerland to face FC Zurich in their opening Europa League group stage match on Thursday. The Gunners then return to domestic action on Sunday when Everton visit Emirates Stadium.

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Jesus said “That shalt not kill.

Unless, of course, it’s a Premiership ref, VAR or Utd, City, the Kings Road Cunts, the Phlegm Spouters or the Trophy Dodgers.

In which case, kill them. Kill them all! “

Glenn Helder's Perm

Amen, Reverend.


Go in peace and follow The Arsenal daily, my son.

Mayor McCheese

I think that was Metallica that said that, actually.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

I heard Mike Tyson said that too.


In between munching bits of ear.


“God Gave Rock n Roll to you.” — KISS
Party on dude. 🎸


Young team, learning and will get better! Given our start to the season, very exciting!

Funsho Patrick

Yes…. they’ll soon become cold blooded killers too…on to Zurich!


As the good lord said, Love thy neighbour like thyself.

Unless he’s a Manc, in which case, kill the b******

– Brian Blessed, Blackadder


“Chiswick! Fresh horses!”

Mayor McCheese

“Who will rid me of this turbulent priest!”


Gorgons Alive! 😂

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I said it here before yesterday, that’s been the problem in all 6 matches this season. Domination from Arsenal but too wasteful in front of goal


Didn’t we have something like 20 shots and only 2-3 on target against Utd? At least it was something like that around the 75 min when the stat popped up. That’s not good enough – not even making the goalkeeper work.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

It’s not just the shots on goal, but also the lack of shots when in a good position. Too many times they’ve tried to pass when in a good shooting position. You can’t score if you don’t shoot, and you don’t get any extras for practically walking the ball into the net

Jesus of Sao Paulo

Kindly address Martin Ødegaard directly 😁


Just like the result wasn’t good enough.

Still we are on track for 95 PL points at this rate….not time to panic.


Only if we don’t play the top names.


You know, if nothing else, this match has served to remind me how much I dislike Man U.
For a brief period I’d forgotten I totally hate those fuckers …


Their fans are the worst. Just like their boy Ronaldo. Arrogant asf..


It’s because they pretend they are a City of consequence and influence. But apart from a few Indie bands and this fucking lot they have nothing of any note.

It’s part arrogance and part inferiority complex.


His comments fill me with joy. Imagine what kind of machine we’ll be in a year or two…..

Boy Bastin

Can’t argue with any of that. I think it would also boost morale if he got onto the scoresheet a little more regularly. His three goals to date aren’t a great tally really and he’s well down the top scorer’s chart.


Totally correct. He’s been brilliant but he’s also now the main man who has been brought in to score goals. I am sure this will improve but 3 goals in 6 is nothing more than an ok return.


Ever heard of the ‘bigger picture’ chaps?

Guns Up

Assuming this isn’t sarcasm, which it doesn’t come across as… the fuck are you talking about? That’s on pace for 19 for the season. Ignoring his assists and fantastic contributions outside of scoring, 19 goals would be third in the league each of the last two seasons (and fifth the season before, tied with Mo Salah). He’s been a monster from Day 1.

Boy Bastin

Hopefully, the formula will play out so he gets 19 or 20 goals across the season – mind you, on that same formula, Mr Haaland will score around 60 goals this season!


He’s on course to get 20 goals and 20 assists, that would be a fantastic return!


Lol. Some of you need to have a day off. 3 goals in 6 games is not a bad return for any striker. Just because Haaland is doing some ridiculous numbers doesn’t mean Jesus effort has been poor.

Boy Bastin

Haaland is obviously an outlier. However, Jesus is currently eighth in the PL scorer’s chart so it’s not a comparison of him vs Haaland alone is it?

The Arsenal

Think his record has been good so far lets wait until Christmas at least FFS. I think some are seeing that Jesus likes a dribble sometimes he does it and its detrimental as he could have shot. But at the same time i wouldn’t change him as a player as that’s part of the package. Its frustrating because alot of our players are like this. Saka probably takes the most shots but he has the weakest technique out of all the forwards in terms of finishing. Odegaard has a little ozil-itis and refuses to shoot even as close as the… Read more »

Woolwich Tiern time

Isnt everyone except Haaland well down the scorers chart?


Re the headline, this must be the new, New Testament.

Mayor McCheese

I think it’s the Old Testament, actually.

Determination Cultured

We wrre sucker punched by their counter atacking game plan. We should have managed our attack load when we went 1-1


Sucker punched by VAR more like. Nice (irony) to see Dermot Gallagher still standing up for any decision against Arsenal on Sky. In one minute he’s calling Tierney for clear error from 3 yards away, next he’s praising a referee for having best view and therefore must be right in another game.
Never wanted VAR, just another ref to get it wrong.


Didnt deserve that result. I felt we should have hold out n kept possession for awhile once we scored. Instead we went all out to find the 2nd but they found that pocket of space in the middle and scored twice. Hopefully we regroup and smash the nx PL game. Coyg.

Guns Up

Seems Arteta can’t win here. Bemoaned on many earlier occasions for not going for it and killing teams off. Tried to do exactly that and is getting criticized for naivety now. Sorry, but I was all for those substitutions – just didn’t pan out on this day. That pocket of space was there for their first goal as well. I don’t agree with the narrative that it manifested out of thin air because of the substitutions. Sometimes mistakes are just mistakes and needn’t be directly tied back to tactics.

The Arsenal

The first goal we were still 3 vs 3 at the back and they got lucky through Gabriel going to ground but not winning the ball or even fouling his man properly the ball fell luckily for them. I think Arteta played those cards just a tad too early but on another day the gung ho approach will work. The two counters we got caught with were 1v1 with the keeper from near the half way line. That’s inexcusable at semi pro level. To let it happen against Man united , renowned for Counter attacking and beating liverpool in that… Read more »


That’s Republican Jesus talking

Alan Sunderland

Is that the one they pray to in Talladega nights.


The important thing to remember about games like yesterday’s is that they’re 6-pointers. We absolutely must take our fair share of points from games against United, Spuds and the Chavs. They are our rivals for top-four.

As we learnt to our bitter disappointment at Spuds last season, the head-to-head games are vital. We were naïve in the second half and it cost us the game. That mustn’t happen again.


That’s absolutely correct. I don’t expect the big six to drop many points against the bottom half of the table. We need to take points against our main rivals if we want to get top 4.

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Drink a pint every time Jesus says “well”.


It’s important to know your weaknesses before getting into the business part of the season. And the weaknesses were exposed early. This could actually make us title contenders


I think we should be very pleased with Arsenal.
Fifteen out of eighteen points is exceptional.
We were naive and we didn’t make chances matter but this is something they can learn from
It annoys me when people say the five teams we have beaten are poor – Fulham got the draw with Liverpool. Crystal Palace got the draw with Liverpool. Villa drew with City.
Using that logic having beaten Fulham, Palace and Villa does that mean we are better than Liverpool and City?
Everton next up – lets get back on track !

Boy Bastin

Being top after six games is excellent and our youngsters should be congratulated.

Our performance against Everton will be a good indication of how the team has coped with their first defeat. I’m hoping for a comprehensive victory where all our usual good football, possession, chances are properly translated into goals not, frankly, another best of three goals “comeback” as we had against Fulham or Villa.


I think MA is making the same mistake that costs us CL last season. Sometimes you don’t take the game to the opposition. Sometimes you change plan and try to use counter attack to win some games.we did this against spurs last season and payed for it. Game management is very important. Go for draw, but if the the 3points come we will be happy.


Come on mate.

If they had been all over us, I could understand your argument.

As it was, we were all over them and had a perfectly good goal disallowed by biased idiot cheats.

That’s not the fault of either Arteta or the players.

The Arsenal

Your right…But i thought once we equalised alot went wrong. Not the desire to win or anything like that but i think Arteta himself and the players got a little excited because we had been on top for so much of the match. I actually don’t think they realised they could lose because they were playing so well if that makes sense. Arteta ironically has been criticised for being too pragmatic in games when we score and he went the complete opposite way yesterday against the worst team to go gung ho against. If he just let the 1-1 stew… Read more »


Well, it’s all part of the learning process, both for the manager and this young team.

United caught us on the break twice and punished us. That’s fair enough – but I think Arteta will have all the lads watching and learning.

Early days yet and we’re still top of the pile. Go easy on them; no one expected this after the first six games, least of all the media.


I’ve said on another post that hindsight is a wonderful thing. 9/10 Arteta would make those exact 3 changes again because he sensed how in control we were & that United were there for the taking but doing that is a double edged sword, it didn’t work so his getting called out on it for unbalancing us but if it had worked then those same people would be calling him a tactical genius


Fine margins, granted.

Bur isn’t it good to be back in a place where we’re discussing fine margins – and not mid table mediocrity?

The Process – such as it is – has already come a long way in less than two years. My money is that in another two years time, the fine margins will have become tangible nailed on success. By that I’m talking about pitting our wits in the Champions League and being Premiership Title contenders.

Trust The Process. 😉

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

“Trust the process”
Wow, what a difference a year makes!
Welcome aboard

Frog In Ze Room

1. That’s what he was hire for, no? 2. the second goal is on White not Saliba as he doesn’t align for off side.
3. Someone suggested White as DM, I love white but would a two footed 6ft3 Japanese dude with excellent passing range not better suited for the role.
COYG. Excellent start of the season, a bit pissed off to be beaten by this average MU


Off topic, but Chelsea have just sacked the Reverend Kane from Poltergeist.

Probably because he didn’t stick one properly on the Spud’s 70’s toupee wearer when he had the chance.

Anyway, let’s all laugh at Tuchel. Rude not to. 😂

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