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Report: Concerns for Smith Rowe fitness

Reports surfaced last night of an injury to Emile Smith Rowe who appeared to pull up during Arsenal’s warm down following the 3-1 defeat to Manchester United.

According to The Athletic’s David Ornstein, the England international suffered an issue and was visibly distressed before departing the Old Trafford pitch with assistant coach Carlos Cuesta.

It’s not unusual for unused substitutes and those who’ve played only a few minutes to be put through their paces once the stadium has emptied out.

Smith Rowe had come on as a substitute in the 73rd minute as the Gunners chased an equaliser but wasn’t able to help turn things around. It was his fourth appearance off the bench of the new campaign after a disjointed pre-season that was also affected by fitness issues.

The midfielder would have been hoping to start against FC Zurich in Thursday’s Europa League game in Switzerland but that may now be in doubt if he’s suffered a muscular problem.

We now await an update from Mikel Arteta who will next face the press on Wednesday.

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Damn. I am just glad we aint playing CL with this squad bcoz sure as hell we wouldn’t have played in CL nxt year.


Top 4 and CL qualification is a possibility for a team top of the table…


Sure as hell we won’t be in CL next year? Don’t get me wrong, top 4 is becoming increasingly hard to achieve, but that’s our aim this season, anything else is a flop. We’ve lost 1 game to United against the run of play, pull your socks up mate.

Dr Zebra

Or you can leave them down like smith rowe, but basically, don’t give up!

djourou's nutmeg

he meant to say that right now we don’t have a squad big enough to be competitive in many competitions at the same time and rotate the squad, thus injuries wouldn’t allow us to qualify to the champions league next season. it wasn’t that hard to understand to be fair and i agree with you!


Was wondering too if they understand what goongot is saying.


Well if we played for CL maybe more funds would have been available.


We are 6 games into a season where we have take 15 from 18 points… calm down eh.

The Far Post

I think what goongot meant is: at the rate we are accumulating injuries, a more demanding competition like the CL would stress the squad even more, and we wouldn’t have enough depth to make top 4 in this scenario.

This is of course debatable, for example, if we had qualified for CL, maybe we could have built an even stronger squad…


Wouldn’t it be great if people took the time to read his post properly & argued with what he actually said….it wasn’t even that hard to understand


I feel sorry for him. Must be so hard not to get a good long run out with no injuries.
Hope it’s nothing serious!!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I really like Emile, but if he can’t stay fit for a long period of time, he’s gotta be replaced. We’ve had too many quality players over the years, who we need playing but are hardly available and this doesn’t help the team.
This has to be the season where Mikel and his staff make a decision on his future.
Red thumb is below

Boy Bastin

Clearly we have to consider the “risk vs reward” of keeping players who are obviously more injury prone and there are examples at Arsenal where such players have been kept on the books far too long. However, you could make the same argument for, say, Tierney and Partey, based on their injury records since joining us. Should we review their futures? It’s always a difficult decision to make.

Cannon and ball and arse’n’all

To be fair I think they have considered ESRs injury problems with the signing of vieira. Feel really sorry for Emile as he has so much potential, but hard to rely on him with regular injury woes – vieira has lightened this burden and looked very promising yesterday


RVP and other players went through lots of niggles in their early careers to come through as great players.


If Partey, ESR and Tierney have another season of mostly being injured, just how Ruthless do we need to be when we want to move to the next level?

One we can carry but not three.

History has taught us already. Sticking with RVP is arguably the only injury prone player who really paid off – happy to be corrected on that

Eric Blair

Depending on RVP cost us through his absences, then when he was fit he fucked off!


Yes. We boxed ourselves into a cheap sale with the contract.

A Different George

I’m not happy with the way he left any more than you are, but this is revisionism. His goals kept us in the Champions League for several seasons. He was our best and most important player.

Crash Fistfight

Several seasons? He had a season and a half of consistent goalscoring (mainly because he was always injured). His goals got us into the CL in 2011/12 but he was hardly reliable before that. That’s why we had to rely on Arshavin to get us into the CL when he first joined, and had to have him playing up front for ages the season after. Before that, Adebayor got a lot of goals to help us (and Eduardo got a few) – it wasn’t just RVP.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

How many trophies did we lose out on while waiting for RVP/Diaby and all the rest

Eric Blair

I absolutely agree, Tierney and Partey are also in that category.


Mate, you don’t just go getting rid of worldies like ESR.

Not if you know what you’re doing, anyway…

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Top level football is/should be a ruthless business. No matter how good a player is, he can’t contribute much when constantly injured


He’s what, 22? Academy product, one of own, scored double figures last year, broke into the England team, outstanding prospect, we’re top of the league with a good sized squad, and you want to get rid of him. Have a word.


Ask yourself…think like a manager…at a top club. Think like a manager where building a culture around developing and protecting young stars is supposed to be in your DNA. Think like a former midfielder responsible for a brilliant young homegrown midfielder. Do all of that before you pull out the ruthless card. That is what Arteta should do. That is what Arteta is doing. Every club will battle injuries, every year. Only at the end of that year will we see the results of fate and decisions made. 15 from 18, we are scoring goals. We have an identity developing… Read more »

Boy Bastin

Bad news for ESR, particularly so early in the season. I hope he recovers quickly.

The strength and quality of the squad is beginning to be tested now, more so with the busy fixture list coming up. Let’s hope we don’t pick up too many more injuries over the next few weeks at least.


Why, oh why do our best players always have to be injury prone? I never can understand it! Partey, Tierney, and now Smith Rowe… these are super important players. Fingers crossed for the best.

A Different George

Our current best players–Saka, Gabriel Jesus, Odegaard, and our three central defenders (and Granit Xhaka, to be honest)–do not appear to be injury prone.

Larry McCarthy

I would be more worried about Partey at 29 it’s harder to recover from injuries


A bit worried about Emile, hasn’t had a start for awhile and when he came on yesterday he looked absolutely miles off the pace.

Cliff Bastin

Definitely overshadowed by Martinelli at the moment.

Charles MMM

I honestly hope that his issues with chocolate has finally been resolved and is over & done with? Because he has come of age and should seriously avoid any habits that will be detrimental to his overall performance on the field. He have his bright future ahead of him (like Saka, Martinely & co) but discipline is a high requirement and not talent alone. He has turned professional and not an academic player anymore. I honestly wish him the best and seriously believe that the best of him is yet to come.


Was listening to a podcast about combat sports and a well regarded coach challenged one of the greatest fighters of all time that he won world championships on a diet of McDonald’s. So look diet is important but I’d say it’s more bad luck on the smiths behalf


Apparently he pulled a hamstring. Is that because he likes chocolate?

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Chocolate Hams

It’s a shame he’ll miss the match in Switzerland this week – he could have stocked up on Toblerone.

Will he be back for the game on Sunday though against, uh, the toffees.

Inside AFC

Was a shame but wasn’t a starter anyway. More worry is the depth of defensive midfield without Partey and Elneny, not sure Lokonga is up to it right now 🙁

Also guys I have just launched an Arsenal YT Channel would love you all to check it out, latest video here –


Hopefully just a frustrating niggle, not like he’s crumpled on the floor. We used him a lot in the last few seasons so this isn’t to be unexpected in my opinion. Quick one on yesterday. Saw some comments of people saying “this felt like an old wenger against big 6 performance”. I disagree, in the past we used to play the better football in these games but we’d be 3 or 4-0 down without creating chances, where as yesterday we had a lot of openings before United scored, and still created afterwards. So this for me shows the mentality is… Read more »

Boy Bastin

On yesterday, I agree that it wasn’t a “Wenger” type performance that, unfortunately, we saw all too often against other “big” teams in his later years. As you say, the mentality was much better overall. For me though it showed that this young side is still work in progress. I don’t think that we created that many really clearcut chances and I’d like to see more of Jesus, as one of our main strikers, being directly involved when it comes to taking them. No doubt Arteta will be working on that. Anyway, we’ll see how the team reacts to this… Read more »


Immediately after the game I was fucking fuming. Cursing out Magalhaes for his stupid lunge, our forward line of shot shy pixies and Arteta for his god awful whiteboard drawings. But this morning I’m heartened by our performance. I agree it felt very different to previous defeats. We absolutely battered them in a way we haven’t done very often at all. We went to Old Trafford and played with adventure and a swashbuckling style that they couldn’t cope with. We got our customary bad luck and we’re sucker punched with 3 moments of naivety. This team has already shown they… Read more »

Boy Bastin

I hope we give Everton a battering as well – it would certainly boost morale after the defeat. Here’s to a Jesus hat trick!


Here here! Swashbuckling is a great term for how i felt watching it.


@ Boy – Yep definitely still work in progress! I thought Jesus’s all round game was the best from an arsenal striker away from home i can remember in a longggg time. I agree we didnt exactly pepper the goal but the moments and spaces we got into just didnt fall. Martinelli header, Xhaka fluffed a cut back, Saliba fluffed one, Odegaard fluffed one, goal dissalowed, Nketiah pen? Saka in behind the full back 2 or 3 times. So much encouragement for me but yeah all about the reaction, it’s hard to shake off the weak latter wenger era but… Read more »


White tomi holding Tierney
Sambi xhaka
Marquinhos vieira gabi… I guess if we have to


I think if we have to play Tomi as CB on Thursday then we’ll have Cedric at RB as opposed to Benjamin. Keep Benji fresh for Everton

Cedric should be RB.

Martinelli shouldn’t play this one. Save him for Everton. Vieira can play left wing.

I would be fairly comfortable seeing 10 changes though, and I’d be tempted to give a start to Matt Smith. He seems to be at the top of the list of the U21 players knocking on Mikel’s door.





Just frustrated at the situ, people.

Nothing against the player – far from it.


Not a good sign, definitely hope it’s something minor. Our depth is quickly going to become an issue in midfield.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

The well made point about the selling issue of the club has been well documented, especially by blogs. However, shouldn’t the due diligence on signing injury prone players that can devastate our season not be a constant discussion point? We cannot keep allowing there to be a single point of failure: Partey injured = crisis. There have been numerous players signed that have gone on to cause us mighty Gooners to wince anytime they stay down for a bit (KT anyone?). These players are often glorious and pivotal and it appears we sign more injury prone ones than most. What… Read more »

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