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Arsenal 3-1 Sp*rs – player ratings

Glorious sunshine, three goals, three points and a miserable set of Sp*rs chumps trundling home early knowing north London is Red. What a day for Arsenal.

Thomas Partey set the tone with an outstanding long-range effort to break the deadlock on 20 minutes and even though Harry Kane equalised from the spot, this wasn’t an afternoon when Arsenal were going to succumb to Antonio Conte’s sucker-punch football.

Much-deserved foals from Gabriel Jesus and Granit Xhaka sealed the win before the visitors’ collapse was completed by a soft red card. Lovely.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Arsenal 3-1 Sp*rs report and see the goals here

Arsenal 3-1 Sp*rs – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Olawale Olayemi

I’ve not even looked at the ratings but I’m willing to bet they’re all perfect 10s

Olawale Olayemi

Hah! Guess Blogs doesn’t have the boilk yet this time


I gave 10 for everyone. That is well deserved for Gods.

Cooked Patino

10/10 for Saka for making Son and the other cunt dance before his pre-assist to Partey

Cooked Patino

10/10 for Saka for making Son and the other cunt dance before he pre-assisted Partey


Even aside from the lovely goal Partey was immense. Usually when Martinelli or Saka get the ball you get excited, as in ‘they’re gonna make something happen’, and I felt that with Thomas today even as a CM. Makes it looks effortless as well but constantly progressing the ball


Hes so good the way he freezes opposing midfielders. They don’t know what he’s going to do because he’s so calm and can make any pass.


Yep – what an almost perfect day, ruined only by having to look at the ripped rectum that is Antony Taylor’s face (although nice one on the red, Ant – but what about the 7 yellows those cunts should also have had?!)
And possibly by the now glaringly obvious realisation that we really, really, really need Thomas to stay fit!
We simply do not have anyone close – hopefully Paulo V settles and steps up fast.


I think he’s the best player I’ve seen for Arsenal at setting the tempo, up there with Cesc.
He’ll receive the ball, look like he’s slowing the game right down, then suddenly zip it into a forward and we’re off. Just so effective, both offensively and defensively.
I remember Pep talking about that skill of playing at different speeds is something only the truly elite players possess- Partey definitely has that.


Keep Partey fit and we are winning all the competitions we are in this season…. What a baller


Absolutely, he doesn’t have a comparable backup expectedly since he is world class… He makes those around him look even better! He will be a lovely addition to the invincibles!!


I know we get easily over excited after a fantastic win but seriously, how many better central midfielders are there in the league? Fabinho?

Partey was in another league today. Xhaka, Saliba, Jesus, Martinelli also fantastic, the rest very good.


Fabinho has been utter toilet this season and even more injury prone than Partey. When fit, I am unsure there’s a better CM than Thomas Partey, in the PL.


See my comment above… God, we need him to stay fit!

DB10s Air miles

They deserved all of their baby horses.


Ha took me a while to figure out the foals 🐎


What do we think of Tottenham?

DB10s Air miles

Ask super Jack.


Oh well….not good. 😀


smelly and sticks to your shoe?


We don’t!


What do you mean, lloris and Emerson are the MVPs. I love them and diers expression after the yellow in the dying minutes of the game, good day to be alive.


Hardly surprising, given they swopped the Lane for the Lav…. finally they’re home.


I’m not gonna lie, almost cried when Xhaka scored. I’ll give him 100/10. What a redemption.


He is playing so good that I really wonder why I was eager for Tielmans during the summer…


squad depth is the answer, I still eager we need more signing this January


Great game for him – I only gave him 8 though, since he did properly sell Gabe down the river with the Richarlison goal. He needs to stay in the opposing box, and stay out of ours!


For me, Partey, take a bow. Give him the maximum rating allowed.
Xhaka, I am sorry for undermining you. You are such a retransformed, reinvented beast.
Team, you did well.
As long as we beat Spurs any day anyhow, you all get a bonus rating from me.


I love it! I’m so content that the wife will undoubtedly be asking me to do all kinds of silly household work and I won’t mind it one bit. Who said being a Gooner was bad for a marriage?

Ungrateful Beyotch Hotline

Top 3 performances of Xhaka for us, easily. Saliba is absolutely brilliant. Martinelli is essential for our imposition.

Danik Bas

It was so worth it getting up at 5 am to watch, ended up falling asleep after the 80th minute when I knew we had everything under control.


Conte is a smart man but Sprs is shit. After all he is not so smart because he is managing a shit team. Therfore Sprs looks more shit because their manager is not so smart.


haha spot on


Our lack of depth gets called out but wtf was their bench about? I’m sure Conte would’ve named 8 defenders on the bench if he could’ve. We could bring on Eddie & Tomi, they brought on Oliver Skipp, a man who looks like he needs a good nights sleep. Says it all really


I remember looking at their bench and thinking, “Wow, there is zero attacking talent there. It’s all defensive midfielders and defenders.”


Just seen his comments that the red card changed the game because he couldn’t then make an attacking sub. Antonio…Antonio, your only ‘attacker’(& I use that word loosely) was Bryan Gil & even you decided you weren’t that desperate when you saw him on the touch line, realised who he was then told him to sit back down



Crash Fistfight

I honestly didn’t know who Skipp was when they showed him on the touchline ready to come on.


I don’t think we should all be dumping on Skipp.

(See wot I did there!)


We need a third option from the binary thumbs up/down
for iffy comments, can’t decide if it’s a thumbs up/down comment.

Exit the Lemming

Probably some crim doing community service. Tough gig.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Conte admitting defeat in the 71st minute by hooking Richarlison, Son and some other mugs all in one go may have been my favourite moment of the match 😂


Not surprised Cunte hooked Son. Arsenal made him look like an amateur.


No disrepect to Super Rob but Saliba is no Holding, as Son just found out.


Gawjuss moment – but why oh why did the deformed sperm that crawled into becoming Harry Kane have to get a fuggin’ goal (again!).
God I hate that ferret-faced cunt.

Exit the Lemming

Speaking on behalf of the UK Ferret Association in my capacity as registrar, we completely repudiate any correlation, implied or inferred, to any of our members resembling c*nts and that includes Comrade Vardy.


Conte is just another Mourinho, nothing special about him.


The main difference he knows how to parallel park 2 buses.


LoL! A very good one😅😂


Hats off to our 2 “senior” players today. The team has been immense, though I think Partey & Xhaxa deserve an extra ton of plaudits… what a game they both had!!
Long may it continue
NL is 🔴!!


I hope other clubs will learn from our victory how to beat the super boring spurs….


I thought Partey was Man of the Match
Excellent performance by the lads today


Much deserved foals?
Did they all have sore throats? Or at least were a little ho(a)rse? 😉


Think Ramsdale should have been scored higher for THAT save, offside or not…

Finsbury Park Gooner

He made an immense save early on that absolutely influenced the game

Arshavins left foot

Strangely, I cant wait to play Liverpool next week. I have confidence we can win


100% the way they are playing atm and the rest till december doesnt look to hard on paper tbh. getting quite confident the way we play and most important scoring goals! Long may it continue.


Both Brentford & Spurs I’ve seen pundits say we’ll lose because “they score lots of goals” despite both teams at the time only have scored 1 more then us, now it’s only City who’ve scored more then us so they’ll have to change their narrative

Exit the Lemming

Uncharacteristically, at this moment in time, they’re there for the taking


Shirley a couple of Stallions in there too?

Arsebubbles in the tub

Stop calling me Shirley!


Xhaka and Partey were both brilliant today.

Bill Hall

Fucking loving this!
So happy for Granit at the moment plus Ramsdale deserves a shout for turning round and waving at the (by that point) almost empty Spuds end 🤣

Jo jeffery

How does Saliba not get a 10


Probably the yellow card

A Different George

I hesitate to say this after so few games, but Saliba looks to me capable of becoming one of the best defenders in the world. Add his play for Marseille (one of the best defenders in the league as a kid) and for France, where he mostly looks completely at home (I think he might start for them in the World Cup). He was just brilliant today. That shove and yellow card came after the only time all match an attacker was able to gain position on him.


I’m struggling to think what a fair contract offer would be for him. Based on performances he should surely be our top earner alongside Partey? So is that 200k? Which seems ludicrous given that the season is barely a quarter of the way through. I literally think WS would get into any team in the world atm.


Certainly based on current performances he should be on a par with Saka/Odegaard etc. I have no idea how much they all get paid. In any case we need to do that deal. I hope even if ‘bigger’ clubs are sniffing he will feel something special in the current Arsenal situation, and recognise that he is young enough to spend 4 years here before moving if thats his desire.

But at this rate we’ll win the CL next year and he’ll be here for 10 years


That was very very enjoyable. The nerve these c*nts have to actually think there is even a contest for bragging rights, etc.


They seem to ignore the fact they’ve got 1 win at our place in nearly 30 years. Even West Ham have beaten us more recently, they’ve got 2 Emirates wins alone!

Exit the Lemming

erm….they’ve finished above us 6 seasons in a row?


Out of the last 25 season…..hardly a position to be boasting from.


Im loving it. Good enough? 😀


Bonus, Bonus Rating: 🤣🤣🤣🤣/10 – Ramsdale waving bye to the Spurs fans as they emptied out the ground.

I’ve not seen an Emirates NLD that one sided since….well since last seasons. Ramsdale could’ve nipped onto the concourse for a pint during that 2nd half


Well, since last week!


Yeah but last season they were managed by a Portuguese hobo, now they’re supposed to be title contenders…point is, this feels way better than last season


Whereas this season they’re managed by a bald fraud with a Masters in Anti-Football. If you’re only outlet is sticking 10 men behind the ball & hoping Kane or Richarlison can stay on their feet long enough to get into the opposition box, on the rare occasions they do touch the ball, then fall over then teams will start to figure them out soon

Exit the Lemming

I don’t think Richarlison even smiles during orgasms. He has a boat race that could give a pillow face marks.


“He has a boat race that could give a pillow face marks.” I’ve read that a few times now and I still can’t work out what it means…..

Exit the Lemming

boat race = rhyming slang for face (which has so many frown furrows it marks his pillow v the ‘pillow marks’ you normally get on your face from a wrinkled pillow. I guess it can’t be funny if you have to explain it…


You’re surely wrong on two points: 1, Conte is an “elite” manager, all the pundits are telling us that. 2, he’s definately not bald

Exit the Lemming

It’s a hair transplant (but an empty barn needs no thatch). Don’t believe anything said by a pundit.


Partey is so key to Arsenal. Playing a team like spud that regularly scores on break, it is Partey that make sure that doesn’t happen. We rule the midfield today.


Partey is key player for Arsenal. For a team like Spud that regularly score on the break, it is Partey that make sure that doesn’t happen. We rule the midfield today.


Partey today was truly collosal. I love his passing range and he plays the forward-looking, incisive pass so well. So truly impressive today. And that goal!!!!! Wow, he wad supreme today.
Big shout to his partner in the middle Xhaka too. Excellent!!

Gervinho is Driving

So proud to be the team that invested in youth, made some smart buys, and stood behind a rookie manager — rather than dangling cash in front of a “big name” bastard to impose his boring system on a bunch of rapidly aging talent. Cheese room arsehole cock wearing bastards.


Well said, Sir!


North London is red


Another 10/10 for Harry Kane crying like a baby to the referee after the game.


Kane should not have been anywhere near the field at the end. First, he gives Big Gabby a full blown two handed shove to the ground in the corner and then kicks him instead of hopping over. That’s two yellow card worthy events in the same action. Should have been sent off. He was asking for it.

Its a travesty that he gets away with stuff like this continuously.

A Different George

He does get away with a lot, but this is certainly the wrong match for us to complain about the referee.


We’ll have to agree to disagree. Until the red I was reminded of the game against ManU where the Neville brothers kicked that nice Reyes boy into the next county, with impunity. Romero, Dier, Kane, and Royal were all repeat offenders. Spurs regular playing style is just the wrong side of the rules. Kane regularly goes way over and he gets treated as if her were a choirboy. What would have happened if Jesus had taken the same actions? Big Gabby? Xhaka? The red seemed a tad excessive save that there was no football play. Royal just kicked Martinelli because… Read more »

Emi Rates

Aw but the ref only gave him one penalty when he needed four. Of course he was upset.


Also, Romero stomped on Jesus’s ankle in the box and nothing.


Xhaka, what a guy!!

Arshavins left foot

Martinelli, yes 10/10 performance. Watch the highlights and please say if you agree or disagree.

Brady’s bunch

Trent will be holding his hamstrings again after facing him next time out.

Cannon Heart

There was a time during the pandemic when our form was so piss poor blogs openly encouraged those who couldn’t take it anymore to take a break from all things arsenal. We have come a long way. We deserve some thing good at the end of this!

Emi Rates

You haven’t read the interview with Don Raul last week then. Apparently we’re doing it all wrong.


Can I respectfully ask you not to ever mention that fat, filthy, smug twunt on here again?


What a crook.

Emi Rates

That he is. I understand why the Kroenkes preferred him slipping away quietly but I reckon he’d be in prison if they had gone by the book. I expect we will hear how he turned over Zaragoza soon.


Thought Partey was superb.

He’s world class when he plays like that, and adds to the team offensively and defensively.


Partey was MOTM. His technical ability is incredible, it might not ve as exciting as Martinelli or Saka dribbling down the wing but its so crucial. You can instantly tell when he is out of the side.


Hash on Ramsdale. You can only keep a clean sheet against what’s in front of you and Kane with a pen is hard to stop.

“Just like we suspected. It’s ice, just ice”.
This from the medics who collected Saliba’s “blood” for the post-match dope test.


Doesn’t make sense.
Surely if they were doing a dope test they’d be testing Kane?


Makes sense if they suspected the Arsenal centre-half of being some kind of cyborg.🤣🤣🤣


Dope in the the old sense.


Best team in the decade. We’re back.


Spurs don’t look a very good side, in all honesty. We, however, really do.

Man Manny

Oh how we need a deputy for Partey in January. We can’t gamble like we did last season on him.
Lokonga is growing but can’t play there at the moment. You could see the drop in quality when he came on. That is the only very obvious weakness of this team.
Outside that, this is a Top 4 team all the way.


Give him time. when comfortable he will develope his attacking game.

Aleksander Włodarz

Great win… I guess Gabriel made up for the penalty with treating Kane properly later on! At times it looked as if Conte was close to crying 😢

Cooked Patino

I did see a few drops

Exit the Lemming

Xhaka (who was otherwise excellent) is entirely culpable for the penalty

Alfred Madoshi

It was a real team work I saw partey like commanding the ball to move to his direction and the ball was royal to him


Party is the man to lead us to the title

Exit the Lemming

Title talk is idiotic and premature. (and it’s Partey)


Fat fingered one rating. Apologies to Zinchenco. Emotionally, spiritually, and figuratively, really should be all 10s!

Rising Dough

I loved our speed at central defense; they had the legs on Kane and Son. We saw the future aged Kane.


One of the best bits of footie journalism I’ve read in a long while, from the excellent Jonathan Lieuw in The Guardian. Here’s just a taster: So these are the moments that need to be cherished. Not as a statement of intent or as a stepping stone to where you want to be, but as a triumph in its own right, a fleeting outbreak of pleasure in a world that seems intent on making you miserable, even a vindication of sorts. And whether they win or do not win, this has perhaps been the greatest achievement of Arteta’s Arsenal to… Read more »


Spot on. Even after the Utd loss I found myself grinning and satisfied. No one enjoys losing, but I see people I have a connection with with a plan and a purpose. Arteta’s plan has enough leeway in it for players to be creative and express themselves, so they’re happy, and they’re happy so they express themselves.

Gooner 49

If ever there was a game where we could and should and scored a hatful this was it!!!
The 90 min. performance deserved at least 4or 5 goal tonking.

Exit the Lemming

I rated Xhaka an 8.5 and would have named him MOTM but for the half a point deduction necessitated by that calamitous touch inside the box which forced Gabriel into a tackle he should never have needed to make. That aside, it was a brilliant performance by the Gooners who remain top of the league and ended Tottenham’s unconvincing unbeaten run. The lumpen prole ‘Emerson Royal’ got rinsed all day by Martinelli so the former’s ankle stamp was probably inevitable seeing as how he’s coached by a Conte. I can’t believe the Spuds surrendered so meekly at 2v1 by substituting… Read more »

Mark Abraham

There’s a moment in the second half when Jesus misses the net with a header that doesn’t come off. Our fans faith and expectation in the team and him is shown by most of the fans nodding also to head an imaginary ball too, followed by a collective groan when it doesn’t come off. Mikel Arteta does the same thing on the side of the pitch too. Good times, and against the Spuds also.

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