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Arsenal 5-0 Nottingham Forest – player ratings

Mikel Arteta called for a reset after the midweek defeat to PSV, and boy did he get it as his side demolished Nottingham Forest in an almost completely one-sided performance.

Gabriel Martinelli opened the scoring with a great header from a Bukayo Saka cross, but the England international was forced off through injury midway through the first period. Arteta plumped for Reiss Nelson as his replacement, and was rewarded when the 22 year old scored twice in the second half and also grabbed an assist for a Thomas Partey belter.

Martin Odegaard completed the rout, firing into the top corner, and in truth the Gunners could have won by a much bigger margin based on the chances created. Still, you can’t complain about 5 goals, a clean sheet and going back on top of the Premier League.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Arsenal 5-0 Nottingham Forest report and see the goals here

Arsenal 5-0 Nottingham Forest – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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That is all.


Lucky Arsenal Nelson’s Super

Edus Steak Handbag

Mikel knows what he’s doing with Tomi, based on his skillset he can be fighting for Parteys position (if Partey wasn’t the best in the world there) so why not use Tomi as the Partey in the Zinchenko role … a ha pointing at brain moment Also I don’t trust Mik, he’s a very smart and scheming fucker and I love him! So I think Mikel and Saka were counting on the fouling and decided to pull an impactful Houdini trick on everyone. Saka gets kicked , plays on in discomfort and the pride of England gets subbed just before… Read more »


No chance

Exit the Lemming

I bet your urine has a frothy head




It´s great that we have gone from the worst performance of the season to this really fun performance (btw Tim Stillman was wrong today with his 1:0 prediction 🙂 ) Today the backline was completly different story from PSV, Rob Holding is just different to White, Saliba who I think was excellent today again and Gabriel and I don´t want to heap criticism on Holding I thought he played well in the PSV home win I just agree with Tim Stillman that he won´t be probably an Arsenal player next season and it´s fine. Gabriel Martinelli – great header for… Read more »

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Holding signed a contract extension last year so I’d be surprised if he left at the end of this season.

Agree about Marquinhos, he was brilliant in Zurich so it must be very likely that he’ll start against them again. Keep Martinelli fresh for Chelsea.

Edus Steak Handbag

No surprise there, he’s earned new salary terms for a whole season and is a body and value gets protected so that’s a win for everybody already if Mikel decides it’s time to sell him to replace Tyrone Mings at AV


Arsenal’s biggest challenge is to keep Thomas Partey fit. No one is near his level at the moment.

El Mintero

Xhaka is at or above TP’s level.

Fred Garvin

Such a complete performance from us. Great way to bounce back and show ourselves how good we are. Goals or not, Jesus is key for us up top.


0/10 for Keys and Gray continually calling Forest “a proper footballing team”. Shut up you dinosaurs they are bottom of the league for a reason. Just as we are top for a reason


10/10 winning so comfortably, Arteta allowed himself to sit. Lol

Woolwich Tiern time

Sensing you might be a Football cliches officinado(?)

Edus Steak Handbag

Right! I swear he was pulling a trick today. Check out my comment under the first comment for Mikels great Houdini act


Edus you doing to much nobody cares what you commented

Norfolk Gooner

Commentators desperate for us to concede as well.


A proper footballing team, lol, 23 players who met 5 months ago, still play like strangers and all of them well below the standard needed to stay up. Was Martin O’Neill in the studio?? (I had the yank stream on). 120mil flushed away, which is an amount that buys 5/6 prem level players if you’re lucky, not 23. Hope lingard enjoying his pay check, cos he ain’t earning it, been awful anytime I’ve seen them. Compare him to Willock who’s playing well every week for the Saudi City 11 after a good loan spell, lingard had better teams to pick… Read more »

Cranky Colin



There are few people in the world I have more distaste for than Richard Keys. He’s just such a fucking wanker.


Isn’t f wanker an oxymoron?

The legend of Salibaba

They are a proper footballing team because they do the proper thing and don’t celebrate goals or wins which as we all know is completely unacceptable. That said they rarely score or win so it’s fairly easy to keep the celebrations to a minimum


I was quite nervous given our recent downturn in form and am ashamed to admit that I would have taken a jammy 2-1 before the game if someone offered it to me. What a turnaround. Could that Nelson performance be like Nketiah v Chelsea away last season, a two-goal MOTM showing that underlines his usefulness, gets him a run in the side and earns him a new contract?


Reiss Nelson!!!!!! Wow
I hope other players can learn from this especially Lokonga. Great win^^


He is calm. He is technically sound. What he needs now are minutes and trust from Arteta.


Had a funny feeling he’d do something when he came on 29th min. Nice touch with him kissing the badge. He’s an Arsenal boy and would be special to see him contribute the rest of this season at least. So happy for him, back on top!!!


The cammaderie in this team was very visible when he scored his first. You could see how they all swarmed and congratulated him genuinely. Love this team!

Edus Steak Handbag

I’m sure Mikel told him he was gonna play today being that I believe Mikel had planned a Magic trick for today. Reiss was probably pleasantly surprised when it came that early.
See my comment under the first comment to understand what I’m calling Mikels impactful Houdini trick 😉


Edus my guy… are you okay in the head? stop commenting under everyone elses posts about your dumb comment before hand


Over the moon we won but twice round the moon past Mars and circumnavigated the milky way for Reiss Nelson ! Always been a true talent in the lad He just needs loved & played to flourish ! Don’t care Jesus didn’t score he’s “Da Man” for us ! Great win !!!

Guns Up

Not taking a shot at Jesus, and I agree he’s as important as ever, but at some point he does need to rediscover his scoring form. As long as 5-0 wins keep rolling along I also couldn’t care less, just hoping he gets it back for when we really need it.

Woolwich Tiern time

He was Gascoine 96 close to scoring. It will happen. Dont worry. Vital how much he doesnt let it stop him working his ass of for the team


Surely Jesus wants to break out as well but it speaks even more to his credit that he’s in the box and chooses to feed nelson and odegaard for their goals, presses and tracks back. team success first and a great role model for martinelli, saka, viera, esr (whereever he is) etc.


I think he wants it too much. Just relax and the goals will come

Exit the Lemming

yep, he’s trying too hard (and droppong too deep for the ball such is his hunger for a goal)


well said


I second every word you said about Reiss. Get in! Been watching him play for our youth side since he was 15, such a classy player. But always seemed like he lacked confidence in the 1st team. I hope he kicks on, it’s not too late yet.

Mesut Ö’Neill

I’ve been watching him since he was 5 at the local park.
I’m no longer allowed at the Emirates when he is in the match day squad.


Partey just edges it as man of the match for me. Aside from the fantastic goal, every time he got the ball he was looking to make something happen. In second half especially you could tell he was having the time of his life. Stay fit please!!

Woolwich Tiern time

Not even certain the goal was the best thing he did today. His pass to Martinelli ahead of that vital second goal was pure artistry.


He also played a wonderful, defense-splitting long pass to Xhaka that led to to a goal. There were so many I forget which one.


The amount of space he had in the middle of the field was insane. Every time he picked up the ball from defense he could jog it up to the final third uncontested.

Edus Steak Handbag

Really loved this new chant for Thomas, I’ll love if we’ll hear it next game!


Edus people like you destroy the all that spamming stuff for youtube comments and respect this comment section


Very happy for Reiss. Long may this continue. This is the sort of impact we need to produce from the bench. Hoping Fabio and Eddie can take inspiration from today.


After a few lackluster matches, Forest were a much needed tomato can to get things back on track. Perfect way to get set up for Chelsea.


If ben white is sat at home watching the world cup, hes gonna be saying what the rest of the country will be saying……..”we coulda done with ben white”


Ben White doesn’t watch football though 😉



Cranky Colin

G Southgate at home with the missus….
“Gareth, that Ben White lad looks handy”…………


IDIOT/10 😂


That’s how you bounce back!
10/10 to Thomas Partey for that sublime goal.
Feel like Odegaard could have been a conductor in an orchestra in another life. He’s so good.

Man Manny

The last time Arsenal was this assured was the Brentford game. It was sublime football at some points.
We need a fit Thomas Partey like a deer needs water.


That will do Nelson’s confidence a hell of good. Already saw huge confidence boost after the second goal. He started taking on defenders instead of playing backwards.


Exactly. I also felt that passes were going to him more often than before. Right when he came on I thought I saw Ben move the ball elsewhere.

Woolwich Tiern time

Thats one take several times I saw White having words with him. In each case it appeared to be discussing tactics in highky encouraging fashion


And I observed that White was the happiest guy when Nelson scored. It is good when the wing back is communicating with the winger.


You saw that because it happened. The team didn’t seem to trust him at first and we were trying to force it through the left side. After he scored there was much more balance.


Referees ensuring saka gets kicked and fouled week in, week out feels like a directive from the pgmol.


0/10 for the officiating again. 3 bad fouls on Saka and not a single yellow card because it’s early in the game and they want to “let the game flow”. The lad needs more protection.


those fouls that went unpunished led to the bad tackle put on xhaka in the second half- refs need to understand they are inviting injuries and controversy when they bend the rules to meet a silly branding item the pgmol came up with to paper over their inability do their jobs competently

Exit the Lemming

The initial tackle/hack from Lodi warranted a straight red card IMO


What’s worse, a Forest player was applauding after the Lodi foul. There was clearly a plan in place to kick Saka out of the game


I gave Nelson a ten.

That performance would have been superb if he were on for the 90 but he came on as a sub. After hardly playing. Astounding.

Cranky Colin

I’d say “”pump up the volume”


I wanted Jesus to come off sooner than that 4:0, I just want him as fresh as possible for next game.

Hair on Ram's Tail

All we are saying, is give Reiss a chance!


Excellent mate.


we say that but Arteta knows what he is doing… same as he done with Saliba… Reiss will get plenty of chances


Arteta is such a good coach isn’t he…. Nelson looking like the player he was supposed to

Exit the Lemming

Not sure that a fortuitous substitution caused by an injury to Saka makes Arteta a better coach. If Arteta has made Nelson ‘he player he was supposed to be’ wouldn’t he have started more games?


well no… you have Saka and gabi on the wings… not easy to keep them out the squad regardless


5-0, top of the league and our own boy Reiss with a brace…can’t ask for more… Hope Saka is fine… Wish him a speedy recovery…keep going… COYG


Can I just add that I love Odegaard? Some classy key passes, and that goal was a combination of poise in the box and a venomous strike with no backlift. More please Martin!

Exit the Lemming

I also adore MO. Yes he can be infuriating when he has on off-day (either shoots badly or erm…doesn’t shoot at all) His contribution to our defense is often overlooked i.e. he normally leads and orchestrates the press

Merlin’s Panini

That’s the Reiss Nelson we all wanted to see and knew was there for the last few years. Now he just has to do it again (and again and again). Opportunity grabbed and now a chance to kick on if he wants it.

Exit the Lemming

Reiss is Championship level at best. Ditto Eddie


no. he is a good back up and has proven it now… it is all about stability and continuity from him

Forget about it

The commentary in the DK is also abhorrent, very little is said about the game itself, just a barrage of vitriol at the players, their mistakes, past performances and rating. How do cunts like that get air time is beyond my understanding.

The Arsenal

Need another Partey,


Keys and Gray are an insufferable duo, a mystery why those two gargoyles are still allowed on television. Suppose they’re well suited to Qatar. COYG!


Good win guys but real deal is away to Chelsea. Hopefully saka is back by then. Come Gabriel Jesus!!!! We behind you mate


Jesus is going to smack in at least 2 vs Chelsk… you heard it here!


I loved that when Saka was taken off, everyone gave him a pat on the back

cereal killer

People complaining about Jesus goal drought but should look at overall game contributions……without him the defenders will attack us

Exit the Lemming

While we’re waiting for the ‘Reiss Nelson for Qatar’ toilet graffiti to dry, fair play to him and his two goal haul but like Eddie Nketiah, he’s a championship player at best. Everyone performed admirably today but we seriously lack squad depth e.g. In the event of war both Fabio Vieira and Soares would only qualify as hostages. Gabriel’s suicidal pass from inside his own penalty box and Jesus’s increasing predilection to drift too deep aside, this was a Goldilocks Gooners show. That said, Forest are a hastily assembled collection of decent parts shoehorned into square and round holes. Why… Read more »

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